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social injustice

Who That


“Who is in the kitchen cooking my Chinese dinner?”

“Is it a Mexican?”

“Where is that guy from?” 

“He looks like an Armenian. They are bad people.”

“Look at the lips on that one would you.”

“You know who is responsible for all the shit that’s going on?  They’re the reason we can’t have a good country.”

These are the words I heard from a man who is from the greatest generation. He and just about every member of that generation define everything, everyone, every event with race.

I’m standing beside a pool in Ocala, Florida with the residents of the retirement community. The chit chat includes why you can’t go into town at night, the Coons. Why you can’t go across the tracks, the Cubans. Why it’s only safe to get a haircut in a particular shop because they don’t cut niggers hair.

All of these people attend the local Baptist church. They pray to God at every meal. Cry and lift each other up as they die. Bring hot casseroles and pies to those left behind.

Yet behind the church is the Black church. Right there on the main road into Ocala.

The black is not welcomed into the white church in the black churches front yard.

Oh, they help the black church the white church does. They collect up the used Sunday school workbooks and give them to the black church. There’s nothing like a work book all ready filled out about Jesus to tell you how much he and the white parishioners love you.


You’re not going to change these people. Each one of them will cling to their prejudice with their last Medicare assisted breath. They’ve learned at the knee of our past racist American forefathers the meaning of, “Everything has its place and a place for everything.”

To allow anything out of place is a sin against Gods word.

“You going to hell boy if help them coloreds!” From the lips of the church deacon.

Now, we have the Baby Boomers, the children of the greatest generation. How are they doing on that racism, bigotry thing they surely fed from as children?

Our current president is one of them.

The GOP is dominated by them.

The House and the Senate leadership is well manned by them.

Do you see anything?

Can you hear anything?

Do you feel it?




Forces Film, Again Begin



Every day we wake to questions that we have no answer to.

Some are simple while others are complex.


Why does my back hurt when I wake up in the morning?

Who used all of the toilet paper?

What’s happening across the street?

Where are my leftovers?

Who the hell is driving that car?

Why is it so hot out today?

What does that street person want me to do?

How come God doesn’t answer me?


What made that congressman smarter than me any ways?

What’s this spot on my shirt from?

Why does my knee hurt every time I climb the stairs?

Look at that asshole, doesn’t he know you can’t do that?

What are brown people complaining about? Aren't we all equal?

I don’t use drugs, why can she?

What does that black guy want me to do? Give him all my money?

Why is that woman proud? Doesn't she know she’s poor?

Who has the time to listen?

Why can’t we kick all the bad people, and you know who they are, out of our country?

Why does the president think that nazis and the klan are good people too?

Why doesn’t our legislature tell the president he’s wrong about white people losing their heritage?

Why would a president give a pardon to a known racist?




Sometimes, we don’t want the answer to our question because it will reveal a truth we are not comfortable about.

A truth we are not comfortable about our nation, our community, our selves.

A truth we do not want to examine because it means we will have to act. To do the good work. To stand against the darkness which wishes to extinguish the light we have fought for.



Forces Film, Again Begin


park bench.jpg

That’s a strange word isn’t it?

The old joke about assumptions goes like this… 

If you assume you know something you, have the potential of making an ass out of you and me.

In the world of Catholicism, this coming August 15, it is the annual religious holiday celebrating the belief that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus the Christ, was taken up into heaven. 

A point of procedure here: Many within that faith do not realize that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken bodily into heaven just like her son. There are no bones of Mary in a reliquary in Italy or any other principal monarchy in Europe.

Assuming what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, theology-based reasoning don’t you see.


Back in the later 1930s there were a group of leaders who were talking to this Hitler guy. This Hitler guy and his friends had won a big election and pushed out the old governing folks in their capital of Berlin, Germany.

The prime minister of England at the time, Neville Chamberlain, found himself faced with a problem. England like the rest of the world was recovering from the great depression. Unlike Hitler and his crew who grew their economy, built freeways, brought jobs back, blamed all their problems on immigrants. England was still in the dumps.

So when Hitler began acquiring other countries, Chamberlain didn’t want to get involved with all that silliness on the continent. He didn’t want to spend any of his political capital. He believed it was best to compromise. He appeased Hitler. 

He assumed Hitler was a nice guy and would keep his word. Of course anyone who would assassinate his opposition, roll tanks into his neighbors front yards like Hitler could be trusted, right?

Chamberlain assumed wrongly.

Back long ago at the beginning of 2017, the people of the US got a new executive leader, president Trump. A lot of people assumed he was going to bring back historically lost manufacturing jobs. Prevent drug abuse. Build a wall to keep white people safe. Get all the health care they need and not have to pay for it. Stop brown people from getting everything for free.

The president has assumed he can call the intelligence community, “…A bunch of Hitlers!”

Without retort.

He’s assumed he can call the free press, “…Fake news!”

Without retort.

Just the other day when president Trump was asked about the 750 plus State Department workers thrown out of the Moscow Embassy by Putin he said, “He appreciated the favor done him and the American people by reducing the US budget!”

Trump assumed we are not as intelligent as he and the quips of a snarky bully go over our heads.

Who really is the ass?



Forces Film, Again Begin