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Grasshopper We?


Have you ever heard the story about the Ants and the Grasshopper? It happens to be a pivotal story that exactly illustrates why Paul Ryan and his crowd of Ann Rand junkies think you and I are bums.

It’s origins can trace itself back to a story used by Christian religious leaders, to teach the Christian work ethic.  Chiefly taught by the Puritan crowd, the Pilgrims, 1629. The Puritans were such a pain in the ass with their holier than thou attitude and were considered a menace to English society.

What do you do with a git who keeps telling you he’s better than you, he’s going to heaven, and you’re going to hell?

The Puritans were rounded up and left for dead on the shores of North America in the coldest colony to ensure their deaths. However, the Puritan pain in the ass, we are the light on the hill attitude actually saved them through their work ethic.

Speaking of the present day conservative work ethic…

“The Ants vs. the Grasshopper”

So the story goes that Ants are an industrious bunch, entrepreneurs, business start ups, whose life was centered on their job. Their business. The business of collecting supplies for the winter to come. 

They had a neighbor who lived across the tracks on the bad side of town. Those kind of people. His name was Mr. Grasshopper. He didn’t work but sat around his house all day drinking 40’s and playing his Grasshopper music, the ant’s did suppose.

The Ants admonished Mr. Grasshopper all summer long to collect what he needed because, “Winter is coming.”

Of course he didn’t listen because he was obviously a sinner.

The Ants blamed his parents, his alcohol consumption, and his lack of church habit. All of which had to contribute to what they imagined was his lack of core values.

Winter came and Mr. Grasshopper asked for some food from the Ants. He was sick and starving. The Ants told him to f$%k off and die. 

So he did.

We are the Grasshopper in this story. If you are not a business owner, are not paying taxes, don’t have a job, you are a Grasshopper. If you have a SNAP card, are on Medicare or Medicaid, or receive welfare, veterans benefits, a check from your federal or state government, or receive a monetary supplement of any kind from Washington DC, you are a Grasshopper.

You need to die as soon as possible to decrease the surplus population and ease the burden upon the rich.  Your lack of morals means you are taking advantage of the rich.

You are a sinner. You have come short of the glory of God. You are a drain on society.

It is only through your trickery, foisted upon your betters, that you currently receive anything at all from the government. As soon as possible, the righteous will be revenged and you shall be cast out into outer darkness where there is grinding and gnashing of teeth.

No more freebies for you!

The conflation of religious sin, racism, prejudice and economics are all enshrined in this story of the Ants and the Grasshopper.

It is the cornerstone of those that have achieved. It’s how they can pigeon hole us as the losers and they as the winners. Winning!

The lack of having a job is associated with a moral failing. You obviously are a sinner because you don’t have a job. You don’t contribute so you are against us. You are damned!

Scrooge is an intellectual as well as economic hero to the Objectivism crowd.

By categorizing you as a sinner, the winners no longer have to ask themselves if they need to care about you in any way, shape or form. The sinner, the immoral, will be punished by God in his revenge scenario he has planned for all of us at the end times.

Until then, you are on your own.

Take a moment and let that sink in please.

There is a category of human on this world who put themselves in judgement over us. They keep to their circle. They keep out the stranger. They have theirs, why don’t you have yours?

I have a long time friend I’ve known him for forty years now. He’s always been homeless. He hangs out in bars around town drinking with the patrons. His best friend is a hooker. Once long ago, he told me to remember this…

“What good does it do man, if you gain the world, but lose your soul?”




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