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What The Righteous Hear


There is a portion of American society that likes to tell everyone else how terrible they are. 

Yes, I mean the followers of Jesus, who at every opportunity like to hammer into our heads the story of their Lord and Savior as if we haven’t heard it before.

However, I have found through my lifetime of experience in the far-right community that these followers hear a different set of words than what is written. 


The following quotes are what good people believe they hear from their Christ.

– You shall love your neighbor and ignore the non-white race.

– No one can serve two masters. Serve profit first and your fellow man can take care of himself. Get a job you lazy welfare cheat. Stop stealing good people’s hard earned money.

– Judge not people who look like you. Condemn those that do not look like you.

– You shall love your God with all your heart. Your fellow man who doesn’t believe as you can go to hell.

– For what shall it profit a man, if he works hard all his life and he has to share with the monkey races.

– A new command I give you, Love one another. But you faggots need to die so I can sleep at night not thinking about what you’re doing.

– Blessed are the merciful. Yet all of you who have used drugs a special place in hell is reserved for you scum.

– Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone. Oh! He’s talking to me. I’ll throw a boulder at those asshole, non-christian, anti-Christmas, mongrel races. Especially at those godless Muslims.

– Suffer the little children, and forbid them not. Abortion, contraception, prenatal care are all the plan of Satan. All those abortion loving baby murders need to dive head first into a wood chipper. Jesus would love that.

– If you want to be perfect, go, and help the rich get richer because one day they’ll let you into their golden mansions and make you a billionaire too.

– For if you love those who love you, you don’t have to feel uncomfortable being around people who don’t speak english, who wear their pants off their ass or don’t smell like you.

– For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, to save the White man from the other dirty races of the world, to live an everlasting life in heaven, separate and not equal.

It’s a hard reality, that the loudest voices of condemnation out of the religious right, as well as that silent majority, are so afraid of the world we all live in.



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