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No Black In My Eye


I come from a white world.

That white world where fear of the black dictates every aspect of life.

How late can I stay out?

What side of town can I travel through?

Who can I talk to?

Who is behind me in line at the store?

I can’t work with those people?

In the white world of Evangelical Christians, it doesn’t matter if they call themselves conservative or liberal; race, color dictates each and every decision, action, thought, feeling they have each and every day. Each and every second of the day.

They, the white evangelical Christian, lives in fear of the black.

That fear flows over them like a cold falling rain. 

In their minds, they hear a drum beat each and every day.

The black is taking our jobs.

The black is taking our women.

The black is corrupting our children.

The black is ruining the neighborhood.

The black has ruined music.

The black is loud.

The black has a gun.

The black is taking our wealth.

This is what is said by the white evangelical Christian when they are together. When the door is shut. Behind the curtain. In the boardroom. In the church. In the community center. In the kitchen. In the bedroom. In the restroom at the urinal. In line at the store.

It is passed along with the look, the nod, the gesture, the “huh” of the voice, the tapping of fingers, the clap of the shoe, the locking of the door, the buying of the gun, the voice raised in authority, the casting of votes.

Our current president is on a mission. He is systematically wiping out everything that the previous president put his pen to. Why? I just gave the reason why.

He’s fulfilling the promise of the bell of injustice he rang last year.

That bell of injustice he rang which called forth the dark angels of human rot that has plagued humanity from its inception.

He rang for votes from the dark side of humanity which is always with us. 

Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol tells of the ghost of Christmas present, who pulls back his robe to reveal two children, his children, that he forever carries with him. 

They are Want, a girl, and Ignorance, a boy. 

Want, is the lesser of the two evils that humanity wrestles with every day. Want, can be mended, it can be healed and made whole through the simple act of kindness. 

Feed the poor.

The greater of the two evils is Ignorance.

Ignorance will resist assistance.

It is blind to reality. It listens only to its own social media, its own cable TV hosts. It fears what is over on the other side of the tracks. 

Darkness wins because it is single-minded. It is single-minded in purpose and reason.

The light asks itself, a failure in self-confidence, have I done the right thing?

Darkness never asks itself if it has done the right thing. It never second guesses itself. It always wins. Winning.

Consider, where you stand. Consider your perspective. Do you stand in a cold rain looking inward to your own comfort? Or do you stand upon a hill seeing the first rays of light.



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