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Where Be The Strong


Civil rights are why this nation was created.

The idea fostered through centuries of living under the rule of tyrants was that every person was born with a right to be free.

Tyrants are great mufflers of descent.

Tyrants give just enough of an idea that freedom exists under them alone without actually giving any out.

We all have had a friend or relative who dictated our relationship to them.

We all have been witness to the tyrant in the street who believes their authority is challenged.

We all have been witness to the tyrant who rules from a judicial bench who believes they are keeping a divine order of society.

We all have been witness to the casual tyrant's use of degrading racial prejudice stoking bigoted fears used by our president.

The fact of our civil rights is being pushed to the side by fearful ruthless people can be clearly seen by all.

I ask…

Where be the strong?

When I was a child, I believed like a child.

I believed there was a Santa.

I believed there was a fairy who put a Kennedy fifty cent piece under my pillow.

I believed that everyone wanted to live in a better world.

I believed there were monsters.

It turned out that after everything I believed as a child wasn't true the one thing that was true is that there are monsters amongst us.

These monsters tear down the brotherhood of a community.

They claw apart the brotherhood between us and our neighbor.

Monsters everywhere, these human monsters, feed on fear.

These monsters feed on uncertainty.

Monsters tell us what reality is when we know what the monster says is not true.

Our struggle is not how to help the poor of spirit our real fight is with these monsters who create carnage of the soul, on purpose, so that they may feed and be empowered by suffering.

I ask…

Where be the strong?

As each year passes the experience of life adds more layers and more complications.

In my life, we went from asking an Operator on the phone to dial a long distance number that cost as much as a new shirt to now long-distance calls around the world with no assistance being free.

Every other day now apps are updated with new features creating an endless cycle of learning.

An endless cycle of learning…

Every generation arrives at a point where they are gobsmacked that they have to join the fight for their civil rights.

Civil rights do not have automatic updates.

The tyrants and their monsters are consistently at the door seeking to devour the freedom loving people of the world.

Do you hear that knock at the door?

It is a tyrant and his monsters they want to destroy our world.

Who will stand against that door and not let them in?

Who be the strong?

We are the strong.

All of us together standing hand in hand in a brotherhood of man that has stood against the darkness holding up that light of freedom for all to gather under its precious light.

We are the strong.

Young or old, rich or poor, this is a fight that will leave no one untouched.

Why? Because these monsters seek to plunge the world into darkness where they can devour our spirit and make a profit on our free labor.

It is, as it always has been, a fight.

A fight that every generation must take up.

A fight for hope.

A fight for courage.

A fight for freedom.

A fight where the strong, the superhero, are you and me.



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