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Can You Hear Me?


The cry of a child echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you hear me?

The lights go out and my mother has been taken away.

Lost in the confusion, where am I?

The food is strange.

The light is harsh.

Fear whispers in the corner of the dark room.

I’m drowning in a whirlpool of anxiety.

Can you hear me?

What happens to the heart as the years turn to decades?

What happens to the heart when we can no longer hear the sound of want?

A man, a woman can see a child shiver with fear but not see a human but a problem.

How does one find oneself in league with evil?

How does one reconcile torture of the soul as a legal right?

Can you see?

Can you see by that dawn’s early light, the cancer on your soul?

I wonder.

I wonder how far removed does racism take you from the brotherhood of man?

What makes you want to take that ride where freedom for all has died?

How can the words of revealed truth be twisted to make righteous the evil of the soul?

These days and nights I wonder.

I, like you, watch the images come and go across the TV. I read the words that describe the intent of the law maker. The purpose of the law to be obeyed at all cost.

To obey the law at the cost of the soul of man?

Can you hear me?

Does my voice in the wilderness of social media matter?

Can you or I make a difference? Can we hold up a light in this darkness that has come upon us so swiftly?

Will it matter?

I’ve spoken to you all before about that statue of Justice. She is blind, yes, so that justice is delivered without prejudice. It is delivered equally. She does not see color, or race, or temperament, wealth, poverty, all are judged with equality.

But remember, she is human. Her ears are not bound. 

She can hear the words of the defenders of justice.

She can hear that cry.

She can hear that fear.

She can hear that want.

She can even hear that reckless use of biblical text by self serving servants of our Republic.

Justice has a heart.

Not by strict adherence to law alone can one be a defender of humanity.

Christ admonished the priests that they had made so many laws that no one could actually obey them all.

The purpose of law and it’s administration is not the strict adherence that dictates that there are no exceptions.

What if you said to me you never lie?

You would never lie under any circumstance.

I put you in Warsaw, Poland, World War II, under Nazi occupation and the SS come to your door asking if there are any Jews in your house? Why yes, I never tell a lie they are upstairs in the attic.

It is why we have a judicial system so that laws can be administered by judges who can take in all sides of a dispute and render a decision.

Taking away the children of people who come to our border makes those agents of this administration the judge, jury and executioners without regard to circumstance.

They effectively become a hostile police state upon our borders.

Can you hear me?

I’m brought back to what makes a person turn their backs on suffering?

What do they tell themselves?

How do they hold themselves up in their minds-eye as good people doing the good work all the while they torture other people?

What do people who do not see the suffering of others, what do they wrap themselves in?

They wrap themselves with the flag. They wrap themselves with their personal interpretation, better yet, their personal cherry picking of biblical texts.

They stick their heads in the sand like the Speaker of the House as he stuck his fingers in his ears and sung ting-a-ling-a-loo so they don’t hear…

The cry of a child as it echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you  hear me?



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