After the Tears


The unexpected shock.

The eyes strain to see life.

The heart leaps into the throat.

After the tears…

An old photo of a happy day.

The hand of a baby daughter in yours.

Eyes that look up and see you for what you are.

After the tears…

Death wants to kill all you love.

Death makes you run with all that you love.

Death haunts your every step towards freedoms precious light.

After the tears…

With the flood all around.

With your baby holding tight to daddy's strength.

With all you have, it wasn't enough.

After the tears…

No one heard.

No one saw.

No one cared.

After the tears…

After the tears comes the rolling thunder of justice.

A people should not tolerate the conditions of physical, and a type of mental enslavement.

In our nation, minds and hearts are captured by an ideology that allows mothers, fathers, and their children to die in dark waters at a nations doorstep is not a nation.

It is not a community.

It is a society that is sick.

A sickness that has been allowed to fester way beyond its expiration date.

This nation we live in has always understood what the right thing to do is.

Even other nations have been able to read our credo and have understood that Liberty with her torch held high is there to welcome the weak, the fearful, those without hope, the tired, the sick, the forgotten.

This nation we live in has forgotten its credo.

This nation has forsaken its honor.

This nation has abandoned human decency, compassion in favor of a short-lived political power.

Our nations mind is set against itself.

Through the roar of political lions, through the ripping apart of safety in neighborhoods, through callous disregard, lives are lost because it serves the ideal of retribution.

They deserve what they get because they are not like me.

Because they are not like me…

Not like me…

That's right.

That is not like us.

After the tears…

You don't have to be an empath to know that a baby girl clutching to her daddy's back who drowns with him as he sought freedom is wrong.

It's evil.

It's an evil perpetrated by men and women in power in our nation.

Not some mythical monster.

Not some alien from another planet.

Men and women, humans, who cannot see the individual only the inside of their closed hearts.

It stops.

It stops now.

It stops today.

We know what the right answer is.

We've all learned it once upon a time in America.

Love comes into the world and will set heart against heart.

Those that follow love cannot also support a blind human heart.

Love will separate a man from a woman.

Love will divide the parent from the child.

Love will demand that a nation do the right thing every time.

Every time!

Love asks more of us each and every day till the day we pass from the Earth.

A nation that practices love doesn't allow babies crying for a crust of bread to die.

Each and every death of anyone in our nations custody and those seeking refuge is further evidence of the cancer on America's soul.

I'll keep saying it, I'll keep asking it, I'll keep demanding it, I'll keep standing.

I'll never be silent…

After the tears will come the rolling thunder of justice.

After the tears…