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Dutch, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, leads a group through the Guatemala jungle in search of missing CIA operatives in the movie Predator.

Ultimately the story asks who is the predator?

Is it the alien from another world or is it Dutch the human?

Yes, it turns out that the alien who traversed trillions of miles to hunt man is the evolutionary loser. On this planet of the apes we are the top banana when it comes to predation.

Predators on this world come in many forms.

They are not limited to gender, position, age or any of the demographic categories  that you can name.

You may be a predator. The person next to you could be a predator. I could be a predator.

The main characteristic of a predator is that they blend in. They have mastered to some extent the ability to camouflage themselves in plain sight.

They also have mastered the art of the trap.

They each have honed the ability to manifest a funnel, a channel through which their victims migrate to the center of the web where the predator awaits to feed upon them.

Examples you ask?

A priest who oversees the alter boys who pass out cakes.

The policeman who waits for an undesirable to pass his car whom he then pulls over.

The woman that undermines other women at work who blames the accounting short falls on their lack of attention.

The studio executive who listens to a pitch from a new writer and then takes their intellectual property and produces a project without them.

The guy who serves you pizza who doesn’t wash his hands.

The father who demands respect even as he beats his children and prays as he puts them to bed.

The son who grooms divorced women with no self esteem by telling them lovely words. Words they long to hear so he can make them have sex with him.

Predators lure their victims with charisma and self confidence. 

They command attention in a room. They always have the best story. The best experience. They are the best.

They win.

But lately, I wonder if the long tide of evil has crested?

Has our society specifically here and now in these United States come to a watershed moment? Has our collective psyche reached a point in time where we can now see behavior that was once hidden?

Can we recognize the sociopath?

Can we see that person who knows the difference between right and wrong but chooses to do wrong because it benefits them?

Is this awakening that women are people too just a media fad?

Let us believe it is not.

There is still a road before us upon which life is asking us now all to stand for that which is right. That which is good. That which liberty, equality and justice for all rings out.

The light asks each one of us to stand.




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