Let us listen to the sound.

Let us let the future worry about itself.

Let us take the time to be in the now.


Silence the mind…

Back in the day, our nation was at a crossroad as it is today.

Liberty and freedom faced a test of resolution.

Could the idea of freedom stand against the dark tide of prejudice?

Like a slow change of season, the people did not recognize that the nation had a growing divide.

Like finding frost on the lawn, overnight the Summer had turned and fell into the Fall.

Searing fear, coupled with divine instruction informed one side.

Fervent ideals bonded with modern practicality informed the other side.

The divide grew.

Freedom was only for the White.

Freedom was for all men.

Each side planted a flag and pitched their tents on the battlefield.

Two camps.

States rights to determine what's best for its people versus Federal rights to determine what's best for all the people.

Tactics developed on both sides of the question of who would be slave or free.

Words versus action.

Words versus violence.

Violence versus violence.


Once the war was over the side for freedom for all won.

The defeated side never accepted the outcome.

A man could never tell them what was right when it went against the word of God.


I use to be an Orderly back in the day.

I worked at a suburban hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

I learned how to take a pulse.

You put your hand on the stranger's wrist and you time how many beats in the artery you feel in the wrist.

You measure the beats in 15 seconds and times that number by four to get the pulse.

Most of us don't think about our heart rate, our pulse.

Our nation has a heartbeat, a pulse.

It doesn't take a particular skill to find it.

Or to listen to it.

Our Republic is demonstrating that it has an ongoing cardiac condition.

It has an irregular pulse.

A blockage…

You won't get an honest feel for it through your local news.

You won't get it each night on your national news.

You have to get against the wrist of the nation, against it bones to feel there isn't something right going on.

A way to get to the pulse of our nation is to listen to the voices.

It takes a little time.

But you'll soon see there are two camps in our nation.

One who wants our world to do better…

The other wants to kill the better world people as soon as possible…


There is a malice in our nation driven by fear and hatred.

It is eye-opening to the degree of aggression the Presidents supporters are willing to be vocal about.

Mostly the left advocates making things work better.

Yes, I know, there are those that use violent, angry foul language against this President.

But there is no movement on the left where they are actively arming themselves to take on this Presidency.

However, on the right, there is a steady drumbeat to kill all the liberals.

We the libtards.

On the one side, you have "save the turtles" on the other hand, you have "kill all the queer lovers?"

Change versus death sentences.

Is that really a tactic?

Is that really where the GOP and Republicans and their supporters are pitching their tents around?

That's the flag they want to follow?


Elizabeth Warren has been offering some tactics on how to grow and protect the middle-class economy.

Beto talks about LGBTQ equality.

Sanders tactic is to promote democratic socialism.

Biden cheerleads about we can do better.

Harris talks about immigration and fairness.

Buttigieg promotes better voting rights protections.

These are all political tactics to approach the voter's potential for Reason.

I'm the best person to do the job for you the thing you are most concerned about.

I'll get it done.


Yet on the other side a call for mental and physical destruction of the opposition?

Put all them Democrats into military prison camps.

There seems from my limited health experience but excessive political knowledge that the nation as a whole has a heart blockage.

Our Republic is on the verge of another heart attack.

We need a doctor…

We need nurses, medical technicians, cleaning staff, laundry services, food services, damn we need to get our ass to the emergency room pronto.

It is just plain flat out wrong for any portion of the leadership on the Right to allow such sediment and rhetoric to be promoted in social media.

We are witness to the pulse, the blood flow of bad ideas between fearful people.

But hold on…

The fearful are not to be attacked.

You can't beat a person and expect them to love you afterward.

A great sin of neglect was done in this nation after its war between the states.

Our nations leaders and its people should have come together and work to heal the mind and spirit of this nation.

Instead, everyone went to their corners where they nurtured their resentments and fears.

They let God sort them out, and he didn't do a good job of it.

That ugly disease of the American heart called racism still clots our arteries.

We're on the verge of a cardiac malfunction…

We need a stent put in to open our compassion.

We need to put our people to work to grow strong.

We need a steady diet of hope.

We need to lower our blood pressure through the exercise of justice.

These are good sound tactics.

Silence the mind…

Listen to the people.

Drop hate lift hope.