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No Black In My Eye


I come from a white world.

That white world where fear of the black dictates every aspect of life.

How late can I stay out?

What side of town can I travel through?

Who can I talk to?

Who is behind me in line at the store?

I can’t work with those people?

In the white world of Evangelical Christians, it doesn’t matter if they call themselves conservative or liberal; race, color dictates each and every decision, action, thought, feeling they have each and every day. Each and every second of the day.

They, the white evangelical Christian, lives in fear of the black.

That fear flows over them like a cold falling rain. 

In their minds, they hear a drum beat each and every day.

The black is taking our jobs.

The black is taking our women.

The black is corrupting our children.

The black is ruining the neighborhood.

The black has ruined music.

The black is loud.

The black has a gun.

The black is taking our wealth.

This is what is said by the white evangelical Christian when they are together. When the door is shut. Behind the curtain. In the boardroom. In the church. In the community center. In the kitchen. In the bedroom. In the restroom at the urinal. In line at the store.

It is passed along with the look, the nod, the gesture, the “huh” of the voice, the tapping of fingers, the clap of the shoe, the locking of the door, the buying of the gun, the voice raised in authority, the casting of votes.

Our current president is on a mission. He is systematically wiping out everything that the previous president put his pen to. Why? I just gave the reason why.

He’s fulfilling the promise of the bell of injustice he rang last year.

That bell of injustice he rang which called forth the dark angels of human rot that has plagued humanity from its inception.

He rang for votes from the dark side of humanity which is always with us. 

Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol tells of the ghost of Christmas present, who pulls back his robe to reveal two children, his children, that he forever carries with him. 

They are Want, a girl, and Ignorance, a boy. 

Want, is the lesser of the two evils that humanity wrestles with every day. Want, can be mended, it can be healed and made whole through the simple act of kindness. 

Feed the poor.

The greater of the two evils is Ignorance.

Ignorance will resist assistance.

It is blind to reality. It listens only to its own social media, its own cable TV hosts. It fears what is over on the other side of the tracks. 

Darkness wins because it is single-minded. It is single-minded in purpose and reason.

The light asks itself, a failure in self-confidence, have I done the right thing?

Darkness never asks itself if it has done the right thing. It never second guesses itself. It always wins. Winning.

Consider, where you stand. Consider your perspective. Do you stand in a cold rain looking inward to your own comfort? Or do you stand upon a hill seeing the first rays of light.



Forces Film, Again Begin

God Profits


Why would a president of the United States recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

It goes far beyond a campaign promise that’s silly.

First, it has to be made clear that there are some facts in this world that many refuse to recognize. They prefer keep their heads in the sand.

What motivates, what keeps the world moving, what halts the sun in the sky, what stops the rolling of the tides of the ocean is profit.


Real wealth allows you to do anything you want even, grab women by the pussy.

You can raise buildings, you can build cities, you can destroy lives, you can ease pain.

However, wealth tends to be tribal as is all human activity. Tribal in the sense that you tend to spend that capital that you have collected on yourself first and those close to you second.

Screw the undeserving.


Who profits?

The religious right in this country, as well as around the world, applauded Trump’s announcement.


There is a prophecy in the Christian bible in the book of Revelation that states, “The Jews will return to Palestine, they will rebuild their temple in the city of Jerusalem, they will return to sacrifice animals to their god Yahweh and thus usher in the return of Jesus the Christ.”

So Trump took the Christian fundamentalist football across the red zone and scored a touchdown when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel for the fundamentalists. No other country has done this except for Jewish fundamentalists who do not want a two-state solution.

For that matter, any right-leaning Christian group doesn’t want that two-state solution either.

What Christians want is for the Jews to kick out all Muslims from Israel, tear down the Dome of the Rock, rebuild the Jewish temple and start sacrificing bulls, sheep, doves to Yahweh so that Jesus can return and make them kings of the world.

Got that?

There’s no debating this point! 

It is what is preached from pulpits in this country, the USA, every Sunday since the Pilgrims squatted at Plymouth.

So the first to profit from Trump’s action are the religious fundamentalists among us.

But let’s agree, that’s really just the icing on the cake for these fellow humans feasting at the misery of others. It’s a fancy idea. But, if it really pays off and Christians are made, “Kings of the world by Jesus”, well let us be fair, that’s just a dandy idea, right?

It is ideological. An idea. Not a real profit. Not something you could put in your pocket and go spend at your local supercar dealer could you?

No, there has to be another layer under the icing doesn’t there?

Consider the profit of a proxy war…

Everyone, every country in the region around Israel, as well as most of the rest of the world, are up in arms about this move by this president of the USA.

Well except for Russia…

If and when the conflict arises and it has already started in Israel with protests the day after Trump's announcement, then there will be two sides drawn.

One supporting Israel. The other supporting the Palestinians.

The US supplying arms to Israel. Russia to Iran and its supporters.

Historical point to follow…

It is important to note that Christian fundamentalists in the US believe that Iran is the great Satan and that they know that Iran will start a nuclear war on the fields of Armageddon against Israel and her supporter the USA. At that moment when all seems lost to the Beast, Satan’s son, Jesus will return and win the war for the Jews and Christians against the forces of evil.

Meanwhile, there is profit to be had in a proxy war with the US supplying weapons to Israel and Russia to everyone else.

Profit and prophecy. Two words that sound alike and are linked by the underpinning idea of who benefits in the long run?



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Absence of Shame


Do you have a dog?

Not a cat person? Cats don’t complete  in the this particular category of emotional response.

If you have a dog you know that if you catch them in the act or not of doing something wrong they will react with what appears to be shame.

They will hide their head. They will turn away. They will give a generally accepted sad look.

However, it must be noted that their response is not a human act of shame. They don’t have exactly a human response but a canine response to an acknowledged wrongful act.

Think of a situation in a pack when the alpha male catches a subordinate chewing their bone. There is a growl and the subordinate cowers, pulls back and follows an extinctive response of shame. They may rollover exposing their belly. They will turn away and not make eye contact. They will generally look sad.


So consider why the Republican Party doesn’t even reach the level of shame response of a dog.

Where is their shame?

I can still remember a time when Republicans used to run commercials on TV telling us how to clean up our act. A public policy built on shaming. 

Don’t use drugs. Don’t listen to that music. Don’t play that video game. Don’t have sex. Don’t take welfare. Don’t watch that movie. Don’t watch that TV show.  Don’t use those words. Don’t read that book. Don’t worship that god. Don’t wear those clothes. Don’t listen to that radio show. Don’t listen to that man. Don’t listen to that woman. Don’t go to that country. Don’t protest. Don’t complain. Trust us we know what’s best for you.

The Republicans represented the “moral majority”.

They loved to roll out how moral, how superior they were to the democrats. They would beat about the head any shoot it in the face any liberal ideal.

America, the light to the world upon the hill of morality and liberty for the chosen few.

Republicans were the only ones who could really love America. 

Republicans were the only ones who went to church and listened to Jesus.

Republicans were the only ones who had clean, decent homes and families. Kept their lawn cut.

What has happened to shame?

The Republican party now endorses both a president and a person wanting to be a US senator who are sexual predators.

What does that say about the morals of Republicans and the Republican party?

It says to woman and females of all ages they are objects to be used by Republicans.

It says that a woman is not as fully human as a man.

They are less than a man as their Christian bible tells them.

They do not enjoy the same human rights as a man their superior.

Right now shame has left the building.

At the bottom of this absence of shame I suspect a known historical human response to change.

The old gray guard of the Republican party, and for that matter social racist conservatives in general, watched in horror as Obama was elected.

Never in their lifetimes would they have thought that this white nation could elect a negro president. That thought was impossible let alone elected twice.

Racism in America is so deeply tied to religion, culture and patriotism. It cannot be separated or dismissed as a causal root reaction specifically to conservative motivation and action.

Fear of change makes people do bad things. 

Fear of change, this wave of the browning of America, will allow you to jettison shame in favor of electing an admitted sexual predator as president.

Fear of change, this wave of the growing of America, will allow you to ignore shame in favor of a pedophile running for a Senate seat in Alabama.

Knowing racist culture so well as I do, there is nothing wrong, in fact, because Moore is biblical in his interest in young teen white girls. However, if he was sexually active with a black teen some conservative/racists might find their shame of him.

So what can we do?

Time is on the side of right.

The tyranny of men over humanity cannot stand against the forward movement of time. We are fortunate in a way to bear witness to the last gasps of medieval thought and prejudice.

All of us who stand for liberty and justice for all, with the emphasis on ALL, will see that day when we truly can say we are all equal in this great nation.



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Telling The Kids No

telling the kids no

We have all seen it. Some of us on a daily basis but most anytime we are out in public.

A parent that has lost control of their offspring. The devil child, the bad seed, manipulating the parent to get what they want when they want it.

Just the other day at my favorite coffee spot called Novo Cafe', a mother was asking a three-year-old what they wanted on their pizza. The child responded, "Crab bitch."

Let's just hold up for a moment and ponder that scene…

One, it's not till after the age of eight when many societies in this world, as well as psychology, tells us that a person has the ability to know right from wrong.

Asking a three-year-old what they want to eat is not like asking your adult friend what they want to eat. You're not their friend you're their parent.

Just like Cesar Millan says about dogs, children too want a leader. In the human society that's called a parent. Parents are beings that have lived longer on the planet. They know a few things more as to what is best, what works, right, wrong and the gray areas of life.

A three-year-old doesn't have the right yet to make their own decisions. The parent is there to guide the child to the right decision. Not to be a friend. That comes later when the child under no obligation to, the parent-child relationship, can approach you as an equal.

Asking a three-year-old what they want on their pizza and the child has the gall to reply "crab bitch", means you got a hell of a problem on your hands. Wait till the hormones kick in as a teenager and you should be prepared to pay for that abortion and rehab before they're 15.

Parents aren't the only ones in our American Society that have difficulty saying no.

Who among us are willing to say to our elected officials, "No."

No one appears able to tell the GOP that it is wrong to elect a child molester to the Senate.

Republican children believe that having this particular person as their senator will guarantee a vote for a future conservative supreme court justice. They want to overturn Roe vs. Wade and get rid of abortion.

The consequences. Unwanted pregnancy is common again. Orphanages are filled. There are more lost children in the system to molest?

Is it better to keep the cycle of misery going to appease your ideology?

We can't say no to people who want to make guns available like an after dinner mint at your local restaurant?

Congressional children love their rich parents. They believe that cutting the wealthy's taxes will bestow empathy on the working man thereby they will raise the average salary?

Let's consider this…

Let's consider that those who can't say no to individuals who clearly make wrong choices are co-dependent upon those who rule over them?

The mother who is lonely, who wants a friend, makes the child a friend, who subsequently calls her a bitch.

Why? Because it's not the natural order of life. The child wants to hear "no" but in the absence of leadership takes the role unto themselves.

Consequently, they screw up because they are children. Am I wrong?

Parents are in charge because they know right from wrong or at least they should.

It is their responsibility to the child, to the society, to say no when the less experienced want to jump off the proverbial cliff.

It is time for the children to put away their toys.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Which Witch

which witch

Do you watch the old 60’s and 70’s Hammer horror films from England?

A lot of them depict the life and times of people in the medieval time. 

That time when they didn’t know that women provided 50% of the genetic information to form a child. 

They didn’t know about germs. 

They didn’t know the earth was round. They didn’t know that there was a north pole let alone a south pole. 

They believed that God everyday created light. Yes, that thing in the sky we call the sun, God manifested his will and created light for his creation. 

That’s actually what got Galileo a time out by the Pope because Galileo claimed the sun was a celestial body. Another world that gave off life. With his telescope he couldn’t see God or his minions starting that great bonfire in the sky every day. So they locked him in his home until he recanted which means he said he was wrong and religion was right.

Women. What are they?

According to the Christian bible, all versions of it, women are a vessel. 

What does that mean?

It means they are an oven in which the man places his bread, his issue, his sperm to bake. Nine months later you have a child. 

You see, ever since women came on the scene she’s been nothing but trouble for men and religion. She tempted Adam that Eve did and got them thrown out of paradise.

Did you know that every lunar cycle, every 28 days, women bleed. It’s called the curse by the founding fathers of the Christian religion. It is the toll that Yahweh placed upon Eve for daring to think outside of the box. That glass ceiling placed over her by the Lord of Hosts himself.

Everything about the female of the human species has been demonized by the Christian religion. Everything.

So it comes to no surprise that here at the beginning of the 21st century we still have medieval thinking pervading our culture and body politic.

Take for example the great medieval thinkers who just today wondered aloud if the Washington Post reported on Donald Trump’s self admitted sexual predation. Now they report on a woman accusing  Roy Moore of sexual predation. The real scandal is the fake news being propagated by the WP.

It is just like when back in the good old times and the good old boys got together and wanted to get rid of a woman asking to many questions. They would accuse her of being a witch. 

To prove she was a witch they would tie her up and throw her into a pond. If she floated she was helped by Satan and a witch. If she drowned she was innocent. Either way they got rid of their perceived problem.

Carl Sagan and Joseph Campbell expounded upon how human society lags behind the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Vestiges of the past pervade society both in real physical manifestations  as well as in thought.

Why do we have a daily horoscope when we know we are not the center of the universe?

Why do we believe that the host physically changes into the body of Christ?

Why do we still believe that women are only a vessel to serve men?



Forces Film, Again Begin



Every one of us has a favorite photo.

That moment captured in time that tells a story that is near and dear to our heart.

My dog. That’s my mother. Here is when I caught that fish with Dad. That was the best birthday present I ever got in that one. My grandmother looks just like me.

Our photo’s are an external manifestation of the internal workings of our soul. Our heart. Where we keep those things that we love, we can share and share with others in our photos.

A photo was shared on Monday, October 30 when the news broke about the guilty plea of the aide to Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos. He pled guilty to working against the United States and plotting with the Russian government to throw the election in favor of Trump by bashing Hillary through traditional and social media.

A photo came out with the indictment documents that has slowly entered into the minds of many that speaks to the heart of the question, “Did Trump and the campaign officials work with the Russians to spread fake news about Hillary?”

That photo that came out at the same time as the documents was taken on March 31, 2016 George Popadopoulos was telling everyone at the table the exciting contact he had with the Russians, who have dirt on Hillary, to share with the Trump campaign.

He talked about it and told what he knew to everyone in the room. 

Everyone in that photo.

Have you seen the photo?

Take a look…

At one end of the table is Jeff Sessions. 

At the other end is Donald Trump.

They were told before anyone else in the United States media were told that the Russians had hacked the DNC, had stolen DNC party members email, and that they had dirt on Hillary that the Trump campaign would “love”. 

The word, “love”, that would come later from Donald Trump Jr.

Jeff Sessions said at the meeting that this revelation best not leave the room, it needs to be kept quiet.

Trump said today, November 3, 2017 he doesn’t remember what was said at that meeting. 

It wasn’t an important meeting.

We know from the indictment and conviction of George Papadopoulos that he was told to go ahead and make the meeting with the Russians to get the dirt on Hillary.



Photos are the outer manifestation of the internal workings of our conspiracy…

I mean, what our heart desires.





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Radiant of the Spirit

radiant of the spirit - halloween

Where is my spirit?

Where is your spirit?

Where are the spirits?

That’s a good question as we head into the Halloween weekend.

I know you are not thinking about your spirit, but, please humor me.

That spirit, that spark of life that is in each one of us, and yes it’s in each one of us, how can it be seen? I know I’m alive and I assume if you are reading this then you are alive too. 

A caveat is extended to the dead who might read this.

That life spirit is the action we take in our lives and express individually. I care for my daughter. I gave that homeless man a dollar. I care for my sick father. I go to work each day so my people have a home.

That unique spirit we can recognize in each other and say, “Yes, that person I see their spirit.” In other words, “I see God in the life of that person.”

We call that thing of the spirit, a thing of God but, it can exist with or without a divinity.

Life doesn’t need a stage grip to work the ropes of our lives as envisioned by the ancient Greeks. It was believed that the life of all was woven upon a loom of cloth and the fates sat beside the cloth pulling or cutting the strings of our lives at their whim.

Spirit can be found in us all.

We can either work with it, work against it, or even hide it.

Think about those people in your life as well as those that you see out in the world.

Where is their spirit?

Does their spirit speak of what divinity they cherish and wish to express?



Forces Film, Again Begin