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Baby Teeth


The world is growing up.

Living has a way of creating a set of expectations.

When you are a child, you think you will have your teeth forever.

Then one day one of them comes loose and soon they are all falling out.

Your expectation did not match reality.

Most of us believe in the stories told by those in authority over us individually in our early years our parents, our caretakers.

These stories we naturally believe to be true.

Why would our parents lie to us?

An example story that holds water is someday you will have a job.

Most of us get some level of education, and from there we make choices and pursue a career.

Life sometimes throws us a curve ball and instead of a career with a 9 to 5 job we get an hourly wage at a fast food joint.

When we were told we would grow up to have a career and we dreamed what that career would be the difference between reality and our dream can be strikingly different can it not?

Right now you and I are living in a time of change.

We are witness to what I'm calling a clash of expectations.

Each of us expected our lives and the world to work one way only to be confronted with something very different.

That difference is Reality.

This clash of expectations today occurs because we for the first time in history can have the truth as well as lies delivered into our hands and into our minds instantly.

Steve Jobs wanted to put the power of the computer into everyone's hands.

He saw it as a way of incorporating, of blending together, of merging the human race in way specific manner to embrace the harmony of humanity through knowledge.

He helped usher in the communication age.

People like Buckminster Fuller saw that the desktop computer was going to be the most revolutionary power to pull all aspects of humanity onto a critical path of knowledge.

For the very first time in human history, humanity would be able to know information instantly.


Joseph Campbell, on the other hand, saw a canyon opening up in humanity's future.

As Arthur C. Clarke put it, humanity was coming to its own childhood's end.

It was going to lose its baby teeth.

Campbell rightly witnessed the end of humanity's transitional traditions.

When I was a child, I thought like a child, and when I became an adult, I thought as an adult.

Childish things are to be put away when we become adults.

Campbell saw that the world over had lost those cultural traditions which told the child previously that now you are no longer a child now you are an adult.

As the adult, you are responsible for the common good of the whole.

Children conversely are only concerned with their own happiness, their own welfare and are selfish.

Previously in the West, this time of transition from childhood to adulthood was called the age of responsibility.

When a person reached the age of eight or thereabouts the child was recognized by the adults in the community as being able to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Being aware of that difference meant they could be held responsible for their actions not only for themselves but for the community.

The individual left behind their childhood and took on the role of the adult to support and defend the common good.

Our modern society has allowed that tenant of humanity, what it means to be a human and an adult to drift away much like Wilson the soccer ball did in the film Castaway.

Today we allow 40-year-old grown children to act out in public precisely as if they were toddlers.

Somehow collectively we are afraid to tell these adults to put away their toys, clean up their rooms and behave like an adult.

There is obviously a whole host of issues that these childish expectations from these childish adults can come into conflict with reality.

I deserve a trophy!

I will marry prince charming!

I will have the perfect career!

I'm always right, you're always wrong!

You can't make me!

I'm winning you're not!

I'm better than you!

It's mine!



The Child/Adult can resist growing and being responsible for more than just their selfish interests well into their 80's.

However, one day they will have to face Reality.

The truth.

We only get one chance at life and sitting at the children's table living as a petulant child tyrant is a sad existence.

A sad existence for the child and the parents.

In America today we find many people who we have previously elected to office that demonstrate that they are still children.

These representatives of ours whine, they stomp their feet, they cry out, these Senators are throwing a tantrum because they refuse to do the chore that they were sent to elected Office to do.

Their expectations of power and prestige as a member of a representational government has come into conflict with the reality of which is more critical their self-interests or the Constitution?

They resent that they must serve the Constitution and not solely themselves.

The Constitution which is written for We the people, not I the indulged child/adult.

At the head of our government currently sits a particular kind of a spoiled brat.

Indulged throughout his life, never told he was wrong by those beneath him, he believes himself to be his own law, his own justice, his own judge.

He has an expectation that his world cannot be challenged.

It's time that the adults in the room introduce this child President to reality.

It's time to give him a time out.



Forces Film, Again Begin

More Than A Feeling


America has a problem, and it appears to be us.

One step forward, two steps back.

That's right.

One step forward, two steps back.

The problem that America has did not arrive with the election of the current President.

There has been a sickness at the center of the American heart that we as a people have ignored generation after generation.

Just like our physical health, the mental health of America is not what it can be.

There is obviously something broken in our will.

There is obviously something overheated in our choices.

There is obviously something falling apart at the center of our idea of justice, of fairness, of the common good.

At least half of the population of our nation live in a world without hope.

I don't mean they can't live day by day but to tell you the truth that's just what I mean.

If all you are doing each day is just getting by, just living, lust living because you have lost hope for your future, you are living in a purgatory.

You are working hard each day but getting nowhere.

You feel your head slipping under the surface of the waters of life.

You are choking on the words of promises not kept by those entrusted with your vote.

On the other hand…

The condition of America's mental health is not held solely contingent upon the actions of others, we the people are also responsible for letting our conscious get so distorted.

Loss of income, loss of job opportunities are a part of life.

They always have been.

There have been places and times in the past where economic opportunity failed the people and created a fertile ground in which political opportunists and tyrants ransacked and destroyed nations.

They plunged their populations into wars blaming others for their own financial and moral circumstance.

It's easy to say the devil made me do it then it is to take personal responsibility for your own failing.

Yet here in America we the people have always understood that the good of the many is extended to the few and to the one.

Our great American experiment is about a nation of many living together through thick and thin.

That our strength is we leave no one behind.

The rich, the poor, the healthy, the sick, the old, the young and all the colors of humanity working together to make a better nation, a better world, a better life for each other.

So here we are at this time and this place in America.

The times they are a changing yet again.

Today instantly people can unite or divide over a single Tweet.

Words matter.

Words can make people swallow hate or words can lift them out of fear and give them hope.

Each of us has a responsibility to the nation and to each other.

We need to give each other hope.

What can hope be?

Hope can be if you become sick you can't lose your home.

Hope can come from not being afraid your child will be killed in their classroom.

Hope can be working hard and earning a living to pay your bills with a little extra left in your pocket.

Hope can be coming out of the shadows of racism, misogyny, sexual bias and contributing without fear of economic and social retribution.

Hope can be an educational safety net that if your career opportunities change your new education is free.

None of these ideas to bring hope are new.

No, they are not.

They have been there since the foundations of this republic.

We the People of the United States, in Order, to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

All that means is we believe that hope belongs to everyone.

The more justice, the more peace, the more security, the more common good, the blessing of love and hope will be had by this generation and the generations to come.

Who doesn't want that?

Who would work against that?

Those that thrive that feed off of fear that's who.

Fear is power and for those who either want control or want to retain it fear is the thing that is fed.

Fear can do a lot.

It can build walls.

It can start wars.

It can starve people.

It can stop dreams.

It can destroy compassion.

It can throw down honor.

It can drown duty.

Fear is the enemy of hope.

More than a feeling, hope is the foundation of America.

After all this time, after all the people who have fought for, died for and have stood for what this nation stands for, we are not the generation to turn its back.


Let us each one of us ask of ourselves and of our neighbors to do better.

Not just for ourselves, but for all those generations yet to come.

Let us each in our way drop hate and lift up hope for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Right From Wrong


How can you know if you're in the right?

Many people past and present have and will go to their graves in the belief they are right.

Over 620,000 Confederate soldiers died for the cause of the South during the American Civil War.

1,773,700 plus German soldiers died during World War One.

Then the German people still believed they were right and the rest of the world was wrong and for a second time they went to war with the world and over 4.3 million soldiers were killed and over 500,000 civilians were killed.

3 million North Korean soldiers died for their cause.

1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers died for their belief.

This doesn't count the tens of millions of non-believers killed by these true believers during these conflicts who murdered the other under the assumption that there can only be one truth.

We today can see who was on the wrong side and who was on the right side during those conflicts.

But why didn't the people during those wars see the writing on the wall?

Why couldn't they see they were wrong?

There are big questions of right and wrong, but also there are everyday interactions, conflicts, issues that need answers.

How do you know you're in the right?

How many of us are willing to kill for a belief?

In our nation, many believe that they have the right to own guns and to kill whom they want when they want for their own reasons.

No one can stop them from killing not even the Constitution they believe.

We have subtler folks who casually discriminate based upon race.

Discrimination is a kind of casual death sentence upon the victim who is never given a real chance to thrive.

Greed drives many to gather and amass wealth through fraudulent business's, charities, religions.

Greed instructs the follower that the innocent are sheep, and you are the shearer.

Take from the stupid they'll never miss it.

Does at any time taking from the poor to make oneself rich ever raise a flag of morality for some?

Does a type of social, economic racism allow the person to convince themselves that this other kind of person doesn't deserve to be happy?

I'm of the mind that you either like humanity or you don't.

You're either willing to lend a hand or are of the mind that life is a party and it's there for your taking.

I'm also of the mind given our current time we live in that this split between those that are aware and support versus those that don't care about the common good is around 60/40.

I'm being an optimist and think that based upon the current polls demonstrating 40% of our citizens support our current President, and 60% don't.

That ratio can be reasonably applied to every issue that comes up today.

There are 40% of the nation who want children locked up.

There are 40% who want to discriminate against brown people.

There are 40% who don't want women to have equal pay.

There are 40% who would be happy with a dictator as long as that dictator favored them and oppressed the 60%.

There are 40% who want no restrictions on their right to kill with guns.

There are 40% who don't want the LGBTQ+ community to exist let alone have equal rights.

There are 40% who don't want abortions for any reason.

There are 40% who believe that the rich and corporations like them.

There are 40% who don't believe Man can change the climate.

There are 40% who don't want to share, food, neighborhoods, the street, the sidewalk, waiting in line, your right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It's really a sad thing to think about.

How could so many be so willing to destroy so much and yet still believe they are in the right?

What blinds people to pain?

What makes people deaf to the sound of sorrow?

What makes people ignore the crippling predatory power of poverty?

What takes away a person's ability to feel the anguish of hopelessness in another?

Is it as simple as, "At least it's not me."

How did generations, these generations that share this nation with us turn their hearts and minds away from love?

What put up the walls?

What burned down the truth of the common good?

What ground up common decency?

How did respect become hate?

Why did so many stop dreaming?

Why did so many of us stop dreaming of a better world?

So many have swallowed the pill of bitterness and now spew rank hatred in their wake.


How can a person believe that hatred, discrimination, intolerance, selfishness is standing on the side of right?

Of goodness?

Of compassion?

Of honor?

Of duty?

Personally, I'm gobsmacked.

America and please psychologists tell me if I'm wrong has a personality disorder.

An example is the opioid problem.

Yes, a corporation and doctors got together and made money off their product.

However, there is another problem that is more disturbing than corporate greed and the willingness to throw their customers into the morgue.

It's called personal responsibility.

Vast swaths of the Midwest have seen and are living in the aftermath of losing heavy industry and manufacturing to other countries via corporate boards lust for their ever-growing profit monster.

Unemployment, economic downturns, even depressions of the past meant everyone had to work harder.

Tough times made a tough people.

Can do spirit.

It didn't mean that they threw morality, social respect, belief in the rule of law out the window and went from no job to heroin addict overnight.

Historically speaking, if you're out of work, you became an alcoholic.

But opioids?


How is that doing right?

What makes one say I am different from the rest of these losers, I'm not an addict, I got this under control, I'm in the right?

I need this to get my life straight?

This personality disorder that America has did not develop on its own.



People do bad things when you take away their dreams.

When dreams become nightmares, some people strike out in fear and anger.

There is something we as a nation needs to know, something we all need to hear.

We can dream again.

We must, and it is our duty to dream again.

We don't have to believe we need to tear up and burn down what we have to make a clean start of it again.


You don't set your house on fire because you need a new pillow.

Some of us need to calm down.

Open our eyes.

Our minds.

Our hearts.

Understand that the first principle of being right is to believe in truth.

Even if that truth reveals that we are in the wrong.

There is and only has been one truth in all of human history.

Not your truth or my truth but one great universal truth that has united us from birth to death.

Wisdom comes from compassion.

It's why a man a long time ago said, "What parent would give their child a rock if they are hungry?"

Too many fellow Americans believe they are in the right and are handing out rocks to the rest of us to suck on.

That's got to change.

Love means doing more not less.

Love asks more of each of us every day.

Reach out to that brother and sister and give them some of your courage.

Lift that box off their heads called fear.

Push away the night terrors created by their fear.

Ask them to join in a new dream.



Forces Film, Again Begin



The times they are changing.

The people on top have gone through many name changes in history.

A moving target is hard to hit.

For a very long time, they were called Bandits.

Then Master.

Then King.

Then Aristocracy.

Then the Man.

Then the Ownership Class.

They have had a few things in common over the past 10,000 years.

The ownership class does not like to share.

The ownership class does not like public education.

The ownership class does not like the public period.

The times they are changing.

In past history 400 years ago, the fear that struck at the heart of the Aristocracy was Moveable type.

Moveable type meant that anything which was said on any given day, on that same day, it could be printed and read by thousands.

The King's in the past were not afraid of the public learning of their thievery in time for the public to do anything about it.

The Master's controlled the narrative about themselves masterfully.

The public couldn't understand the motivations of the wealthy because we were poor.

Not just poor in the pocketbook but also poorly educated poorly understood politics, poorly endowed with brains that were equal to the rich.

Moveable type allowed for the almost live rendition of fact to the general public.

It took many social and political revolutions, the American revolution being one of them before the Aristocracy got control of the narrative again.

You can point to the American Civil war as being one of the turning points in history where a war of the Aristocracy was committed to further the power and control of industry.

The First World War was a war between the Aristocracy of Europe.

Each and every war since then has been about control of corporate power over resources and who ultimately sat on industry boards in control of the planets natural wealth.

The Man eventually got control of Business which in turn gave money to politicians who wrote the laws, who then made the world favorable once again to the aristocrat.

Dissent was easily destroyed through media, narratives casting doubt upon public institutions were firmly once again ingrained in the public perception.

Freedom had the drapes pulled, and the public didn't see it coming.

The ownership class is good at its own public relations you have to give them that.

However, an immigrant to America had an idea from watching Star Trek.

Steve Jobs wanted to own and operate a company that built and supplied the computer that was in control of the starship Enterprise.

Today over 2.1 billion smartphones and growing are in the hands of the public.

This is causing yet again a fundamental shift if the fear of the Aristocrat.

The Ownership class is throwing the kitchen sink at truth trying to stop the information age.

At least those aware enough to see that their yacht is on fire.

The Masters are losing control of the narrative.

Each and every day countless millions can see and hear how their neighbor fell off their skateboard and broke their tailbone.

They can see and hear what their government representative has said about cooperating with an enemy of their country.

They can see and hear the owner of an airplane company say, "…oops we made a mistake people died, our bad."

They can see and hear how current day aristocrats tell women what they can and can't have in their bodies.

The narrative is no longer in control of the invisible corrupt.

We are witness to a transition in history just like the time of the invention of the Moveable type.

Our world is changing.

It will change fundamentally.

The genie is out of the bottle.

No amount of alternative narrative can prevent the truth from being revealed.

The sight of a man running away shot in the back by police.

A sex trafficker sitting with your senator, your president's family.

A teacher choking a student.

A teen shooting a store clerk in the face.

Men in the street carrying tiki torches chanting slogans of Nazis.

The sight of a melted north pole.

This power that has been given to us in the palm of our hands is an instrument for a fundamental change of our world, of our society.

For the first time in human history, those that feed and profit from fear can no longer hide.

What happens next?

The times they are changing…



Forces Film, Again Begin



Fear creates false stories.

If you are afraid, you are willing to believe the worse of the thing you are scared of.

It has been going on in the minds of humanity for a very long time.

Entire faiths, entire societies are based upon fear.

Fear of death.

Fear of the stranger.

Fear of new ideas.

Fear of change.

Fear of you.

That's right.

Somebody, somewhere right this very minute is afraid of you.

Of what you represent.

What do you represent?

Are you working for peace between your brother and your sister?

Or do you work against them because you don't trust them?

Or do you fall into the third thing which captures the majority of us which is you do nothing?

Fear will render the most logical person to accept the illogical.

For all of Time there has arisen out of the emotion of fear a false narrative.

A false story.

A false idea that there is a choice to be made.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Upon the question of immigration we are told you must have security first then possibly consideration will be given to why undocumented immigration happens in the first place.

Why can't we do both?

We have adopted an ugly discourse of narrowly believing there is only one way to solve a problem.

We search for a magic silver bullet that we can fire off and finish off the beast.

We want to kill off the thing that makes us worry and work as quickly as possible.

I'll declare that to be a lazy, slothful way of thinking.

It ignores our reality of life.

Let me put it this way..

When your parent cleaned your bottom, did they do it only once?

Did they say I'll find the best method of cleaning my child's bottom and I'll be done with that!

They cleaned your bottom once and walked away.

They were self-satisfied that they did the job in the best, the most efficient way they knew how and never came back?


Life is about messes and how we do our duty to attend to them.

Your parent didn't have a fear of their duty to love her child.

Your parent saw it as a privilege to care for you.

As it is our privilege to care for each other.

Each of us has an ability no matter how large no matter how small and humble to reach out and care for each other.

We can both walk and talk.

We can both care and have standards.

We can praise and critique.

Fear wants us to believe there is a binary choice between yes and no when in reality we all know that the world is gray.

Our duty to each other is never-ending.

Love doesn't stop at the border.

Love doesn't stop at the patient's bedside.

Love doesn't stop at the arrest of a suspect.

Love doesn't stop at the bench before the judge.

Love doesn't stop with the words in our Constitution.

Love asks more.

Love asks you to do all things with a glad heart.

You don't get to choose on the path of love how you can segregate your heart.

The realm of good ideas all has a seat at the table of humanity.

Love demands that we do all of them together.

We do not get to choose.

Love knows we can handle it.

Only fear tells us to choose one.

Life is not like Sophie's Choice.

We are not at the point of a gun to choose the life of one of our children over another.

We do not live in a world of a Paleolithic culture having to decide which child we must sacrifice to the God's so that we can have a good crop next year.


The world has moved beyond that cultural mental restriction of child sacrifice.

Although some who feed fear want to feed that monster continually.

Blood doesn't have to be spilled for us to realize what is the right thing to do.


We can keep both children.

We can keep all children.

Hasn't the world gone through enough to realize that compassion has an enormous hug?

We can do both..

It's not difficult.

It's love.



Forces Film, Again Begin



Chased down a dark alley the innocent soul turns on its attacker realizing they want to take their life and asks, "Why?"

The pursuit began when the locals determined that this soul was an outsider.

An agitator.

An entity that was going to disrupt the status quo.

Those that were in charge and in power would have to share that power, that wealth.

It made them afraid.

It made them angry.

It made them hate.

It made them believe that they had the right to kill that which brought change to their world.

They had always been right.

How could they be wrong?

Nobody had ever told them they were wrong.

They were at the top for a reason.

Obviously, they were the best.

They had always been winning.

Who could deny their success?

Who could deny their authority over truth?

Who could deny their position as absolute judges over life and death?

All the anger, all the hate, all the vengeance over this one innocent soul who happened to walk down the wrong street at the wrong time of day.

Those that were in power closed in on their prey, teeth biting, tearing and over the bridge they hurdled the innocent soul to their demise.


If you haven't had the chance to see Babe: Pig in the City you have missed an opportunity to ask yourself why?

The innocent soul is Babe.

Their life at that moment had not instructed them to the cruelty of the world.

How evil hides in plain sight.

How darkness piles wealth from exploiting the innocent.

How the phrase, "Crime never prospers," is a marketing ploy crafted by criminals to cover the fact that crime does profit especially the wealthier you are.

But more importantly the "why" asked by Babe is, how could you kill me when you don't even know me?

That question is real even if it's asked by a talking pig.

Right now, right today as the President stood in the Rose Garden declaring his border emergency those with a conscious asked why?

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening now?

The answer is fear.

Fear can do many things.

Fear has been the tool of the criminal forever.

Ever since one monkey sat next to another on a branch and said, there are bandits in the hills.



The only way you can stop them is to give me half of your wealth.

I will give your money to those bandits in the hills, and they will leave you in peace.

That story has been parroted by criminals to countless innocent souls forever.

It was said yet again today February 15, 2019, in Washington DC, in the backyard of the White House by the President.


We wrestle not only with our own conscience but we, if we are responsible, must carry the burden of generations of anger and hate.

That anger and hate are always with us.

It's not going away any time soon.

Racism, bigotry, anger, hate are all exploited by the fear mongers, the criminal minds among us.

It's not just the likes of our President.

Fear can be stoked by your Uncle and Aunt.

By your wife and husband.

By your son and daughter.

By your minister, your priest, your rabbi, your imam.

By your friend.

Drop fear lift hope.

Our duty, our privilege for all that follow the truth of love has this task.

This task to take away fear and to lift hope for all.

So that one-day innocent eyes filled with fear and tears do not have to ask…




Forces Film, Again Begin



Cast upon a dark ocean in the middle of the night fear and the unknown grip the survivors as they cling to the lifeboat.

Who is in this lifeboat?

A young black man just graduated from college wanting to go onto become a doctor but not sure if it's right for him.

A retired white couple, she has MS, and her husband is a diabetic.

A Hispanic female crew member who before the journey came out to her parents.

A young white boy and a black girl who was reunited with their estranged mother who is in recovery.

A middle-aged Asian woman who is celebrating her divorce.

A Jewish 30 something female who that morning found a lump in her breast.

Who else is in this lifeboat?


It actually doesn't matter if you realize it or not but you and I are all in the same boat together.

The world doesn't wait for you to have the epiphany the realization that we all need each other.

In our lifeboat called earth, each and every one of us has the ability to contribute to the greater good.

Of course, some of us are not up to the task.

They would prefer that others take their place at the oars of life.

Being involved with society would mean they would be judged, and they prefer to be not only anonymous, but they also don't want to get their hands dirty.

They don't want to have to deal with the life and death reality which is living.

Funnier still are those who are angry that others whom they deem unworthy are trying to save them from their own self imposed destruction.

For these people, they see a hierarchy of human worth based upon race quickly followed by income.

The blacker and poorer you are in their minds you become the least able to contribute to their society and are unworthy of help or consideration.

We are all cast upon this sea of the unknown which is the future.

If we are to get to the morning where the light of day will give us all a chance at rescue, we all need each other to get to that better day.

Who can say which mother's child will be the one to cure the disease that is killing you right now?

Who can say which person in this world will hold your hand and love you as you travel into your death?

Who can tell what person will lead a nation and stop a war that would kill everything you love?

Humans are not given the ability to see into minds.

Humans do have the ability to perceive actions.

We can all see the power of feeding the hungry.

We can all see the love of tending to the sick.

We can all see the courage of defending the defenseless.

Life gives each and every one of us a challenge to pick up our oar and start rowing this boat we are all in.

It is a tragedy of the human spirit that some turn their backs on this request made of all of us from love.

The dark heart of nationalism, of racism, of religiosity, all of the ism's that stake out divisions among society.

Their rules segregate and pull apart humanity refusing each and everyone from going into that good morning light of the future.

If you don't belong to my club, you're damned to torment forever.

Some would rather cling to that ship that is going down into the depths of the bottomless ocean of a racist, bigoted past.

They would rather sink to the deepest ocean of hate then share a seat with us in our multiracial, multiethnic, multigender, multi-belief lifeboat.

The future waits for no man or woman.

Right now right this very second you and I are living in the future.

We cannot help those that willfully hate the light of humanity.

What we can do together is row for that shore where freedoms light shines for all.

We can't wait or give space in the boat for those who want to put a hole in it and sink the future.

We can't let those that want to segregate us and divide us with fear and hate to keep us from the shore of freedom

We're in this together you and I.

Our lifeboat.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Keeping It Real


Keeping it real is a turn of phrase that means you stay true to yourself.

For the past month, we have seen leaders in our government display their true selves.

We saw a Speaker of the House stand for the people of this nation who are not afraid of the future.

We saw a leader of the majority in the Senate hide behind his office and not until the president laid his own head on the chopping block did he meekly say I think you're wrong Mr. President.

We saw a president who has an apparent personality disorder that doesn't allow him to tell objective truth.

Our president can only say what he thinks we want to hear.

Our president sees no difference between doing what is right or what is wrong as long as he gets his way.

This week we also observed the life of Dr. Martin Luther King who kept it real.

Keeping it real.

What does that mean to you?

As you go through life and get older, you may be able to attain wisdom.

Where wisdom comes from is learning from your mistakes.

If you don't learn from your mistakes, that's a sign too.

Time and time again the president makes the same mistake.

The mistake that the president makes is that he believes we don't care.

We don't care about refugees.

We don't care about those who don't have health care.

We don't care about government workers.

We don't care about non-white people.

We don't care about what this nation has stood for these past 200 plus years.

This nation has stood for freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

He believes we will all be satisfied with the status quo with white men making all the decisions and everyone else waiting around to serve them.

That's the world from which he came from.

From his perspective he's…

Keeping it real.

Physicians take an oath.

That oath they swear to says they are to do no harm.

They are to do no harm.

I think our elected officials from dog catcher to President should take that same oath.

To do no harm.

Hurting people for political power for political gain is evil.

Sociopaths the world over practice that ideal as a large part of their personal philosophy.

In the book, The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D. tells us that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths.

That means if you know 100 people 4 of them are sociopaths.

The sociopath is the one that's making trouble and never taking responsibility for the disaster they created.

Doesn't that sound like the President?

Should the President be pitied?


He knows the difference between good and evil but doesn't care which device he employs as long as he gets his orgasm no matter what that may entail.

We as a nation are learning what it means to have a president with this kind of personality disorder.

I've said before that I have had personal experience with a sociopath who almost destroyed my life.

It is illuminating as well as tragic to see our nation go through the same experience I had as we as a nation suffer at the hands of this man our President.

Keeping it real.


This too shall pass.

We will all learn from our mistakes.

We will protect ourselves in the future from repeating this tragedy.

On the other side, we as a nation will learn to take better care of ourselves, and we will be a better people.

Keeping it real.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Love is What?


Any one person doesn't know everything.

Any one person can't have all the answers.

Any one person won't know the direction to take.



… teaches lessons to all of us in its own good time.

Not all hearts are built the same.

You may see the smile on a child's face.

You may see that same but see the smile covers the pain of bullying.

You see that woman talking to herself over there?

Do you see that she when she was young she lost her only child to cancer too?

When you stop a young black man in his car, do you see a defiant face?

That same stop do you see that defiant black face is because his childhood friend was killed by a cop?

That person there ahead of you at the traffic light they must be an idiot why aren't they turning?

That same person in the car ahead of you just came back from the Vet where they put down their only friend.

Over there that drunk drug addict asleep on the bus bench how disgusting.

That same drunk addict lies there because a corrupt disgusting health system bankrupted his family as his wife died of bone cancer leaving him on the street.

Love is what?

If I had love.

If I had love what could I do?

Love holds a door open.

Love throws open a window.

Love spreads the wealth and bounty at the dinner table.

Love reaches out its hand to save the drowning in despair.

Love does not see what it does as a sacrifice, or a duty but as a privilege.

Not all of us can see the same.

Not all of us can see the colors of the world.

Some of us are color blind.

We see the world in black and white.

I'm right you're forever wrong.

This is the tragedy of the human race that like a dog chasing its own tail it doesn't recognize its own handicap.

This lack of vision is why those that can see all the colors of the world have a duty to lead.

It takes many voices to keep a people, a generation, a society together.

Far too often voices of anger, of prejudice, of bigotry distract and detain society.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Just as one person can't do it all, we united can get to our destination together.

What will lead us?


As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

As we travel together in this time and place, let us keep love always before us.

There will be bad times.

There will be terrible times.

But our strength comes from a truth deeper than the cruelest crucible can inflict pain upon us.

If our strength is built upon love, we can see all the colors of this world.

If our strength is built upon love, we can heal the voices of anger and bring them hope.

If our strength is built upon love, we will learn that love demands more of each and every one of us.

Every day.

Following love means our work will never be done.

There's joy in that idea.

What is love?



Forces Film, Again Begin

Why Rural America Is Red


Do you know what segregation is?

White America convinced itself that separate but equal was an excellent Christian idea.

White people would have their own church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom, and black people would have their own.

White people convinced themselves that it was better for everyone because somehow they believed that black people used a church, park, bus, drinking fountain, bathroom differently than white people.

It would be upsetting to allow the races to mix together.

Upsetting for who?

Why for white racists that’s for who.

The idea was sold or better yet flimflammed to the public that separate but equal was better for everyone but it turned out it was never going to be equal for blacks.

Everything you can think of in your life was legally rendered separate which included specifically to this backstory, public schools.

Schools were segregated.

White schools and black schools both in the same school district attended only by their designated race.

In 1971 which is not all that long ago, the Supreme Court decided in the case Swann v. Charlotte-Meckleburg Board of Education that forced busing of students may be ordered to achieve racial desegregation.

You see previously to this ruling in 1964 the United States passed the Civil Rights Act which outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

So that separate but equal idea was found to be both unconstitutional and also immoral in a nation whose foundation was built upon the concept of justice and equality for all.

Americans have been historically slow at reading their own Constitution.

The Equal Rights Act, in the beginning, didn’t have any real teeth in it to enforce the law.

Most states ignored the law at best. 

At worst, state governments which included local and state law enforcement coordinated with domestic terrorist organizations such as the Klan, KKK, white nationalists, neo-nazis to burn black churches, to bomb black churches, to lynch, to murder, to rape what they called “outside agitators”.

Outside agitators are anyone who wanted to change the status quo.

The status quo meant that white men made all the decisions and woman and especially blacks which includes all minorities were not to be tolerated if they offered any descent.

Descent  by definition biblically meant that a white man's authority was granted by God which allowed the white man the right to kill you as preached from the segregationist's pulpits in every state, if you defied their will.

When the Equal Rights law passed it set into motion a series of events changing the political landscape of America.

A majority of white America was outraged by this law.

A good half of white American’s did not want to hear let alone understand how any minority could be equal to them.

A battle was had between over half the country who marched for equality and the other slightly less than half of America who believed both socially and in their places of worship that God had separated the races for his reasons and that it was not up to man to decide to thwart, to stop, what God had put into place.

The non-violence movement of Dr. Martin Luther King, the March on Washington the murder of the four little girls blown up during their Sunday school class in Alabama, the Freedom Riders, the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the words of Malcolm X, the eventual murders of Malcolm X, of Medgar Evers, the murder of Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner, these and more culminating with the murder of Dr. King, in each and every case demonstrated the depths of the depravity of the heart of racist America versus the determination by those fighting and standing for justice and equality for all.

So in 1971 to end this dark past upon the school children of America, it was decided to bus children from white school districts into black districts and vice-versa to reflect the racial demographics of each school district.
This set half of white racist America’s hair on fire.

I lived in Cleveland at the time and was eleven years old in 71.

I can tell you from first-hand experience what white people were saying  to each other then as well as now.

They were not going to let their kids go to school which a bunch of colored kids.

Those that could, moved as fast as possible to the suburbs.

Or, they enrolled their children in private schools specifically Catholic schools.

Consequently, the white flight from the cities to the suburbs in every town and city in the United States occurred.

As the years passed, this racist flight to the suburbs continues and has moved even farther out away from the cities into the rural countryside.

The idea of “bad neighborhoods” a bell rung by all racists to indicate a black neighborhood, indicates the intolerance for any elbow rubbing with any minority.

White racist America does not go to bad neighborhoods.

Bad neighborhoods contain blacks, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, Indians, Native Americans, gays and a recent arrival at least to racist America Muslims. 

White racist Americans moved out of the cities and permanently into the countryside.

Hell in our white racist neighborhood as an example we had a Nazi guard in a nearby suburb of Cleveland wanted by Israel, John Demjanjuk. 

A type and form of self-segregation occurred with white racist's who previously were peppered everywhere in society began to accumulate in white only suburbs as well as the rural areas outside of the suburbs.

The other half of white America, the non-racists or better those who could not move because of their personal economy, they were poor, stayed in the cities along with the racial minorities.

The consequence is obvious.

The cities became more and more liberal Democratic and the rural areas and outer suburbs became more and more conservative Republican.

Another quick piece of history for those that may not know this…

You see that Equal Rights law was proposed by President John F. Kennedy who then subsequently under President Lyndon B. Johnson who strong-armed the house and senate after the assassination of Kennedy to pass the bill.

Historically the Democratic Party had and supported the most substantial majority of racists legislators in their body since the Civil War.

But after that vote, they left the party and moved over to the Republican party especially after Nixon used his “southern strategy” which is nothing more than appealing to the racists in America to come over and vote Republican and the GOP will put minorities in their rightful place bigot language.

Black and brown people, as well as women and gays, will obey the law and will of white Republican men and know their place, seen but not heard.

The Republican party would restore the rightful place of the white man at the top of the food chain.

So, the racists left the Democrats behind where they had been dug in since 1864.

They then moved in and burrowed into the heart of the Republicans come 1969, where they are still and loving every minute of it especially because of...


So here comes along a person comfortable with racism, he and his father were the kings of the slum lords in New York City immortalized by Woody Guthrie in his song about being evicted from his slum in 1950 called “I Ain’t Got No Home”.

A father and son team who were comfortable with discrimination against blacks and all minorities and Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was even an associate of the KKK.

Feeding the fear embedded in the cold racism found in strength in rural America, Trump succeeded in propping up and using all of the old canards used by bigots in this country to get himself elected.

Red America.

Blue America.

The separation exacerbated by an idea to address a terrible wrong.

After all of that history, what can we do?

There’s a simple but effective remedy that has been proven time and again to work.

Lead by example.

What happens if you paint your house?

Your neighbor next door will paint there’s.

Then the neighbor next to them will plant flowers.

The person next to them gets a new roof.

The guy behind you puts in a pool.

Lead by example.

You can’t tell someone they are wrong when they don’t believe they're in the wrong.

I heard a few times so far in my life about a failed carpenter told the people in his town you can’t beat people over the head with the truth.

They just won’t listen.

But live with love in your life.

Through your life that love will demonstrate a power that is louder than words.

We have to accept we won’t get everybody to hold hands with their neighbor and sing a song of peace.

But I know that the good outweighs the bad.

The good just isn’t good at making as loud a noise as the bad is.

The good is the real silent majority in our nation.

They don’t have the words, but they take the moral high ground with their daily activities.

They reach out to their neighbor and the stranger when they are in trouble.

There are people of courage, people with morals, people who do not discriminate in Red America for sure.

They find themselves between a rock and the devil.

Like birds who want to fly they are captured in a space and time where their natural inclinations are muffled.

But there is a natural law in this universe that says you can’t keep the water back forever.

You can't stop the rain.

You can’t keep the sun from rising.

You can’t keep the future from coming.

You can’t keep good people down.

Reach out, lift up, stand together with liberty, freedom, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

My Myth


My Myth

We all should be fascinated, angry and perplexed why so many people believe their myth over reality.

These past weeks we have seen America in a bar fight with medieval thinkers.

On the one side the reigning champ, those medieval theologians who crafted together an explanation on everything without any observation of the world called, "Faith in a Creator", versus the newcomer, a world based upon observable facts called the "Science of Reason".

Today, medieval theology won out.

Dead thinking won when members of the Senate chose deference to men over woman thus relegating women to the back of the bus.

Of course, women thought they could sit anywhere on the bus of freedom, but men and women of the past slapped them back into their mythical place today.

We've come a long way?

No, we haven't.

Do you still look at your horoscope?

Follow me…

Do you check on what the stars have to say about how your day is going to go?

Do you believe that the stars are actual beings, with thoughts and feelings about when and where you were born?

Do you feel the universe knows you are essential and alive?

If so, you have medieval theology running in your brain.

You see, a long time ago, on a continent, you are living on, people of the past, specifically men, wanted a way to keep power in their control.

Men made up stories telling about gods on hills and in the earth gave them power over other men.

But that story didn't hold up.

People could go to the top of the mountain, like at Mt. Sinai and see if Yahweh was actually there.

When they found no burning bush, they went back to the king and told them they were full of crap and hauled his ass out and threw him off a cliff.

The king's needed a better story.

So they invented invisible sky gods.

These invisible sky gods were a great scam.


Because you could never see or hear them except through the king.

Only the king could get direct messages from God.

Anybody who didn't like that story was against God and the king and were put to death.

This sealed the belief in the scam of the invisible sky god for all time into society.

This invisible sky god seemed to have a lot of concern for us mere mortals because they came up with a lot of rules.

Not just 10 rules but a rule about every aspect of life.

Especially how women were never ever to be trusted to tell the truth.

They made up a particularly nasty story when Eve talked to that conversant snake, Satan, the Devil, who then told old poor beleaguered Adam a lie about eating the fruit from the Tree of Life.

Eve doomed all women from that moment on that women will always tell a lie to a man because she wants to bring a man down and destroy him so she can replace him on top of the power pyramid.

So here in Washington DC after over 250 years of what is known as the age of reason, you can still find everywhere a belief in a medieval story about a woman and a snake and how women lie about sex to take away the power given to them by God.

Men are anoited and pure.

Women Bleed.

Should make anyone who isn't filled with medieval thought angry?

What can be done to lift the veil of ignorance?


Nothing can be done.

Ignorance is like a mountain only time, and the winds of change can wear it away.

Just like children at a window waiting for Santa Clause to come and give them what they demand, the adults in the room have to smile and go to bed.

Nothing can be done for those that have accepted myth as their truth.

Those of us who do not accept myth as truth like the adults in the room have to take our children by the hand gently and carry them with us.

It's the burden of the adult to see the consequences of Life that children are blind to.

However, there is one thing the adults can do, and that is to fight the fight against those that willfully and for the sake of power exploit the medieval thinkers.

We the adults have to stand our ground every moment of the day to fight the tyrant where ever we may find them.

The tyrant is the person who exploits this failing found within humanity called " trust in authority."

These tyrants are wolves in sheep's clothing who tell us that America needs to be great again.

These tyrants tell us that immigrants are bad people and Nazis are good.

These tyrants tell us that men are afraid of women lying about sex.

These tyrants exploit a culture of hate that binds together the worse parts of humanity for their own selfish demand of power.

We the adults must smash the myth and hold true to the belief that freedom and justice for all mean freedom, liberty, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

When It Rains


We begin.

We begin to gather at the sound.

A sound that calls all people of good will to a moment.

To a place.

To this time in which we live.

This is all we will have of this life.

We begin.

The struggle did not begin with us.

It was handed to us by previous generations that fought the good fight.

It is a good fight.

A fight to recognize that not all want to stand in the light.

Not all want to hear truth.

Not all want to see reality.

Our stories that we tell each other fall like a blinding rain.

Our stories fill our ears, fill our eyes with a myth, a story so old, so tired.

Ignorance is bliss?

To purposefully be ignorant of the pain and suffering of our fellow humans in this world is unforgivable.

There is no punishment for ignorance.

Some ignorance cannot be helped.

It will always be with us.

It's not up to us to make the ignorant self-aware.

We that are awake, we are responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind and to move the world forward.

It Rains.

It Rains.

My eyes, my heart becomes weary as the sound of the rain beats without pause upon my consciousness.

This rain that falls filled with bitterness, with resentment, with pure hatred of the other, seems at times to surround me like a flood.

No escape.

Will I drown?

It Rains.

From a shelf near my bed, I pull out a book filled with words of another time, another place but just precisely like today.

A founding father of our democracy pens words that inspire.

It tells me to follow the truth where ever it may lead.

It Rains.

Follow the truth.

Follow the truth.

Bitter men rained their hatred of the other their hatred of women in an ignorant flood in the halls of our Senate.

Like old dogs who cannot give up their bone they growled and gnashed their teeth in defiance of truth.

That truth is that of the heart.

Their utter lack of compassion, their snarls, their spit, their contempt for truth sobers the mind.

What can a person of good will do in the face of an ignorant beast?

Hear that sound?

Hear that sound on the wind?

What whips these beasts into a frenzy as if they are chasing their own tails is that sound.

They hear that sound too.

But unlike those with compassion, these people are afraid of that sound.

What is that sound?

It is the sound of change.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Out of the dark waters of our past, a new world is struggling to be born.

Let us all join together our hands, our voices and step over the raging past into the future where all are equal and held precious.


Forces Film, Again Begin

He Speaks For Me



Can you recognize the difference between a hamburger on your grill and one from McDonald’s?

Do you acknowledge that some people like chocolate ice-cream and others like vanilla?

If you read, what makes you prefer one type of story over another?

We all have preferences.

I like wearing black. I like iced-tea. I like science fiction. I like the woods and the ocean at the same time in the same place.

You may like some of these things too.

You may not like these things at all.

We all have preferences.

What happens when your preference turns into a prejudice?

How does that happen?

Your preference for vanilla ice-cream becomes such a determinant factor in your everyday decisions that when presented with a choice other than vanilla you reject it.

You would rather suffer and have nothing than consuming anything but vanilla ice-cream.

In fact, you would be happy if the entire world would only consume vanilla ice-cream.

And what if they don’t want to?

You would be happy if the entire industry of ice-cream makers would burn to the ground and die of butt cancer than to see anyone enjoying themselves eating anything but vanilla ice-cream.

Sounds like a childish tantrum doesn’t it?

That’s what prejudice is.

That’s what bigotry is.

That’s what racism is.

That’s what supporters of Donald Trump know.

What do they know?

We are all corrupt because we want to give an equal voice to everyone.

We are all corrupt because we want people of color, and women, to share at the table of the brotherhood of man equally.

The Trump supporter doesn’t want that.

They don’t want equality for non-white races.

They don’t want women to be equal to a man.

Their preferences that have turned into prejudice have been nurtured and fed a steady diet of intolerance from the pulpit to the locker room.

From the boardroom to the corner gas station.

Family gatherings, restrooms, vacations, visits to relatives and friends, all have exchanged their preferences for prejudice.

Its part of the nature of humanity this distrust of the stranger.

Stories are told to fill in what one person, what one group doesn’t understand or want to know about another.

That other is not like us, becomes a comfort for the fearful.

In a recent article in the online version of The Atlantic, Peter Beinart talks about, Why Trump Supporters Believe He is Not Corrupt.

Trump is not corrupt because he’s taking on the real corruption that they see in the world that they believe in.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of making women equal to men.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of allowing non-white races equality.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of allowing gays to be married.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of the presidency when Obama was president, and a black family was sleeping in the white house.

I must declare now that I have a lot of personal experience with the Trump supporter.

The amount of “drunk stories” they tell each other is supernaturally unbelievable.

The Trump supporter has a wild and vivid imagination when it comes to prejudice.

However, the one thing they all agree on is that Trump speaks for them.

He can do no wrong, the Mr. Trump, in their eyes.


Because he is teaching a lesson to all you perverts, who think that a woman is equal to man.

Women are things to be used don’t you know that?

The Trump supporter loves it when FOX News and the President rail against the “fake news”. 

The Liberal News Media spreads the corrupt idea that non-white races and women are equal to the white man. 

The Trump supporter sees extending freedom and equality to all as a perversion against the Founding Fathers ideal they were raised in and against their white God in heaven.

America was made only for white men don’t you know that?

Only white men signed the Constitution. No Blacks. No women.

And the King James Bible tells us that there's a place for everything and everything has its place.

Born a slave, die a slave.

Born a woman, die a woman.

Kill the homosexual.

It was women working and the black and brown that sent our jobs to foreign countries because they wanted equality. 

Equal pay.

A strong man.

Mr. Trump is a real man.

Our leaders in the past were weak.

 Mr. Trump is bringing back the white world that was taken away by those liberal assholes who gave it all away to corrupt, inhuman beasts.

He’s a real man that Mr. Trump is.

Oh, by the way, a Trump supporter told me recently that every black person in America gets $5,000 a month for free, in a government check, to pay for housing in neighborhoods where they don't’ belong. The NAACP buses black people into white communities in the middle of the night, after midnight, and lets them loose on the streets to walk down the roads intimidating the white folk. Blacks get health care for free. The Trump supporter said that if I had a broken leg and a black person had a broken leg, they would get taken care of first and for free. White people have to wait in emergency rooms while black people are taken care of first.




These things of the dark side of humanity are choices also.

We can hide and grind our teeth with resentment in darkness, or, we can turn together and step towards the light.

Stand with me please and let's join our voices together in peace and understanding.

Lift those that are in darkness to see the future has nothing we need to fear when we recognize we have choices.

The future, it’s where most of us will live.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Nothing Wrong


Nothing Wrong

You know a sociopath.

You may say to yourself, no, I don't know what you are talking about?

I don't know a sociopath.

Yes, you do.

The most up to date psychological statistics demonstrate that 1 out of every 25 people in the United States is a sociopath.

They are the reason why bad things happen to good people.

You're asking, "What the hell is a sociopath? Like those psycho killers? People, who shoot up the place in cold blood?"


No. Please follow this definition.

The difference between a person who is a sociopath and a person who is a psychopath is the psycho is cold to emotion, and the sociopath is hot.

Sociopaths emotions run hot.

Their emotions get the better of them, and they have to act out.

They have to gamble.

They have to have sex.

They have to beat the hell out of a guy.

They will achieve their orgasm no matter what that may actually be. The sociopath will lie, cheat, steal any way they can no matter the obstacle, no matter who or what they destroy.

Because after the sociopath gets what they cravenly want, they can tell you a story of why they had to and that it's not their fault but yours.

There's nothing wrong, right?

Why am I asking you to understand this definition of a sociopath?

I'm revealing part of my own experience with a sociopath and how it destroyed my life at the time.

I've spent the past few years rebuilding my life in the wake of the gaslighting, the lies that sociopaths are comfortable with.

Sociopaths are comfortable with lying.

They lie about everything, and even that is a lie. 

They mix truth with their own personal fiction all in the aim to convince you that they know more than you.

They cover their tracts, so no one finds out they are not human.

They are the definition of sheep in wolves clothing.

We are all stupid in the eyes of the sociopath.

Sociopaths can do whatever they want, when they want, to whomever they want and we will never ever be any wiser to their actions.

They know they are the smartest, the best people.

They win.

We lose.

How can you spot a sociopath?

They have what is known as superficial charisma.

They tell a lot of stories about themselves as well as their exploits.

They are your salesman.

They are your clergy.

They are your government leader.

They are your relative.

They are your friend.

Their experience is always more important than your experience.

Your experience is always false whereas their experience is still real.

What's the big deal? Who cares about sociopaths anyways? What's the problem?

They are the bone cancer on the soul of humanity.

The problem is they have no morality.

They don't care about right and wrong.

They know there is a difference between doing right and doing wrong but they don't care which they do.

They are just as happy to make a profit from selling drugs to cancer patients as well as selling drugs to opioid addicts.

They are just as happy to drop a donation into a charity bucket and then beat the crap out of their spouse.

They are happy to do business with your local chamber of commerce and then take kickbacks from the local organized crime associate.

They are willing to take rent money from you as well as the pimp on their property as long as they get some ass on the side.

The sociopath feeds the worse instincts of humanity.

Sociopaths attract sociopaths.

It's a fact.

Crime bosses are the definition of a sociopath.

They conduct business, the families business. It doesn't matter what the source of the income is as long as the revenue continues to flow. Owning a restaurant while also cooking meth is yet another example of this behavior.

Now if you don't think that there is a difference between taking money legitimately as well as from criminal activity, you too might just be a sociopath.

Sociopaths exploit the weak.

Since they exude charisma and can talk up a good game weak-willed people are attracted to them.

Sociopaths main victims are those they observe.

Those that cannot stand up for themselves.

Sociopaths exploit the emotionally vulnerable. They use the fearful. The angry.

They feed the desire of the soul of their victims all the while like a vampire they drain it.

Afterward, they throw their victims aside and blame them for their plight.

Ever hear of "tar and feathering"?

When a community realizes that a huckster, a cad, a predator of society has been exposed, the immediate remedy was to cover them in hot tar, dump feathers on them, and carry them out of town on a rail, a length of wood.

The "cad" was dumped on the trash pile.

The sociopath does not have a place in a decent society.

They are a very human form of symbiotic parasite that feeds off of the goodwill of humanity.

The sociopath cashes in on societies weakness whatever that weakness may be.

Currently, a portion of our society has bent their ear to the sociopath that resides in the White House.

They are fed daily their requirements of racism, misogyny, hatred, anger, economic abandonment.

And while our president feeds them he takes their money, our money, he also profits on hate.

All the while blaming everyone, never taking responsibility, only he can make things better, we're all stupid, he hires the best people, he's full of personal charisma you just have to know him one on one.

Last thing to say…

A society is measured by its compassion for the sick.

Let's get our president some mental health days off.



Forces Film, Again Begin



You are worth more than you know.

There will never be anyone exactly like you in the universe.

It's a fact.

Each one of us is the product of our ancestor's genes and the time and place in which we were raised.

This moment of now exists only now!

This moment will never exist again precisely as it is now.

You exist today.

Tomorrow is another day and at that time in the future, you too will be different from today.

You are worth more than you know.

Yesterday, I was at my favorite coffee place about to sit back and listen to the sounds of the city.

My coffee place is almost always empty at the time of day I frequent it in the late afternoon.

Today a 20 something couple was breaking up at a nearby table.

There was no way to disguise what was going on next to me.

I being much older, not so wise, but able to hear the words of a self-righteous male douche and able to distinguish he was purposely putting down the woman he was talking to unfairly not listening to her plea for equality.

I was on the verge of telling the righteous turd that he needed to stop.

I wanted to tell the woman you are worth more than you know.

We all each and every one of us do not have to suffer abuse to be loved.

Please, remove that thought from your head every man, woman, and child.

Your self-worth is not subservient to the domination and abuse of malignant people.

You exist. 

They exist. 

Relationships are about a meeting of minds and hearts.

You are not a possession.

Your value as the Wizard of Oz says, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others."

If you find you are in love with a douche first turn and ask yourself why?

Speaking of a nozzle…

Donald Trump, our president, appears to have a faithful following?


I'm asking.


Is he doing things his followers like or is it more likely he's just saying things that his followers like to hear?

It appears to me, just like that young woman at the coffee house, that his followers are in a kind of abusive relationship that they are consciously enabling.

He says the things that at a base level gets them off.

He makes them feel good about themselves however much the Trump supporter knows morally, Trump is wrong.

There are many, many good reasons why a good portion of Americans feel they have been neglected.

Cue the entry of the Wolf in sheep's clothing, the cad, the carpetbagger.

This societal sinkhole, regression from and resistance to integration, equality,  is ripe for someone like Trump who can come along and tell them things they believe about the world and themselves.

They will willingly go along for the ride administered to by this known NY City real estate huckster to an imagined promised land.

A land where white men don't have to pretend not to be racist.

A land where white men don't have to care about his non-white neighbor.

A land where a woman obeys a man in the home or on the street.

A land where a white man is guaranteed a living wage even if he doesn't have an education.

Yeah, I can see the appeal.

It's just like that turd at the coffee house who wanted the ideal woman to serve him to step-an-fetch for him. 

It's the appeal of a fantasy (Candy Land) for self-centered, narcissistic douche males.

Oh, by the way, even though it's 2018, all the bad parts of the male ego are still with us.

They never went away.

They need to be told to scrub their ass.

And by and by...

The Equal Rights Amendment didn't pass even though many who know of it, the ERA, actually think it did.

I'm telling you it didn't, but it needs to.

Back to why you have to tell some men to scrub their ass...

Men need constant reminders to do the right thing.

They need to hear a voice outside of their own head telling them there is work to do.

Give them a job, and they'll do it. 

However, men without anything in their face telling them to get off the couch will happily delude themselves that there is nothing they have to do but drink and scratch themselves.

Just like men "never" throw away their underwear, they just fall apart. Men, real men as they call themselves still cling to an imagined past male-dominated dreamworld.

That dream world got a big booster shot the day Trump and associates decided he wanted to be president.

71 plus-year-old men have never been known to want to step boldly into a new future and lead a nation where everyone shares equally and has a place at the table of life.

Old men always sit about and complain about how things are how they use to be.

Listen to what old men, old dead thinking says to each other.

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to tell useless men, woman, and children  what to do and to jump when they told them to do it!"

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to call people names, colored, bitch, retard."

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to grab some ass, and we know those kinds of women, the non-marrying kind, liked it."

Just remember, you are worth more than you know.

We don't have to take their abuse.

We can all, each and every one of us step into a future together as equals.

No more, no less, brothers and sisters holding each other, valuing each other's worth.

A brotherhood of man.



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I Dare You


Dare, that’s a funny word.

This is not an “Etymology” lesson, the origins and history of words.  It’s just that some words when they are released over the tongue feel really strange don’t they?

Dare is an Olde English word that started out being spelled darr.

Children like to use it a lot.

“I dare you to tell mom!”

“I dare you to jump your bike over that ditch!”

“I double dog dare you!”

As we all get older most of us are not thrilled by the intonement of the word dare and all that it means. Stability of thought and action is the ideal that is held by most as one of the aspects of becoming an adult, is it not?

Madonna, the singer ie. the 80’s, played with the idea as a marketing scheme with her admonition of Truth or Dare. An adolescent game of psychological exploit, a pecking order calisthenics, exercise when the mean person who is almost always the leader of a group dares a toady to tell the truth when pressed with a question or accept the consequence of a dare.

Dares are the psychological bulwark surrounding many a bully.

Bullies are all about rep.

Reputation proceeds them.

Without the reputation of being a bully who would be afraid of them? The reason why people are afraid of the bully is that they have the reputation of doing bad things to the innocent.

We the rabble. We their victims.

Our fear gives them strength.

They like the folktale about vampires, feed off our collective fear which gives them strength and power over us.

Remove the fear, you remove their power.

Currently, in the White House, we have a commander-in-chief and a group of toadies who daily flaunt and stick out their tongues at us daring us to catch them.

It’s really noticeable from Trump and his tweets, Sarah, and her press pokes, each and every cabinet position, they’re all daring us to catch them.

Each and every one of them dares us to catch them at the open display of corruption they flaunt in our faces.

See, I can say, I can do, I can spend, I can bend, I can break, I can destroy your laws and you can’t do anything about it. You won’t do anything about it because you are pussies!

Mexicans are drug dealers! 

If the country gets any kinder or gentler it’s literally going to cease to exist.

I dare you to catch me!

We’re rounding them up! Not everything is nice! I don’t want these people coming over here!

I will build a great wall!

I dare you to catch me!

I could have stopped September 11th.

I want to help women.

Grab 'em by the pussy.

I double dog dare you to catch me!

There has to be some punishment for women for abortion.

I have a great relationship with African Americans, as you possibly have heard. I just have great respect for them. And they like me. I like them.

We give the very best information possible at the time.

I triple dog dare you to catch me!

This Rush-her thing is a hoax!

The road that justice takes can be long and winding. The voice of the bully rings sharply in our ears. But history has taught, for those that read, that pride comes before the fall.

Our constitution was created by people who had lived and fought with far greater idiots and tyrants than our current Moscow toady. 

The storm is just beginning and the bullies will howl and grit their teeth and dare justice to catch them if they can.

Justice waits for all tyrants remember that.




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The Best is Hope


The long road to justice sometimes takes a path that takes longer than we think it should.

Justice this week found a man guilty of crimes against women he preyed upon.

It was a long road.

Where did these women find their courage we may ask?

Against the odds, these women stood for what they knew to be the truth.

That’s a hard place to stand. That’s a hard place to stand in the light of public criticism.

When you know the truth but you are victimized again and again through the ploy of misrepresenting the truth. Gaslighting.

Gaslighting comes from the movie of the same words Gas Light directed by George Cukor and starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman who plays his wife.

Boyer’s character is a cad. He manipulates women to rob them of their wealth. His most recent target is Bergman. He convinces and grooms all her friends and family that she is going mad.

While he plots to find a cache of lost jewels believed to be in the possession of Bergman, he isolates her and tells her what she sees, what she knows is a fantasy.

Only he knows the truth.

Her experience is discounted as being a fantasy of her imagination.

How could a man who has such a fine and upright reputation and position in the community be a sexual predator of women?

If I say I didn’t do something, then by my own logic, I must be innocent.


Hope is what allowed Bergman’s character to survive until that day when justice came through her door.

Justice came through her door and proved to the world that she was telling the truth.

Justice came for the sociopath sexual predator.

On that road to justice, each of us can ride in that thing called hope.

Hope is a good thing.

Hope reminds us that although we may not know how or where we might end up, as long as we set our feet on a path to a better world for all, hope will deliver us to the light of justice.

A hope for a better day.

A hope for a better day than yesterday has arrived.

In the Shawshank Redemption written by Stephen King, I have to say, the best words that capture the human soul ever penned. 

Red, old and tired, has found the letter written to him from his friend Andy who escaped from prison. Red is out of prison facing a world he’s afraid of after being a lifer for murder when he was a young man. 

Andy writes, “Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

No good thing ever dies.



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What Did That Cost?


How much did you spend on your last oil change?

When you were out for dinner the other day did you get that glass of wine you wanted or did you just settle for a glass of iced tea?

You’ve had your eye on a pair of shoes now for six months, did you buy them yet?

What do you spend your money on?

As for myself, I rarely have any money so that question throughout my entire life has never been in my face. It takes me a long time to save up enough to buy something.

My wife tells me I need a new summer hat but I told her it would cost too much right now. I’m cool walking around with a hole in it.  It's hip?

When you don’t have money you really don’t think about spending it. Especially for yourself when you have a family, and your what our human society have all agreed upon as being, responsible.

Lately, we’ve been learning that our current president has a particular spending habit. 

It seems he pays off women whom he’s having adultery with at an average pace of $100,000 plus a piece.

I’ve been having a hard time getting my head around that. By “that” I mean how do you live your life, how do you get to the point, that you think that its normal to pay off women to be silent about your adultery to the tune of 100K plus a piece?

And please remember he's doing it all the time. According to Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, Steve Bannon paragon of clean living said Trump’s lawyer paid off one hundred women to be silent about adultery before election day in 2016.

Let’s bring this down a bit, shall we?

Mr. President? Mr. President? Did you know there are places right next door to community colleges called “Dollar Stores”? They are places where every item in the store is a dollar. Tea bags, potato’s, toothbrushes, pens, milk, greeting cards, all a dollar a piece.

A lot of us spend our money there.

Now hold that thought, please.

So you see, I’m spending a dollar to buy a greeting card yet you’re spending 100K+ on each person you have adultery with to be silent about it. 

At what point in your life did you think that was god damn normal?

I'm waiting to hear from you?

And for that matter, anyone around you who thinks, as well as, anyone who supports you as having leadership qualities, must be out of their cotton picking minds?

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover up your adultery Mr. President opens you up to all manner of possible corruption being done to you, and by you.

It’s a damn historical fact!

Anyone willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep adultery secret will also pay to keep other problems secret, as well as, take money to keep secrets of others.

This is the definition of having no ethics.

This is the definition of a misdemeanor.

This can be the definition of a high crime. 

But come on man, really? Really? You can’t control yourself, really? You can’t be single and conversely just hang with whomever you want, when you want, where you want, for as long as you want.

You want to have a cover that you are "normal" by having a wife.

Yet you regularly turn your back on your oath of marriage.

What other oaths don’t you honor?

I really can’t get my head around it.

What does it cost to do the right thing?

What does it cost our nation?

Wha does it cost the soul?




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Beaten Down



What do you stand for?

I’m asking?

What is it you will not tolerate? What is that thing which will stop you in your tracks and make you say, “No!”?

Is it the person who cuts in front of you at the traffic light? Don’t they know you were first in line?

Is it when you look at your bill at a restaurant and it’s added up incorrectly and you got charged twice for that appetizer you didn’t like?

Is it when your sports team doesn’t win and you swear you will never buy another ticket?

What do you say, ”No” to?

What do you tolerate?

Is it okay for your wife to work extra hours but it means there won’t be a meal on the table when you get home?

Is it okay the neighbor cuts their lawn also cuts across your property line?

Is it okay for that fag over there to get married?

I’m asking?

I’m asking for the beaten down.

There are lives all around each one of us who have suffered, who have been stuffed into a corner, who are ignored and forgotten.

The beaten down rarely speak for themselves. The beaten down have tried but they failed. The beaten down lost their voice to the roar of inhumanity. That roaring lion filled with pride, intolerance, greed, arrogance, dominance, misogyny.

Misogyny. What does that word mean?

Misogyny means a hatred, a contempt, a prejudice, a religious based male privilege over women.

All Western religions and most importantly in the United States concerning Christianity teach that women are second-class citizens. The religion itself teaches, instructs about the separation of the sexes, of people, that they are born into this world by their creator into a station.

We are all born into a station.

We are all born into this world, we are each placed into this world by God. 

Consequently, to change that position, to ask for more, to ask for a different line to stand in is to go against the will of God. God’s placement of each soul upon this world is in accordance to his will and that will cannot be challenged by mortal men.

In Joseph Campbell’s, The Masks of God, Mythology, he explains how some 7,500 years ago the world was ruled by women through a female-centric mother earth goddess. Women controlled the village. They had both inherently the power of giving life as well as death.

The correlation between the natural world and the inherent nature of females was clear and understood. Mother nature was literal, natural, easy to see, easy to understand, you could touch God. She’s right next to you.

Then men got jealous and formed a plan around the idea of a sky based God that only they could see. Only they could communicate with through male priests exclusively.

They demonized the natural earth mother. They called them witches. Women communed with dark evil spirits. They bled for seven days but did not die. They temped man. They corrupted man’s pure divine spirit given to them by their male invisible sky God.

Thus, men conducted a Coup d’etat against women taking their power and replacing them as rulers.

To make sure of securing their power they crafted holy writings dictated to them from their unseen sky Gods informing us all that women can’t be trusted, they are second-class citizens and like the rest of the earth are to be used by men at men’s pleasure. 

Oh, and it’s a sin for women to complain about their new second-class position punishable by beatings, cutting their hair, humiliation, genital mutilation, acid burning, emulation, scolding, pay discrimination, can’t vote, can’t speak against a man, rape, torture, and death.

Fast forward…

What do you stand for?

Do you ever ask yourself why I believe what I believe?

Do you think it’s wrong to ask questions?

Do you think it’s wrong if someone doesn’t believe that you are correct?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of justice?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of freedom?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of history?

What do you stand for?

A man stood in the way of a crowd who wanted to murder a woman. The crowd demanded her life be taken. The man asked why? The response from the crowd was because she was a woman and defied the laws of marriage. The man standing in the way agreed that the laws of man were broken but he asked…

Where do you stand?

What makes you believe you are the final judge of this woman’s life?

This life is all she has and you want to take it away.

Where do you stand?

Each day if we are paying attention we learn from each other.

Our president and those that work with him all do a lot of talking.

Their talking defines who they are. Their actions define what they are.

There is an obvious war between the past holding onto an ideal they hold to be true versus the revelation brought about some 240 years past through our Declaration of Independence that all are created equal. That we all have rights. Most important of these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These two views of the world are not compatible. 

The older ideal that we are all slaves to an identity, a station, placed upon us by a God. The new ideal we are all equal and can pursue happiness through personal freedom and liberty.

Which includes brown people and women. 

That new document unlike the old was written for all, not just Western white European men.

What are we to do?

Those of us who can see that light of liberty for all must hold up that light to the door of freedom. We must light that way, that path for those seeking its blessed light.

We must stand alone, we must stand together.

We must agree that beating people because your authority as a male is challenged is wrong now and forever.

We must all stand against that darkness of the soul, stand against that old corruption of the spirit of humanity, lift each troubled heart to a better day.

Ask each other to be better, to do better.



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What did that new pair of athletic shoes cost you?

Henry said the other day he always wanted to go to Hawaii but he thinks he’ll never have the money to do it.

The president said he needed 18 billion as a starter package for his wall from our American tax dollars. But he could do it cheaper, way cheaper and under budget.

Even the wall against the conservative horror of the brown tide of immigration has a cost.

We all want things. 

Some of us want more than others some less.

If you’re a Buddhist your goal is to want and have nothing.

Difficult ideal.

Christianity had a similar goal once. Specifically, the Catholic church has an order, the Franciscan’s who came upon the religious stage when Francis of Assisi thought it was a good idea that the priesthood reflects the life of Christ. That ideal centered around a life of poverty unlike the original doctrine of the Dominicans who were happy accumulating wealth for the church and themselves.

The Protestants tried out that idea of the Franciscan’s, poverty, keeping out of politics, listening to the example set by the Christ and his words.

Through history, ever since the founding of the Protestant movement, a division within Christianity and the many branches of that movement, Protestants have had a varied success and failure rate with this ideal of poverty and staying out of politics.

That original idea of staying out of politics is based upon the words of that Christ person who said, “…render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God which is God’s.”

But words are words you know?

Times change right?

Words are cheap.

What was the cornerstone has now been rejected it seems

Our Evangelical leaders in these United States have rejected the idea that it is wrong to want the whole world at the loss of your soul.

They want conservative judges now at any cost.

It doesn’t matter if the president has laundered money, received stolen emails, lied on taxes, hires porn stars for sex while married, is racist, a bigot, thinks some nazis are good people, the people who fight nazis are bad, can’t count, doesn’t read, has no idea how to pass a bill through congress, starts fights with leaders of other countries, attack his own party, calls his own intelligence services stupid and corrupt, has verbal pissing contests on Twitter, endorses a sexual predator for senate, has over 19 women accuse him of sexual assault or rape, worked with a foreign adversary of the United States to undermine his political opponent for president, deny legal immigration, want a ban on a religion, claims NATO is obsolete, believes climate change is a Chinese hoax, encourages police violence, any news he doesn’t personally like is fake, is making bank on his hotels and real-estate through foreign investment while as president, has told the Palestinians they can pound the dead sea salt and lies five times a day on average…

…All this so that Evangelicals can have conservative judges. Yes, so that one day they can stop all abortions in the United States.

Wow! That’s something, isn’t it? Or is it?

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

Evangelicals, or Quakers, their original name for themselves, have really lost their way from their origins, haven’t they?

The Quakers. The original group who still have a claim on being, “Conscientious objector’s”. That means they have an established religion against war, which they can claim so that they are not combat soldiers.

The silent Quakers?

Not anymore.

Now they are loud as any self-centered, self-righteous cunt who wants money and more money and doesn’t care who lives or dies as long as they have theirs.

No more back seat.

Now they want what they want and they don’t care what the cost will be.

Being born and raised in that church all I can say is I have a deep and abiding shame of all Evangelicals both the leadership and the followers. 

In the long arc of history, which always bends towards justice, what makes a person not realize that they are standing on the wrong side of that line? That they stand on shifting sand. They stand upon the shifting sand of the pocket change which is the belief in maximizing conservative judgeships now.

Making a deal with the devil to get what you want, can that be true?

Yes, it is. 

The Evangelical leaders have all given the Trump a pass on his behavior no matter how odious, corrupt, illegal, as long as they get anti-abortion judges seated so that one day they imagine Roe vs. Wade is overturned.


So the Christians now believe that the ends “do” justify the means.

They are adrift and have lost their moral compass.

Can they find it again on their own? 

I wonder…

How do you get someone to see they have a problem when they think they look good?

I have an idea. 

Let us call each other out. 

Let us stand together and hold each others hand. Let us each listen to each other truly and recognize each other’s fears and yes each others dreams, hopes and help each other come together in recognition that we all want that better life.

Let us together, move together, across this political sea of distress and fear to a better day. 




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