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Why Rural America Is Red


Do you know what segregation is?

White America convinced itself that separate but equal was an excellent Christian idea.

White people would have their own church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom, and black people would have their own.

White people convinced themselves that it was better for everyone because somehow they believed that black people used a church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom differently than white people.

It would be upsetting to allow the races to mix together.

Upsetting for who?

Why for white racists that’s for who.

The idea was sold or better yet flimflammed to the public that separate but equal was better for everyone but it turned out it was never going to be equal for blacks.

Everything you can think of in your life was legally rendered separate which included specifically to this backstory, public schools.

Schools were segregated.

White schools and black schools both in the same school district attended only by their designated race.

In 1971 which is not all that long ago, the Supreme Court decided in the case Swann v. Charlotte-Meckleburg Board of Education that forced busing of students may be ordered to achieve racial desegregation.

You see previously to this ruling in 1964 the United States passed the Civil Rights Act which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

So that separate but equal idea was found to be both unconstitutional and also immoral in a nation whose foundation was built upon the concept of justice and equality for all.

Americans have been historically slow at reading their own Constitution.

The Equal Rights Act, in the beginning, didn’t have any real teeth in it to enforce the law.

Most states ignored the law at best. 

At worst, state governments which included local and state law enforcement coordinated with domestic terrorist organizations such as the Klan, KKK, white nationalists, neo-nazis to burn black churches, to bomb black churches, to lynch, to murder, to rape what they called “outside agitators”.

Outside agitators are anyone who wanted to change the status quo.

The status quo meant that white men made all the decisions and woman and especially blacks which includes all minorities were not to be tolerated if they offered any descent.

Descent  by definition biblically meant that a white man's authority was granted by God which allowed the white man the right to kill you as preached from the segregationist's pulpits in every state, if you defied their will.

When the Equal Rights law passed it set into motion a series of events changing the political landscape of America.

A majority of white America was outraged by this law.

A good half of white American’s did not want to hear let alone understand how any minority could be equal to them.

A battle was had between over half the country who marched for equality and the other slightly less than half of America who believed both socially and in their places of worship that God had separated the races for his reasons and that it was not up to man to decide to thwart, to stop, what God had put into place.

The non-violence movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, the March on Washington the murder of the four little girls blown up during their Sunday school class in Alabama, the Freedom Riders, the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the words of Malcolm X, the eventual murders of Malcolm X, of Medgar Evers, the murder of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner, these and more culminating with the murder of Dr. King, in each and every case demonstrated the depths of the depravity of the heart of racist America versus the determination by those fighting and standing for justice and equality for all.

So in 1971 to end this dark past upon the school children of America, it was decided to bus children from white school districts into black districts and vice-versa to reflect the racial demographics of each school district.
This set half of white racist America’s hair on fire.

I lived in Cleveland at the time and was eleven years old in 71.

I can tell you from first-hand experience what white people were saying  to each other then as well as now.

They were not going to let their kids go to school which a bunch of colored kids.

Those that could, moved as fast as possible to the suburbs.

Or, they enrolled their children in private schools specifically Catholic schools.

Consequently, the white flight from the cities to the suburbs in every town and city in the United States occurred.

As the years passed, this racist flight to the suburbs continues and has moved even farther out away from the cities into the rural countryside.

The idea of “bad neighborhoods” a bell rung by all racists to indicate a black neighborhood, indicates the intolerance for any elbow rubbing with any minority.

White racist America does not go to bad neighborhoods.

Bad neighborhoods contain blacks, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, gays and a recent arrival at least to racist America Muslims. 

White racist Americans moved out of the cities and permanently into the countryside.

Hell in our white racist neighborhood as an example we had a Nazi guard in a nearby suburb of Cleveland wanted by Israel, John Demjanjuk. 

A type and form of self-segregation occurred with white racist's who previously were peppered everywhere in society began to accumulate in white only suburbs as well as the rural areas outside of the suburbs.

The other half of white America, the non-racists or better those who could not move because of their personal economy, they were poor, stayed in the cities along with the racial minorities.

The consequence is obvious.

The cities became more and more liberal Democratic and the rural areas and outer suburbs became more and more conservative Republican.

Another quick piece of history for those that may not know this…

You see that Equal Rights law was proposed by President John F. Kennedy who then subsequently under President Lyndon B. Johnson who strong-armed the house and senate after the assassination of Kennedy to pass the bill.

Historically the Democratic Party had and supported the most substantial majority of racists legislators in their body since the Civil War.

But after that vote, they left the party and moved over to the Republican party especially after Nixon used his “southern strategy” which is nothing more than appealing to the racists in America to come over and vote Republican and the GOP will put minorities in their rightful place bigot language.

Black and brown people, as well as women and gays, will obey the law and will of white Republican men and know their place, seen but not heard.

The Republican party would restore the rightful place of the white man at the top of the food chain.

So, the racists left the Democrats behind where they had been dug in since 1864.

They then moved in and burrowed into the heart of the Republicans come 1969, where they are still and loving every minute of it especially because of...


So here comes along a person comfortable with racism, he and his father were the kings of the slum lords in New York City immortalized by Woody Guthrie in his song about being evicted from his slum in 1950 called “I Ain’t Got No Home”.

A father and son team who were comfortable with discrimination against blacks and all minorities and Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was even an associate of the KKK.

Feeding the fear embedded in the cold racism found in strength in rural America, Trump succeeded in propping up and using all of the old canards used by bigots in this country to get himself elected.

Red America.

Blue America.

The separation exacerbated by an idea to address a terrible wrong.

After all of that history, what can we do?

There’s a simple but effective remedy that has been proven time and again to work.

Lead by example.

What happens if you paint your house?

Your neighbor next door will paint there’s.

Then the neighbor next to them will plant flowers.

The person next to them gets a new roof.

The guy behind you puts in a pool.

Lead by example.

You can’t tell someone they are wrong when they don’t believe they're in the wrong.

I heard a few times so far in my life about a failed carpenter told the people in his town you can’t beat people over the head with the truth.

They just won’t listen.

But live with love in your life.

Through your life that love will demonstrate a power that is louder than words.

We have to accept we won’t get everybody to hold hands with their neighbor and sing a song of peace.

But I know that the good outweighs the bad.

The good just isn’t good at making as loud a noise as the bad is.

The good is the real silent majority in our nation.

They don’t have the words, but they take the moral high ground with their daily activities.

They reach out to their neighbor and the stranger when they are in trouble.

There are people of courage, people with morals, people who do not discriminate in Red America for sure.

They find themselves between a rock and the devil.

Like birds who want to fly they are captured in a space and time where their natural inclinations are muffled.

But there is a natural law in this universe that says you can’t keep the water back forever.

You can't stop the rain.

You can’t keep the sun from rising.

You can’t keep the future from coming.

You can’t keep good people down.

Reach out, lift up, stand together with liberty, freedom, and justice for all.



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