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Wrong Question

donald trump-001

What is a wrong question?

A right question is, “Who didn’t flush the toilet?”

A wrong question is, “Did someone allow a baboon into my bathroom? And who did?”

Those are wrong questions.

A famous, fictional detective Mr. Holmes once said that if you find hoof prints around a body do not immediately question why did a Zebra stomp around the deceased. 

Logic is not for everyone. We can all be guilty of leaping to conclusions on any subject that is near and dear to us. Assumptions can be down right problematic to the resolution of any question.

Today when I hear the question, “Why didn’t Comey resign if Trump asked him to stop investigating him?” Trump tells Comey the Russian Story is fake news.

I hear a wrong question.

The following is all in the public record so far. Trump was and is in an active investigation for treason and money laundering by the FBI. Comey was the head of the FBI, the number one cop in America. When Trump asks Comey to stop investigating him and Comey says no, Trump’s request is yet another onion layer added to his growing file. 

What is the file? The file is the investigation into the possible charges against him, his associates and family, that the FBI is actively collecting.

Logic states Comey would not resign. He was heading the investigation into Trump, his associates and family for treason. When Trump fires him and Trump says its because he believes the Russia Story is fake, that’s a legal criminal act, obstruction of justice. In light of that, the FBI has stated they are investigating Trump and associates for collusion with the Russians. These associates helped the Russians with a disinformation campaign. It was organized through Russian Intelligence and involved plants of fake news on Facebook and Twitter.  This includes the DNC hack and tactical releases of insider political conversations at the DNC. Which according to the FBI, the Russians are still actively conducting.

The right question to ask is, “How soon will deniers see the asteroid heading towards Trump Tower?”




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