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To Stand Against Evil


Bad things happen to you no matter what you do, how you live, what you believe in.

Praying doesn’t stop cancer.

Burning incense doesn’t stop death.

Ignoring treachery doesn’t stop the tyrant.

Selfishness abounds in our media, in our leadership, in our everyday lives.

A daily, hourly, minute by minute struggle is taking place between good and evil.

The despot in Syria, North Korea, Philippines, Russia, China, Cuba, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Venezuela, Congo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, to name some of the 49 countries in the world ruled over by dictatorships, laugh at the efforts of good people.

In those countries, the battle for freedom has lost.

It was said long ago that no lie of man can live forever.

Gandhi admonished, no matter how evil the tyrant, they too must someday die.

We must stand.

Even if you, or I, are the last person to do the right thing at the right time.

We must stand.

Evil uses stories, lies, half-truths, marketing, spokespeople, lawyers, press secretaries, senators, congressman to keep good people from throwing them out.

Evil uses prejudice, racism, class, Christian versus Jew, Jew versus Muslim, white versus black, rich versus poor.

They laugh at how stupid good people are that we can’t recognize that our goodness is being used against us to get them what they want.

Evil ueses good without any fear of crossing the lines of morality because it has none.

Anything less than and including murder is okay because the ends justify the desire.

We must stand.

I believe, in fact, I know that minds that are closed can be opened.

Light can be cast into the dark places and lift the burdens of life to thrive once again.

Where once there was chaos, confusion, fear, the human need for hope can stand in the lighted doorway.

I know that evil fears the light.

Why do I know this? 

Because it wouldn’t fight so hard to remain in the shadows if evil thought it could stand against the light.

It is up to all who stand for goodness to make an effort to stand where they are and face the wind that blows today.

Not to turn our backs to the wind but to turn to face it full on.

Speak for those who have no voice.

Walk for those who have no legs.

Feed those who have no food.

Comfort those that live in fear.

Stand against the bully who through the use of fear, racism, prejudice, violence seeks to make us all cower and go against what we know that which is right.

Have courage, have honor, have character, have hope these are your’s those who stand for the light.

Please stand with me.



Forces Film, Again Begin