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Toby, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Just today a person was calling out, asking, if someone would buy them food. The crowd pushed past as the woman asked over and over can someone buy her food? Many were busy intent on their errand the game was on they had to get back with the food for their friends, their guests, their lover.

Asking for food from strangers... 

The voice comes from the earth from the ditch asking for food.

The religious passed by dressed in their Sunday wear. The teenager absorbed in their darkness couldn't hear. A woman was on her phone. A man brushed past annoyed.  

Can you buy me food?

Self critique is difficult. It's understandable why we all are reluctant to examine our own intent our own soul. Ask yourself are you a friend, are you a companion, are you a giver, are you a lover?

If a person has to ask you for friendship, companionship, love then you are not their friend, their companion, their lover.

I told the woman to follow me into the grocery. I asked her to pick a meal, a sandwich and a drink, she looked at me into my eyes, no words exchanged as she returned to the earth fed.

She didn't have to ask..


Forces Film, Again Begin