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What It Is


At what place and time did words make a difference in your life?

Was it the time you got a pet and had to think up a name for your new friend?

That day in class when the teacher called you out?

The words said at your grandparents funeral?

At what space in your memory did words suddenly have meaning?

The time when you said I love you?

The moment when your father told you to get out of the house?

When you stood at the foot of the memorial and read the words, "…a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

What it is.

A page was turned last night by Donald Trump when he declared himself a nationalist.

This day was coming long before Trump.

This day was laid down the moment when half of this nation was told that the idea that the subjugation of people over another people was immoral and would not be tolerated.

I'm talking about slavery of black people by white Europeans.

The day slavery was considered a bad word set up a series of events that we are living through today.

The Civil War did not stop at Appomattox.

The Civil War did not stop with the death of Lincoln.

The Civil War did not stop with the end of Jim Crow, segregation, the death of King, of Malcolm, of Evers.

The reason why that war of brother against brother didn't end is that the idea of tyranny has never left the hearts of those who fought against freedom.

The white racist did not disappear.

They are our parents, our brother, our sister, our neighbor.

Through the decades they adapted to the new reality they found themselves in.

They appropriated the words of European racism and have mainstreamed those words.




These are the words used by an unemployed artist in post World War I Germany as he wrote in his autobiography about his struggle detailing how to take over his political party to make Germany great again.

Sound familiar?

Words matter!

Words are magical beasts.

Words can sink a heart to death and despair or lift a life a nation to soar with the angels.

Words matter.

We of this nation have never seen a president utter the words I'm a nationalist.

We are at a turning point brothers and sisters.

Do we stand and fight now this ugly fist of ignorant rage that has no place in a free people?

Or, can't you hear the hammer of justice ringing the bell of freedom calling all to stand?

What it is.



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