Again Begin

Why do the same problems plague Humankind century after century?

Are we alone?

What is the Guardian?

Who are the Ancient Ones?

Can Toby an asthmatic man be trusted with the key to save the universe?

What is Again Begin?

Again Begin is a true science fiction story based upon the real-life experience of the author and creator Daniel J. Frey. In 1977, Frey, aka Toby, died and was brought back. He lost the memory of his family, which he never regained.

Through the years since that tragedy, a narrative of the purpose of life developed. A story which at its heart proposes a better world. A World that can free itself of the injustice, prejudice, and inherent racism seen through and experienced by the eyes of Toby. An experience based upon the fresh eyes and mind of a grown adult reintroduced to the world when his mind awoke three years after it had died.

Again Begin sees into the heart of mankind and asks why isn't the world any better? Through the exploit of sci-fi Toby digs up the rot at the core of society and asks why do we ignore our better angels?

The story broadly spans the universe, alien society, and the intimate space of the human heart.

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Personal Note:

Music plays an important part of my process. It informs my temperament as I draw, as I reflect upon what and how I create an image.

PLEASE check out my MUSIC PAGE for songs that have inspired the creation of Again Begin.