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George Papadopoulos



Every one of us has a favorite photo.

That moment captured in time that tells a story that is near and dear to our heart.

My dog. That’s my mother. Here is when I caught that fish with Dad. That was the best birthday present I ever got in that one. My grandmother looks just like me.

Our photo’s are an external manifestation of the internal workings of our soul. Our heart. Where we keep those things that we love, we can share and share with others in our photos.

A photo was shared on Monday, October 30 when the news broke about the guilty plea of the aide to Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos. He pled guilty to working against the United States and plotting with the Russian government to throw the election in favor of Trump by bashing Hillary through traditional and social media.

A photo came out with the indictment documents that has slowly entered into the minds of many that speaks to the heart of the question, “Did Trump and the campaign officials work with the Russians to spread fake news about Hillary?”

That photo that came out at the same time as the documents was taken on March 31, 2016 George Popadopoulos was telling everyone at the table the exciting contact he had with the Russians, who have dirt on Hillary, to share with the Trump campaign.

He talked about it and told what he knew to everyone in the room. 

Everyone in that photo.

Have you seen the photo?

Take a look…

At one end of the table is Jeff Sessions. 

At the other end is Donald Trump.

They were told before anyone else in the United States media were told that the Russians had hacked the DNC, had stolen DNC party members email, and that they had dirt on Hillary that the Trump campaign would “love”. 

The word, “love”, that would come later from Donald Trump Jr.

Jeff Sessions said at the meeting that this revelation best not leave the room, it needs to be kept quiet.

Trump said today, November 3, 2017 he doesn’t remember what was said at that meeting. 

It wasn’t an important meeting.

We know from the indictment and conviction of George Papadopoulos that he was told to go ahead and make the meeting with the Russians to get the dirt on Hillary.



Photos are the outer manifestation of the internal workings of our conspiracy…

I mean, what our heart desires.





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