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Invitation Declined


Have you ever been invited to an event that you really didn’t want to attend?

Like a birthday for a relative that you don’t really like?

Or a wedding with some co-worker that at the very least is an annoying person?

On Facebook I saw a friend got an invitation to the Whitehouse to have a dinner with now president Trump. 

He marked on the outside, “ RETURN TO SENDER”.

What does not wanting to go to a lame ass birthday party and going to the Whitehouse with Trump have in common?

Bad people, and you know who you are, don’t want you to think they are bad. They want you to think they are normal like you. You who don’t take advantage of people’s empathy. You who don’t steal other people’s identity. You who stand for the right idea, the right action without compromising your values.

Bad people don’t think that way.

Bad people take advantage of your empathy, your identity, your inherent goodness.

They take it unto themselves and wrap themselves with it to seem normal.

Today, it is called “normalization.”

See that racist over there?

If you ask him if he’s a racist he’s going to say no he isn’t. Why?

Why because he has a black guy working for him that’s why. “See,” he tells you, “ I can’t be a racist because I hire black people.”

It now seems a long time ago that I received an invitation to meet with George W. Bush for dinner. To discuss my business, being a writer and producer, with other business owners.

I declined.

At that point in the Bush presidency he had allowed 9/11 to happen. He had lied about WMD’s. He had gotten us into two illegal and unpaid for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which are still going on. And he let hundreds die in hurricane Katrina.

I wasn’t going to be the liberal window dressing for his profit agenda to demonstrate how reasonable he and his administration was.

Now we have in the Whitehouse an avowed white nationalist supremacist, who conducts espionage on a daily basis with a foreign adversary, profits on his name on all his properties as president, supports child molesters, supports discrimination against all people of color, supports misogyny and is an avowed sexual predator. 

His lesser ills, he favors trophy hunting, he is a sociopathic liar, denies science and thinks his daughter is a hot piece of ass he’d like to date.

In the context of lending your attendance to a gathering at which Trump presides, if you are a person of morality, it is a clear no! 

People like him, and we know who you are, wrap themselves in the flag. Wrap themselves in liberty. Wrap themselves in morality. When we all know they are base creatures.

They don a mask of propriety so you are not revulsed by the blackness of their hearts.

Never lend your good name to a bad person so they can pretend they are normal.

Last thought.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “Wolf in sheeps clothing.”



Forces Film, Again Begin



Dutch, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, leads a group through the Guatemala jungle in search of missing CIA operatives in the movie Predator.

Ultimately the story asks who is the predator?

Is it the alien from another world or is it Dutch the human?

Yes, it turns out that the alien who traversed trillions of miles to hunt man is the evolutionary loser. On this planet of the apes we are the top banana when it comes to predation.

Predators on this world come in many forms.

They are not limited to gender, position, age or any of the demographic categories  that you can name.

You may be a predator. The person next to you could be a predator. I could be a predator.

The main characteristic of a predator is that they blend in. They have mastered to some extent the ability to camouflage themselves in plain sight.

They also have mastered the art of the trap.

They each have honed the ability to manifest a funnel, a channel through which their victims migrate to the center of the web where the predator awaits to feed upon them.

Examples you ask?

A priest who oversees the alter boys who pass out cakes.

The policeman who waits for an undesirable to pass his car whom he then pulls over.

The woman that undermines other women at work who blames the accounting short falls on their lack of attention.

The studio executive who listens to a pitch from a new writer and then takes their intellectual property and produces a project without them.

The guy who serves you pizza who doesn’t wash his hands.

The father who demands respect even as he beats his children and prays as he puts them to bed.

The son who grooms divorced women with no self esteem by telling them lovely words. Words they long to hear so he can make them have sex with him.

Predators lure their victims with charisma and self confidence. 

They command attention in a room. They always have the best story. The best experience. They are the best.

They win.

But lately, I wonder if the long tide of evil has crested?

Has our society specifically here and now in these United States come to a watershed moment? Has our collective psyche reached a point in time where we can now see behavior that was once hidden?

Can we recognize the sociopath?

Can we see that person who knows the difference between right and wrong but chooses to do wrong because it benefits them?

Is this awakening that women are people too just a media fad?

Let us believe it is not.

There is still a road before us upon which life is asking us now all to stand for that which is right. That which is good. That which liberty, equality and justice for all rings out.

The light asks each one of us to stand.




Forces Film, Again Begin

No Doubt


Who do you doubt?

Who do you give the benefit of the doubt?

What does that mean, “Give the benefit of the doubt?”

Just yesterday I was in line at my grocery store and there appeared to be an adult male in front of me checking out also. However, he was texting and the clerk asked multiple times for him to pay as he fingered his device. He didn’t know if he needed a bag. He couldn’t work the card machine without the clerks help.

I made a mistake giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was an adult.

Doubt giving is linked to trust.

Who do you trust?

We say to ourselves, “I believe that person is like me. They think like me, they feel like me, they understand like me.” However, should we do that in every way? Should we proverbially “bend over backwards,” in all situations, in all circumstances?

Some businesses now have a motto on how to deal with customers. “Benefit of intent.” Assume that the customer has no ill intent when dealing with them and their concerns. 

Are we to turn a blind eye to intent?

When do we take action when we realize we are being used?

Is there a collective loss of memory that there are bad people in the world doing bad things because that’s their plan?

The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PH.D. examines the fact that 1 in 25 Americans secretly have no conscience and can do anything without feeling guilty.

Sociopaths can be your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandmother, grandfather, friend, nun, acquaintance, boss, manager, HR person, next-door-neighbor, priest, clerk, charity fundraiser, mail person, reverend, bus driver, celebrity, producer, executive, CEO, senator, congress person, POTUS.

Anyone in your life…

They are the reason why shit happens in the world. The good hearted people, the people with morality are taken advantage of by the sociopath because we collectively believe that everyone is like us. That everyone has morality just like ours.

They don’t!

The sociopath thrives on our collective ignorance of their existence. It’s not as if they don’t know the difference between good and bad. The simple truth is they don’t care. They don’t care who or what they use or destroy as long as they benefit.

Maybe it is time to think about the problems that surround us all and why or who is at the heart of why they don’t get any better.

Doubt and trust should only be reserved for those who are human.

Those without empathy are defined as monsters.

No doubt.




Forces Film, Again Begin