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What do you think of when you hear or see the word, “Free”?

The other day I got a free coupon for more cereal if that counts?

There was a television commercial yesterday telling me if I bought a sandwich I would get the second one free.

Then there was another commercial telling me of all the benefits I would receive if I took their pills even though the free side effects included suicide, rectal bleeding, insomnia, hallucinations and spontaneous death.

Getting something for free seems to always have a catch. A hurdle to get over to step into that promised land where you get something for nothing.

However, the catch, that hurdle is the payment redacted from you and me.

It’s true I’m sorry to say, there is no free lunch.

Throughout history, drinking establishments used to promote their fare by putting up signs proclaiming a free lunch with every drink purchased. That, “come on”, was true for some, but for most it was not. Horse meat, organ scraps, meat that was old found it’s way into the saloons chili of the day.

The whole purpose to pull in customers with a bait and switch ploy is to get you to buy their liquor, all the while doing so at the minimal cost possible for the effort.

Acquiring something of value takes effort.

Real effort.

Nothing in a good life is free.

Say you want a better life for yourself and your family.

What are you willing to do?

I know of a man who wanted freedom.

He wanted to be free. He wanted his family to be free. He wanted his community, his people to be free of the tyranny of man.

To gain that freedom not only for his race, but for all of humanity. 

The freedom from ignorance. The freedom from prejudice. The freedom from bigotry. The freedom from racism.

What are you willing to do?

He was willing to go to jail. He was willing to be spit on. He was willing to have rocks and bottles thrown at him. He tolerated lies told about his character. He endured his friends as well as himself being beaten. He faced threats of death for his family and himself.

He saw those that stood with him give all they had including their lives.

And it still didn’t pay the price of freedom.

Even when his life was stolen from him by an assassin, the price he paid, till this very day, has not been met.

You see, you must understand, freedom takes all we have. 

It takes everyone, it takes every day, every hour, every minute, every second of our collective effort to make the payments.

Never be silent.

That’s the payment that freedom asks.

Never be silent.

Freedom whispers at our conscious.

Never be silent.

Freedom shouts when we hear the words of racism.

Never be silent.

When racism rages, freedom calls us to stand together, men and women, young and old to raise our voice in harmony against the darkness.

I will never be silent.



Forces Film, Again Begin