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God Profits


Why would a president of the United States recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

It goes far beyond a campaign promise that’s silly.

First, it has to be made clear that there are some facts in this world that many refuse to recognize. They prefer keep their heads in the sand.

What motivates, what keeps the world moving, what halts the sun in the sky, what stops the rolling of the tides of the ocean is profit.


Real wealth allows you to do anything you want even, grab women by the pussy.

You can raise buildings, you can build cities, you can destroy lives, you can ease pain.

However, wealth tends to be tribal as is all human activity. Tribal in the sense that you tend to spend that capital that you have collected on yourself first and those close to you second.

Screw the undeserving.


Who profits?

The religious right in this country, as well as around the world, applauded Trump’s announcement.


There is a prophecy in the Christian bible in the book of Revelation that states, “The Jews will return to Palestine, they will rebuild their temple in the city of Jerusalem, they will return to sacrifice animals to their god Yahweh and thus usher in the return of Jesus the Christ.”

So Trump took the Christian fundamentalist football across the red zone and scored a touchdown when he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel for the fundamentalists. No other country has done this except for Jewish fundamentalists who do not want a two-state solution.

For that matter, any right-leaning Christian group doesn’t want that two-state solution either.

What Christians want is for the Jews to kick out all Muslims from Israel, tear down the Dome of the Rock, rebuild the Jewish temple and start sacrificing bulls, sheep, doves to Yahweh so that Jesus can return and make them kings of the world.

Got that?

There’s no debating this point! 

It is what is preached from pulpits in this country, the USA, every Sunday since the Pilgrims squatted at Plymouth.

So the first to profit from Trump’s action are the religious fundamentalists among us.

But let’s agree, that’s really just the icing on the cake for these fellow humans feasting at the misery of others. It’s a fancy idea. But, if it really pays off and Christians are made, “Kings of the world by Jesus”, well let us be fair, that’s just a dandy idea, right?

It is ideological. An idea. Not a real profit. Not something you could put in your pocket and go spend at your local supercar dealer could you?

No, there has to be another layer under the icing doesn’t there?

Consider the profit of a proxy war…

Everyone, every country in the region around Israel, as well as most of the rest of the world, are up in arms about this move by this president of the USA.

Well except for Russia…

If and when the conflict arises and it has already started in Israel with protests the day after Trump's announcement, then there will be two sides drawn.

One supporting Israel. The other supporting the Palestinians.

The US supplying arms to Israel. Russia to Iran and its supporters.

Historical point to follow…

It is important to note that Christian fundamentalists in the US believe that Iran is the great Satan and that they know that Iran will start a nuclear war on the fields of Armageddon against Israel and her supporter the USA. At that moment when all seems lost to the Beast, Satan’s son, Jesus will return and win the war for the Jews and Christians against the forces of evil.

Meanwhile, there is profit to be had in a proxy war with the US supplying weapons to Israel and Russia to everyone else.

Profit and prophecy. Two words that sound alike and are linked by the underpinning idea of who benefits in the long run?



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