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What We Fear


As you get older your fears transition from the world of the imagination to true monsters.

As a child, I was afraid of the dark.

Watching the Outer Limits back in the sixties didn’t help. In fact, my pediatrician told my mother I was watching too much television.

Monsters were real and I knew it.

But time and place pushed those creatures under my bed. 

Now the darkness over wraps me in its embrace as I drift off to sleep like an old friend. 

Kind, loving, understanding.

We’ve grown together each coming to understand each other.

As a so-called adult, real monsters I have found lurk not only in the dark but in the light of day.

As Ripley said to Newt in the film, Aliens, there are monsters.

We are the monsters.

Yes, we are the monsters.

The monsters that we are do not roam about without purpose. Like the troll beneath the bridge, the monster waits for its intended victim to come within reach.

Then it strikes.

It feeds on the fear.

These monsters.

These monsters that live in the light.

A long time ago, in a world just like ours…

A man, a carpenters son were asked, why do you tolerate these children who bother you? Send them away!

He looked back at the person who hid a monster inside his skin and told them clearly, let the children come for they are not a bother to me. 

They remind me of my home where all are welcome. 

All are welcome in my home.

Our government has monsters under the bed.

You can clearly see them.

If you can’t see them you are telling yourself a story.

A bedtime story that gives you comfort so that you don’t have to face the reality of the world that we live in.

I understand that reality is a difficult subject. It doesn’t conform to our wishes, our dreams, our plans, it goes on and does things without our permission.

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, doesn’t want children to come into our home.

He wants to teach a lesson broadly that non-white people need not come into this country either illegally or legally.

He has many monsters that have joined him in his monsterpalooza.

Over a thousand children have been taken from their families, and growing every hour, as they both illegally and legally sought entrance into our country.

Once upon a time, in our nation, there was no monster at the gate to the United States.

There stood an ideal, a morality, that all were welcome. The rich, the poor, the tired, the sick, the old and the young could lay down upon the golden shore and rest.

No restrictions. No tests. No lottery. No quotas. 

Just the desire, the need to be free.

To be free from fear.

The monsters say, No!

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?



Forces Film, Again Begin