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How Did That Happen?


My Uncle really loves whiskey. In fact he drinks a bottle of it every day. And then just the other day his doctor tells him he needs a new liver. How did that happen?

Jenifer at work was telling me that her sisters friend has a pool. One of those inground ones. They got a lot of money. Well their three year old girl fell in and drowned. Yeah. Seems they could have put up a fence but they didn’t want to tell their kid no. Yeah she drowned. So, how did that happen?

My brother has a friend, Josh, seems he’s really down on himself. He weighs like over 400 pounds. He eats like a lot of hamburgers and sodas every day. He just keeps gaining weight. How does that happen?

I never told you about my grandfather. Yeah, he never buckled his seat belt. He said he wanted to be thrown clear of the car if he was ever in an accident. So, yeah, he was thrown right through the windshield and smashed his skull. How did that happen?

There was this guy at church. He seemed like a great guy. Had a wife and two kids. They had a service this week. Seems that his wife killed herself. Suicide. Seems she left a note that said nobody loved her any more. How did that happen?

I saw this guy marching up and down the street the other day when I drove into town. He’s there most days I think. I think he lives there. He has a grocery cart filled with junk. He yells at the ants and at the sky. I tried giving him some money but he didn’t want it. How did that happen?

Did you know as far as we know we are the only creatures on this planet that know they will die some day? Did you know that?

Did you know we are also the only species on the planet that can make plans. You know, make a plan just in case something happens. I believe there is a whole industry, the insurance industry, that does that very thing every day. You know, just in case something happens there is a plan.

If we can make plans for when bad things will happen, I am asking now, how come we can’t make any plans about guns? How come? 

We can make plans to help.

We can make plans to serve.

We can make plans to protect.

But the one thing we can’t do is stop guns from being handed out like after dinner mints?

How did that happen?



Forces Film, Again Begin

We Reserve


Why do we human reserve the right to kill?


That simple question was asked by Babe in the film Babe: Pig in the City just before a pack of dogs were about to tear him apart for existing.

There have been reasons given for killing throughout the history of mankind since the beginning of the written word. 

Some are based in culture. Villages and towns throughout India in the past would select a boy and girl each year to kill. They would throw a great party. At the end of the day they would have the children lay in a hole and a large stone would be dropped upon them crushing them to death. All in the hopes of keeping famine away from their doors.

You see all plant based cultures created a myth, stories, about the magical powers they witnessed in the cycle of plants. You take a seed that looks dead. You then put it into the ground and some days later there is life again.

Life again.

The NRA, National Rifle Association, wants us to be afraid of life that we don’t control.

In their recent ad which can be seen at Bill Moyers web site, writer, activist, human, the NRA calls for taking up arms against those they disagree with.

Again. Why do we reserve the right to kill those who we do not agree with?

Christianity bases it belief upon the stolen and retooled word of the Jewish faith. The Old Testament admonition of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth if anyone does you wrong you can maim or kill them for being unbelievers.

Saint Augustine in the Catholic faith defended God by explaining a list of explicit reasoning why there is such a thing as a Good War. Good killing in the name of God. If there are two or more reasons for someone to be put to death for their offense, in the eyes of the righteous, than it must be carried out to stay in the grace of God. 

One or less offense, you can let that pass.

At the heart of all human misery and evil that we do to each other, is fear. 

Fear of the stranger. Fear of the unknown. Fear of authority. Fear of our own death.

Magical thinking allows for murder. It allows you to ignore the plight of others. It allows you to sleep in the knowledge of your own certainty that you are right and they are wrong.

It keeps you from seeing others as they would see you.



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Forces Film, Again Begin