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Do you smell that?

Get a good whiff of it.

Do you know what that smell is?

It is the smell of the rotting corpse that is the American Civil war that we still drag behind us every day of our collective lives.

The South lost.

But some 153 years later you still wouldn’t know it.

We are still arguing over it. 

What was one of the main questions that killing 100,000's of each other was trying to answer?

Is this one nation or a series of states that only collectively agree with each other.

Or as it was expressed initially, federal rights versus state rights.

The South lost.

So did Germany. So did Japan. So did Mao, so did Castro, so did the KKK, so did a hell of a lot of tyrants and bad ideas.

However, in this country, we have been loath to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead.

Like helicopter parents afraid that their children will become angry with them and no longer be their friends we have yet to tell the racists and the bigots that they lost.

Why we can’t find that courage to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead and is stinking up every conversation in this nation of ours ever since 1865, I don’t have a definitive answer.

One nation.

One nation.

All of us have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But some states and the individuals in those states have a right to slow-walk those rights because they’re not comfortable with you being equal to them?


No. The South lost.

They lost that argument, they lost that right.

The question was answered.

Somebody has to be the adult and tell the children their racist dog is dead.

Our American breed of racist and bigot keep trying to pretend like “Weekend at Bernie’s” that the ideals of segregation, of racism, of white supremacy over the world are alive and well.

Like a three-year-old with a wet soggy blanket in their mouth, they drag their stinking, dirty ideas with them and want us all to smell it.

We the adults have to stop pretending that these people are rational.

They are immature bullies.

Just like a petulant child, they know that they are wrong, but they don’t care.

They want their way or nothing.

They would rather burn down America and all it stands for, life and liberty and justice for all than to allow just one brown person the same rights as they have.

Children who never learned to share.

The South lost.

Criminals do not get to decide their fate.

We do not allow murderers, rapists, thief's, liars to determine their sentence, do we?

The South’s ideal of slavery, the romanticizing of tyranny, murder, and rape, as well as their right to defy the national government by not allowing non-white people the same rights as white people were struck down that day when the South surrendered at Appomattox.

The good people at the time had a sense of civility that the evil on the other side of the question of racism did not possess.

The good people were taken advantage of when they agreed to slow walk, get the bigot’s and the racists minds use to equality over time.

What followed was Jim Crow, segregation, separate but equal.

Like screaming brats, the racist and the bigots have called down holy thunder and revenge at every baby step of racial equality.


Isn’t 153 years damn long enough?

Pull off the band-aid, let the light in and dry up that open gangrenous wound in the American soul.

It stinks like hell.

Do you smell it?

Trump and his supporters don’t think so.

Like dogs rolling in their own waste, they’re laughing and enjoying themselves as they force us all to smell their fun at the expense of the nation's dignity.

What will it take to make us collectively tell them no, stop that right now!




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