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Nothing Wrong


Nothing Wrong

You know a sociopath.

You may say to yourself, no, I don't know what you are talking about?

I don't know a sociopath.

Yes, you do.

The most up to date psychological statistics demonstrate that 1 out of every 25 people in the United States is a sociopath.

They are the reason why bad things happen to good people.

You're asking, "What the hell is a sociopath? Like those psycho killers? People, who shoot up the place in cold blood?"


No. Please follow this definition.

The difference between a person who is a sociopath and a person who is a psychopath is the psycho is cold to emotion, and the sociopath is hot.

Sociopaths emotions run hot.

Their emotions get the better of them, and they have to act out.

They have to gamble.

They have to have sex.

They have to beat the hell out of a guy.

They will achieve their orgasm no matter what that may actually be. The sociopath will lie, cheat, steal any way they can no matter the obstacle, no matter who or what they destroy.

Because after the sociopath gets what they cravenly want, they can tell you a story of why they had to and that it's not their fault but yours.

There's nothing wrong, right?

Why am I asking you to understand this definition of a sociopath?

I'm revealing part of my own experience with a sociopath and how it destroyed my life at the time.

I've spent the past few years rebuilding my life in the wake of the gaslighting, the lies that sociopaths are comfortable with.

Sociopaths are comfortable with lying.

They lie about everything, and even that is a lie. 

They mix truth with their own personal fiction all in the aim to convince you that they know more than you.

They cover their tracts, so no one finds out they are not human.

They are the definition of sheep in wolves clothing.

We are all stupid in the eyes of the sociopath.

Sociopaths can do whatever they want, when they want, to whomever they want and we will never ever be any wiser to their actions.

They know they are the smartest, the best people.

They win.

We lose.

How can you spot a sociopath?

They have what is known as superficial charisma.

They tell a lot of stories about themselves as well as their exploits.

They are your salesman.

They are your clergy.

They are your government leader.

They are your relative.

They are your friend.

Their experience is always more important than your experience.

Your experience is always false whereas their experience is still real.

What's the big deal? Who cares about sociopaths anyways? What's the problem?

They are the bone cancer on the soul of humanity.

The problem is they have no morality.

They don't care about right and wrong.

They know there is a difference between doing right and doing wrong but they don't care which they do.

They are just as happy to make a profit from selling drugs to cancer patients as well as selling drugs to opioid addicts.

They are just as happy to drop a donation into a charity bucket and then beat the crap out of their spouse.

They are happy to do business with your local chamber of commerce and then take kickbacks from the local organized crime associate.

They are willing to take rent money from you as well as the pimp on their property as long as they get some ass on the side.

The sociopath feeds the worse instincts of humanity.

Sociopaths attract sociopaths.

It's a fact.

Crime bosses are the definition of a sociopath.

They conduct business, the families business. It doesn't matter what the source of the income is as long as the revenue continues to flow. Owning a restaurant while also cooking meth is yet another example of this behavior.

Now if you don't think that there is a difference between taking money legitimately as well as from criminal activity, you too might just be a sociopath.

Sociopaths exploit the weak.

Since they exude charisma and can talk up a good game weak-willed people are attracted to them.

Sociopaths main victims are those they observe.

Those that cannot stand up for themselves.

Sociopaths exploit the emotionally vulnerable. They use the fearful. The angry.

They feed the desire of the soul of their victims all the while like a vampire they drain it.

Afterward, they throw their victims aside and blame them for their plight.

Ever hear of "tar and feathering"?

When a community realizes that a huckster, a cad, a predator of society has been exposed, the immediate remedy was to cover them in hot tar, dump feathers on them, and carry them out of town on a rail, a length of wood.

The "cad" was dumped on the trash pile.

The sociopath does not have a place in a decent society.

They are a very human form of symbiotic parasite that feeds off of the goodwill of humanity.

The sociopath cashes in on societies weakness whatever that weakness may be.

Currently, a portion of our society has bent their ear to the sociopath that resides in the White House.

They are fed daily their requirements of racism, misogyny, hatred, anger, economic abandonment.

And while our president feeds them he takes their money, our money, he also profits on hate.

All the while blaming everyone, never taking responsibility, only he can make things better, we're all stupid, he hires the best people, he's full of personal charisma you just have to know him one on one.

Last thing to say…

A society is measured by its compassion for the sick.

Let's get our president some mental health days off.



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