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My Myth


My Myth

We all should be fascinated, angry and perplexed why so many people believe their myth over reality.

These past weeks we have seen America in a bar fight with medieval thinkers.

On the one side the reigning champ, those medieval theologians who crafted together an explanation on everything without any observation of the world called, "Faith in a Creator", versus the newcomer, a world based upon observable facts called the "Science of Reason".

Today, medieval theology won out.

Dead thinking won when members of the Senate chose deference to men over woman thus relegating women to the back of the bus.

Of course, women thought they could sit anywhere on the bus of freedom, but men and women of the past slapped them back into their mythical place today.

We've come a long way?

No, we haven't.

Do you still look at your horoscope?

Follow me…

Do you check on what the stars have to say about how your day is going to go?

Do you believe that the stars are actual beings, with thoughts and feelings about when and where you were born?

Do you feel the universe knows you are essential and alive?

If so, you have medieval theology running in your brain.

You see, a long time ago, on a continent, you are living on, people of the past, specifically men, wanted a way to keep power in their control.

Men made up stories telling about gods on hills and in the earth gave them power over other men.

But that story didn't hold up.

People could go to the top of the mountain, like at Mt. Sinai and see if Yahweh was actually there.

When they found no burning bush, they went back to the king and told them they were full of crap and hauled his ass out and threw him off a cliff.

The king's needed a better story.

So they invented invisible sky gods.

These invisible sky gods were a great scam.


Because you could never see or hear them except through the king.

Only the king could get direct messages from God.

Anybody who didn't like that story was against God and the king and were put to death.

This sealed the belief in the scam of the invisible sky god for all time into society.

This invisible sky god seemed to have a lot of concern for us mere mortals because they came up with a lot of rules.

Not just 10 rules but a rule about every aspect of life.

Especially how women were never ever to be trusted to tell the truth.

They made up a particularly nasty story when Eve talked to that conversant snake, Satan, the Devil, who then told old poor beleaguered Adam a lie about eating the fruit from the Tree of Life.

Eve doomed all women from that moment on that women will always tell a lie to a man because she wants to bring a man down and destroy him so she can replace him on top of the power pyramid.

So here in Washington DC after over 250 years of what is known as the age of reason, you can still find everywhere a belief in a medieval story about a woman and a snake and how women lie about sex to take away the power given to them by God.

Men are anoited and pure.

Women Bleed.

Should make anyone who isn't filled with medieval thought angry?

What can be done to lift the veil of ignorance?


Nothing can be done.

Ignorance is like a mountain only time, and the winds of change can wear it away.

Just like children at a window waiting for Santa Clause to come and give them what they demand, the adults in the room have to smile and go to bed.

Nothing can be done for those that have accepted myth as their truth.

Those of us who do not accept myth as truth like the adults in the room have to take our children by the hand gently and carry them with us.

It's the burden of the adult to see the consequences of Life that children are blind to.

However, there is one thing the adults can do, and that is to fight the fight against those that willfully and for the sake of power exploit the medieval thinkers.

We the adults have to stand our ground every moment of the day to fight the tyrant where ever we may find them.

The tyrant is the person who exploits this failing found within humanity called " trust in authority."

These tyrants are wolves in sheep's clothing who tell us that America needs to be great again.

These tyrants tell us that immigrants are bad people and Nazis are good.

These tyrants tell us that men are afraid of women lying about sex.

These tyrants exploit a culture of hate that binds together the worse parts of humanity for their own selfish demand of power.

We the adults must smash the myth and hold true to the belief that freedom and justice for all mean freedom, liberty, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

When It Rains


We begin.

We begin to gather at the sound.

A sound that calls all people of good will to a moment.

To a place.

To this time in which we live.

This is all we will have of this life.

We begin.

The struggle did not begin with us.

It was handed to us by previous generations that fought the good fight.

It is a good fight.

A fight to recognize that not all want to stand in the light.

Not all want to hear truth.

Not all want to see reality.

Our stories that we tell each other fall like a blinding rain.

Our stories fill our ears, fill our eyes with a myth, a story so old, so tired.

Ignorance is bliss?

To purposefully be ignorant of the pain and suffering of our fellow humans in this world is unforgivable.

There is no punishment for ignorance.

Some ignorance cannot be helped.

It will always be with us.

It's not up to us to make the ignorant self-aware.

We that are awake, we are responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind and to move the world forward.

It Rains.

It Rains.

My eyes, my heart becomes weary as the sound of the rain beats without pause upon my consciousness.

This rain that falls filled with bitterness, with resentment, with pure hatred of the other, seems at times to surround me like a flood.

No escape.

Will I drown?

It Rains.

From a shelf near my bed, I pull out a book filled with words of another time, another place but just precisely like today.

A founding father of our democracy pens words that inspire.

It tells me to follow the truth where ever it may lead.

It Rains.

Follow the truth.

Follow the truth.

Bitter men rained their hatred of the other their hatred of women in an ignorant flood in the halls of our Senate.

Like old dogs who cannot give up their bone they growled and gnashed their teeth in defiance of truth.

That truth is that of the heart.

Their utter lack of compassion, their snarls, their spit, their contempt for truth sobers the mind.

What can a person of good will do in the face of an ignorant beast?

Hear that sound?

Hear that sound on the wind?

What whips these beasts into a frenzy as if they are chasing their own tails is that sound.

They hear that sound too.

But unlike those with compassion, these people are afraid of that sound.

What is that sound?

It is the sound of change.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Out of the dark waters of our past, a new world is struggling to be born.

Let us all join together our hands, our voices and step over the raging past into the future where all are equal and held precious.


Forces Film, Again Begin

Absence of Shame


Do you have a dog?

Not a cat person? Cats don’t complete  in the this particular category of emotional response.

If you have a dog you know that if you catch them in the act or not of doing something wrong they will react with what appears to be shame.

They will hide their head. They will turn away. They will give a generally accepted sad look.

However, it must be noted that their response is not a human act of shame. They don’t have exactly a human response but a canine response to an acknowledged wrongful act.

Think of a situation in a pack when the alpha male catches a subordinate chewing their bone. There is a growl and the subordinate cowers, pulls back and follows an extinctive response of shame. They may rollover exposing their belly. They will turn away and not make eye contact. They will generally look sad.


So consider why the Republican Party doesn’t even reach the level of shame response of a dog.

Where is their shame?

I can still remember a time when Republicans used to run commercials on TV telling us how to clean up our act. A public policy built on shaming. 

Don’t use drugs. Don’t listen to that music. Don’t play that video game. Don’t have sex. Don’t take welfare. Don’t watch that movie. Don’t watch that TV show.  Don’t use those words. Don’t read that book. Don’t worship that god. Don’t wear those clothes. Don’t listen to that radio show. Don’t listen to that man. Don’t listen to that woman. Don’t go to that country. Don’t protest. Don’t complain. Trust us we know what’s best for you.

The Republicans represented the “moral majority”.

They loved to roll out how moral, how superior they were to the democrats. They would beat about the head any shoot it in the face any liberal ideal.

America, the light to the world upon the hill of morality and liberty for the chosen few.

Republicans were the only ones who could really love America. 

Republicans were the only ones who went to church and listened to Jesus.

Republicans were the only ones who had clean, decent homes and families. Kept their lawn cut.

What has happened to shame?

The Republican party now endorses both a president and a person wanting to be a US senator who are sexual predators.

What does that say about the morals of Republicans and the Republican party?

It says to woman and females of all ages they are objects to be used by Republicans.

It says that a woman is not as fully human as a man.

They are less than a man as their Christian bible tells them.

They do not enjoy the same human rights as a man their superior.

Right now shame has left the building.

At the bottom of this absence of shame I suspect a known historical human response to change.

The old gray guard of the Republican party, and for that matter social racist conservatives in general, watched in horror as Obama was elected.

Never in their lifetimes would they have thought that this white nation could elect a negro president. That thought was impossible let alone elected twice.

Racism in America is so deeply tied to religion, culture and patriotism. It cannot be separated or dismissed as a causal root reaction specifically to conservative motivation and action.

Fear of change makes people do bad things. 

Fear of change, this wave of the browning of America, will allow you to jettison shame in favor of electing an admitted sexual predator as president.

Fear of change, this wave of the growing of America, will allow you to ignore shame in favor of a pedophile running for a Senate seat in Alabama.

Knowing racist culture so well as I do, there is nothing wrong, in fact, because Moore is biblical in his interest in young teen white girls. However, if he was sexually active with a black teen some conservative/racists might find their shame of him.

So what can we do?

Time is on the side of right.

The tyranny of men over humanity cannot stand against the forward movement of time. We are fortunate in a way to bear witness to the last gasps of medieval thought and prejudice.

All of us who stand for liberty and justice for all, with the emphasis on ALL, will see that day when we truly can say we are all equal in this great nation.



Forces Film, Again Begin



“I remember” is an unusual thing for me to say.

When I was seventeen I died.

I lost the memories of my life. Of my family.

What remained was burnt, tattered, unrecognizable as my own life.

What I have are recollections of memories that I do not feel are my own.

I sometimes wonder where I get the sense of caring that I have and where it came from.

Is it my own in combination with a mentor?

A story..

My grandfather Larkin was a retired Quaker minister who lived with us. I assume he had some kind of retirement but it must have been very little.

I remember sitting on his lap and he asked what I would like for Christmas. We were a working-class family in Cleveland, Ohio with a father who didn’t think children needed toys.

I responded to my grandfather that I would like a Hot Wheel car. “Is that all," he asked?

Under the tree not only did I get a Hot Wheel but I also got the loop the loop track.

Another story..

Millions of people recently got healthcare for the first time in their lives. Some men helped them get it. Then some men got angry because they did.

One man in the middle of the night stood up and with a simple “no”, did not allow his political party to commit suicide. Senator John McCain. He prevented other men from denying care to others not like them.

Last story..

A man stood before a throng of people and told a story how people busy with their lives passed by a fallen and ill man on their street. Only one person stopped to help. A person whom the important believed to be an unworthy welfare cheat.

That unworthy welfare cheat nursed the fallen back to health, restoring his faith in humanity.

Why do we believe we have the right to deny health to others not like us?



For more about our current state of politics read GOP Angst.

Forces Film, Again Begin

Where Has Shame Gone?


Remember when your mother would give you, the look?

That time when you got the speeding ticket and the officer said to you, “Do you know how fast you were going?”

How about last week when you remembered you didn’t send a birthday card to your sister?

That feeling you felt, we have all felt, is called shame.

You feel bad when you do something or in many cases don’t do something that you know hurts another person.

Humans with any empathy feel that sense that they have committed a wrong and do their best to make it better.

At minimum they ask for forgiveness.

What happens when you have a person who has no sense of shame?

Do you know what that is called? Someone without empathy? 

They come to your table with an extra name tag. It says in fine print, Sociopath.

There are degrees to a lot things in life and one of those are people who don’t work well with others. There are degrees of sociopathy. Most know of the extreme cases but they live next door to us all.

That guy who yells at the kids when a ball lands in his yard.

That woman who won’t take “No” when she’s selling raffle tickets.

The current resident of the White House.

Open corruption.

What do you do when the president has no shame?

Do our laws address such a challenge?

What do we do as citizens of the country when our president has no shame?

I’m asking?




Forces Film, Again Begin

We Reserve


Why do we human reserve the right to kill?


That simple question was asked by Babe in the film Babe: Pig in the City just before a pack of dogs were about to tear him apart for existing.

There have been reasons given for killing throughout the history of mankind since the beginning of the written word. 

Some are based in culture. Villages and towns throughout India in the past would select a boy and girl each year to kill. They would throw a great party. At the end of the day they would have the children lay in a hole and a large stone would be dropped upon them crushing them to death. All in the hopes of keeping famine away from their doors.

You see all plant based cultures created a myth, stories, about the magical powers they witnessed in the cycle of plants. You take a seed that looks dead. You then put it into the ground and some days later there is life again.

Life again.

The NRA, National Rifle Association, wants us to be afraid of life that we don’t control.

In their recent ad which can be seen at Bill Moyers web site, writer, activist, human, the NRA calls for taking up arms against those they disagree with.

Again. Why do we reserve the right to kill those who we do not agree with?

Christianity bases it belief upon the stolen and retooled word of the Jewish faith. The Old Testament admonition of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth if anyone does you wrong you can maim or kill them for being unbelievers.

Saint Augustine in the Catholic faith defended God by explaining a list of explicit reasoning why there is such a thing as a Good War. Good killing in the name of God. If there are two or more reasons for someone to be put to death for their offense, in the eyes of the righteous, than it must be carried out to stay in the grace of God. 

One or less offense, you can let that pass.

At the heart of all human misery and evil that we do to each other, is fear. 

Fear of the stranger. Fear of the unknown. Fear of authority. Fear of our own death.

Magical thinking allows for murder. It allows you to ignore the plight of others. It allows you to sleep in the knowledge of your own certainty that you are right and they are wrong.

It keeps you from seeing others as they would see you.



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Forces Film, Again Begin