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Why We Kill

fish head, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

The infant child looked at the stranger who took his teddy bear and hid it with contempt. A murderous rage erupted declaring, “Off with their head! Die you son of a bitch!”

Don’t believe it?

Every one of us is born with a gene that informs us, gives us a feeling, an inner voice that whispers don’t trust the stranger. When in doubt kill them.

Why is it there? What use is it? I understand genes and traits are passed down. Every other generation looks, behaves, has similar physiological traits as its grandparents. My son shares a body type of my grandfather. Someone in your family shares the nose of Aunt May. The eyes of Grandpappy Howl and the rotten attitude of Popi.

What use is murder as a trait that is passed down?

I’m not a geneticist. My area is physics and art. In January 2013, Smithsonian Magazine covered the recent research concerning “Are Babies Born Good?” by Abigail Tucker. The fast answer is no. We are all born to one degree or another not to trust the stranger. To want them dead. 

Why? My observation I’ll take credit for is this; it allows the individual to survive in a hostile environment where rapid change in environmental conditions dictate the individual that is proactive protecting itself survives. Consequently, it can reproduce itself.

The creation of an apex predator in this equation renders the answer, human kind.

What tempers our natural inclination to kill? Society, ideology, the group, the community.

When we believe that another person, another group doesn’t deserve help, aid, assistance, medical care. When we believe we are doing the right thing by denying the other because they are not the right kind, didn’t work for it, doesn’t belong to my club, my belief, my race or my color..

We are listening to an immoral code who knows nothing of right or wrong let alone empathy.

We collectively have created ideologies that bolster these all to human beliefs that choose to ignore the voices of better angels.

That better world awaits once we lay down our childish toys of our origins and tell our instinct to shut up and sit down. We're trying to have a society here.


Daniel J. Frey

Forces Film, Again Begin