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Absence of Shame


Do you have a dog?

Not a cat person? Cats don’t complete  in the this particular category of emotional response.

If you have a dog you know that if you catch them in the act or not of doing something wrong they will react with what appears to be shame.

They will hide their head. They will turn away. They will give a generally accepted sad look.

However, it must be noted that their response is not a human act of shame. They don’t have exactly a human response but a canine response to an acknowledged wrongful act.

Think of a situation in a pack when the alpha male catches a subordinate chewing their bone. There is a growl and the subordinate cowers, pulls back and follows an extinctive response of shame. They may rollover exposing their belly. They will turn away and not make eye contact. They will generally look sad.


So consider why the Republican Party doesn’t even reach the level of shame response of a dog.

Where is their shame?

I can still remember a time when Republicans used to run commercials on TV telling us how to clean up our act. A public policy built on shaming. 

Don’t use drugs. Don’t listen to that music. Don’t play that video game. Don’t have sex. Don’t take welfare. Don’t watch that movie. Don’t watch that TV show.  Don’t use those words. Don’t read that book. Don’t worship that god. Don’t wear those clothes. Don’t listen to that radio show. Don’t listen to that man. Don’t listen to that woman. Don’t go to that country. Don’t protest. Don’t complain. Trust us we know what’s best for you.

The Republicans represented the “moral majority”.

They loved to roll out how moral, how superior they were to the democrats. They would beat about the head any shoot it in the face any liberal ideal.

America, the light to the world upon the hill of morality and liberty for the chosen few.

Republicans were the only ones who could really love America. 

Republicans were the only ones who went to church and listened to Jesus.

Republicans were the only ones who had clean, decent homes and families. Kept their lawn cut.

What has happened to shame?

The Republican party now endorses both a president and a person wanting to be a US senator who are sexual predators.

What does that say about the morals of Republicans and the Republican party?

It says to woman and females of all ages they are objects to be used by Republicans.

It says that a woman is not as fully human as a man.

They are less than a man as their Christian bible tells them.

They do not enjoy the same human rights as a man their superior.

Right now shame has left the building.

At the bottom of this absence of shame I suspect a known historical human response to change.

The old gray guard of the Republican party, and for that matter social racist conservatives in general, watched in horror as Obama was elected.

Never in their lifetimes would they have thought that this white nation could elect a negro president. That thought was impossible let alone elected twice.

Racism in America is so deeply tied to religion, culture and patriotism. It cannot be separated or dismissed as a causal root reaction specifically to conservative motivation and action.

Fear of change makes people do bad things. 

Fear of change, this wave of the browning of America, will allow you to jettison shame in favor of electing an admitted sexual predator as president.

Fear of change, this wave of the growing of America, will allow you to ignore shame in favor of a pedophile running for a Senate seat in Alabama.

Knowing racist culture so well as I do, there is nothing wrong, in fact, because Moore is biblical in his interest in young teen white girls. However, if he was sexually active with a black teen some conservative/racists might find their shame of him.

So what can we do?

Time is on the side of right.

The tyranny of men over humanity cannot stand against the forward movement of time. We are fortunate in a way to bear witness to the last gasps of medieval thought and prejudice.

All of us who stand for liberty and justice for all, with the emphasis on ALL, will see that day when we truly can say we are all equal in this great nation.



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