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Love is What?


Any one person doesn't know everything.

Any one person can't have all the answers.

Any one person won't know the direction to take.



… teaches lessons to all of us in its own good time.

Not all hearts are built the same.

You may see the smile on a child's face.

You may see that same but see the smile covers the pain of bullying.

You see that woman talking to herself over there?

Do you see that she when she was young she lost her only child to cancer too?

When you stop a young black man in his car, do you see a defiant face?

That same stop do you see that defiant black face is because his childhood friend was killed by a cop?

That person there ahead of you at the traffic light they must be an idiot why aren't they turning?

That same person in the car ahead of you just came back from the Vet where they put down their only friend.

Over there that drunk drug addict asleep on the bus bench how disgusting.

That same drunk addict lies there because a corrupt disgusting health system bankrupted his family as his wife died of bone cancer leaving him on the street.

Love is what?

If I had love.

If I had love what could I do?

Love holds a door open.

Love throws open a window.

Love spreads the wealth and bounty at the dinner table.

Love reaches out its hand to save the drowning in despair.

Love does not see what it does as a sacrifice, or a duty but as a privilege.

Not all of us can see the same.

Not all of us can see the colors of the world.

Some of us are color blind.

We see the world in black and white.

I'm right you're forever wrong.

This is the tragedy of the human race that like a dog chasing its own tail it doesn't recognize its own handicap.

This lack of vision is why those that can see all the colors of the world have a duty to lead.

It takes many voices to keep a people, a generation, a society together.

Far too often voices of anger, of prejudice, of bigotry distract and detain society.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Just as one person can't do it all, we united can get to our destination together.

What will lead us?


As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

As we travel together in this time and place, let us keep love always before us.

There will be bad times.

There will be terrible times.

But our strength comes from a truth deeper than the cruelest crucible can inflict pain upon us.

If our strength is built upon love, we can see all the colors of this world.

If our strength is built upon love, we can heal the voices of anger and bring them hope.

If our strength is built upon love, we will learn that love demands more of each and every one of us.

Every day.

Following love means our work will never be done.

There's joy in that idea.

What is love?



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