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Corruption Globalization

Piss Jug, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

When you got that ad on Facebook for a grocery bag that could hang in your cart? You know, it looked great and you had to have it right! When you used it for the first time and it ripped apart did you think to yourself I was demographically targeted by a business participant in global corruption?

Just the other day when you put your check in your financial institution and had a few words about why the fees seem to jump around so much. Then that night on TV you saw that the same bank was laundering money for Russian Oligarchs and the US Justice Department hit your bank with a 7.2 billion fine. Did you think to yourself I’m participating in global corruption?

You look at your news feed and its filled with stories about your president, his friends and family all denying that they don’t even know where Russia is let alone they would never use Russian dressing on their mixed green salad. They would never talk, chat, poke, listen, speak, write or know a Russian. 

Yet all these people and others including yourself make investments in mutual funds, in campaign donations, in real-estate, in building projects, in business start ups whose locations span the globe.. 

I’m asking..

Are you consciously aware or in denial that you may be contributing to corruption world wide?

Does ignorance of your participation isolate you from prosecution? 

Corruption used to be a locally raised product. Your city councilman, your mayor, your chief of police was looking the other way as local businessman conducted their business that did not fit within either our agreed upon legal system or moral parameters. They got money put into their pockets, they got their driveway repaved, they got free donuts, a nice new car. 

Then the 80’s came along and all that emphasis on business majors arose in all of the colleges. Pie charts, flow charts, charts about charts, who buys what, when, where. Bottom line how can business squeeze more profit without actually doing more work. There were resources of cash out in the world that were not being gathered by the right people.

Consequently, the rise of the middle class investing in mutual funds was the starter pistol going off with a bang for the official race that is the globalization of corruption. With your investment in your future you were securing the lifestyle you deserved. 


There were other’s out there that wanted more too. The wolves, the bandits, the oligarchs, your average billionaire who wanted more too. The scheme? The expansion of corporations, of LLC’s, of mutual funds, of political fund raising groups all of which could be formed and created by people who did not live in your country. The false front, the sting, was made legal in cooperation of both political parties in the United States.

“Oh beautiful for patriot dreams making the skeezy tolerable..”

Corruption became a one stop location just like your corner Seven Eleven. As you are picking up your smokes, drop a dirty hundred thousand, from drug, arms sales, illegal real-estate deals, human trafficking into a political action committee fund raiser, they put that money into their clean bank, they write you a check on the other side thanking you for your participation in lifting their candidate into the public eye. Make my country great again… Translation.. No brown people with equal rights.

Easy huh!

It used to be, corruption by the bent nose thug on your block was your own criminal. Today that thug may be from another country being sponsored by your local, state or federal Chamber of Commerce members. 

Each day the members in this global scheme plan a trip to a community pool where they wash each others crimes and give each other clean cash on the other side.

Easy huh!




Forces Film, Again Begin

Why We Kill

fish head, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

The infant child looked at the stranger who took his teddy bear and hid it with contempt. A murderous rage erupted declaring, “Off with their head! Die you son of a bitch!”

Don’t believe it?

Every one of us is born with a gene that informs us, gives us a feeling, an inner voice that whispers don’t trust the stranger. When in doubt kill them.

Why is it there? What use is it? I understand genes and traits are passed down. Every other generation looks, behaves, has similar physiological traits as its grandparents. My son shares a body type of my grandfather. Someone in your family shares the nose of Aunt May. The eyes of Grandpappy Howl and the rotten attitude of Popi.

What use is murder as a trait that is passed down?

I’m not a geneticist. My area is physics and art. In January 2013, Smithsonian Magazine covered the recent research concerning “Are Babies Born Good?” by Abigail Tucker. The fast answer is no. We are all born to one degree or another not to trust the stranger. To want them dead. 

Why? My observation I’ll take credit for is this; it allows the individual to survive in a hostile environment where rapid change in environmental conditions dictate the individual that is proactive protecting itself survives. Consequently, it can reproduce itself.

The creation of an apex predator in this equation renders the answer, human kind.

What tempers our natural inclination to kill? Society, ideology, the group, the community.

When we believe that another person, another group doesn’t deserve help, aid, assistance, medical care. When we believe we are doing the right thing by denying the other because they are not the right kind, didn’t work for it, doesn’t belong to my club, my belief, my race or my color..

We are listening to an immoral code who knows nothing of right or wrong let alone empathy.

We collectively have created ideologies that bolster these all to human beliefs that choose to ignore the voices of better angels.

That better world awaits once we lay down our childish toys of our origins and tell our instinct to shut up and sit down. We're trying to have a society here.


Daniel J. Frey

Forces Film, Again Begin