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Fear makes people act against their own self-interest.

Children, when they are afraid of the dark, will retreat under their covers.

Their fear of what is beyond their sight in the dark overwhelms them.

They find comfort from that unknown inside of the familiar, the warmth of their blanket.

The children still realize that its dark outside of their blanket but within the confines of their sealed-off world they are no longer afraid.


Have you ever seen a dog that is gun shy?

A gun shy dog can no longer hunt.

A gun shy dog is where a gun has been shot too close to the animal thereafter they are afraid and run away every time they hear a loud bang.

When there is a loud noise, they do not recognize, it will strike fear in their hearts, and they cower from the retort.

The dog can no longer contribute it retreats from its purpose.


There's a story in my family about my wife's brother who cried over an egg.

Every morning for breakfast there was always plenty to eat.

There was abundance.

But this brother this day wanted a second egg for breakfast.

However, his father got to that second egg before he did and ate it.

This brother began to cry.

His mother could make him another egg, but he wanted that one.

It belonged to me he cried.

His mother told him you already had an egg you never have a second.

But the brother cried he ate my egg!

It was mine!

He didn't deserve my egg!

I wanted it I deserved it!

The mother said aren't you full?

The young brother retreated from his family and ran to his room and cried.

That egg was mine.


Today, Conservatism has retreated into a self-imposed mental and spiritual void where sharing is believed to be evil.


Even in this reality, in the face of abundance conservatives would rather burn the nation down then to break bread outside of their community.

You and I are undeserving takers.

We have taken their egg.

The egg that mentally belongs to them and only them.

We have raised our voices in protest and made a sound that makes them afraid.

We are the unknown, and the conservative mind wants to build a wall to keep us out.

Society has meant to the conservative mind only they and that which they recognize in their closed gated communities.

Society was good and wholesome in the past when "those people" like us were not inside the fence.

Once society said that the gate needs to be open so that all may sit at the table of abundance, then the conservative mind said no that's evil.

Its evil that woman get to choose what to do with their bodies.

Its evil that we get to love whom we want.

Its evil to allow brown races access to our economy.

Its evil to let in the stranger fleeing danger over our borders.

Its evil that we get to vote, get free education, get healthcare, want a living wage.

Simply, if the conservative person has to share with any person or group they don't think is deserving than it's wrong.


I'm going to keep saying this till I hear it come back at me.

Do you know what love means?

Love asks more.

Conservatives know this too.

Love asks more.

But fear has made some people blind themselves to life.

They've pulled out their own eyes, so they don't have to see the suffering of the other.

They've blocked up their ears with the wax of dullness.

They don't want to hear the cries of pain of the lost and hopeless.

They've pulled up the covers over their heads against the darkness of the world.

They've put their candle under a bucket in fear that a stranger might come to their door in need.

They've pulled up the drawbridge and want to hide behind their walls so they don't have to share an egg with anyone no how no way.


In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, recognized by both conservative and liberal minds as having insight into the man's worst habit of killing each other explains his view of walls.

Walls, fortifications around a city are man's greatest folly of ignorance.

Walls, fortifications eliminate the ability to move, to maneuver, to adapt.

Walls allow you to go around your adversary and cutoff the foolish people who hide behind them.

A people who retreat behind walls commit a type of suicide they will perish and die.

This nation was not founded by people who retreated from the world.

Love wants each and every one of us to the best of our ability to reach out a helping hand.

Not to do the easy but the hard thing.

Maybe a little bit of envy is what is needed to move the mind that has retreated.

Maybe looking over at the party where everyone is happy and enjoying each other's differences maybe that fear of retreat will drift away from their hearts?

When the society, when the people come together and make a sound of joy everyone will be drawn to that light of freedom and justice for all.

Fear will fall away.

Fear will retreat.



Forces Film, Again Begin