border wall

Season of Cruelty


Baseball for the year 2019 draws to a close.

Summer thinks about hanging on all year round.

Grandma isn't able to get out of the house anymore.

A political party gives up being for all Americans.

The season of cruelty continues.

Human families come to our nation's door seeking comfort are separated and abused.

A natural disaster.

Wealth intended to give relief from despair is diverted to build a wall to stop the future at our border.

The same hate marches in the street of the big city and also through the living room of the country house.

The sexual abuse of women and children is a protected lifestyle of the rich.

The poor are given poisoned water.

The season of cruelty continues.

Elected men and women worry more about their position than to hold accountable those who spit on our Constitution.

The elected officials enable the purveyors of cruelty to rip and rend our society.

Media spokespeople for the current President tell us there is only one truth, and that is in the mind of the leader.

Children in America are locked in cages.

Children in America are taken from their hospital beds and deported.

Children in America are shot to death in their classrooms.

Promises of pardons are given to the loyal tigers which stalk the streets of America who rend the hope of the people.

The Chosen One tells us he's loved better than Jesus.

The season of cruelty continues.

The President tells us everything he says is a joke.

The season of cruelty continues.

Every season has its end.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, even the worse tyrant will someday die.

They will go away.

However, for those living under the rule of the tyrant, the season will be cruel.

Seasons are soft lessons for hard heads.

For those that forget easily.

Seasons don't yell at first.

Seasons don't come in with a bang.

Seasons come in when a society opens its door.

What can wander through the door and into the hearts and minds of a people could be good or bad.

Like the ocean tide, today, a cruel wave washes across America.

It has been a rising tide of hate.

A tide filled with ignorance.

A tide awash with selfishness.

A tide that has washed away moorings of humanity and compassion.

Those that thought their world was build upon a higher ground have fallen into despair.

The same hate that generations fought and died fighting against still lies at the bedrock of our American experience.

Seasons teach lessons.

When winter comes, when the world becomes cold and hard, if sustenance has not been laid away, the season will be cruel.

However, a lesson should be learned.

That before the change of season comes again you must work hard to prepare.

This season of cruelty we are living through is here to teach us a lesson.

The lesson is that hate and ignorance will always be with us.

A nation, a society must prepare, must learn that the fight doesn't end for justice.

Again like the tide, it rises and falls with the season.

This tyrant will not be in power forever.

But there will undoubtedly be others like him.

There will undoubtedly be followers of hate ready to support cruelty.

We as defenders of the faith, defenders of the Constitution, defenders of the truth of freedom and justice for all must do the good work.

We must faithfully do right.

Not just for ourselves but for the generations to come who will also have to pick up where we left off.

When this season ends, there will most certainly be another one coming.

Lest we forget.

Lest we forget our brothers and sisters.

Those that are within and outside of our borders who believe in the same hope for which this nation was founded.


Join hands, join hearts, join minds together to build not a wall of hate but a bridge of love.

It is the reason for the season.