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What Happend?


Liberace is gay.

The United States landed 12 men on the moon.

The Constitution states that the majority cannot deny the minority a right that it enjoys.

Bob Hope never won an Oscar.

There is no new border wall being built currently.

Elvis died of a prescription drug overdose.

Crime pays.

What happened?

Getting everyone onto the same page in society is difficult.

Information travels through each of our unique personal filters at various rates.

It takes time for people to have that light bulb moment, that moment of "ah-ha" to take place.

All those crazy crummy commercials we wade through each day, and at the end, you don't know what they are advertising do you?

Commercials and the people who make them rely upon the rule of thirds to get their messages across.

The first 30 times you see a commercial is just the introduction.

The second 30 times you see a commercial you realize what they are selling.

The third 30 times you see a commercial you determine if you will buy that product or service.

Marketing realizes how slow the consumer mind reacts to new information.

Do you realize how long it takes to get people to understand a fact?

Reality has an uphill battle going against it.

I mentioned our personal filters.

What I specifically mean is bias.

Bias is what we each personally believe to be true even if it's not true or based upon reality.

Bias can be as simple as not liking mushrooms on your pizza.

Bias can be fear and distrust of black people.

Both kinds of bias can be based upon real experience as well as belief in a myth.

It took Europe over 200 years to eat a tomato after it was introduced in the 16th century.

The fear was that the tomato was the fruit of a cousin of the nightshade plant and believed to be poisonous.

A popular myth that was dispelled allowing H. J. Heinz to become a millionaire producing ketchup.

Bias is the blanket that we wrap ourselves in to protect ourselves from the unknown.

However, the truth will out.

The truth will eventually overcome.

Truth is a slow-moving train through history.

Anyone at any time can get aboard and take the ride.

Truth is revealed through time.

Some of us can see truth immediately.

Some of us it takes about a week or two.

While others may never get to the truth without some help.

Like the person who asks what the hell is going on during a movie, some of us have not been exposed to a reality beyond our own experience.

It can be confusing.

Each one of us who knows the truth has the privilege of helping those who don't understand.

It's not our duty or goal to drag everyone by the ear to get them to truth.

It is our duty to stand when the purveyors of myth, of rumor, of lies and deceit, use their propaganda of hate to muster fear.

Make no mistake about it; there are those who profit from myth.

These criminals of our society profit off the ignorant.

They make billions of dollars pushing a product of fear, intolerance, greed, envy, hatred.

They make profit out of suffering.

They enrich themselves promoting hopelessness.

They pile up gold to themselves as they create division.

People like our President and this administration are the very definition of the huckster.

A huckster is a person who willingly stands before the innocent and tells lies for their own profit.

They feed bias.

They are enemies of the truth.

They are like dealing with a devil who never tells the truth but that too is lie.

What can we do?

We can hold a door open and point the way.

We can open a window and let the wind of truth blow out the cobwebs of bias.

We can lift the light of hope before the door.

For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it. - Thomas Jefferson



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