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Telling The Kids No

telling the kids no

We have all seen it. Some of us on a daily basis but most anytime we are out in public.

A parent that has lost control of their offspring. The devil child, the bad seed, manipulating the parent to get what they want when they want it.

Just the other day at my favorite coffee spot called Novo Cafe', a mother was asking a three-year-old what they wanted on their pizza. The child responded, "Crab bitch."

Let's just hold up for a moment and ponder that scene…

One, it's not till after the age of eight when many societies in this world, as well as psychology, tells us that a person has the ability to know right from wrong.

Asking a three-year-old what they want to eat is not like asking your adult friend what they want to eat. You're not their friend you're their parent.

Just like Cesar Millan says about dogs, children too want a leader. In the human society that's called a parent. Parents are beings that have lived longer on the planet. They know a few things more as to what is best, what works, right, wrong and the gray areas of life.

A three-year-old doesn't have the right yet to make their own decisions. The parent is there to guide the child to the right decision. Not to be a friend. That comes later when the child under no obligation to, the parent-child relationship, can approach you as an equal.

Asking a three-year-old what they want on their pizza and the child has the gall to reply "crab bitch", means you got a hell of a problem on your hands. Wait till the hormones kick in as a teenager and you should be prepared to pay for that abortion and rehab before they're 15.

Parents aren't the only ones in our American Society that have difficulty saying no.

Who among us are willing to say to our elected officials, "No."

No one appears able to tell the GOP that it is wrong to elect a child molester to the Senate.

Republican children believe that having this particular person as their senator will guarantee a vote for a future conservative supreme court justice. They want to overturn Roe vs. Wade and get rid of abortion.

The consequences. Unwanted pregnancy is common again. Orphanages are filled. There are more lost children in the system to molest?

Is it better to keep the cycle of misery going to appease your ideology?

We can't say no to people who want to make guns available like an after dinner mint at your local restaurant?

Congressional children love their rich parents. They believe that cutting the wealthy's taxes will bestow empathy on the working man thereby they will raise the average salary?

Let's consider this…

Let's consider that those who can't say no to individuals who clearly make wrong choices are co-dependent upon those who rule over them?

The mother who is lonely, who wants a friend, makes the child a friend, who subsequently calls her a bitch.

Why? Because it's not the natural order of life. The child wants to hear "no" but in the absence of leadership takes the role unto themselves.

Consequently, they screw up because they are children. Am I wrong?

Parents are in charge because they know right from wrong or at least they should.

It is their responsibility to the child, to the society, to say no when the less experienced want to jump off the proverbial cliff.

It is time for the children to put away their toys.



Forces Film, Again Begin

The Garden

Tomato, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

My father’s professed profession was as an accountant. Most of his years working for the Austin Co., until the day he retired.  

Back when I was a kid, as far back as I can remember, he had an extra garden at a friend’s house. This friend lived in Valley View, Ohio, and had a large piece of property. I can’t say how large but at least 30 acres or more. Well, my father was allowed to raise a garden on this property along side the owner of the properties garden, his name was Ralph, along with our minister, Rev. Tatch, and a few other people from our church for free. No rent. As best as I can figure, it was at least 2 acres in size. Do you have any idea how large that is?  Stop awhile and think about it.  

 I’ll wait . . . 

You have to comprehend this adverse reality. We were living in Northfield, Ohio in the 20th century.  There are two large grocery stores not but a half mile away. Do you have any idea the amount of food a garden of that size produces?  Well, shit, I do.  

 Why, oh why, was this man growing all this food?  

Both of my parents worked. As I said, my father was an accountant and my mother was a registered nurse working at a local hospital called Brentwood. Now listen to this.  It was not unusual for my mother to come home from working all day to find 4 to 5 bushels of corn, 3 or 4 bushels of either green beans, peas, lima beans and or tomatoes waiting for her to can or freeze. This job placed upon her, which was her duty to perform, of putting up the vegetables, would continue from July through sometime into October on a daily basis.  

Now what do you do with all this food? Why yes you store it for the winter. Imagine this.  You have canned maybe 400 quarts of tomatoes. You like canned tomatoes because now you don’t have to go to the store to pay for them. You can just go to the “Junk Room”, which was in the house and where we stored everything and take down a jar.  We had spaghetti at least once a week. Now I want you to start calculating. You should get out a pencil and paper because I will be asking you to do a math problem.  

The test begins now…

If my family has a jar of tomatoes once a week starting on the 1st of November, how many jars of tomatoes will be used by the time the new tomatoes are ready to be canned in July?

Now take that number and subtract it from those 400 jars. Now you have a number of what was left over each year of just the tomato jar count at the Frey household each year. You can do similar calculations for all the other vegetables and fruits you can think of.

I ask, is there some where in the darkest corners of psychology a paper written on the disorder of vegetable hoarding? Does the intense angry eyes of the patient in question have their photo paper clipped to the front of the file? Is my father’s face synonymous with gardening nazis?

Forces Film, Again Begin


apple, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Anger was my Father.  Generated, towards anybody in the way of keeping him from his garden. My father was obsessed with gardening. I don’t mean that he had a victory garden in the backyard where he grew some fresh vegetables for the table. I mean the god damn biggest garden next to having a farm you can imagine.  And yes, I mean huge.

We lived in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, called Northfield,  half way between Cleveland and Akron. The property size was about 150 feet by 150 feet so how big could the garden be? Well the backyard was 90 percent filled with a strawberry patch and a couple of tomato plants and a dwarf apple tree.

My father thought that tree was the Tree of Knowledge. He worshipped that tree.  He would spray for bugs mixing a special blend of DDT and fertilizer to both combat those damn Jap beetles and grow delicious red beauties-strawberries. Well, that damn tree never grew any apples. Yes, I mean no matter what Garden Man did they would only blossom each glorious spring and each Fall no apples!

But, one magical year what do you know? At the end of summer there were three apples on that damn tree. Not big, not small, just right. If my father could have he would have sat out by his tree every night waiting for them to ripen to perfection. So summer passes, the fruit matures and picking time is near at hand. On a fine late August morning my father walks out to his tree to see how the fruit are doing and..

   WHAT’S THIS . .


Someone in the night had stolen his precious fruit. It turns out that one of the boys next door, Mark, who was heavy into Led Zeppelin, the Steelers, Raquel Welch, and smoking pot, had lifted natures bounty on a munchie fit.  God imparts knowledge in mysterious ways.



Forces Film, Again Begin