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Mac & Cheese

mac-and-cheese, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

Comfort, who doesn’t have a favorite food? Even the dead if awoken would respond when asked their favorite respite. The range covers the whole world of food from salty to sweet, from sour to bitter, from the bland to the rich.

Mac and cheese. Near the top of most peoples favorite foods. A comfort given to children fondly remembered into adulthood. A simple cheap dish as most comfort foods are.

There’s a schism between store bought pre-packed mac and cheese versus the homemade variety. The average child and teen will demand store bought pre-packed. Adults with there supposed refined taste pretend the homemade weak runny and burnt variety is the best.

Americans love of simple comfort.

No effort.

No demands.

Like turning on the TV to a channel full of static.

Comfort as white noise.

Comfort without effort the American way. Another understandable reaction to a world that requires energy.

It’s hard to visit that lonely person because it reminds us of our own emptiness. It’s annoying to give a hug to that friend who won’t shut up.

Isn’t it annoying to look up that address to send a letter to that friend you care about.

Comfort asks those who love to step out of their own safety to help those in need of help.



Forces Film, Again Begin