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Radiant of the Spirit

radiant of the spirit - halloween

Where is my spirit?

Where is your spirit?

Where are the spirits?

That’s a good question as we head into the Halloween weekend.

I know you are not thinking about your spirit, but, please humor me.

That spirit, that spark of life that is in each one of us, and yes it’s in each one of us, how can it be seen? I know I’m alive and I assume if you are reading this then you are alive too. 

A caveat is extended to the dead who might read this.

That life spirit is the action we take in our lives and express individually. I care for my daughter. I gave that homeless man a dollar. I care for my sick father. I go to work each day so my people have a home.

That unique spirit we can recognize in each other and say, “Yes, that person I see their spirit.” In other words, “I see God in the life of that person.”

We call that thing of the spirit, a thing of God but, it can exist with or without a divinity.

Life doesn’t need a stage grip to work the ropes of our lives as envisioned by the ancient Greeks. It was believed that the life of all was woven upon a loom of cloth and the fates sat beside the cloth pulling or cutting the strings of our lives at their whim.

Spirit can be found in us all.

We can either work with it, work against it, or even hide it.

Think about those people in your life as well as those that you see out in the world.

Where is their spirit?

Does their spirit speak of what divinity they cherish and wish to express?



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