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Minority Majority


How do you convince someone that what is obvious true, is false?

Like when a child asks their mother for chocolate and she says “No”. They go ask their father and tell him, “Mom says I can have some chocolate.” Then Dad says, “Your mother said yes?” The child replies, “Ah, yeah! Mom says it’s okay!”

The force behind the conviction of the three year olds vote renders the inarticulate and lazy willed father into acquiescence.

How do you convince a person what they know to be true, is false?

In the 1967 comedic movie, A Guide for the Married Man, Walter Matthew is tired of his wife and is looking for sexual adventure. He gets advice from his cad neighbor on how to cheat on your spouse without getting caught.

One episode in the movie depicts Joey Bishop. He is caught in bed with a naked woman by his wife, Ann Morgan Gilbert. She keeps asking him, “What is he doing? Who is that woman? What has he done?” Bishop repeatedly responds, “What? Who? Where?” Deny! Deny! Deny! Eventually, Gilbert is gas lighted. What she saw didn’t happen.

Which brings me to my real question?

How did white people convince the rest of the world that they are the majority?

You have an answer?

I don’t.

It is certainly observable from many points of examination that the caucasian is not the majority race on the planet. Haven’t been. Never will.

Somehow in the past Whitey got everyone on this world to agree that the white priority the white privilege somehow superseded everyone else’s society, interests, privilege, right away, goals, hopes, wishes, pleas, entitlements, benefits, authority.

There are of course the litany of excuses from the white race of why they believe they are the majority. The list ranges from genetic, to chosen by God, to living within a specific parallel on the planet.

My metaphor on this minority-majority is that we’re looking at a fearful Bichon. It’s snapping and yapping at all the other dogs that have melanin in their coat and it doesn’t.

It has always been afraid that the bigger dogs, the majority, are going to take away its food and water. So to protect itself it barks at the other dogs, bites them, reserves the right to kill them, all in the effort to maintain its position as best pooch on the block.

It’s a hard thing always living in fear.

Someone needs to tell that barking dog that its part of the pack. We are all here for each other through good times and bad.

There is a place at the table for all.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Where Is Love?

where is love, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Oliver Twist in the musical Oliver laments and prays about the whereabouts of love while he’s locked in the basement of a funeral parlor where he’s an indentured servant. This scene is no allegory. There are no hidden meanings here. He’s trapped in a dark world where the light of love refuses to shine for him.

I want to ask the same question, where is love?

A lot of us think we know what it means. We believe we have it, want it, are able to express it, know when it’s being expressed towards us. But knowing the definition doesn’t mean we can actually do it. I know the definition of a pole-vaulter but if I attempted an even modest leap my lack of understanding of its definition would result in a spectacular YouTube worthy fail.

Love is an ideal that many attempt but few will be able to stick the landing. However, you can find a few gold medal winners Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Lao Tzu…

Hey, also include that person who was done a terrible wrong but still looked through the lens of love and saw past the deed and understood the heart and still returned love without blame to you. There are faithful holders of the ideal sprinkled amongst all of us.

Love is the hardest emotion to understand with the intellect, it defies logic because it’s the language of the soul, the song of the heart. We're all tone deaf it appears in this world of ours to it's melody and lyric. Like Oliver we’re all locked in a dark world that mistreats us, batters our souls, misshapes our perceptions, ignites anger, walls in hate, whispers lies telling us we’re misunderstood, alone, unwanted.

Be the answer to Oliver’s prayer. Act with love. Do it today.



Forces Film, Again Begin