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You are worth more than you know.

There will never be anyone exactly like you in the universe.

It's a fact.

Each one of us is the product of our ancestor's genes and the time and place in which we were raised.

This moment of now exists only now!

This moment will never exist again precisely as it is now.

You exist today.

Tomorrow is another day and at that time in the future, you too will be different from today.

You are worth more than you know.

Yesterday, I was at my favorite coffee place about to sit back and listen to the sounds of the city.

My coffee place is almost always empty at the time of day I frequent it in the late afternoon.

Today a 20 something couple was breaking up at a nearby table.

There was no way to disguise what was going on next to me.

I being much older, not so wise, but able to hear the words of a self-righteous male douche and able to distinguish he was purposely putting down the woman he was talking to unfairly not listening to her plea for equality.

I was on the verge of telling the righteous turd that he needed to stop.

I wanted to tell the woman you are worth more than you know.

We all each and every one of us do not have to suffer abuse to be loved.

Please, remove that thought from your head every man, woman, and child.

Your self-worth is not subservient to the domination and abuse of malignant people.

You exist. 

They exist. 

Relationships are about a meeting of minds and hearts.

You are not a possession.

Your value as the Wizard of Oz says, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others."

If you find you are in love with a douche first turn and ask yourself why?

Speaking of a nozzle…

Donald Trump, our president, appears to have a faithful following?


I'm asking.


Is he doing things his followers like or is it more likely he's just saying things that his followers like to hear?

It appears to me, just like that young woman at the coffee house, that his followers are in a kind of abusive relationship that they are consciously enabling.

He says the things that at a base level gets them off.

He makes them feel good about themselves however much the Trump supporter knows morally, Trump is wrong.

There are many, many good reasons why a good portion of Americans feel they have been neglected.

Cue the entry of the Wolf in sheep's clothing, the cad, the carpetbagger.

This societal sinkhole, regression from and resistance to integration, equality,  is ripe for someone like Trump who can come along and tell them things they believe about the world and themselves.

They will willingly go along for the ride administered to by this known NY City real estate huckster to an imagined promised land.

A land where white men don't have to pretend not to be racist.

A land where white men don't have to care about his non-white neighbor.

A land where a woman obeys a man in the home or on the street.

A land where a white man is guaranteed a living wage even if he doesn't have an education.

Yeah, I can see the appeal.

It's just like that turd at the coffee house who wanted the ideal woman to serve him to step-an-fetch for him. 

It's the appeal of a fantasy (Candy Land) for self-centered, narcissistic douche males.

Oh, by the way, even though it's 2018, all the bad parts of the male ego are still with us.

They never went away.

They need to be told to scrub their ass.

And by and by...

The Equal Rights Amendment didn't pass even though many who know of it, the ERA, actually think it did.

I'm telling you it didn't, but it needs to.

Back to why you have to tell some men to scrub their ass...

Men need constant reminders to do the right thing.

They need to hear a voice outside of their own head telling them there is work to do.

Give them a job, and they'll do it. 

However, men without anything in their face telling them to get off the couch will happily delude themselves that there is nothing they have to do but drink and scratch themselves.

Just like men "never" throw away their underwear, they just fall apart. Men, real men as they call themselves still cling to an imagined past male-dominated dreamworld.

That dream world got a big booster shot the day Trump and associates decided he wanted to be president.

71 plus-year-old men have never been known to want to step boldly into a new future and lead a nation where everyone shares equally and has a place at the table of life.

Old men always sit about and complain about how things are how they use to be.

Listen to what old men, old dead thinking says to each other.

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to tell useless men, woman, and children  what to do and to jump when they told them to do it!"

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to call people names, colored, bitch, retard."

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to grab some ass, and we know those kinds of women, the non-marrying kind, liked it."

Just remember, you are worth more than you know.

We don't have to take their abuse.

We can all, each and every one of us step into a future together as equals.

No more, no less, brothers and sisters holding each other, valuing each other's worth.

A brotherhood of man.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Evil Nostalgia

Evil Nostalgia - Why do we long for the past?

It’s fun to remember things that happened in our past. Childhood has both good and bad memories but we weed out those things that upset us.

I remember I wanted a two wheel bike. I kept asking my parents for a bike and they gave the usual excuse that it cost too much.

Then on my birthday, I’m guessing it was around eight or nine years old, they blind folded me. When the pulled off the kitchen towel it revealed a red two wheel bike. It had an electric horn and multicolor plastic streamers coming out of the hand grips. Fantastic.

Well, I took off on the bike wobbling along with the training wheels down the street.

I came upon my friend Karl Whitesman, who was autistic. I proudly told him I just got a new bike. He took one look and said, “It’s not new. It’s old.” Old? I looked down and what I thought was a red bike was actually rust. 

It was rusted solid including the chrome. My parents must have found it at the bottom of Lake Erie.

A lot of people have a nostalgia, a wish to return to a former time. In most cases that wish, that desire is for a time they will say was simpler. What they really mean to say is there were less choices. Less responsibility. Less awareness. Less acceptance. Less knowledge. Less cognition. 

Becoming an adult makes you aware of the reality of life.

If you become an adult.

If you become an adult you are aware you can make mistakes. You can make your life and others happy, sad, terrible, miserable.

It’s your choice.

People don’t like to make choices.

In fact, there are some who actually fear making choices. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of judgement. Fear of responsibility. Fear of awareness. Fear of acceptance. Fear of rejection. Fear of knowledge. Fear of cognition.

White House Chief of Staff is essentially the concierge of an administration. They keep the people in an administration up and running.

The other day General Kelly wished for a past when things were sacred.

He obviously was feeling the stress of his moment in time when he wished upon a star to return, that shown so dimly for so many except for white men.

He was trying to defend a man who had broken with the ideal of sanctity a long time ago. He was at odds with the facts both current and of the past he was nostalgic for.

That’s what happens when one wishes instead of doing.

When one is unwilling to accept things as they are. That the universe, the galaxy, the earth, life, the individual all change. 

You cannot hold time back from the inevitable change that will occur without your permission.

As it was said by a poet of the recent past, ”Either help or get out of the way when change comes your way.”

Nostalgia at it’s heart is evil. It wants what is the now to not only not change but to reverse and go back from whence it came.

It is divorcing your self from the reality of this universe that everything changes.

The nostalgia Kelly speaks of, repressed women and minorities to all be subservient, to the whims of the white male master of the house.

A simple time for simple minds.

A time when white men did not have to be bothered with worrying they had done something wrong, when in their position, they could never be found wrong.

Time has left some behind the times in which we live. It has left them clutching at a past that will not return. Especially when people of good faith and good hearts unite as we move forward towards the prize.



Forces Film, Again Begin