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Christmas is here a holiday for which many wait for all year long.

As a child, the anticipation can be overwhelming.

First, the idea is implanted that a fat jolly elf will visit in the night and leave each good girl and boy their heart's desire.

The child is told to wait.

Once the story fades, older children go on a safari in search of the presents in the back of the parents closet.

They can't wait to know if they will get what they asked for.

We're all told to wait for various milestones in our life.

Wait to have sex.

Wait to drink.

Wait to drive a car.

Wait to vote.

Wait to marry.

There are however life events where waiting spells disaster.

We don't wait to save a person who is drowning.

We don't wait to put out a fire.

We don't wait to see if the roof will fall in during an earthquake.

We don't wait to catch a person who is falling.

Or do we?

If we know of a person whose life is on the edge do we remain silent?

Do we hold a judgment that the person deserves their fate?

Do we tell ourselves that they must have done something wrong and they are being punished?

If a child is choking do we turn our backs and tell ourselves they don't believe in the same god like me, so they deserve to die?

No, we act immediately, we don't wait.

What are we waiting for when it comes to taking care of each other?

Love demands more.

To follow love every aspect of it's meaning will fill your life.

It is not always pleasant.

It will nag you.

It will push you.

It will whisper to your conscience to do more.

It's easy to like those you know.

A child does that.

But love asks more of us the older we get.

It asks us to be aware of the suffering, of the fear, of the hopelessness around us and it asks us to act.

Waiting on someone or something else to make life better is a self-imposed delusion of conscience.

We are all only guaranteed this time this place this space.

That's precisely why life is precious.

That's why all the children, all the adults, all of us need each other to make a better world.

The milk of human kindness is felt best at this time of year.

It's the time when the spirit of love can speak through the roar and din of life and reach our understanding.

With a little determination, with a bit of practice, the reach of love can extend beyond this time.

This place.

With a little help from all of love's friends, a brotherhood of humanity can be now.

Don't wait.

You don't have to wait.

Do right.



Forces Film, Again Begin

To Lose


To Lose

I have nothing to lose.

When you've tried everything you know to get over an obstacle, you have nothing left to lose.

When I was young, I had an idea of how I wanted my life to go.

My life didn't listen to my reasons.

I wanted to be an artist.

I wanted a home again.

I wanted to be able to pay my way.

I wanted to make a difference in this world.

When failure is the only thing, you receive for your effort, for your life, well...

I have nothing left to lose.

People with something to lose are fearful.

What are people afraid to lose?

For most, it's their job.

That's why when their boss tells them to jump they ask how high.

For others it's family.

When a parent tells you you're stupid for wanting the career you desire, "You can't make any money doing that," and you change your path, you're afraid.

When someone tells you they will take away that which you sweated and fought for if you don't do what they say…

And you do what they say…

You are afraid to lose.

I have nothing left to lose.

I haven't had anything to lose for a very long time.

That's why I can stand in the face of what used to be known as "the man" and speak truth to authority.

Authority is those individuals who stand atop all of our worlds and tell us no.

No, you can't do that because it changes the order of the world.

Here's something out of the blue…

Do you know anything about spiders?

Most spiders build webs.

They then lie in wait for their prey to get caught in what they have woven to devour them then.

If you sweep away their web, they will rebuild that web again and again.

You can't tell the spider not to build it's web because it being a spider it doesn't understand human language.

Some people in authority act just like spiders in a web of their own making.

They become very upset if you sweep away their web, the story they like to tell about themselves.

We have a president in office currently that is a spider.

He likes to spin his stories and wants everyone to watch him as he spins.

He spins, spins, spins every moment of the day making one simple web after another.

Why simple?

Because he weaves the same story day after day that what he says is the truth and what we see is a lie.

Spiders and bullies force their victims to accept their reality that the story they tell is the truth and everyone else is the liar.

But you see when you have nothing to lose you can stand up to the biggest bully and tell them they are wrong.

Yes, it takes courage.

Yes, it takes the strength of will, for the bully will scream and holler and may even strike you down.

Truth is the last bastion of hope.

Without truth, a person, a nation has no character.

A person who deals in lies like the president has no character.

It is up to us, it is up to all of us to always speak truth to power.

Without truth, we do not have freedom.

Spiders don't like your freedom to speak the truth.

Spiders don't like you to march for your rights.

Spiders don't like you to vote.

This election day Tuesday, November 6 is when we sweep these old spiders out, throw open the windows and open the door to a new day of truth.

You have nothing to lose.



Forces Film, Again Begin

The Seed Cannot Grow


The end of the growing season is here as Fall descends across the country.

Apples are gathered, the last of the tomatoes are eaten, a pumpkin is placed on the table waiting for the first frost to dust our neighborhoods.

The ground outside that gave of its abundance will change with the season.

Winter will come, and the fields will become cold and hard.

Cold and hard.

Our nation has become cold and hard.

Like a sudden winter the snow is flying and shrill words of discrimination, of hatred of the other whistle through our communities.

That voice of hatred of the other yells in our social media.

Hearts that are cold and hard will not have space for compassion and reason.

The seed cannot grow.

How long will this season of blindness be?

Great work was done by peoples of the past.

They broke that hard ground and stood in the breach of racism, of anger, of hatred.

They were pioneers, The Freedom Riders, the Four Little Girls, Martin, Malcolm, Rosa.

But what happened to the soil that was broken by those pioneers?

The garden of freedom needs attention from every generation.

The garden was left unattended.

The soil became hard.

The weeds of ignorance and intolerance grew thick.

The tree of freedom dropped its seed upon the ground and soil that lay beneath could not receive it.

The seed cannot grow.

Seeing an opportunity the conservative minds in our country fed the beast of ignorance and intolerance for political power.

The conservative leadership stoked the flames of anger and resentment.

It wasn't hard.

It's actually an easy thing to do to convince people that they are not responsible for the mess that the garden of freedom is in.

Try telling anyone that they are responsible for their own mess.

No, it is far easier for men and woman to believe that someone and something else is responsible for the economic and social hole they find themselves in.

Consequently, at the end of the long series of bad actors that have strutted self righteously across our political stage, you get Donald Trump.

Do you feel that?

Do you feel that wind that is blowing?

Do you feel the change in the season?

Just as spring comes after winter the earth moves and brings a new season.

Unlike any other seed, the seed of freedom can crack the hardest ground.

The seed of freedom needs just one drop of water, just one person to change the season.

Are you that one person?

Are you that one person to awaken and tend to the soil of the garden for freedom?

It doesn't appear that you'll be alone.

I hear a song welling up across the nation.

The song of hands working together to bring that day of the brotherhood of man can be heard.

Join together, pull some weeds, water the tree of freedom with me.




Forces Film, Again Begin



You can’t make a racist change their spots.

When I was much younger than now I tried. 

I sincerely tried. 

But my father, the neighbors and the church people had already broken their souls.

It is a useless task to try to persuade racists to not view the world through intolerant eyes.

The best you can work for is to motivate, to inspire, to encourage the good.

What or who are the good?

They are those who have not been taught to hate.

They still have open hearts willing to raise their spirit to fight and stand against evil.

I have another question.

Are you looking for what it takes to stand against racism, prejudice, and ignorance of the soul?

Through personal experience, I have come upon this recipe for success.

The recipe needed for a balanced social justice cake comprises the following ingredients.

The body of  MLK,  the icing of Malcolm X, the lettering of Gandhi, and the candle of Mother Teresa.

MLK stood for passive resistance. The racial bully will eventually tire and give up all the while, the good people seeing injustice will rally together and demand change.

Malcolm X was concerned with the immediacy of now. You can’t always turn the other cheek when the intent of evil is to destroy you.

Gandhi believed that good would eventually triumphant over evil, although through the mere act of standing good people would be beaten down and destroyed.

Mother Teresa held aloft the candle of love for all. For only intense love does not measure it just gives.

Right now, right this very minute a struggle against the dark side of human nature, this tide, has risen effecting us all.

We are not fighting against a difference of political opinion.

Do you understand?

Really, do you understand?

This is not about if a bridge should be repaired.

This not about the difference between 1 and 2% on a sales tax.

We are standing and fighting against the evil of modern fascism.

You have to wake up Democrats.

Evil will not take prisoners.  It will laugh at your decorum and politeness.

You are bringing a creampie to a gunfight.

The current followers of Trump in Congress, in the administration and on the home front are an angry and purpose-driven group out to hold onto what they see as the last chance for white people to keep control of the reins of power.

They are willing to sacrifice, they are willing to burn down the whole of the nation to stop just one more black and brown person from getting anything.


They would rather see kids starve, children in prison, non-white immigrants deported and banned from entry, sick and poor people need to die, minorities in endless poverty, journalists who expose lies murdered, in general everyone who is not white, perceived not on their side, put into internment camps and made to work for white people than to ever have the idea that a non-white race might be in charge in their America.


Consider this.

Do you know of the Harry Potter stories?

Yes, the fiction story that has real-world instruction.

The character Dumbledore had a student, Tom Riddle, who turned himself into pure evil.

Dumbledore understood that to stop evil you have to know and understand the tactics of evil.

To stop Tom Riddle, Voldemort, who became the ultimate evil wizard, you have to use some of the tactics of the dark arts against evil to make them stop.

Evil doesn’t take a timeout.

Evil has to have a consequence to be stopped.

You can’t use logic with evil, or empathy, because evil doesn’t have any.

Have you heard of a former president of the United States named Ronald Reagan?

He wanted the evil of atomic weapons to be stopped. 

He wanted to work with the Russians but he understood that they had been and even today continue to be an international crime syndicate who controls all aspects of the Russian government and the daily life of the Russian people.

The Russians said they were going to get rid of their atomic weapons but Reagan didn’t trust them.

He said, “Trust but verify.”

When you’re dealing with a leopard who promises they will change their spots for you please understand you just can’t take their word for it.

By nature, leopards cannot will their spots to go away.

Evil by nature lies.

Which is a real problem because that’s a lie too.

Sometimes evil tells the truth but will use the truth to shape the narrative of the lie, the deception that they are perpetrating on you or me.

You can’t make a racist change their spots.

I know it’s difficult to do the right thing. To stand for justice.

It is far easier to keep your head down than to look over into no-mans-land and see the cruelty wrought by our fellow travelers on this world.

I’ll leave you with this thought from a tiny woman who had a strong spine.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa



Forces Film, Again Begin