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Where Has Shame Gone?


Remember when your mother would give you, the look?

That time when you got the speeding ticket and the officer said to you, “Do you know how fast you were going?”

How about last week when you remembered you didn’t send a birthday card to your sister?

That feeling you felt, we have all felt, is called shame.

You feel bad when you do something or in many cases don’t do something that you know hurts another person.

Humans with any empathy feel that sense that they have committed a wrong and do their best to make it better.

At minimum they ask for forgiveness.

What happens when you have a person who has no sense of shame?

Do you know what that is called? Someone without empathy? 

They come to your table with an extra name tag. It says in fine print, Sociopath.

There are degrees to a lot things in life and one of those are people who don’t work well with others. There are degrees of sociopathy. Most know of the extreme cases but they live next door to us all.

That guy who yells at the kids when a ball lands in his yard.

That woman who won’t take “No” when she’s selling raffle tickets.

The current resident of the White House.

Open corruption.

What do you do when the president has no shame?

Do our laws address such a challenge?

What do we do as citizens of the country when our president has no shame?

I’m asking?




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