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Sunday Reflections

Coffee NOVO Cafe, Daniel J Frey, Forces Film

I don’t like what I see in the mirror. Time is nobodies friend is it? You can’t hold time, you can’t slow it down or speed it up.

I’ve tried but just like water in your hands it slips away, leaves traces of itself upon your life and like a stingy child who won’t share, it taunts you into asking for more.

Every day, at the end of writing and illustrating, I go to my favorite coffee hangout NOVO Cafe here in Burbank. There I’ve met some wonderful people at the beginning of their journey with time. Me daughter joins me half the time. She’s my comedic inspiration. A starting point.

Just the other day she remarked she was concerned that some fish she saw on TV was in danger of drowning.

The political news about our president since he came to the White House has been like that fish about to drown. Some are afraid, others are applauding in anticipation that Trump will burn DC down. Perceived realities collide.

It’s a remarkable time we live in where reality for some is not reality for others. We used to be able to judge right versus wrong. Now our media segregation means we circulate in our self made frog ponds of our own social media certainties.

Truth it seems is what we tell ourselves it is.

Time it seems will let us know if this fish will drown in his own pool.




Forces Film, Again Begin