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What did that new pair of athletic shoes cost you?

Henry said the other day he always wanted to go to Hawaii but he thinks he’ll never have the money to do it.

The president said he needed 18 billion as a starter package for his wall from our American tax dollars. But he could do it cheaper, way cheaper and under budget.

Even the wall against the conservative horror of the brown tide of immigration has a cost.

We all want things. 

Some of us want more than others some less.

If you’re a Buddhist your goal is to want and have nothing.

Difficult ideal.

Christianity had a similar goal once. Specifically, the Catholic church has an order, the Franciscan’s who came upon the religious stage when Francis of Assisi thought it was a good idea that the priesthood reflects the life of Christ. That ideal centered around a life of poverty unlike the original doctrine of the Dominicans who were happy accumulating wealth for the church and themselves.

The Protestants tried out that idea of the Franciscan’s, poverty, keeping out of politics, listening to the example set by the Christ and his words.

Through history, ever since the founding of the Protestant movement, a division within Christianity and the many branches of that movement, Protestants have had a varied success and failure rate with this ideal of poverty and staying out of politics.

That original idea of staying out of politics is based upon the words of that Christ person who said, “…render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God which is God’s.”

But words are words you know?

Times change right?

Words are cheap.

What was the cornerstone has now been rejected it seems

Our Evangelical leaders in these United States have rejected the idea that it is wrong to want the whole world at the loss of your soul.

They want conservative judges now at any cost.

It doesn’t matter if the president has laundered money, received stolen emails, lied on taxes, hires porn stars for sex while married, is racist, a bigot, thinks some nazis are good people, the people who fight nazis are bad, can’t count, doesn’t read, has no idea how to pass a bill through congress, starts fights with leaders of other countries, attack his own party, calls his own intelligence services stupid and corrupt, has verbal pissing contests on Twitter, endorses a sexual predator for senate, has over 19 women accuse him of sexual assault or rape, worked with a foreign adversary of the United States to undermine his political opponent for president, deny legal immigration, want a ban on a religion, claims NATO is obsolete, believes climate change is a Chinese hoax, encourages police violence, any news he doesn’t personally like is fake, is making bank on his hotels and real-estate through foreign investment while as president, has told the Palestinians they can pound the dead sea salt and lies five times a day on average…

…All this so that Evangelicals can have conservative judges. Yes, so that one day they can stop all abortions in the United States.

Wow! That’s something, isn’t it? Or is it?

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

Evangelicals, or Quakers, their original name for themselves, have really lost their way from their origins, haven’t they?

The Quakers. The original group who still have a claim on being, “Conscientious objector’s”. That means they have an established religion against war, which they can claim so that they are not combat soldiers.

The silent Quakers?

Not anymore.

Now they are loud as any self-centered, self-righteous cunt who wants money and more money and doesn’t care who lives or dies as long as they have theirs.

No more back seat.

Now they want what they want and they don’t care what the cost will be.

Being born and raised in that church all I can say is I have a deep and abiding shame of all Evangelicals both the leadership and the followers. 

In the long arc of history, which always bends towards justice, what makes a person not realize that they are standing on the wrong side of that line? That they stand on shifting sand. They stand upon the shifting sand of the pocket change which is the belief in maximizing conservative judgeships now.

Making a deal with the devil to get what you want, can that be true?

Yes, it is. 

The Evangelical leaders have all given the Trump a pass on his behavior no matter how odious, corrupt, illegal, as long as they get anti-abortion judges seated so that one day they imagine Roe vs. Wade is overturned.


So the Christians now believe that the ends “do” justify the means.

They are adrift and have lost their moral compass.

Can they find it again on their own? 

I wonder…

How do you get someone to see they have a problem when they think they look good?

I have an idea. 

Let us call each other out. 

Let us stand together and hold each others hand. Let us each listen to each other truly and recognize each other’s fears and yes each others dreams, hopes and help each other come together in recognition that we all want that better life.

Let us together, move together, across this political sea of distress and fear to a better day. 




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