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Which Witch

which witch

Do you watch the old 60’s and 70’s Hammer horror films from England?

A lot of them depict the life and times of people in the medieval time. 

That time when they didn’t know that women provided 50% of the genetic information to form a child. 

They didn’t know about germs. 

They didn’t know the earth was round. They didn’t know that there was a north pole let alone a south pole. 

They believed that God everyday created light. Yes, that thing in the sky we call the sun, God manifested his will and created light for his creation. 

That’s actually what got Galileo a time out by the Pope because Galileo claimed the sun was a celestial body. Another world that gave off life. With his telescope he couldn’t see God or his minions starting that great bonfire in the sky every day. So they locked him in his home until he recanted which means he said he was wrong and religion was right.

Women. What are they?

According to the Christian bible, all versions of it, women are a vessel. 

What does that mean?

It means they are an oven in which the man places his bread, his issue, his sperm to bake. Nine months later you have a child. 

You see, ever since women came on the scene she’s been nothing but trouble for men and religion. She tempted Adam that Eve did and got them thrown out of paradise.

Did you know that every lunar cycle, every 28 days, women bleed. It’s called the curse by the founding fathers of the Christian religion. It is the toll that Yahweh placed upon Eve for daring to think outside of the box. That glass ceiling placed over her by the Lord of Hosts himself.

Everything about the female of the human species has been demonized by the Christian religion. Everything.

So it comes to no surprise that here at the beginning of the 21st century we still have medieval thinking pervading our culture and body politic.

Take for example the great medieval thinkers who just today wondered aloud if the Washington Post reported on Donald Trump’s self admitted sexual predation. Now they report on a woman accusing  Roy Moore of sexual predation. The real scandal is the fake news being propagated by the WP.

It is just like when back in the good old times and the good old boys got together and wanted to get rid of a woman asking to many questions. They would accuse her of being a witch. 

To prove she was a witch they would tie her up and throw her into a pond. If she floated she was helped by Satan and a witch. If she drowned she was innocent. Either way they got rid of their perceived problem.

Carl Sagan and Joseph Campbell expounded upon how human society lags behind the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Vestiges of the past pervade society both in real physical manifestations  as well as in thought.

Why do we have a daily horoscope when we know we are not the center of the universe?

Why do we believe that the host physically changes into the body of Christ?

Why do we still believe that women are only a vessel to serve men?



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