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Telling The Kids No

telling the kids no

We have all seen it. Some of us on a daily basis but most anytime we are out in public.

A parent that has lost control of their offspring. The devil child, the bad seed, manipulating the parent to get what they want when they want it.

Just the other day at my favorite coffee spot called Novo Cafe', a mother was asking a three-year-old what they wanted on their pizza. The child responded, "Crab bitch."

Let's just hold up for a moment and ponder that scene…

One, it's not till after the age of eight when many societies in this world, as well as psychology, tells us that a person has the ability to know right from wrong.

Asking a three-year-old what they want to eat is not like asking your adult friend what they want to eat. You're not their friend you're their parent.

Just like Cesar Millan says about dogs, children too want a leader. In the human society that's called a parent. Parents are beings that have lived longer on the planet. They know a few things more as to what is best, what works, right, wrong and the gray areas of life.

A three-year-old doesn't have the right yet to make their own decisions. The parent is there to guide the child to the right decision. Not to be a friend. That comes later when the child under no obligation to, the parent-child relationship, can approach you as an equal.

Asking a three-year-old what they want on their pizza and the child has the gall to reply "crab bitch", means you got a hell of a problem on your hands. Wait till the hormones kick in as a teenager and you should be prepared to pay for that abortion and rehab before they're 15.

Parents aren't the only ones in our American Society that have difficulty saying no.

Who among us are willing to say to our elected officials, "No."

No one appears able to tell the GOP that it is wrong to elect a child molester to the Senate.

Republican children believe that having this particular person as their senator will guarantee a vote for a future conservative supreme court justice. They want to overturn Roe vs. Wade and get rid of abortion.

The consequences. Unwanted pregnancy is common again. Orphanages are filled. There are more lost children in the system to molest?

Is it better to keep the cycle of misery going to appease your ideology?

We can't say no to people who want to make guns available like an after dinner mint at your local restaurant?

Congressional children love their rich parents. They believe that cutting the wealthy's taxes will bestow empathy on the working man thereby they will raise the average salary?

Let's consider this…

Let's consider that those who can't say no to individuals who clearly make wrong choices are co-dependent upon those who rule over them?

The mother who is lonely, who wants a friend, makes the child a friend, who subsequently calls her a bitch.

Why? Because it's not the natural order of life. The child wants to hear "no" but in the absence of leadership takes the role unto themselves.

Consequently, they screw up because they are children. Am I wrong?

Parents are in charge because they know right from wrong or at least they should.

It is their responsibility to the child, to the society, to say no when the less experienced want to jump off the proverbial cliff.

It is time for the children to put away their toys.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Arrogant Me

Jared Kushner Arrogant Me, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Lance a three year old boy is being raised by indulgent parents. When asked if he would like to have pizza for lunch he quip’s, “I want crab on my pizza!”

That weekend his parents have a wine tasting they must attend and they leave master Lance with his grandparents. The grandparents are what is derisively labeled “old school ”, they have rules, an order of conduct, manners.

Lance, who is hungry and whose every whim must have attention immediately, he now goes and gets a cookie to which his grandparents tell him, “No put that back please!” Lance ignores them and takes a bite.

Lance doesn’t get a time out he gets the cookie taken away and swat on his behind because thegrandparents know that Lance is a willful child and does not listen to any authority especially his parents.

Upon hearing of the cruel beating and starvation through a Tweet that Lance sent out on his iPhone, the parents cancel their lunch, arrive in a panic to confront the grandparents, they call each other arrogant douche bags, stuck up ass wipes all the while Lance eats a cookie and smells his finger.

We all confront arrogance on a daily basis. That person who cuts in line, who cuts in traffic, who J walks, who steps in and interrupts us with a sales person, the guy who pulls the plug on our kids Bounce House, they all are obviously more important than us correct? Or at least they believe themselves to be so.

The rules do not apply to them.

Can we not see collectively that they are superior to us because who and what they are. Who and what they have achieved over us lowly ignorant lazy rabble?

Kushner, family and friends, business associates, staff all want us to believe they have whats best in mind for all of us.

Specifically, the business world and the closed circles of finance really don’t believe that anyone can figure out what they are up to. How they are bilking all of us everyday. We’re just all too stupid to see that the Fox is in the White House. Their magical tongues provide cover while they stuff eggs and a few hens into their sack.

They operate under the belief that checks and balances of all types can be corrupted to look the other way as they conduct business. Is this true?

Lance thinks so. Everything his three year old mind tells him he can flaunt authority without any repercussions. 

Look! He’s having another cookie and laughing at us.




Forces Film, Again Begin