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Our President is a boil on humanities neck, but he's not the only one.

As the world becomes smaller as information, both real and false can be had in an instant.

The veil that was the American dream has been lifted.

It is not a pretty picture.

Like the reveal of Dorian Gray's portrait, all of the hatred, the crime, the bigotry, the injustice has left us with a gruesome portrayal of what America has been hiding from.

Through our own personal experience, all of us, no matter where we come from, try to put our best face forward.

Even though we may have a load in our pants most of us most of the time want to be perceived as good people.

However, if we were truly good how come there is fraud?



Child molestation?


Somebody is committing these crimes against humanity.

The lifting of the veil that had previously covered the American way of life is only the most recent exploitation by a President and his supporters.

This underbelly of our society has been there since before the Pilgrims landed.

This is a significant point to understand.

We all like to believe in a good story.

There are many good stories at the heart of any society.

The core story that founded this nation in 1776 was that man is free.

He has all ways been free.

Anyone including any organization which includes governments and religions who try to abridge that natural order, this inalienable right, is a tyrant.

They that oppose this natural freedom are tyrants.

Broadly defining, it is called the tyranny of men.

These people, these organizations are not a friend of humanity.

Yet even though there have been those who hate others freedom and will burn and kill to prevent those freedoms, these people are also a part of the fabric of humanity.

The treads of humanity are made of many threads.

Most are common.

Some shine brilliantly

While sadly, many are dull.

And some threads are just plain evil.

But all of them are part of the quilt of humanity.

Our nation was founded upon an idea of freedom, remember?

A bold proposition given the history of the world.

Could a people reconcile the social and ideological war that has been going on between those who believe in freedom and those that do not?

All of the previous institutions of the world, no matter the people or the region, did not believe wholly in the innate freedom of man.

The power of institutions of governments of religions is to control, to segregate.

Freedom is only given with the price of membership and only to those within the power structure of the organization.

The American experiment is to determine if enough people could overcome their story, their myth, and embrace the concept of freedom for all.

Could they drop their racism?

Could they drop their segregation?

Could they drop their story?

Could they drop their hate?

And pick up hope?

From the inception of that proposition of freedom for all, and including to this very hour, American and Americans have been at odds with their history and traditions.

And because they have been at odds, those that feed and prosper from the old beliefs of segregation, division, hate they have sewn and continue to sew evil versus the open door of hope.

This President and his followers are the beginning of a new American brand of apartheid.

Make no mistake about it the fear of the future of America by many Americans is genuine.

Like dogs under the table being fed scraps of meat, people like the current President nurture the fear that white people are doomed as a race.

I have a borrowed saying I use frequently…

Don't start nothing won't be nothing.

Right now right today we are at the bookend of the story started by European greed.

If the Aristocracy of Europe didn't want to lose their white identity, they should have stayed home.

It's ironic, and I understand very few actually get irony but here goes…

It's ironic because the European Aristocracy believed that the white race was dominant.

Their arrogance allowed them to freely explore the world and claim it as theirs with little regard for the peoples they found along the way.

Those peoples would one day express a reality that the story these aristocrats told themselves that they would all ways be top dog turned out not to be true.

It turns out that numbers wise, population, that whites are a racial minority.


It's also been perplexing to me how a minority got control of a majority, and that majority didn't conclusively tell this minority to go sit down and stop rocking the boat.

But that's a digression.

Another discussion.

Back to the boil on our necks.

This President feeds a false narrative that many Americans believe so that he can shield himself from personal inspection as he gains financial wealth.

He's not a patriot.

He's not there for the majority.

He's not there of a minority.

He's in office for the one.


It's getting to be really, really obvious.

The only way to get rid of a boil is with a lance.

The actual substance of the argument must be pierced.

And in our case, the lance of truth must pierce the prejudice of tyranny.

The veil has been lifted, and our way is clear to see.

We must be grounded in the knowledge that freedom and justice are for all.

We're going to try and save as much of the quilt of America as we can.

But that lance can be used for more than lancing old boils.

It can be used as a needle to sew new bright threads of compassion, truth, and honor into the fabric of our nation.

Do not suffer fools.

Drop hate and pick up hope.

Shine the light of truth before freedoms door.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Right From Wrong


How can you know if you're in the right?

Many people past and present have and will go to their graves in the belief they are right.

Over 620,000 Confederate soldiers died for the cause of the South during the American Civil War.

1,773,700 plus German soldiers died during World War One.

Then the German people still believed they were right and the rest of the world was wrong and for a second time they went to war with the world and over 4.3 million soldiers were killed and over 500,000 civilians were killed.

3 million North Korean soldiers died for their cause.

1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers died for their belief.

This doesn't count the tens of millions of non-believers killed by these true believers during these conflicts who murdered the other under the assumption that there can only be one truth.

We today can see who was on the wrong side and who was on the right side during those conflicts.

But why didn't the people during those wars see the writing on the wall?

Why couldn't they see they were wrong?

There are big questions of right and wrong, but also there are everyday interactions, conflicts, issues that need answers.

How do you know you're in the right?

How many of us are willing to kill for a belief?

In our nation, many believe that they have the right to own guns and to kill whom they want when they want for their own reasons.

No one can stop them from killing not even the Constitution they believe.

We have subtler folks who casually discriminate based upon race.

Discrimination is a kind of casual death sentence upon the victim who is never given a real chance to thrive.

Greed drives many to gather and amass wealth through fraudulent business's, charities, religions.

Greed instructs the follower that the innocent are sheep, and you are the shearer.

Take from the stupid they'll never miss it.

Does at any time taking from the poor to make oneself rich ever raise a flag of morality for some?

Does a type of social, economic racism allow the person to convince themselves that this other kind of person doesn't deserve to be happy?

I'm of the mind that you either like humanity or you don't.

You're either willing to lend a hand or are of the mind that life is a party and it's there for your taking.

I'm also of the mind given our current time we live in that this split between those that are aware and support versus those that don't care about the common good is around 60/40.

I'm being an optimist and think that based upon the current polls demonstrating 40% of our citizens support our current President, and 60% don't.

That ratio can be reasonably applied to every issue that comes up today.

There are 40% of the nation who want children locked up.

There are 40% who want to discriminate against brown people.

There are 40% who don't want women to have equal pay.

There are 40% who would be happy with a dictator as long as that dictator favored them and oppressed the 60%.

There are 40% who want no restrictions on their right to kill with guns.

There are 40% who don't want the LGBTQ+ community to exist let alone have equal rights.

There are 40% who don't want abortions for any reason.

There are 40% who believe that the rich and corporations like them.

There are 40% who don't believe Man can change the climate.

There are 40% who don't want to share, food, neighborhoods, the street, the sidewalk, waiting in line, your right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It's really a sad thing to think about.

How could so many be so willing to destroy so much and yet still believe they are in the right?

What blinds people to pain?

What makes people deaf to the sound of sorrow?

What makes people ignore the crippling predatory power of poverty?

What takes away a person's ability to feel the anguish of hopelessness in another?

Is it as simple as, "At least it's not me."

How did generations, these generations that share this nation with us turn their hearts and minds away from love?

What put up the walls?

What burned down the truth of the common good?

What ground up common decency?

How did respect become hate?

Why did so many stop dreaming?

Why did so many of us stop dreaming of a better world?

So many have swallowed the pill of bitterness and now spew rank hatred in their wake.


How can a person believe that hatred, discrimination, intolerance, selfishness is standing on the side of right?

Of goodness?

Of compassion?

Of honor?

Of duty?

Personally, I'm gobsmacked.

America and please psychologists tell me if I'm wrong has a personality disorder.

An example is the opioid problem.

Yes, a corporation and doctors got together and made money off their product.

However, there is another problem that is more disturbing than corporate greed and the willingness to throw their customers into the morgue.

It's called personal responsibility.

Vast swaths of the Midwest have seen and are living in the aftermath of losing heavy industry and manufacturing to other countries via corporate boards lust for their ever-growing profit monster.

Unemployment, economic downturns, even depressions of the past meant everyone had to work harder.

Tough times made a tough people.

Can do spirit.

It didn't mean that they threw morality, social respect, belief in the rule of law out the window and went from no job to heroin addict overnight.

Historically speaking, if you're out of work, you became an alcoholic.

But opioids?


How is that doing right?

What makes one say I am different from the rest of these losers, I'm not an addict, I got this under control, I'm in the right?

I need this to get my life straight?

This personality disorder that America has did not develop on its own.



People do bad things when you take away their dreams.

When dreams become nightmares, some people strike out in fear and anger.

There is something we as a nation needs to know, something we all need to hear.

We can dream again.

We must, and it is our duty to dream again.

We don't have to believe we need to tear up and burn down what we have to make a clean start of it again.


You don't set your house on fire because you need a new pillow.

Some of us need to calm down.

Open our eyes.

Our minds.

Our hearts.

Understand that the first principle of being right is to believe in truth.

Even if that truth reveals that we are in the wrong.

There is and only has been one truth in all of human history.

Not your truth or my truth but one great universal truth that has united us from birth to death.

Wisdom comes from compassion.

It's why a man a long time ago said, "What parent would give their child a rock if they are hungry?"

Too many fellow Americans believe they are in the right and are handing out rocks to the rest of us to suck on.

That's got to change.

Love means doing more not less.

Love asks more of each of us every day.

Reach out to that brother and sister and give them some of your courage.

Lift that box off their heads called fear.

Push away the night terrors created by their fear.

Ask them to join in a new dream.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Self Interest


Why has the Republican Party jumped off a cliff?

What has happened to that political movements reason?

How can a majority of Republicans deny the history of hate and the disaster that the future will bring to their party?


Spite is one of the answers.





Vengeance, are all included.

One day during the two terms of President Obama the Republican Party majority woke up that day and realized that the world they believed would never change.

Somewhere between poor people getting health care and Trans people using the same toilet as them, their collective heads exploded.

The myth they had consistently told themselves that being white and conservative in America would protect them from having to share the wealth with brown people evaporated in their minds.

This social realization of the change, the broadening of the social good for all drove a hot knife into their guts.

The reaction has been the Republican Conservative Party would rather burn America down then allow one thing, one brown, one other to share in "their" Homeland.

So among the many things that this executive branch has done while in office when their president and his people defund the Special Olympics, the conservatives in this country exposed the dark heart at the root of the hate that is being fed.

The Republican Party and conservative America believe that it is in a fight to the death.

They will not listen to reason because they are in a struggle with what they believe is true.

I've said it before, have you ever tried to take a bone away from a jealous dog?

These conservatives will bite your hand, they will claw your face, they will rip out your life to protect what they believe has been given to them by God.

Their rightful place as stewards of this country.

I personally know the depths of this feeling being born into this conservative culture.

It is not only believed but preached from the pulpit every Sunday in America.

The story of white supremacy is taught to this very day not just in alley's and in bars out by the highway.

White supremacy is in the office, in the home, in the church.

The ideal of segregation and whites being the stewards of the earth is in the book of Genesis.

At least that's how white racists interpret it.

So trying to reason with the Republican Party currently falls within a losing strategy.

When was the last time you asked a card-carrying Christian to stop believing in Jesus?

A story that says you'll have eternal life if you believe in me.

That is not something that can be casually laid down, can it?


Especially when through the long dark history of racism in this country the two stories of racial superiority and Christianity have been woven together into an ugly basket of hate.

I honestly have no concrete answer to this problem of our current day.

I don't know how to stop the fear conservatives have that they are losing their world.

The reason why is because they are losing their world.

The world is waking up.

The light of truth is shining into the dark places of our society and revealing an ugly dark hearted mold growing there.

We today are working to clean out that mold of the heart and mind.

Those that are happy to live in that darkness are upset that we are letting in the sunshine and spraying bleach around.

They are comfortable with the status quo, and we are upsetting the apple cart.

In one respect, we are watching conservative America ride their anger off the cliff of history.

We who are looking towards the future are watching the past commit suicide.

We the people, the majority, stand at the mountain top and ask aloud, "Why did they do that?"

Love has bound a people to move towards truth and justice.

Love can bind the wounds of a people too.

Love can sweep away the nightmares in the mind, and restore hope.

Conservative America's last hope is if they can separate truth from lies.

Conservative America if you can hear me, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."



Forces Film, Again Begin



Straight up.

The wealthy cannibalize society by hoarding wealth and stealing its dignity.

Through all of recorded time, this has been a fact.

It has never stopped.

Please realize this fact.

It has never stopped.

Why should it?

The wealthy are a crafty type of parasite for the most part.

They feed off their host to the point of making the host weak.

But the rule for the wealthy is not to bleed the host so much that they die.

In recent centuries the French Revolution is a good point, in fact, demonstrating how the wealthy lost control of their greed.

Centuries of no justice, enslavement, destruction of the common good to enhance the coffers of the wealthy made a lot of ordinary people in France really upset.

So upset that they believed chopping the heads off the wealthy would lead them to a better society.

It got rid of the immediate problem of the local wealthy ignoring the needs of the host they were feeding on, but it wasn't a cure.

Killing is never a cure.

Government sponsored killing is a part of the cycle of justice put into place by the wealthy so that the larger society never addresses the source of the problems we all face.

People who cannot and will not share.

Some of us may recall the words of the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Or as the wealthy use that same sediment but with a twist, do unto others before they do unto you.

Wealth does a terrible thing to people.

It enhances their character flaws.

Sharing is not a trait that we are born with.

It is a fact.

If you are not aware of this, then please look into the current human genome project on how we are all born selfish, Are Babies Born Good by Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian Magazine 2013.

Sharing has to be taught by caring people.

Some of us get the lesson while others are naturally predisposed to be resistant to sharing.

Sharing means to give up some of your resources to help another.

On a hostile planet with a rapidly changing environment, resources to keep you alive are critical.

It's sort of obvious why an inborn trait of not sharing would be a universal fact in all of humanity everywhere.

It allows the individual to survive and pass on its genes.

However, this biological method of survival is antimatter to a society.

Society is all about cohesion right?

Sticking together?

The rugged individual who is the self-made man who is always winning, the top dog, the alpha male, the wealthy is the complete opposite of what a community stands for.


The wealthy tell the poor we are better than you because we won't share.

So in point of fact, the wealthy are the best at being humans who survive.

They survive at the expense, the lives that they destroy.

Is there a cure, is there a way to prevent this cannibalism?

There has been a cure right in front of our faces that have been in competition with those that are self-serving.


Love is the answer.

Love derives from our better angels.

We all have the instinct not to share.

But right there from the very beginning, a whisper tapped us all on our hearts.

The wealthy shout in our faces to follow their example, to deny each other and our selves to serve them.

Some listen to those callous voices thinking they will be like them one day.

Yet in the quiet spaces of all of our lives, the voice of love asks us to do more.

Love asks not to do one thing but to do many things at the same time.

Love knows we can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Love knows we can share bread with the lost.

We can heal those who cannot pay us back.

We can protect those that cannot defend themselves.

We can lift the hopeless and hold them in our arms till they feel safe.

We can wipe away the tears.

Love is stronger and more profound than the instinct of the wealthy not to share.

Love is a code that existed in this universe long before the earth did.

Love is a code as complex or as simple as those who want to hide from it versus those who want to walk with it.

Pile a wealth that never can be taken away.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Hear That?


In the night where the street lights buzz.

The smell of cooking still lingers.

A sharp word yelled through broken walls.

A slap.

A body hits the wall.


Hear that?

Saturday night the lights of the city are a blur.

Running from a ghost a memory.

Fear propels relief into the vein.

Fear turns eyes away from truth.

Funny how the world doesn't fit into the story told.

A hollow cry for help.

Hear that?

There are sounds we want to hear.

The comfort of a familiar song.

The beat of rain up on the roof.

The thrill of children who are about to eat.

The words that tell us that we are wanted.

The abiding of love.

Hear that?

You and I can hear it.

How is it that so many can't?

What has happened to make pain invisible?

What story is more important to protect that it allows suffering?

Why are peace and prosperity only for a privileged few?

How can so many hope for so little for so many?

Hear that?

It's a sound that this President has never heard.

It's a beat that puts fear in the corrupt.

It's a solo voiced by knights of this republic that makes Evil run.

It's a chorus sung by the old, the young, the weak, the poor, the sick, the forgotten, the majority, by we the people.

It's the sound of justice coming right quick.

Hear that?



Forces Film, Again Begin

What Happend?


Liberace is gay.

The United States landed 12 men on the moon.

The Constitution states that the majority cannot deny the minority a right that it enjoys.

Bob Hope never won an Oscar.

There is no new border wall being built currently.

Elvis died of a prescription drug overdose.

Crime pays.

What happened?

Getting everyone onto the same page in society is difficult.

Information travels through each of our unique personal filters at various rates.

It takes time for people to have that light bulb moment, that moment of "ah-ha" to take place.

All those crazy crummy commercials we wade through each day, and at the end, you don't know what they are advertising do you?

Commercials and the people who make them rely upon the rule of thirds to get their messages across.

The first 30 times you see a commercial is just the introduction.

The second 30 times you see a commercial you realize what they are selling.

The third 30 times you see a commercial you determine if you will buy that product or service.

Marketing realizes how slow the consumer mind reacts to new information.

Do you realize how long it takes to get people to understand a fact?

Reality has an uphill battle going against it.

I mentioned our personal filters.

What I specifically mean is bias.

Bias is what we each personally believe to be true even if it's not true or based upon reality.

Bias can be as simple as not liking mushrooms on your pizza.

Bias can be fear and distrust of black people.

Both kinds of bias can be based upon real experience as well as belief in a myth.

It took Europe over 200 years to eat a tomato after it was introduced in the 16th century.

The fear was that the tomato was the fruit of a cousin of the nightshade plant and believed to be poisonous.

A popular myth that was dispelled allowing H. J. Heinz to become a millionaire producing ketchup.

Bias is the blanket that we wrap ourselves in to protect ourselves from the unknown.

However, the truth will out.

The truth will eventually overcome.

Truth is a slow-moving train through history.

Anyone at any time can get aboard and take the ride.

Truth is revealed through time.

Some of us can see truth immediately.

Some of us it takes about a week or two.

While others may never get to the truth without some help.

Like the person who asks what the hell is going on during a movie, some of us have not been exposed to a reality beyond our own experience.

It can be confusing.

Each one of us who knows the truth has the privilege of helping those who don't understand.

It's not our duty or goal to drag everyone by the ear to get them to truth.

It is our duty to stand when the purveyors of myth, of rumor, of lies and deceit, use their propaganda of hate to muster fear.

Make no mistake about it; there are those who profit from myth.

These criminals of our society profit off the ignorant.

They make billions of dollars pushing a product of fear, intolerance, greed, envy, hatred.

They make profit out of suffering.

They enrich themselves promoting hopelessness.

They pile up gold to themselves as they create division.

People like our President and this administration are the very definition of the huckster.

A huckster is a person who willingly stands before the innocent and tells lies for their own profit.

They feed bias.

They are enemies of the truth.

They are like dealing with a devil who never tells the truth but that too is lie.

What can we do?

We can hold a door open and point the way.

We can open a window and let the wind of truth blow out the cobwebs of bias.

We can lift the light of hope before the door.

For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it. - Thomas Jefferson



Forces Film, Again Begin



Chased down a dark alley the innocent soul turns on its attacker realizing they want to take their life and asks, "Why?"

The pursuit began when the locals determined that this soul was an outsider.

An agitator.

An entity that was going to disrupt the status quo.

Those that were in charge and in power would have to share that power, that wealth.

It made them afraid.

It made them angry.

It made them hate.

It made them believe that they had the right to kill that which brought change to their world.

They had always been right.

How could they be wrong?

Nobody had ever told them they were wrong.

They were at the top for a reason.

Obviously, they were the best.

They had always been winning.

Who could deny their success?

Who could deny their authority over truth?

Who could deny their position as absolute judges over life and death?

All the anger, all the hate, all the vengeance over this one innocent soul who happened to walk down the wrong street at the wrong time of day.

Those that were in power closed in on their prey, teeth biting, tearing and over the bridge they hurdled the innocent soul to their demise.


If you haven't had the chance to see Babe: Pig in the City you have missed an opportunity to ask yourself why?

The innocent soul is Babe.

Their life at that moment had not instructed them to the cruelty of the world.

How evil hides in plain sight.

How darkness piles wealth from exploiting the innocent.

How the phrase, "Crime never prospers," is a marketing ploy crafted by criminals to cover the fact that crime does profit especially the wealthier you are.

But more importantly the "why" asked by Babe is, how could you kill me when you don't even know me?

That question is real even if it's asked by a talking pig.

Right now, right today as the President stood in the Rose Garden declaring his border emergency those with a conscious asked why?

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening now?

The answer is fear.

Fear can do many things.

Fear has been the tool of the criminal forever.

Ever since one monkey sat next to another on a branch and said, there are bandits in the hills.



The only way you can stop them is to give me half of your wealth.

I will give your money to those bandits in the hills, and they will leave you in peace.

That story has been parroted by criminals to countless innocent souls forever.

It was said yet again today February 15, 2019, in Washington DC, in the backyard of the White House by the President.


We wrestle not only with our own conscience but we, if we are responsible, must carry the burden of generations of anger and hate.

That anger and hate are always with us.

It's not going away any time soon.

Racism, bigotry, anger, hate are all exploited by the fear mongers, the criminal minds among us.

It's not just the likes of our President.

Fear can be stoked by your Uncle and Aunt.

By your wife and husband.

By your son and daughter.

By your minister, your priest, your rabbi, your imam.

By your friend.

Drop fear lift hope.

Our duty, our privilege for all that follow the truth of love has this task.

This task to take away fear and to lift hope for all.

So that one-day innocent eyes filled with fear and tears do not have to ask…




Forces Film, Again Begin



Cast upon a dark ocean in the middle of the night fear and the unknown grip the survivors as they cling to the lifeboat.

Who is in this lifeboat?

A young black man just graduated from college wanting to go onto become a doctor but not sure if it's right for him.

A retired white couple, she has MS, and her husband is a diabetic.

A Hispanic female crew member who before the journey came out to her parents.

A young white boy and a black girl who was reunited with their estranged mother who is in recovery.

A middle-aged Asian woman who is celebrating her divorce.

A Jewish 30 something female who that morning found a lump in her breast.

Who else is in this lifeboat?


It actually doesn't matter if you realize it or not but you and I are all in the same boat together.

The world doesn't wait for you to have the epiphany the realization that we all need each other.

In our lifeboat called earth, each and every one of us has the ability to contribute to the greater good.

Of course, some of us are not up to the task.

They would prefer that others take their place at the oars of life.

Being involved with society would mean they would be judged, and they prefer to be not only anonymous, but they also don't want to get their hands dirty.

They don't want to have to deal with the life and death reality which is living.

Funnier still are those who are angry that others whom they deem unworthy are trying to save them from their own self imposed destruction.

For these people, they see a hierarchy of human worth based upon race quickly followed by income.

The blacker and poorer you are in their minds you become the least able to contribute to their society and are unworthy of help or consideration.

We are all cast upon this sea of the unknown which is the future.

If we are to get to the morning where the light of day will give us all a chance at rescue, we all need each other to get to that better day.

Who can say which mother's child will be the one to cure the disease that is killing you right now?

Who can say which person in this world will hold your hand and love you as you travel into your death?

Who can tell what person will lead a nation and stop a war that would kill everything you love?

Humans are not given the ability to see into minds.

Humans do have the ability to perceive actions.

We can all see the power of feeding the hungry.

We can all see the love of tending to the sick.

We can all see the courage of defending the defenseless.

Life gives each and every one of us a challenge to pick up our oar and start rowing this boat we are all in.

It is a tragedy of the human spirit that some turn their backs on this request made of all of us from love.

The dark heart of nationalism, of racism, of religiosity, all of the ism's that stake out divisions among society.

Their rules segregate and pull apart humanity refusing each and everyone from going into that good morning light of the future.

If you don't belong to my club, you're damned to torment forever.

Some would rather cling to that ship that is going down into the depths of the bottomless ocean of a racist, bigoted past.

They would rather sink to the deepest ocean of hate then share a seat with us in our multiracial, multiethnic, multigender, multi-belief lifeboat.

The future waits for no man or woman.

Right now right this very second you and I are living in the future.

We cannot help those that willfully hate the light of humanity.

What we can do together is row for that shore where freedoms light shines for all.

We can't wait or give space in the boat for those who want to put a hole in it and sink the future.

We can't let those that want to segregate us and divide us with fear and hate to keep us from the shore of freedom

We're in this together you and I.

Our lifeboat.




Forces Film, Again Begin



Fear makes people act against their own self-interest.

Children, when they are afraid of the dark, will retreat under their covers.

Their fear of what is beyond their sight in the dark overwhelms them.

They find comfort from that unknown inside of the familiar, the warmth of their blanket.

The children still realize that its dark outside of their blanket but within the confines of their sealed-off world they are no longer afraid.


Have you ever seen a dog that is gun shy?

A gun shy dog can no longer hunt.

A gun shy dog is where a gun has been shot too close to the animal thereafter they are afraid and run away every time they hear a loud bang.

When there is a loud noise, they do not recognize, it will strike fear in their hearts, and they cower from the retort.

The dog can no longer contribute it retreats from its purpose.


There's a story in my family about my wife's brother who cried over an egg.

Every morning for breakfast there was always plenty to eat.

There was abundance.

But this brother this day wanted a second egg for breakfast.

However, his father got to that second egg before he did and ate it.

This brother began to cry.

His mother could make him another egg, but he wanted that one.

It belonged to me he cried.

His mother told him you already had an egg you never have a second.

But the brother cried he ate my egg!

It was mine!

He didn't deserve my egg!

I wanted it I deserved it!

The mother said aren't you full?

The young brother retreated from his family and ran to his room and cried.

That egg was mine.


Today, Conservatism has retreated into a self-imposed mental and spiritual void where sharing is believed to be evil.


Even in this reality, in the face of abundance conservatives would rather burn the nation down then to break bread outside of their community.

You and I are undeserving takers.

We have taken their egg.

The egg that mentally belongs to them and only them.

We have raised our voices in protest and made a sound that makes them afraid.

We are the unknown, and the conservative mind wants to build a wall to keep us out.

Society has meant to the conservative mind only they and that which they recognize in their closed gated communities.

Society was good and wholesome in the past when "those people" like us were not inside the fence.

Once society said that the gate needs to be open so that all may sit at the table of abundance, then the conservative mind said no that's evil.

Its evil that woman get to choose what to do with their bodies.

Its evil that we get to love whom we want.

Its evil to allow brown races access to our economy.

Its evil to let in the stranger fleeing danger over our borders.

Its evil that we get to vote, get free education, get healthcare, want a living wage.

Simply, if the conservative person has to share with any person or group they don't think is deserving than it's wrong.


I'm going to keep saying this till I hear it come back at me.

Do you know what love means?

Love asks more.

Conservatives know this too.

Love asks more.

But fear has made some people blind themselves to life.

They've pulled out their own eyes, so they don't have to see the suffering of the other.

They've blocked up their ears with the wax of dullness.

They don't want to hear the cries of pain of the lost and hopeless.

They've pulled up the covers over their heads against the darkness of the world.

They've put their candle under a bucket in fear that a stranger might come to their door in need.

They've pulled up the drawbridge and want to hide behind their walls so they don't have to share an egg with anyone no how no way.


In the Art of War by Sun Tzu, recognized by both conservative and liberal minds as having insight into the man's worst habit of killing each other explains his view of walls.

Walls, fortifications around a city are man's greatest folly of ignorance.

Walls, fortifications eliminate the ability to move, to maneuver, to adapt.

Walls allow you to go around your adversary and cutoff the foolish people who hide behind them.

A people who retreat behind walls commit a type of suicide they will perish and die.

This nation was not founded by people who retreated from the world.

Love wants each and every one of us to the best of our ability to reach out a helping hand.

Not to do the easy but the hard thing.

Maybe a little bit of envy is what is needed to move the mind that has retreated.

Maybe looking over at the party where everyone is happy and enjoying each other's differences maybe that fear of retreat will drift away from their hearts?

When the society, when the people come together and make a sound of joy everyone will be drawn to that light of freedom and justice for all.

Fear will fall away.

Fear will retreat.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Keeping It Real


Keeping it real is a turn of phrase that means you stay true to yourself.

For the past month, we have seen leaders in our government display their true selves.

We saw a Speaker of the House stand for the people of this nation who are not afraid of the future.

We saw a leader of the majority in the Senate hide behind his office and not until the president laid his own head on the chopping block did he meekly say I think you're wrong Mr. President.

We saw a president who has an apparent personality disorder that doesn't allow him to tell objective truth.

Our president can only say what he thinks we want to hear.

Our president sees no difference between doing what is right or what is wrong as long as he gets his way.

This week we also observed the life of Dr. Martin Luther King who kept it real.

Keeping it real.

What does that mean to you?

As you go through life and get older, you may be able to attain wisdom.

Where wisdom comes from is learning from your mistakes.

If you don't learn from your mistakes, that's a sign too.

Time and time again the president makes the same mistake.

The mistake that the president makes is that he believes we don't care.

We don't care about refugees.

We don't care about those who don't have health care.

We don't care about government workers.

We don't care about non-white people.

We don't care about what this nation has stood for these past 200 plus years.

This nation has stood for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

He believes we will all be satisfied with the status quo with white men making all the decisions and everyone else waiting around to serve them.

That's the world from which he came from.

From his perspective he's…

Keeping it real.

Physicians take an oath.

That oath they swear to says they are to do no harm.

They are to do no harm.

I think our elected officials from dog catcher to President should take that same oath.

To do no harm.

Hurting people for political power for political gain is evil.

Sociopaths the world over practice that ideal as a large part of their personal philosophy.

In the book, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D. tells us that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths.

That means if you know 100 people 4 of them are sociopaths.

The sociopath is the one that's making trouble and never taking responsibility for the disaster they created.

Doesn't that sound like the President?

Should the President be pitied?


He knows the difference between good and evil but doesn't care which device he employs as long as he gets his orgasm no matter what that may entail.

We as a nation are learning what it means to have a president with this kind of personality disorder.

I've said before that I have had personal experience with a sociopath who almost destroyed my life.

It is illuminating as well as tragic to see our nation go through the same experience I had as we as a nation suffer at the hands of this man our President.

Keeping it real.


This too shall pass.

We will all learn from our mistakes.

We will protect ourselves in the future from repeating this tragedy.

On the other side, we as a nation will learn to take better care of ourselves, and we will be a better people.

Keeping it real.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Found and Lost


Found in history…

The communist GDR, German Democratic Republic was fearful that it's citizens were tempted by the sins of the west and erected a wall to keep them safe from temptation.

In reality, it was a wall of tyranny to keep a people subjugated to the will of the Soviet Union, formerly Russia, ruled by non-religious oligarchs of a type of communist state.

The GDR soon realized that the Berlin Wall kept the sheep in but did nothing to prevent freedom from seeping into the minds of the people of East Germany.


The wall failed in its purpose the year was 1989.

Found in history…

Construction began in 122 AD in the province of Britannia the farthest northern border of the Roman Empire under the rule of Hadriani.

The purpose was to draw a line in the woods of the Britannia, later to be known as Great Britain, to keep the annoying raids conducted by the barbarous Picts, the northern city-states of the common area of Britannia.

You can also attribute the construction of the wall to the voices heard in the head of the aristocracy of Rome who believed the gods told them that a wall was needed around the entirety of their Empire to establish how important the Empire was to the world.

Hadrian's wall stretched from the Atlantic to the Dover coast with an average height of 4 feet or 1.2m.

People must have been really short in stature back then because the average person today could trip and roll over Hadrian's wall.

The wall stood, but the empire of the Romans did not.


Hadrian's wall fell out of memory its purpose lost to narcissistic whims of a former aristocracy.

Found in history…

The greatest wall!

The power of tyrants is their ability to create fear either real or imagined.

The emperor tyrants of China and the emperor tyrants of the Mongols had been at war with each other for hundreds of years.

The Chinese emperor's got the noble notion to erect a wall across their entire northern border to keep out the obviously inferior northern tribes from immigrating and diluting their culture.

Construction of what was to be called The Great Wall of China began 220 BC and continued till 206 BC.

A great wall it was indeed.

Strong, high and thick and made of the best greatest stones ever.


In the 14th century, the Ming Dynasty even built the wall higher, stronger, faster than anyone ever before.

It could stop an army.

It did stop armies.

But it couldn't stop corruption and betrayal in the Chinese aristocracy.

The wall failed.


Found and lost.

Walls are built by tyrants but not alone.

Walls are built by a people who are afraid.

We the people of the United States have never been afraid.

A strong people are not afraid.

It is reasonable to give voice to protection as well as defense.

However, fear is not a position that we Americans have historically made decisions from.

Fear in its primal form allows those that are in its midst to be manipulated by tyrants.

Those that are afraid will say or do anything, they will parrot the mindset of the tyrant to alive their fear.

A wall is a projection of fear.

It has always been in the history of the human race.

Like children hiding under the covers in the dark of night a nation, a people cannot hide from the reality of this world behind a wall of concrete and steel.

They cannot hide from the economic and political problems they have contributed to.

There are no guarantees.

Yet this nation was founded upon the idea of freedom.

A freedom loving people do not hide behind a wall.

A freedom loving people stand against the headwind and faces the dilemma with resolution.

A resolution born out of that certain knowledge that from strength comes responsibility.

That's right!

A nation that has great strength has the great responsibility to protect its citizens but to reach out to the world the steady hand of love.

We have nothing to fear.


Love asks more.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Love is What?


Any one person doesn't know everything.

Any one person can't have all the answers.

Any one person won't know the direction to take.



… teaches lessons to all of us in its own good time.

Not all hearts are built the same.

You may see the smile on a child's face.

You may see that same but see the smile covers the pain of bullying.

You see that woman talking to herself over there?

Do you see that she when she was young she lost her only child to cancer too?

When you stop a young black man in his car, do you see a defiant face?

That same stop do you see that defiant black face is because his childhood friend was killed by a cop?

That person there ahead of you at the traffic light they must be an idiot why aren't they turning?

That same person in the car ahead of you just came back from the Vet where they put down their only friend.

Over there that drunk drug addict asleep on the bus bench how disgusting.

That same drunk addict lies there because a corrupt disgusting health system bankrupted his family as his wife died of bone cancer leaving him on the street.

Love is what?

If I had love.

If I had love what could I do?

Love holds a door open.

Love throws open a window.

Love spreads the wealth and bounty at the dinner table.

Love reaches out its hand to save the drowning in despair.

Love does not see what it does as a sacrifice, or a duty but as a privilege.

Not all of us can see the same.

Not all of us can see the colors of the world.

Some of us are color blind.

We see the world in black and white.

I'm right you're forever wrong.

This is the tragedy of the human race that like a dog chasing its own tail it doesn't recognize its own handicap.

This lack of vision is why those that can see all the colors of the world have a duty to lead.

It takes many voices to keep a people, a generation, a society together.

Far too often voices of anger, of prejudice, of bigotry distract and detain society.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Just as one person can't do it all, we united can get to our destination together.

What will lead us?


As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

As we travel together in this time and place, let us keep love always before us.

There will be bad times.

There will be terrible times.

But our strength comes from a truth deeper than the cruelest crucible can inflict pain upon us.

If our strength is built upon love, we can see all the colors of this world.

If our strength is built upon love, we can heal the voices of anger and bring them hope.

If our strength is built upon love, we will learn that love demands more of each and every one of us.

Every day.

Following love means our work will never be done.

There's joy in that idea.

What is love?



Forces Film, Again Begin

To Be


To be an adult what does that mean?

First, it means you are no longer a child.

What does it mean to be a child?

A child's first and foremost thought every day of their existence is about themselves.

There is no such thing as a child who on their own exhibits care for the interests of anyone outside of themselves.

Children, of course, can be taught.

They imitate the behavior of the person they want to please.

But in their hearts when they are told to share every one of them will resent the instruction to one degree or another...

To share.

To be an adult is to be no longer only responsible to self but also to the community.

An adult recognizes that they must put away childish ideas and consider their role in contributing positively to the society they find themselves in.

A child will not rely on their own to share their resources with another let alone a stranger.

The adult understands the merits of sharing.

A responsible adult, a parent, shares their resources with their children.

A responsible parent doesn't just give one child a sandwich and the other a stick.

Everything I just covered is centered on the ideal of a cohesive society.

Society at large has traditions and morals that collectively throughout the generations of that society have mutually agreed upon as being supportive of the welfare of that society.

An example of the breakdown of society occurred this afternoon on the streets of Burbank, CA when a driver threw their drink at the car my son was driving.

We are stopped in two lanes of traffic in the left lane, and a person is trying to pull out from a gas station to turn right.

They pulled across the right curb lane of traffic blocking it and wanted us to wait to let them push through to the left turning lane.

It couldn't happen, it didn't happen as we pulled forward.

The male driving in the car raced up alongside of us, yelled at us and threw their beverage at the side of the car, raced around behind us and zipped down a side street.

This is what's passes as normal now?

Adults in appearance but children when it comes to their emotions.

Since this adult didn't get what they wanted they threw a fit.

The adults around them didn't give them what they demanded, and they were outraged that they were not the center of attention and allowed to inconvenience everyone around them for the sole purpose that they are more important than you.

They had to wait one extra second.

In all of our lives, there are many times a day when we run into adults acting like children.

In line at the grocery store the adult who holds up the front because they are looking for the right coupon.

The middle age adult at the ice cream store who wants to taste a sample of vanilla when the line stretches out the door.

I suppose you can get to middle age in America and have never tasted vanilla before?

The adult who in their car stops in the entryway.

A president who says I get my border wall or nobody gets paid in his government.

Not one of these adults is genuinely an adult.

The praise of the unique, exceptional, talented individual in our western society has grown over the past couple of generations.

Individuals by nature are not part of society.

Individuals strong individuals do not share well.

Our president obviously never learned not to throw sand in the eyes of the other children in the sandbox.

Our president obviously never learned how to share his toys.


What can any of us do?

I don't really know.

Joseph Campbell said many times that the West has lost all of its traditions that would tell an individual that they are now an adult and not a child.

He was wondering what would take the place of these rituals that we use to have.

What we use to rely upon to tell children that they are now a responsible adult and what that actually means.

Now childhood extends into adulthood and even to being a 71-year-old president.

How do you tell an adult they are acting like a child?

How do you tell an adult they are not helping that they are the problem?

How do you tell an adult there conscious emotional fits is not how adults resolve problems?

How do you get a person a society to become responsible?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a sermon on responsibility for your actions, July 26, 1953.

He acknowledged that there was an influence on a person through environment and heredity.

However, in the end, it's how we react to those two external factors which in the end challenges us to accept personal responsibility for our actions.

Simply, those that are adults have to tell the children no.

That's what we are doing.

Right here, right now.

Do you know that?

Those of us who are resisting this president is standing up and saying no.

A quarter of the population of the United States at least according to the last presidential election has never heard an adult tell them no.

No adult told them that living like a child in ignorance is not a virtue.

Stories are fine for children but the truth is what adults have to deal with and resolve.

That same population never read the Declaration of Independence and understood what it was saying.

That same population never understood the meaning of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

That same population never wrote across their heart the words...

...of the people, for the people, by the people.

People is more than one.

America is about more than one person.

All the wars fought by this nation was about saving the lives of countless millions.

This country was created upon the ideal of freedom for all.

For all…

All means more than one.

The adults need to help the children to understand that their lives will be better when they learn how to share.

Share shelter.

Share freedom.

Share liberty.

Share justice.

Share equality.

When I was a child, I saw the world as a child, but as an adult, I saw the beauty in the hearts and faces of those that I share this life with.

To be.



Forces Film, Again Begin



Christmas is here a holiday for which many wait for all year long.

As a child, the anticipation can be overwhelming.

First, the idea is implanted that a fat jolly elf will visit in the night and leave each good girl and boy their heart's desire.

The child is told to wait.

Once the story fades, older children go on a safari in search of the presents in the back of the parents closet.

They can't wait to know if they will get what they asked for.

We're all told to wait for various milestones in our life.

Wait to have sex.

Wait to drink.

Wait to drive a car.

Wait to vote.

Wait to marry.

There are however life events where waiting spells disaster.

We don't wait to save a person who is drowning.

We don't wait to put out a fire.

We don't wait to see if the roof will fall in during an earthquake.

We don't wait to catch a person who is falling.

Or do we?

If we know of a person whose life is on the edge do we remain silent?

Do we hold a judgment that the person deserves their fate?

Do we tell ourselves that they must have done something wrong and they are being punished?

If a child is choking do we turn our backs and tell ourselves they don't believe in the same god like me, so they deserve to die?

No, we act immediately, we don't wait.

What are we waiting for when it comes to taking care of each other?

Love demands more.

To follow love every aspect of it's meaning will fill your life.

It is not always pleasant.

It will nag you.

It will push you.

It will whisper to your conscience to do more.

It's easy to like those you know.

A child does that.

But love asks more of us the older we get.

It asks us to be aware of the suffering, of the fear, of the hopelessness around us and it asks us to act.

Waiting on someone or something else to make life better is a self-imposed delusion of conscience.

We are all only guaranteed this time this place this space.

That's precisely why life is precious.

That's why all the children, all the adults, all of us need each other to make a better world.

The milk of human kindness is felt best at this time of year.

It's the time when the spirit of love can speak through the roar and din of life and reach our understanding.

With a little determination, with a bit of practice, the reach of love can extend beyond this time.

This place.

With a little help from all of love's friends, a brotherhood of humanity can be now.

Don't wait.

You don't have to wait.

Do right.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Why Rural America Is Red


Do you know what segregation is?

White America convinced itself that separate but equal was an excellent Christian idea.

White people would have their own church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom, and black people would have their own.

White people convinced themselves that it was better for everyone because somehow they believed that black people used a church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom differently than white people.

It would be upsetting to allow the races to mix together.

Upsetting for who?

Why for white racists that’s for who.

The idea was sold or better yet flimflammed to the public that separate but equal was better for everyone but it turned out it was never going to be equal for blacks.

Everything you can think of in your life was legally rendered separate which included specifically to this backstory, public schools.

Schools were segregated.

White schools and black schools both in the same school district attended only by their designated race.

In 1971 which is not all that long ago, the Supreme Court decided in the case Swann v. Charlotte-Meckleburg Board of Education that forced busing of students may be ordered to achieve racial desegregation.

You see previously to this ruling in 1964 the United States passed the Civil Rights Act which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

So that separate but equal idea was found to be both unconstitutional and also immoral in a nation whose foundation was built upon the concept of justice and equality for all.

Americans have been historically slow at reading their own Constitution.

The Equal Rights Act, in the beginning, didn’t have any real teeth in it to enforce the law.

Most states ignored the law at best. 

At worst, state governments which included local and state law enforcement coordinated with domestic terrorist organizations such as the Klan, KKK, white nationalists, neo-nazis to burn black churches, to bomb black churches, to lynch, to murder, to rape what they called “outside agitators”.

Outside agitators are anyone who wanted to change the status quo.

The status quo meant that white men made all the decisions and woman and especially blacks which includes all minorities were not to be tolerated if they offered any descent.

Descent  by definition biblically meant that a white man's authority was granted by God which allowed the white man the right to kill you as preached from the segregationist's pulpits in every state, if you defied their will.

When the Equal Rights law passed it set into motion a series of events changing the political landscape of America.

A majority of white America was outraged by this law.

A good half of white American’s did not want to hear let alone understand how any minority could be equal to them.

A battle was had between over half the country who marched for equality and the other slightly less than half of America who believed both socially and in their places of worship that God had separated the races for his reasons and that it was not up to man to decide to thwart, to stop, what God had put into place.

The non-violence movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, the March on Washington the murder of the four little girls blown up during their Sunday school class in Alabama, the Freedom Riders, the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the words of Malcolm X, the eventual murders of Malcolm X, of Medgar Evers, the murder of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner, these and more culminating with the murder of Dr. King, in each and every case demonstrated the depths of the depravity of the heart of racist America versus the determination by those fighting and standing for justice and equality for all.

So in 1971 to end this dark past upon the school children of America, it was decided to bus children from white school districts into black districts and vice-versa to reflect the racial demographics of each school district.
This set half of white racist America’s hair on fire.

I lived in Cleveland at the time and was eleven years old in 71.

I can tell you from first-hand experience what white people were saying  to each other then as well as now.

They were not going to let their kids go to school which a bunch of colored kids.

Those that could, moved as fast as possible to the suburbs.

Or, they enrolled their children in private schools specifically Catholic schools.

Consequently, the white flight from the cities to the suburbs in every town and city in the United States occurred.

As the years passed, this racist flight to the suburbs continues and has moved even farther out away from the cities into the rural countryside.

The idea of “bad neighborhoods” a bell rung by all racists to indicate a black neighborhood, indicates the intolerance for any elbow rubbing with any minority.

White racist America does not go to bad neighborhoods.

Bad neighborhoods contain blacks, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, gays and a recent arrival at least to racist America Muslims. 

White racist Americans moved out of the cities and permanently into the countryside.

Hell in our white racist neighborhood as an example we had a Nazi guard in a nearby suburb of Cleveland wanted by Israel, John Demjanjuk. 

A type and form of self-segregation occurred with white racist's who previously were peppered everywhere in society began to accumulate in white only suburbs as well as the rural areas outside of the suburbs.

The other half of white America, the non-racists or better those who could not move because of their personal economy, they were poor, stayed in the cities along with the racial minorities.

The consequence is obvious.

The cities became more and more liberal Democratic and the rural areas and outer suburbs became more and more conservative Republican.

Another quick piece of history for those that may not know this…

You see that Equal Rights law was proposed by President John F. Kennedy who then subsequently under President Lyndon B. Johnson who strong-armed the house and senate after the assassination of Kennedy to pass the bill.

Historically the Democratic Party had and supported the most substantial majority of racists legislators in their body since the Civil War.

But after that vote, they left the party and moved over to the Republican party especially after Nixon used his “southern strategy” which is nothing more than appealing to the racists in America to come over and vote Republican and the GOP will put minorities in their rightful place bigot language.

Black and brown people, as well as women and gays, will obey the law and will of white Republican men and know their place, seen but not heard.

The Republican party would restore the rightful place of the white man at the top of the food chain.

So, the racists left the Democrats behind where they had been dug in since 1864.

They then moved in and burrowed into the heart of the Republicans come 1969, where they are still and loving every minute of it especially because of...


So here comes along a person comfortable with racism, he and his father were the kings of the slum lords in New York City immortalized by Woody Guthrie in his song about being evicted from his slum in 1950 called “I Ain’t Got No Home”.

A father and son team who were comfortable with discrimination against blacks and all minorities and Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was even an associate of the KKK.

Feeding the fear embedded in the cold racism found in strength in rural America, Trump succeeded in propping up and using all of the old canards used by bigots in this country to get himself elected.

Red America.

Blue America.

The separation exacerbated by an idea to address a terrible wrong.

After all of that history, what can we do?

There’s a simple but effective remedy that has been proven time and again to work.

Lead by example.

What happens if you paint your house?

Your neighbor next door will paint there’s.

Then the neighbor next to them will plant flowers.

The person next to them gets a new roof.

The guy behind you puts in a pool.

Lead by example.

You can’t tell someone they are wrong when they don’t believe they're in the wrong.

I heard a few times so far in my life about a failed carpenter told the people in his town you can’t beat people over the head with the truth.

They just won’t listen.

But live with love in your life.

Through your life that love will demonstrate a power that is louder than words.

We have to accept we won’t get everybody to hold hands with their neighbor and sing a song of peace.

But I know that the good outweighs the bad.

The good just isn’t good at making as loud a noise as the bad is.

The good is the real silent majority in our nation.

They don’t have the words, but they take the moral high ground with their daily activities.

They reach out to their neighbor and the stranger when they are in trouble.

There are people of courage, people with morals, people who do not discriminate in Red America for sure.

They find themselves between a rock and the devil.

Like birds who want to fly they are captured in a space and time where their natural inclinations are muffled.

But there is a natural law in this universe that says you can’t keep the water back forever.

You can't stop the rain.

You can’t keep the sun from rising.

You can’t keep the future from coming.

You can’t keep good people down.

Reach out, lift up, stand together with liberty, freedom, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Do Right


Some weeks, some days, some hours I don't know if I have a voice?

I speak into a void that lies before me.

At least once a week I cull together ideas, and hopefully, wisdom gathered from a life filled with frustration, grief, hard work, common sense and words learned from philosophical giants I admire.

I write to lift some of the darkness from our lives.

There's a reason for what I do.

I died when I was seventeen years old on an operating table.

I lost memory of my family.

I lost the timeline of my life up until then.

I lost my connection to people and things.

What I didn't lose was my grip to do right.

I never lost touch with the knowledge learned at the foot of my grandfather a Quaker minister, do right to all people.

I'm 58 right now, and as I look back, my actual memories began at age 20.

My introduction back into the world was not easy.

I saw people all around me who said one thing and did another.

I saw pastors talk about why God placed a curse on black people and women.

I saw people discriminate, persecute and violate each other without any regard for their actions.

I saw behind the mask that we as people put on and hide behind in public but behind closed doors their true selves are displayed.

A question till this very day has kept nagging me.

Why can't people do right?

It's hard to understand why some people seem to prefer to be destructive.

Where in the course of their lives did they lose their connection to humanity?

What drove them to believe wrong makes right?

How did they become nose blind to the stink they trail behind them?

Why do some believe they have the power of life and death over the innocent?

Why do some believe its okay to tell lies to gain power and wealth?

This past week has made many of us ask even harder, why?

Why a person murders the innocent freely with no restrictions or limitations and access to killing machines.

Why people who we elect to serve as our representatives, who know how to do right, do nothing to stop gun violence.

Why our president and his staff concoct a false reality around them minute by minute believing they can convince us the sky is falling, water runs uphill, the rain that falls is dry.

I've come to accept in my life that there are people who do wrong because it profits them some way, somehow.

They are part of the fabric of humanity that has always been with us.

These self-made bad strings are not external to humanity they are very much a part of us.

Like a toothache, if not tended to by good hygiene that one bad tooth can lead to an empty hollow toothless mouth in our free society.

The voice of freedom muted.

The smile of democracy turned upside down to the grimace of tyranny.

I remember.

I remember a call in my broken memory.

Do right.

We must wake up each day anew, ask for strength and get to the work of doing right.

Don't be afraid.

Stand for what is right.

Together I know we all can do right.



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Where Be The Strong


Civil rights are why this nation was created.

The idea fostered through centuries of living under the rule of tyrants was that every person was born with a right to be free.

Tyrants are great mufflers of descent.

Tyrants give just enough of an idea that freedom exists under them alone without actually giving any out.

We all have had a friend or relative who dictated our relationship to them.

We all have been witness to the tyrant in the street who believes their authority is challenged.

We all have been witness to the tyrant who rules from a judicial bench who believes they are keeping a divine order of society.

We all have been witness to the casual tyrant's use of degrading racial prejudice stoking bigoted fears used by our president.

The fact of our civil rights is being pushed to the side by fearful ruthless people can be clearly seen by all.

I ask…

Where be the strong?

When I was a child, I believed like a child.

I believed there was a Santa.

I believed there was a fairy who put a Kennedy fifty cent piece under my pillow.

I believed that everyone wanted to live in a better world.

I believed there were monsters.

It turned out that after everything I believed as a child wasn't true the one thing that was true is that there are monsters amongst us.

These monsters tear down the brotherhood of a community.

They claw apart the brotherhood between us and our neighbor.

Monsters everywhere, these human monsters, feed on fear.

These monsters feed on uncertainty.

Monsters tell us what reality is when we know what the monster says is not true.

Our struggle is not how to help the poor of spirit our real fight is with these monsters who create carnage of the soul, on purpose, so that they may feed and be empowered by suffering.

I ask…

Where be the strong?

As each year passes the experience of life adds more layers and more complications.

In my life, we went from asking an Operator on the phone to dial a long distance number that cost as much as a new shirt to now long-distance calls around the world with no assistance being free.

Every other day now apps are updated with new features creating an endless cycle of learning.

An endless cycle of learning…

Every generation arrives at a point where they are gobsmacked that they have to join the fight for their civil rights.

Civil rights do not have automatic updates.

The tyrants and their monsters are consistently at the door seeking to devour the freedom loving people of the world.

Do you hear that knock at the door?

It is a tyrant and his monsters they want to destroy our world.

Who will stand against that door and not let them in?

Who be the strong?

We are the strong.

All of us together standing hand in hand in a brotherhood of man that has stood against the darkness holding up that light of freedom for all to gather under its precious light.

We are the strong.

Young or old, rich or poor, this is a fight that will leave no one untouched.

Why? Because these monsters seek to plunge the world into darkness where they can devour our spirit and make a profit on our free labor.

It is, as it always has been, a fight.

A fight that every generation must take up.

A fight for hope.

A fight for courage.

A fight for freedom.

A fight where the strong, the superhero, are you and me.



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My Myth


My Myth

We all should be fascinated, angry and perplexed why so many people believe their myth over reality.

These past weeks we have seen America in a bar fight with medieval thinkers.

On the one side the reigning champ, those medieval theologians who crafted together an explanation on everything without any observation of the world called, "Faith in a Creator", versus the newcomer, a world based upon observable facts called the "Science of Reason".

Today, medieval theology won out.

Dead thinking won when members of the Senate chose deference to men over woman thus relegating women to the back of the bus.

Of course, women thought they could sit anywhere on the bus of freedom, but men and women of the past slapped them back into their mythical place today.

We've come a long way?

No, we haven't.

Do you still look at your horoscope?

Follow me…

Do you check on what the stars have to say about how your day is going to go?

Do you believe that the stars are actual beings, with thoughts and feelings about when and where you were born?

Do you feel the universe knows you are essential and alive?

If so, you have medieval theology running in your brain.

You see, a long time ago, on a continent, you are living on, people of the past, specifically men, wanted a way to keep power in their control.

Men made up stories telling about gods on hills and in the earth gave them power over other men.

But that story didn't hold up.

People could go to the top of the mountain, like at Mt. Sinai and see if Yahweh was actually there.

When they found no burning bush, they went back to the king and told them they were full of crap and hauled his ass out and threw him off a cliff.

The king's needed a better story.

So they invented invisible sky gods.

These invisible sky gods were a great scam.


Because you could never see or hear them except through the king.

Only the king could get direct messages from God.

Anybody who didn't like that story was against God and the king and were put to death.

This sealed the belief in the scam of the invisible sky god for all time into society.

This invisible sky god seemed to have a lot of concern for us mere mortals because they came up with a lot of rules.

Not just 10 rules but a rule about every aspect of life.

Especially how women were never ever to be trusted to tell the truth.

They made up a particularly nasty story when Eve talked to that conversant snake, Satan, the Devil, who then told old poor beleaguered Adam a lie about eating the fruit from the Tree of Life.

Eve doomed all women from that moment on that women will always tell a lie to a man because she wants to bring a man down and destroy him so she can replace him on top of the power pyramid.

So here in Washington DC after over 250 years of what is known as the age of reason, you can still find everywhere a belief in a medieval story about a woman and a snake and how women lie about sex to take away the power given to them by God.

Men are anoited and pure.

Women Bleed.

Should make anyone who isn't filled with medieval thought angry?

What can be done to lift the veil of ignorance?


Nothing can be done.

Ignorance is like a mountain only time, and the winds of change can wear it away.

Just like children at a window waiting for Santa Clause to come and give them what they demand, the adults in the room have to smile and go to bed.

Nothing can be done for those that have accepted myth as their truth.

Those of us who do not accept myth as truth like the adults in the room have to take our children by the hand gently and carry them with us.

It's the burden of the adult to see the consequences of Life that children are blind to.

However, there is one thing the adults can do, and that is to fight the fight against those that willfully and for the sake of power exploit the medieval thinkers.

We the adults have to stand our ground every moment of the day to fight the tyrant where ever we may find them.

The tyrant is the person who exploits this failing found within humanity called " trust in authority."

These tyrants are wolves in sheep's clothing who tell us that America needs to be great again.

These tyrants tell us that immigrants are bad people and Nazis are good.

These tyrants tell us that men are afraid of women lying about sex.

These tyrants exploit a culture of hate that binds together the worse parts of humanity for their own selfish demand of power.

We the adults must smash the myth and hold true to the belief that freedom and justice for all mean freedom, liberty, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

When It Rains


We begin.

We begin to gather at the sound.

A sound that calls all people of good will to a moment.

To a place.

To this time in which we live.

This is all we will have of this life.

We begin.

The struggle did not begin with us.

It was handed to us by previous generations that fought the good fight.

It is a good fight.

A fight to recognize that not all want to stand in the light.

Not all want to hear truth.

Not all want to see reality.

Our stories that we tell each other fall like a blinding rain.

Our stories fill our ears, fill our eyes with a myth, a story so old, so tired.

Ignorance is bliss?

To purposefully be ignorant of the pain and suffering of our fellow humans in this world is unforgivable.

There is no punishment for ignorance.

Some ignorance cannot be helped.

It will always be with us.

It's not up to us to make the ignorant self-aware.

We that are awake, we are responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind and to move the world forward.

It Rains.

It Rains.

My eyes, my heart becomes weary as the sound of the rain beats without pause upon my consciousness.

This rain that falls filled with bitterness, with resentment, with pure hatred of the other, seems at times to surround me like a flood.

No escape.

Will I drown?

It Rains.

From a shelf near my bed, I pull out a book filled with words of another time, another place but just precisely like today.

A founding father of our democracy pens words that inspire.

It tells me to follow the truth where ever it may lead.

It Rains.

Follow the truth.

Follow the truth.

Bitter men rained their hatred of the other their hatred of women in an ignorant flood in the halls of our Senate.

Like old dogs who cannot give up their bone they growled and gnashed their teeth in defiance of truth.

That truth is that of the heart.

Their utter lack of compassion, their snarls, their spit, their contempt for truth sobers the mind.

What can a person of good will do in the face of an ignorant beast?

Hear that sound?

Hear that sound on the wind?

What whips these beasts into a frenzy as if they are chasing their own tails is that sound.

They hear that sound too.

But unlike those with compassion, these people are afraid of that sound.

What is that sound?

It is the sound of change.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Out of the dark waters of our past, a new world is struggling to be born.

Let us all join together our hands, our voices and step over the raging past into the future where all are equal and held precious.


Forces Film, Again Begin



Do you smell that?

Get a good whiff of it.

Do you know what that smell is?

It is the smell of the rotting corpse that is the American Civil war that we still drag behind us every day of our collective lives.

The South lost.

But some 153 years later you still wouldn’t know it.

We are still arguing over it. 

What was one of the main questions that killing 100,000's of each other was trying to answer?

Is this one nation or a series of states that only collectively agree with each other.

Or as it was expressed initially, federal rights versus state rights.

The South lost.

So did Germany. So did Japan. So did Mao, so did Castro, so did the KKK, so did a hell of a lot of tyrants and bad ideas.

However, in this country, we have been loath to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead.

Like helicopter parents afraid that their children will become angry with them and no longer be their friends we have yet to tell the racists and the bigots that they lost.

Why we can’t find that courage to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead and is stinking up every conversation in this nation of ours ever since 1865, I don’t have a definitive answer.

One nation.

One nation.

All of us have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But some states and the individuals in those states have a right to slow-walk those rights because they’re not comfortable with you being equal to them?


No. The South lost.

They lost that argument, they lost that right.

The question was answered.

Somebody has to be the adult and tell the children their racist dog is dead.

Our American breed of racist and bigot keep trying to pretend like “Weekend at Bernie’s” that the ideals of segregation, of racism, of white supremacy over the world are alive and well.

Like a three-year-old with a wet soggy blanket in their mouth, they drag their stinking, dirty ideas with them and want us all to smell it.

We the adults have to stop pretending that these people are rational.

They are immature bullies.

Just like a petulant child, they know that they are wrong, but they don’t care.

They want their way or nothing.

They would rather burn down America and all it stands for, life and liberty and justice for all than to allow just one brown person the same rights as they have.

Children who never learned to share.

The South lost.

Criminals do not get to decide their fate.

We do not allow murderers, rapists, thief's, liars to determine their sentence, do we?

The South’s ideal of slavery, the romanticizing of tyranny, murder, and rape, as well as their right to defy the national government by not allowing non-white people the same rights as white people were struck down that day when the South surrendered at Appomattox.

The good people at the time had a sense of civility that the evil on the other side of the question of racism did not possess.

The good people were taken advantage of when they agreed to slow walk, get the bigot’s and the racists minds use to equality over time.

What followed was Jim Crow, segregation, separate but equal.

Like screaming brats, the racist and the bigots have called down holy thunder and revenge at every baby step of racial equality.


Isn’t 153 years damn long enough?

Pull off the band-aid, let the light in and dry up that open gangrenous wound in the American soul.

It stinks like hell.

Do you smell it?

Trump and his supporters don’t think so.

Like dogs rolling in their own waste, they’re laughing and enjoying themselves as they force us all to smell their fun at the expense of the nation's dignity.

What will it take to make us collectively tell them no, stop that right now!




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