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The western world has become afraid of bread. Why? Isn’t bread the staple of life? Wars have been fought over it. Hell, even Lenin promised a chicken in every pot and a loaf of bread, which was a better deal than what the Czars were giving. Starvation and all the dirt you could pack into your pockets.

Bread can move people. It can change their perspective. I myself indulge in the crusty goodness as much as I can. There’s a place in Eureka, CA a restaurant called the Samoa Cookhouse. They serve fresh baked country loafs with each meal with apple butter and strawberry jam. I eat a whole loaf when I’m there. I had a change of perspective I’m a glutton for gluten.

The Jews followed a trail of breadcrumbs all the way through a desert at the end of which they had a change of perspective.

But why the fear of gluten? Yes, I know there is a minority that has an allergy but why the widespread effort to turn our collective backs on bread? Could there be something at the edge of consciousness that we’re afraid of?

I offer this…

Bread has always been linked with the body the substance the sustenance of love. Always shared, broken apart at meals and passed to the person next to you. I give this to you; I will feed you because I love you, please pass it on.

In our fast paced world going a hundred miles an hour we don’t want to be reminded that the person next to us is a human too. We isolate ourselves; we insulate and declare ourselves superior to those we deem inferior. Love is only for our minority, our club, only good people not those people.

An echo in the darkness of memory…

Go and feed them that cry out and are hungry.

Bread = Love



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