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Got Questions


Do we ask the right questions?

When you find $20 bill on the ground what do you ask yourself?

Did a teenager drop that bill out of their pocket?

Did some careless person on their phone, who wasn’t paying any attention, drop it?

Did it fall off a bank truck?

Did the Tooth Fairy lose their deposit?

Was someone on drugs and didn’t give a rats ass?

Events of many types occur daily in our lives, and we get by with what is called assumptions.

We assume the character of events from our own experience, from our own expectations.

We create a story, a narrative, that allows us to deal with a situation even though it may not be the truth.

Some of us seem not to be able to handle the truth as I shall demonstrate.

An author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the character of a private detective he named Sherlock Holmes, was based upon the new science of deduction that had found its way into the police force of London, England there in the mid to late 1800’s.

A deduction is the application of a kind of logic.

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

This kind of application of logic should be distinct. A progression of numbers added to itself equals a total.

Holmes asked the question, how to apply logic, deductive reasoning to solving a crime.

A type of scientific method was employed. 

Was the suspect guilty? If so the how, what, when, where and motivation was sought out.

The idea that conviction relied solely on a persons word is taken as a starting point. Evidence of a crime is gathered and is included with a persons testimony.

This became a powerful tool in determining the guilt or innocence of individuals charged with a crime.

Before this time, simply accusing a person of a crime was sufficient to get them convicted and sentenced.

A great example is given in the text written by Doyle and the investigations of Sherlock Holmes, that covered the case of a man found dead in a field. 

Around the body were many hoof prints. 

A question was asked by the local police, where did all of the hoofprints found around the body come from?

Implicit in the question is the opening left int he logic that the hoofprints were not created by an animal that is native to the local environment.

Holmes became testy with the local detective and admonished him.

It would be illogical to assume that a Zebra made the hoof prints, Holmes declared. 

That would be a leap in logic that was illogical.

Why was it illogical?

Because of the local of this particular crime, where a man's body was discovered, was committed in a field located in the middle of the countryside of England. Zebra, are not native to England. 

It was better logic to assume that a common horse made the hoof prints.

Ask the right question.

We have all seen the videos where a child stands covered head to toe with chocolate and sincerely answers the question put to them, “Did you eat any chocolate?” To which the child replies, “No.”

The child has no idea that the chocolate that they love is spread in a thick layer of guilt all over their face.

Adults have this same capacity to deny what’s on their face.

They don’t lose it.

In fact, it’s the hallmark of the politician, by the salesman, by the person whom many will say has a great demeanor, personality, a charismatic individual, could sell a refrigerator to a penguin at the South pole.

It’s called being able to talk out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

Many of us are susceptible to these individuals.

Have anything in your house from QVC?

Got one of those non-stick frying pan things that will cook eggs like nothing else in history?

Do you have a talking fish on your wall?

Maybe you have one of those hats saying that America needs to be great again?

Ask the right question.

One of the great truths about life is you don’t have to believe anyone even me.

You can find out for yourself if something is true or not.

Explorers from Europe tried to convince people with money to fund their journeys to travel around the world.

That expression, around the world, was an oxymoron because the world was naturally flat.

It was flat because people didn’t travel any further daily than from their dwelling to a field where they tended crops. They didn’t think about the ocean. They didn’t think about the sun, the moon and the course of the stars. 

They didn’t think about where the birds went every fall. 

They didn’t think.

The world was a stranger they didn't want to get to know any better than from their own backyards.

They relied upon the chief storytellers to give them comfort from the unknown world beyond their sight. Beyond their experience. Beyond their knowledge.

The storytellers were able to create a mirage of monsters, of ghosts, of demons, of people not like you or me to scare the timid and keep the courageous cowed.

The storytellers were employed by the aristocrats. The rich. To keep people from asking the right questions. To keep them in power.

Is there a world beyond that I don’t know?

Is there a truth that is being kept from me?

Do people lie to me? 

Do I blindly accept that they lie because to know the truth would mean I was wrong?

Ask the right questions.

We have a president and his family and friends who tell us they are the best people ever.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says he doesn’t talk to Russians. He doesn’t have any deals with Russians. Who knows a Russian?

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says there are good Nazis.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says our friends are evil and dumb, but our enemies are good and smart. 

Almost as smart as he is, he’s tripled the GNP, he polls better than Lincoln ever did, Brexit is good for England, immigration is bad for America,  Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Rodrigo Duterte, and Putin are great guys and our friends.

Ask the right question.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Hope Makes You Live Longer


Hope makes you live longer and that’s a problem for racists.

It’s a problem for all racists and sociopaths and is best demonstrated by our current president Mr.Trump.

Don’t believe me?

He has so far worked systematically to eliminate all hope brought about by the last 75 years of civil and social rights during his occupancy at the top of the Administration branch.

In short, Trump and his supporters want to eliminate hope so that all non-white people die as soon as possible thus increasing their personal profit.

What do I mean by their personal profit?

Scrooge, a character created by Charles Dickens in his story A Christmas Carol, exemplifies a person who values personal profit over the welfare of friends as well as humanity as a whole.

He expressed that the poor should die as quickly as possible and thus decrease the surplus population, so that he, the rich, did not have to be burdened by their pleas for help.

Scrooge considered himself a great human being one that was kind and generous. Exemplified by the money he gave to the charities he believed in. Those charities being the local workhouses where the poor were forced into slavery to pay off their debts and taxes.

They were in their way a “work for welfare” policy of the day. You could either work off your taxes or you could be put to death. Your choice.

The overarching belief that Scrooge held was that the poor were undeserving of charity.

The poor were not as moral as he was.

The poor did not deserve charity because of their sin of being poor. They had squandered Gods gift to them of not becoming a business person. A person who owned their own company.

The poor were undeserving of hope.

They were useless beings, not even human, which have plagued the good rich people of the world since the beginning of time.

They needed to be disposed of like vermin so that the good rich people didn’t have to see their sin and squalor.

He and people who believed as he did wanted to keep those people out of his country far enough away that he couldn’t see or hear their tears, which was very annoying to one’s digestion.

Scrooge saw his own personal profit would be benefited if the poor didn’t exist, were dead. 

He wouldn’t have taxes stolen from him to pay for their sinful welfare.

Do you understand that people like Trump do not see any profit, either in terms of real money or in the sense of charity, in helping the poor?

I want you to remember that hope makes you live longer.

This attitude towards the poor is not exclusive to those with money.

No, sadly it is not.

No matter the demographic, where you live, your income, your race, your gender, it so happens that part of the human condition is to regard those that are not like you, “the other”, as being less than you.

It is a way to ease the conscious, to soften the sound of tears falling on deaf ears.

Those people are not like me.

Those people do not feel the cold like me.

Those people do not feel pain like me.

Those people are animals.

Those people are sinners.

Those people have no morals like me.

A person just like you and me sat and thought about these people he saw around him and wondered also why they couldn’t extend love beyond themselves.

He reflected about his own childhood, born into poverty his parents fleeing a corrupt government in fear of their lives.

He talked to his friends and anyone else who would listen about what love demands of us.

What love demands of us?

Love demands we give hope freely.

Love demands we give from our hearts what each of us can, no more and no less.

For you see those that are in fear, those that are poor, those that cry out for help, our answer should be full and immediate.

I come.

I come.

I come with hand outstretched my friend.

My kingdom is yours for our house is large. That house is the heart of those that can see humanity in the faces of all mankind. All are welcome.

Hope makes you live longer.

Go out today and give freely of hope.

Remind the racist that the heart of humanity reaches larger in love than the fist of hate.



Forces Film, Again Begin



Let us face the truth together.

Across the length of time we collectively, humanity, have enjoyed a good story.

What is your favorite story?

We collectively have always been drawn to the story of the hero.

The hero starts out not knowing they will change the world. They get lost. They face setbacks one after another.

At a critical place and time when all hope is lost, they do the impossible and save the day.

The hero.

Let us face the truth together.

What is fear?

Where does it come from, fear? Why is it there? What good is it?

Fear keeps us from doing what we believe to be dangerous. What we believe to be a thing that will imperil us. A thing that we believe to be impossible.

In a good story about a hero, the hero always has fear blocking their path.

That fear is to remind us that the hero has a hurdle to overcome. A thing on their journey that they must find the courage to face and ultimately defeat if they are to accomplish their goal.

Fear is a door that keeps us from where we want to go.

Our task, like the hero, is to find the key that will open that door.


What is the key that will defeat fear?

Let us face the truth together.

The hero does a lot of self-reflecting.

What does self-reflecting mean?

The hero asks themselves, is what they are doing correct?

Do you ever ask that of yourself? Do you ever ask yourself, am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right side? 

Could I be wrong?

The majority of us do not face this question often. This isn’t controversial, it’s a fact, that old men can be dependability counted on never saying they were wrong.

When was the last time you heard anyone over the age of 50 say openly in public they were wrong?

Age makes it harder to hear the cries of the weak.

Age makes it harder to see the faces of pain.

Age makes it harder to feel the broken spirit.

Age dulls the response to the immediacy of life, the now.

Consider in history, when did the German people know that they were wrong?

Was it when young men in brown shirts marched against the infestation in the German homeland?

Was it when the infestations property was taken and they the Jews were placed in camps?

Was it when their leader declared himself the only person who could solve their problem?

Was it when their leader offered a final solution to the infestation that plagued Germany?

How far off the rails of humanity did it have to go before the German people knew they were on the wrong side?

On that day, when they looked in the mirror and saw reflected in their eyes the death camps, the piles of shoes, the smell of burning flesh, all reflected in their souls?

Was it that day that they realize they had supported evil?

Let us face the truth together.

In fact, many denied that they were complicit in the horror of the Holocaust.

Echoes of that denial are heard today by our leaders. They say of the immigration camps, it’s not that bad. Summer camps. Well taken care of. 

They fought back even today with words like, using liberal propaganda, we must be strong, the homeland cannot exist without borders, what about our children. Aren't our children more important than the illegal alien infestation at our borders?

What about our children.

What about our children?

Let us face the truth together.

Heroes come from many places most are unknown.

I was a stranger and you did not welcome me.

Heroes come with nothing but a purpose to make a difference.

I was naked and you did not clothe me.

A hero stands alone from the crowd who would rather tell themselves stories instead of facing the facts.

I was sick and in prison and you did not visit me.

You don’t have to throw down a monster to be a hero.

You don’t have to take on the impossible to make a difference.

You just have to lift the curtain and see the world in the light of love.

It is a bright light that light of love.

If you are not careful you can be burned by it forever changing your soul.

That light of love asks us to do something that is uncomfortable.

What is that?

It asks us to love those that are not like us.

For the brave, for the hero, it requires even more.

Love asks you to love those that are in darkness.

Love asks can you reach out to the tired? Can you reach out to the poor?

Can you open your heart and see the fear on the faces of parents and their children and welcome them into your home?

Can you hold up that light of love before this land and welcome the lost?

We can.

We can help the lost both near and far. We can make room at our table for poor children both here in our country and abroad.

Love doesn’t ask you to choose my friends.

Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

Love tells you, no!


It demands that if you are a follower of the light it expects that you will do both.

You will love your own as well as the other.

Love shines on the faces of all no matter the color, the age, the country of birth and asks you to welcome them all into your heart.

There is a confusion that you must choose.

That’s not what the man from Galilee said.

Take a look at yourself and you can see others differently.

Hand in hand, lift each other up in the ideal of the brotherhood of man.

Let us face the truth together.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Can You Hear Me?


The cry of a child echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you hear me?

The lights go out and my mother has been taken away.

Lost in the confusion, where am I?

The food is strange.

The light is harsh.

Fear whispers in the corner of the dark room.

I’m drowning in a whirlpool of anxiety.

Can you hear me?

What happens to the heart as the years turn to decades?

What happens to the heart when we can no longer hear the sound of want?

A man, a woman can see a child shiver with fear but not see a human but a problem.

How does one find oneself in league with evil?

How does one reconcile torture of the soul as a legal right?

Can you see?

Can you see by that dawn’s early light, the cancer on your soul?

I wonder.

I wonder how far removed does racism take you from the brotherhood of man?

What makes you want to take that ride where freedom for all has died?

How can the words of revealed truth be twisted to make righteous the evil of the soul?

These days and nights I wonder.

I, like you, watch the images come and go across the TV. I read the words that describe the intent of the law maker. The purpose of the law to be obeyed at all cost.

To obey the law at the cost of the soul of man?

Can you hear me?

Does my voice in the wilderness of social media matter?

Can you or I make a difference? Can we hold up a light in this darkness that has come upon us so swiftly?

Will it matter?

I’ve spoken to you all before about that statue of Justice. She is blind, yes, so that justice is delivered without prejudice. It is delivered equally. She does not see color, or race, or temperament, wealth, poverty, all are judged with equality.

But remember, she is human. Her ears are not bound. 

She can hear the words of the defenders of justice.

She can hear that cry.

She can hear that fear.

She can hear that want.

She can even hear that reckless use of biblical text by self serving servants of our Republic.

Justice has a heart.

Not by strict adherence to law alone can one be a defender of humanity.

Christ admonished the priests that they had made so many laws that no one could actually obey them all.

The purpose of law and it’s administration is not the strict adherence that dictates that there are no exceptions.

What if you said to me you never lie?

You would never lie under any circumstance.

I put you in Warsaw, Poland, World War II, under Nazi occupation and the SS come to your door asking if there are any Jews in your house? Why yes, I never tell a lie they are upstairs in the attic.

It is why we have a judicial system so that laws can be administered by judges who can take in all sides of a dispute and render a decision.

Taking away the children of people who come to our border makes those agents of this administration the judge, jury and executioners without regard to circumstance.

They effectively become a hostile police state upon our borders.

Can you hear me?

I’m brought back to what makes a person turn their backs on suffering?

What do they tell themselves?

How do they hold themselves up in their minds-eye as good people doing the good work all the while they torture other people?

What do people who do not see the suffering of others, what do they wrap themselves in?

They wrap themselves with the flag. They wrap themselves with their personal interpretation, better yet, their personal cherry picking of biblical texts.

They stick their heads in the sand like the Speaker of the House as he stuck his fingers in his ears and sung ting-a-ling-a-loo so they don’t hear…

The cry of a child as it echoes across the sagebrush.

Can you  hear me?



Forces Film, Again Begin

The Tired


Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, some days you’re just tired.

No energy to go about the tasks that you do each day. You just want to sit or lay down in your favorite spot and do nothing.

Just the other day I felt that way. I got away from my desktop of drawing and writing and sat on the couch. It was an unusual day for Los Angeles, there was cloud cover and a slight pissy rain falling.

I looked over at Wolff’s book glaring back at me and said to myself, “No, not now.” 

Beyond the rain-dappled window, you could hear, as you can hear every moment of the day, the sound of the freeway traffic on the 134 humping by.

Relative silence.


I picked up my phone like we all do and started to thumb through the Facebook as a last resort before I found myself inevitably doing something.

There were the usual memes people have discovered for the first time. The pictures of meals about to be consumed. The harsh language of anger at the world and how it’s treating these first world citizens.

Then I thumbed upon a strident voice wanting immediate attention.

It begged a question, “If you want to be an American, why don’t you go through Ellie Island like my grandmother did?”

I smiled at first at the spelling of Ellis Island, just a typo I suppose.

Then I frowned at the sentiment. The intent. The belief in a legality that didn’t exist. 

My own perplexity at the lack of knowledge of history, of place, of time, of the peoples involved, are really let’s all be honest, the sausage making that is Facebook communication.

It’s a bowl of watery mush. It’s a conglomerate of half-baked ideas held together and cooked with feelings instead of knowledge. Its banter, gossip, theory disguised as a platform for the exchange of ideas. Both good, bad and indifferent.

That being said, I come back to the sentiment about Ellis Island.

When Ellis Island opened its doors in New York City Harbor in 1892 people before and after came to America with no prerequisite for their admission.

All they wanted was to be free.

They didn’t have to speak English. They didn’t have to have money. They didn’t have to have a job. They didn’t have to have an education. They didn’t have to sign their name. They didn’t have to have a home.

They just had to have the will to leave desperation, murder, rape, intolerance, bigotry, persecution to go to the land of opportunity.

The arms of Liberty were open for all.

All they needed was the desire for freedom.

What made the people who lived in the golden land feel the need to shut the door behind them on those wanting to also breathe free?

Consider a proposition that all of humanity wants to be free. However, they who deny a person, a people who are seeking freedom are not friends of mankind.

They don’t have a connection between the law and the heart of the law.

Have you ever looked at the statue of Justice? She is a woman, not a man which entails everything that women represent in nurturing and caring. She holds a scale that balances right and wrong. However, she is blind which implies she applies justice without prejudice equally.  She also carries in her left hand a sword which declares a decision will be made, life or death.

But wait, she is also a living being with a mind and a heart. There are degrees to which justice and legality are applied. It does not represent the old Hammurabi code of an eye for an eye. Since the Age of Enlightenment which is the cornerstone of the ideology of the founding fathers, it asks the participants in justice, the judge and the judged, to weigh a given situation and come up with the right, the best solution.

Justice today is not like the judgments given by Solomon or Newman who both wanted to cut either a boy or a bike in half to give each claimant an equal half.

No. Society at large has moved on from that simple understanding of rules equally applied with no exceptions, no gray areas, no application of empathy or quality of circumstance.

The rain suddenly came up upon the window pane.


I’m brought back to the words, “If you want to be an American, why don’t you go through Ellie Island like my grandmother did?”

Another statue ahead of us there. Mother of Exiles. Its feet wrapped in fog. It’s meaning confused by time and the tired.

Do you see where we are traveling now?

It’s one hundred years ago… 1918.

We’re on the deck of a ship. We’re cold and hungry. The memory of the Germans marching into our Polish village outside of Warsaw is what made us leave our parents. It was the First World War, the war to end all wars they said. Our younger brothers and sisters all looked up to us the oldest girl in the house. We all picked onions on the farm. That was until the war was over and nobody had a job and the money we had didn’t buy anything.

Accept one ticket.

Our parents were not angry. They understood. Why we had to leave. Warm thoughts on a cold morning late in December. So many people on this big boat. We took the little boat to the big boat. All the money we had, our family had to send just me.

Just me.


There she is.

Lady Liberty.

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Americans are not afraid. 

I want to be like them. 

I don’t want to be afraid anymore.



Forces Film, Again Begin