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Got Questions


Do we ask the right questions?

When you find $20 bill on the ground what do you ask yourself?

Did a teenager drop that bill out of their pocket?

Did some careless person on their phone, who wasn’t paying any attention, drop it?

Did it fall off a bank truck?

Did the Tooth Fairy lose their deposit?

Was someone on drugs and didn’t give a rats ass?

Events of many types occur daily in our lives, and we get by with what is called assumptions.

We assume the character of events from our own experience, from our own expectations.

We create a story, a narrative, that allows us to deal with a situation even though it may not be the truth.

Some of us seem not to be able to handle the truth as I shall demonstrate.

An author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the character of a private detective he named Sherlock Holmes, was based upon the new science of deduction that had found its way into the police force of London, England there in the mid to late 1800’s.

A deduction is the application of a kind of logic.

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

This kind of application of logic should be distinct. A progression of numbers added to itself equals a total.

Holmes asked the question, how to apply logic, deductive reasoning to solving a crime.

A type of scientific method was employed. 

Was the suspect guilty? If so the how, what, when, where and motivation was sought out.

The idea that conviction relied solely on a persons word is taken as a starting point. Evidence of a crime is gathered and is included with a persons testimony.

This became a powerful tool in determining the guilt or innocence of individuals charged with a crime.

Before this time, simply accusing a person of a crime was sufficient to get them convicted and sentenced.

A great example is given in the text written by Doyle and the investigations of Sherlock Holmes, that covered the case of a man found dead in a field. 

Around the body were many hoof prints. 

A question was asked by the local police, where did all of the hoofprints found around the body come from?

Implicit in the question is the opening left int he logic that the hoofprints were not created by an animal that is native to the local environment.

Holmes became testy with the local detective and admonished him.

It would be illogical to assume that a Zebra made the hoof prints, Holmes declared. 

That would be a leap in logic that was illogical.

Why was it illogical?

Because of the local of this particular crime, where a man's body was discovered, was committed in a field located in the middle of the countryside of England. Zebra, are not native to England. 

It was better logic to assume that a common horse made the hoof prints.

Ask the right question.

We have all seen the videos where a child stands covered head to toe with chocolate and sincerely answers the question put to them, “Did you eat any chocolate?” To which the child replies, “No.”

The child has no idea that the chocolate that they love is spread in a thick layer of guilt all over their face.

Adults have this same capacity to deny what’s on their face.

They don’t lose it.

In fact, it’s the hallmark of the politician, by the salesman, by the person whom many will say has a great demeanor, personality, a charismatic individual, could sell a refrigerator to a penguin at the South pole.

It’s called being able to talk out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

Many of us are susceptible to these individuals.

Have anything in your house from QVC?

Got one of those non-stick frying pan things that will cook eggs like nothing else in history?

Do you have a talking fish on your wall?

Maybe you have one of those hats saying that America needs to be great again?

Ask the right question.

One of the great truths about life is you don’t have to believe anyone even me.

You can find out for yourself if something is true or not.

Explorers from Europe tried to convince people with money to fund their journeys to travel around the world.

That expression, around the world, was an oxymoron because the world was naturally flat.

It was flat because people didn’t travel any further daily than from their dwelling to a field where they tended crops. They didn’t think about the ocean. They didn’t think about the sun, the moon and the course of the stars. 

They didn’t think about where the birds went every fall. 

They didn’t think.

The world was a stranger they didn't want to get to know any better than from their own backyards.

They relied upon the chief storytellers to give them comfort from the unknown world beyond their sight. Beyond their experience. Beyond their knowledge.

The storytellers were able to create a mirage of monsters, of ghosts, of demons, of people not like you or me to scare the timid and keep the courageous cowed.

The storytellers were employed by the aristocrats. The rich. To keep people from asking the right questions. To keep them in power.

Is there a world beyond that I don’t know?

Is there a truth that is being kept from me?

Do people lie to me? 

Do I blindly accept that they lie because to know the truth would mean I was wrong?

Ask the right questions.

We have a president and his family and friends who tell us they are the best people ever.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says he doesn’t talk to Russians. He doesn’t have any deals with Russians. Who knows a Russian?

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says there are good Nazis.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says our friends are evil and dumb, but our enemies are good and smart. 

Almost as smart as he is, he’s tripled the GNP, he polls better than Lincoln ever did, Brexit is good for England, immigration is bad for America,  Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Rodrigo Duterte, and Putin are great guys and our friends.

Ask the right question.



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