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My Myth


My Myth

We all should be fascinated, angry and perplexed why so many people believe their myth over reality.

These past weeks we have seen America in a bar fight with medieval thinkers.

On the one side the reigning champ, those medieval theologians who crafted together an explanation on everything without any observation of the world called, "Faith in a Creator", versus the newcomer, a world based upon observable facts called the "Science of Reason".

Today, medieval theology won out.

Dead thinking won when members of the Senate chose deference to men over woman thus relegating women to the back of the bus.

Of course, women thought they could sit anywhere on the bus of freedom, but men and women of the past slapped them back into their mythical place today.

We've come a long way?

No, we haven't.

Do you still look at your horoscope?

Follow me…

Do you check on what the stars have to say about how your day is going to go?

Do you believe that the stars are actual beings, with thoughts and feelings about when and where you were born?

Do you feel the universe knows you are essential and alive?

If so, you have medieval theology running in your brain.

You see, a long time ago, on a continent, you are living on, people of the past, specifically men, wanted a way to keep power in their control.

Men made up stories telling about gods on hills and in the earth gave them power over other men.

But that story didn't hold up.

People could go to the top of the mountain, like at Mt. Sinai and see if Yahweh was actually there.

When they found no burning bush, they went back to the king and told them they were full of crap and hauled his ass out and threw him off a cliff.

The king's needed a better story.

So they invented invisible sky gods.

These invisible sky gods were a great scam.


Because you could never see or hear them except through the king.

Only the king could get direct messages from God.

Anybody who didn't like that story was against God and the king and were put to death.

This sealed the belief in the scam of the invisible sky god for all time into society.

This invisible sky god seemed to have a lot of concern for us mere mortals because they came up with a lot of rules.

Not just 10 rules but a rule about every aspect of life.

Especially how women were never ever to be trusted to tell the truth.

They made up a particularly nasty story when Eve talked to that conversant snake, Satan, the Devil, who then told old poor beleaguered Adam a lie about eating the fruit from the Tree of Life.

Eve doomed all women from that moment on that women will always tell a lie to a man because she wants to bring a man down and destroy him so she can replace him on top of the power pyramid.

So here in Washington DC after over 250 years of what is known as the age of reason, you can still find everywhere a belief in a medieval story about a woman and a snake and how women lie about sex to take away the power given to them by God.

Men are anoited and pure.

Women Bleed.

Should make anyone who isn't filled with medieval thought angry?

What can be done to lift the veil of ignorance?


Nothing can be done.

Ignorance is like a mountain only time, and the winds of change can wear it away.

Just like children at a window waiting for Santa Clause to come and give them what they demand, the adults in the room have to smile and go to bed.

Nothing can be done for those that have accepted myth as their truth.

Those of us who do not accept myth as truth like the adults in the room have to take our children by the hand gently and carry them with us.

It's the burden of the adult to see the consequences of Life that children are blind to.

However, there is one thing the adults can do, and that is to fight the fight against those that willfully and for the sake of power exploit the medieval thinkers.

We the adults have to stand our ground every moment of the day to fight the tyrant where ever we may find them.

The tyrant is the person who exploits this failing found within humanity called " trust in authority."

These tyrants are wolves in sheep's clothing who tell us that America needs to be great again.

These tyrants tell us that immigrants are bad people and Nazis are good.

These tyrants tell us that men are afraid of women lying about sex.

These tyrants exploit a culture of hate that binds together the worse parts of humanity for their own selfish demand of power.

We the adults must smash the myth and hold true to the belief that freedom and justice for all mean freedom, liberty, and justice for all.



Forces Film, Again Begin

When It Rains


We begin.

We begin to gather at the sound.

A sound that calls all people of good will to a moment.

To a place.

To this time in which we live.

This is all we will have of this life.

We begin.

The struggle did not begin with us.

It was handed to us by previous generations that fought the good fight.

It is a good fight.

A fight to recognize that not all want to stand in the light.

Not all want to hear truth.

Not all want to see reality.

Our stories that we tell each other fall like a blinding rain.

Our stories fill our ears, fill our eyes with a myth, a story so old, so tired.

Ignorance is bliss?

To purposefully be ignorant of the pain and suffering of our fellow humans in this world is unforgivable.

There is no punishment for ignorance.

Some ignorance cannot be helped.

It will always be with us.

It's not up to us to make the ignorant self-aware.

We that are awake, we are responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind and to move the world forward.

It Rains.

It Rains.

My eyes, my heart becomes weary as the sound of the rain beats without pause upon my consciousness.

This rain that falls filled with bitterness, with resentment, with pure hatred of the other, seems at times to surround me like a flood.

No escape.

Will I drown?

It Rains.

From a shelf near my bed, I pull out a book filled with words of another time, another place but just precisely like today.

A founding father of our democracy pens words that inspire.

It tells me to follow the truth where ever it may lead.

It Rains.

Follow the truth.

Follow the truth.

Bitter men rained their hatred of the other their hatred of women in an ignorant flood in the halls of our Senate.

Like old dogs who cannot give up their bone they growled and gnashed their teeth in defiance of truth.

That truth is that of the heart.

Their utter lack of compassion, their snarls, their spit, their contempt for truth sobers the mind.

What can a person of good will do in the face of an ignorant beast?

Hear that sound?

Hear that sound on the wind?

What whips these beasts into a frenzy as if they are chasing their own tails is that sound.

They hear that sound too.

But unlike those with compassion, these people are afraid of that sound.

What is that sound?

It is the sound of change.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Change is coming.

Out of the dark waters of our past, a new world is struggling to be born.

Let us all join together our hands, our voices and step over the raging past into the future where all are equal and held precious.


Forces Film, Again Begin

What We Fear


As you get older your fears transition from the world of the imagination to true monsters.

As a child, I was afraid of the dark.

Watching the Outer Limits back in the sixties didn’t help. In fact, my pediatrician told my mother I was watching too much television.

Monsters were real and I knew it.

But time and place pushed those creatures under my bed. 

Now the darkness over wraps me in its embrace as I drift off to sleep like an old friend. 

Kind, loving, understanding.

We’ve grown together each coming to understand each other.

As a so-called adult, real monsters I have found lurk not only in the dark but in the light of day.

As Ripley said to Newt in the film, Aliens, there are monsters.

We are the monsters.

Yes, we are the monsters.

The monsters that we are do not roam about without purpose. Like the troll beneath the bridge, the monster waits for its intended victim to come within reach.

Then it strikes.

It feeds on the fear.

These monsters.

These monsters that live in the light.

A long time ago, in a world just like ours…

A man, a carpenters son were asked, why do you tolerate these children who bother you? Send them away!

He looked back at the person who hid a monster inside his skin and told them clearly, let the children come for they are not a bother to me. 

They remind me of my home where all are welcome. 

All are welcome in my home.

Our government has monsters under the bed.

You can clearly see them.

If you can’t see them you are telling yourself a story.

A bedtime story that gives you comfort so that you don’t have to face the reality of the world that we live in.

I understand that reality is a difficult subject. It doesn’t conform to our wishes, our dreams, our plans, it goes on and does things without our permission.

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General of the United States, doesn’t want children to come into our home.

He wants to teach a lesson broadly that non-white people need not come into this country either illegally or legally.

He has many monsters that have joined him in his monsterpalooza.

Over a thousand children have been taken from their families, and growing every hour, as they both illegally and legally sought entrance into our country.

Once upon a time, in our nation, there was no monster at the gate to the United States.

There stood an ideal, a morality, that all were welcome. The rich, the poor, the tired, the sick, the old and the young could lay down upon the golden shore and rest.

No restrictions. No tests. No lottery. No quotas. 

Just the desire, the need to be free.

To be free from fear.

The monsters say, No!

What happened?

What happened?

What happened?



Forces Film, Again Begin

God & Alzheimer


Religion has been packed about me since before I could remember.  My Grandfather on my Mothers side was a Quaker minister.  He was one of the most positive influences on my life from the very beginning.  Now it should be said that this is not a hate or anger story towards my Father or anybody else in my family.  The reason is that God in his infinite mercy has taken away any and all resentment and anger I ever had.  In fact, he took it away on September 12, 1977, when he killed me.   But, that part of the story will have to wait until another time.  This story concerns just the facts . . . just the facts, and how incredible life can be.  

Grandpa, Larkin Hadley, lived in the room next to my sister and I.  My Grandmother was there also but not for as long as Grandpa was.  My Grandmother, on my Mothers side, I vaguely remember.  She was quiet for the most part until the night when she tried to kill my Grandfather.  You see they slept in the same bed, Quakers are allowed, when this incident happened one night.  Grandpa was awaked by the feeling of someone trying to choke him to death.  He called out for help and my parents came a running.  Grandma thought that there was a strange man in her bed trying to take advantage of her.  It was soon after that they were looking for a rest home for Grandma.  She became real vocal from that night on.  Yelling out in the night and acting really goofy.  To my Sister and I, we thought nothing of it.  Grandma was acting more like my Dad.  

For some reason, they didn’t want her to go to the bathroom so they got her this potty chair that they sat beside her bed.  It was a few days after that I got my first introduction to the female breast.  They were getting Grandma off the pot and for some reason I came into the room to show Grandma a picture I had drawn.  Well, she didn’t have a shirt on at the time and there they were.  I had no idea human flesh could be stretched so far.  I’m guessing I’m only 8 at the time and my little body had nothing like that.  I may have seen Mom naked but her bust line didn’t impress me.  Grandma on the other hand. . .  They were actually touching her knees.  Her knees.  Like two socks with a can of peaches in each foot.  I believe I looked at Grandma differently from then on.

Grandma was what was known then in the latter half of the 20th century as, “in decline”.  She didn’t say much to any of us.  The days would go by and she would usually sit in her chair, in the living room, reading her Bible.  One day Grandma became very angry.  She was yelling at all of us in the house.  Grandpa tried to calm her down but nothing worked.  For some reason, they kept turning the heat up in the house thinking it would calm her down.  It didn’t seem to work.  Grandma was still yelling and now she was sweating too.  At one point she told me to go get a crayon.  It was time for her to change her Will.  I went and got her a green crayon from my stash and handed it to her.  She snatched it out of my hands like a dog grabbing a stolen steak.  Then she gave me the evil eye and started writing her will on the front of the T.V. guide.  I had heard of Wills before from watching Perry Mason and Dragnet.  

Mom said that Grandma didn’t have to do what she was doing.  Grandma became mad and broke the crayon.  The two pieces rolled under her chair.  I went to retrieve them when there was a knock at the door.  Mom opened the door and let in two guys wearing white.  They had a little bed with them that was on wheels.  Grandma started to wet her fingers with her tongue and told them to come and get her.  So, the two men did.  They picked her right up like she didn’t weigh like anything and sat her on that rolling bed.  They put those new safety belts around her and wheeled her out of the house.  Ralph Nader would have been proud.  

Outside was one of those long red ambulances with the big red light on top.  Funny my Sister and I didn’t hear it when it pulled up into our driveway.  Well, they put Grandma inside and off they went.

From then on, to see Grandma, we had to go to a place called a nursing home.  It was someplace pretty far away.  It would take us an hour to go one way.  The place was filled with old people.  Most of them were sitting around doing nothing.  The place had a bad smell about it.  At the time I had no idea what that smell was from.  It was rather dark inside and rather quiet.  Except for the sound of T.V.’s on the wrong channel.  Just static and snow you could hear buzzing and popping from each room.  

Grandma was always in bed just finishing up having lunch.  They seemed to give them spinach all the time.  Grandma’s lips were stained with all the stewed greens.  

My Sister and I would bring a page from our coloring books, that we had neatly colored, for her to hang on the walls.  The rest home nurses didn’t like to have more than one picture at a time hanging up.  So, I think they rotated our artwork.  But, in retrospect, I don’t think so.  This routine of going there just about every day didn’t last too long.  Soon the news came that Grandma had died.

Now Grandma was the first person in our family that I remember who had died.  I was sad.  I know that I probably cried.  But there are not many memories of her.  She was pretty much like my own Mother.  Quiet.  Unassuming.  Like the grave.  

The funeral was a strange event.  People came and went and talked to Grandpa.  Some would cry.  Most people were saying that it was a good thing that she had died.  It was best that she went the way she did having the Alzheimer’s as she did.  There were flowers on these white stands on either side of her coffin.  She was laying inside with her hands folded over a Bible.  She didn’t look right to me though.  She looked too stiff and her cheeks were all red.  Grandma never had red cheeks.  They were just peachy and wrinkled. Dried up like a golden raisin.  No color.  All the adults commented on how good she looked.  I wondered what they were talking about.  

Then she was buried.  She was buried in Salem, Ohio where she and her husband had once been Quaker ministers at a church nearby.  Grandpa picked out a headstone with Jesus on it.   Jesus was carrying a lamb in his arms and there was a couple of sheep at his feet. 

People’s relationship with their deity is a personal thing. Like with your doctor you sometimes tell friends and family but generally, you do not announce your medical condition on the public corner.

I wonder what Grandma thought of her God in those last days when the whole world closed down. It closed down to repeat the same day over and over again. It repeated so much till the day she couldn’t talk anymore and silence spoke for her. 



Forces Film, Again Begin



Kids see things and want them immediately.

Take any child into the aisle where they sell toys and they will immediately demand that you purchase for them the object of their desire.

Object of their desire.

Now if you’re a helicopter parent then telling that child, “No”, will be difficult if not damn near impossible.

But heads up, if you can’t tell them no when they are a toddler you’ll be surprised by what they do when they are teenagers and how they’ll talk back and burn your house down when you tell them no then.

Some future FYI.

Teens will find a way to get what they want when they want it.

No matter the upbringing, no matter the demographic, all teens believe they know more than anyone else who has ever lived on this world of ours.

Adolescents are out to prove themselves right at their own expense.

They are filled with ideals on how the world should work and not so much on how it actually does work.

The object of their desire.

The thirties come along and the word, “settle”, stands in the way of reaching your ideals.

As you get older you realize the things that you thought were important may not be all that important now. You settle for what you can get.

You know that the effort that it would take to get what you want when you want it, all on your terms is unrealistic. A fabrication of youth over experience.

The object of your desire.

Middle age.

That’s right, it’s just about over.

You have everything you could get. There may be things that you still desire but they’re just dreams. You’re locked down, wrapped up, set like concrete.

Desire becomes a planned event. Spontaneity mumbles in the corner of memory.

Objects are not clear anymore. They are either too far away or too close.


We learned this past week that Michael Cohen and his partner Donald Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner have desires.

They want money from American corporations, from rich individuals both domestic and foreign to fulfill their dreams.

They desire cash for their expertise.

Like children in a candy shop, once they entered the White House they saw all kinds of delicacies and opportunities dance before their eyes.

The golden children stood in the aisle of our democracy and threw a tantrum demanding cash for access.

The only way to love these children that satisfied their wails are loose, unregulated flows of cash.

What did they do with this cash? 

We don’t know yet.

Some went to pay off porn stars and bunnies. Some were demanded for building projects. Some were to provide expertise ranging from accounting to aerospace, to telecommunications mergers.

Objects of desire.

These are not children. These are grown individuals who have left common decency by the side of the road. They do not lament their choices. They defy this government, this nation, this people to stop them as they loot and pillage their elected and appointed positions.

I’m asking, where are the parents that will tell them no?




Forces Film, Again Begin

I Dare You


Dare, that’s a funny word.

This is not an “Etymology” lesson, the origins and history of words.  It’s just that some words when they are released over the tongue feel really strange don’t they?

Dare is an Olde English word that started out being spelled darr.

Children like to use it a lot.

“I dare you to tell mom!”

“I dare you to jump your bike over that ditch!”

“I double dog dare you!”

As we all get older most of us are not thrilled by the intonement of the word dare and all that it means. Stability of thought and action is the ideal that is held by most as one of the aspects of becoming an adult, is it not?

Madonna, the singer ie. the 80’s, played with the idea as a marketing scheme with her admonition of Truth or Dare. An adolescent game of psychological exploit, a pecking order calisthenics, exercise when the mean person who is almost always the leader of a group dares a toady to tell the truth when pressed with a question or accept the consequence of a dare.

Dares are the psychological bulwark surrounding many a bully.

Bullies are all about rep.

Reputation proceeds them.

Without the reputation of being a bully who would be afraid of them? The reason why people are afraid of the bully is that they have the reputation of doing bad things to the innocent.

We the rabble. We their victims.

Our fear gives them strength.

They like the folktale about vampires, feed off our collective fear which gives them strength and power over us.

Remove the fear, you remove their power.

Currently, in the White House, we have a commander-in-chief and a group of toadies who daily flaunt and stick out their tongues at us daring us to catch them.

It’s really noticeable from Trump and his tweets, Sarah, and her press pokes, each and every cabinet position, they’re all daring us to catch them.

Each and every one of them dares us to catch them at the open display of corruption they flaunt in our faces.

See, I can say, I can do, I can spend, I can bend, I can break, I can destroy your laws and you can’t do anything about it. You won’t do anything about it because you are pussies!

Mexicans are drug dealers! 

If the country gets any kinder or gentler it’s literally going to cease to exist.

I dare you to catch me!

We’re rounding them up! Not everything is nice! I don’t want these people coming over here!

I will build a great wall!

I dare you to catch me!

I could have stopped September 11th.

I want to help women.

Grab 'em by the pussy.

I double dog dare you to catch me!

There has to be some punishment for women for abortion.

I have a great relationship with African Americans, as you possibly have heard. I just have great respect for them. And they like me. I like them.

We give the very best information possible at the time.

I triple dog dare you to catch me!

This Rush-her thing is a hoax!

The road that justice takes can be long and winding. The voice of the bully rings sharply in our ears. But history has taught, for those that read, that pride comes before the fall.

Our constitution was created by people who had lived and fought with far greater idiots and tyrants than our current Moscow toady. 

The storm is just beginning and the bullies will howl and grit their teeth and dare justice to catch them if they can.

Justice waits for all tyrants remember that.




Forces Film, Again Begin

The Best is Hope


The long road to justice sometimes takes a path that takes longer than we think it should.

Justice this week found a man guilty of crimes against women he preyed upon.

It was a long road.

Where did these women find their courage we may ask?

Against the odds, these women stood for what they knew to be the truth.

That’s a hard place to stand. That’s a hard place to stand in the light of public criticism.

When you know the truth but you are victimized again and again through the ploy of misrepresenting the truth. Gaslighting.

Gaslighting comes from the movie of the same words Gas Light directed by George Cukor and starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman who plays his wife.

Boyer’s character is a cad. He manipulates women to rob them of their wealth. His most recent target is Bergman. He convinces and grooms all her friends and family that she is going mad.

While he plots to find a cache of lost jewels believed to be in the possession of Bergman, he isolates her and tells her what she sees, what she knows is a fantasy.

Only he knows the truth.

Her experience is discounted as being a fantasy of her imagination.

How could a man who has such a fine and upright reputation and position in the community be a sexual predator of women?

If I say I didn’t do something, then by my own logic, I must be innocent.


Hope is what allowed Bergman’s character to survive until that day when justice came through her door.

Justice came through her door and proved to the world that she was telling the truth.

Justice came for the sociopath sexual predator.

On that road to justice, each of us can ride in that thing called hope.

Hope is a good thing.

Hope reminds us that although we may not know how or where we might end up, as long as we set our feet on a path to a better world for all, hope will deliver us to the light of justice.

A hope for a better day.

A hope for a better day than yesterday has arrived.

In the Shawshank Redemption written by Stephen King, I have to say, the best words that capture the human soul ever penned. 

Red, old and tired, has found the letter written to him from his friend Andy who escaped from prison. Red is out of prison facing a world he’s afraid of after being a lifer for murder when he was a young man. 

Andy writes, “Remember, Red. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

No good thing ever dies.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Where We Stand


Right and wrong.

Right and left.

Right and doing nothing.

Right, and being alone.

Right is right.

What are the consequences of doing right?

It takes energy to do what is right as much as it takes to do what is wrong.

For the most part, most of us like to stand in the gray area. That place in-between where we don’t have to react. We don’t have to lift a finger. We don’t have to have any anxiety. 

We don’t have to fear if we are right or wrong.

The silent majority.

A truth.

To clear a path around oneself and to declare what is right versus what is wrong ultimately will shine the spotlight of scorn and ridicule upon you.


Do you know the old adage about the crabs in a barrel? One of the crabs wanted to know what was outside of its world. What was outside of the barrel that all of the other crabs were trapped in? This crab decided it was going to crawl out against the advice that it was going to be dangerous as it was admonished by its fellow crabs. Well, just as the crab started to crawl out the other crabs grabbed a hold of it and pulled it back into the barrel. Ultimately, they all found themselves on that night's menu.

Doing what’s right makes people angry.


It forces the spotlight upon their own lives revealing their apathy. 

They don’t want that hot light upon them to say what is right because they don’t want to face the possibility that they might be wrong. Even in the face of a certitude, what is obviously the right thing to do, a child is being sexually attacked, the person obfuscates and pretends they don’t actually see.

To have morality, to stand upon ones own morals, is not antithetical to some present day Christian misinterpretation of the biblical passage of not judging others.

All recorded civilizations, societies, have had and a sense of morality.

What is right and what is wrong.

Taking a stand throughout this history of humankind against what is wrong has placed obvious targets upon these individuals.

But let's remove this grand idea and bring it down to everyday living, shall we?

The next time you're at dinner with your family and your uncle makes a racist joke do you call them out on it?

When you are on the bus and your bag is sitting on the seat next to you do you pick it up so that the stranger can have a seat?

These are a couple of easy examples of doing the right thing in everyday life. They may be easy for you difficult for others.

Doing the right thing will always bring about consequences.

For every action, there is a reaction.

Doing the right thing in the face of wrong, doing the right thing ultimately in the face of evil may leave you in a lonely space. Separate from the crowd.

I’ve personally found myself many times in that lonely space.

It is a tired world we all live in. The effort to do what is right is neglected by many, given lip service by most, taken upon their backs by a few.

As Mark Twain said, wages of doing what is right versus what is wrong is the same. 

Most of what we do on this journey called life will never be recognized or appreciated beyond our own recollection of events.


Count me as standing against evil, standing against the wicked, standing against the corrupt.

For it is only in that blessed light, that once shown into darkness can reveal the true soul.




Forces Film, Again Begin



To know you’ve had enough, you first have to be aware of life.

Now that’s a tricky thing to do. 

What did you just say?  See, you are not paying attention! You’ve drifted off already thinking about what you’re going to do next?

We are “Not” born with the will to learn. No, it’s an ideal passed on by those who are older and wiser than us. But older doesn’t translate into being wise and wise doesn’t mean it has any common sense.

So be aware you’re getting scammed if you buy ideas because ideas are free.

To be self-aware you have to practice.

I know, I know, you don’t want to do anything more in your life. You’re too busy as it is to learn anything new especially to learn about yourself. You don’t think you’re that interesting.

But listen, it’s really easy.

To learn more about your self all you have to do is nothing.


Yes. Nothing. Nothing at all. To become self-aware all you have to do is sit and be quiet. 

Don’t think, don’t talk, don’t write, don’t look at your phone, don’t read. Just like old wise man Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “Empty your mind.”

The simplicity of getting to know yourself begins with quieting your mind. Even if it’s just for one minute a day, believe it or not, that’s all it takes to take that first step in realizing if you’re the problem or not.

The problem? Who is the problem? Not me! I can’t be the problem. Right?

Rich, middle, poor in this country of ours, when do you look around and realize you and everyone around you are in the same lifeboat as the next person?

Right now in our country, there is this feeling that the American dream has been lost.

Well, they who have had that thought are correct.

They are correct that the dream is being shaken off and the reality of the beginning of the 21st century is dawning upon us all.

We are not as well mannered, we are not as well groomed, we are not as well versed, we are not as well socially, we are not as well governed as we thought we were. 

That is, wherein the current semi-regular occupant of the White House has instructed us all in this lesson we’ve learned upon awakening from our collective slumber.

We were awake briefly in 1968 but fell back asleep only to awaken to the fact that we Americans have collectively pooped the bed.

Both sides are to blame. The RNC, the DNC, republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals, and yes independents too. Right, left, center, extremes all fell asleep at the wheel of our democracy.

They all have a common addiction to money over and above the needs of the people to be represented in a forum to establish the common good for all.

It’s not too late.

It’s never too late.

We need to brush the crumbs out of our eyes and hear the voices calling for change.

The ideal of happiness and wealth of life for all can be reestablished.

Have you had enough?

Then get out of bed, go wash your ass, comb your hair, and step on into the light of this new day with me.




Forces Film, Again Begin

What Did That Cost?


How much did you spend on your last oil change?

When you were out for dinner the other day did you get that glass of wine you wanted or did you just settle for a glass of iced tea?

You’ve had your eye on a pair of shoes now for six months, did you buy them yet?

What do you spend your money on?

As for myself, I rarely have any money so that question throughout my entire life has never been in my face. It takes me a long time to save up enough to buy something.

My wife tells me I need a new summer hat but I told her it would cost too much right now. I’m cool walking around with a hole in it.  It's hip?

When you don’t have money you really don’t think about spending it. Especially for yourself when you have a family, and your what our human society have all agreed upon as being, responsible.

Lately, we’ve been learning that our current president has a particular spending habit. 

It seems he pays off women whom he’s having adultery with at an average pace of $100,000 plus a piece.

I’ve been having a hard time getting my head around that. By “that” I mean how do you live your life, how do you get to the point, that you think that its normal to pay off women to be silent about your adultery to the tune of 100K plus a piece?

And please remember he's doing it all the time. According to Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, Steve Bannon paragon of clean living said Trump’s lawyer paid off one hundred women to be silent about adultery before election day in 2016.

Let’s bring this down a bit, shall we?

Mr. President? Mr. President? Did you know there are places right next door to community colleges called “Dollar Stores”? They are places where every item in the store is a dollar. Tea bags, potato’s, toothbrushes, pens, milk, greeting cards, all a dollar a piece.

A lot of us spend our money there.

Now hold that thought, please.

So you see, I’m spending a dollar to buy a greeting card yet you’re spending 100K+ on each person you have adultery with to be silent about it. 

At what point in your life did you think that was god damn normal?

I'm waiting to hear from you?

And for that matter, anyone around you who thinks, as well as, anyone who supports you as having leadership qualities, must be out of their cotton picking minds?

Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover up your adultery Mr. President opens you up to all manner of possible corruption being done to you, and by you.

It’s a damn historical fact!

Anyone willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep adultery secret will also pay to keep other problems secret, as well as, take money to keep secrets of others.

This is the definition of having no ethics.

This is the definition of a misdemeanor.

This can be the definition of a high crime. 

But come on man, really? Really? You can’t control yourself, really? You can’t be single and conversely just hang with whomever you want, when you want, where you want, for as long as you want.

You want to have a cover that you are "normal" by having a wife.

Yet you regularly turn your back on your oath of marriage.

What other oaths don’t you honor?

I really can’t get my head around it.

What does it cost to do the right thing?

What does it cost our nation?

Wha does it cost the soul?




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Bad Ideas


Drinking that last drink at the bar last night was a bad idea.

Leaving your keys in the car while you ran into the Quick Mart for smokes and returning to your car being stolen turned out to be a bad idea.

Staying with your boyfriend who would order food for you, tell you where to sit, tell you where you were going, not letting you make any decisions until the day he gave you a black eye, that was a bad idea.

Having bad ideas is not new.

Having bad ideas as a human being is not exclusive to this time and space we live in.

This may sound crazy but human sacrifice was seen as a good idea once upon a time. The first born in almost all cultures around the world were commonly sacrificed to the gods in return for a good crop.

The idea was based on the observation of the cycle of plant life. Each year after harvest you select the best seeds for next year. Then in the spring, you plant the dead appearing seed in the ground and in a few weeks, a miracle happens when it spouts above the ground.

It’s alive again.

Joseph Campbell in his series, The Masks of God, details these rituals around the globe.

One of the first major cultures that relinquished that idea was the Romans. It disturbed them so much that they took it upon themselves to wipe out any culture that sacrificed children. 

Take a look at history at what happened to the Carthaginians at the hands of Rome.

Slavery was once thought of as a good idea.

Now it’s on the pile of bad ideas that humans have had.

Yet people were convinced slavery was a good idea just like human sacrifice.


Why, or better yet how, did they convince themselves that bad ideas are good?

Today we are no different from our ancestors because there still remains bad ideas in our society.

We pass on bad ideas generation after generation never breaking from or with the stories we tell each other.

Many people have convinced themselves of a nihilist adolescent fantasy view of how the world and society works.

What am I talking about?

What is this fantasy?

The fantasy is that some of us believe they have the inherent right granted to them by the constitution of the United States of America to kill whom they want, when they want, with what they want at any time. That this right can never ever be abridged by anyone, by any government, by any power on this earth because it is a right granted to them by their God before the constitution was even written. 

There God is cool with them killing those that are not like them, do not believe like them, are perceived to be taking from them, who do not cut their lawn according to community standards, who play music too loud, who talk to loud, who have pride they don’t deserve, who are too young to know better, who want more than what they are given.

A belief that you, cannot take away from my hands, the right for me to murder.

You do not have the right or the power to prevent me from killing with ease.

All based upon the premise, the idea, the story, that our government is constantly on the verge of needing to be overthrown because of its unreasonable treatment of its citizens.  Anarchy versus anarchy?

Think about that?

Nihilists believe, in a belief that says, no matter what you do nothing will change.

The Adolescent comes to the world full of strict unbending belief in how the world should be not how it is.

Fantasy is a story, not the truth.

Has the world changed since 1776?

Do you know everyone back then urinated and defecated in a porcelain bowl and then afterward threw it out their back window into an open sewer?

Did you know they thought that only men contributed to the inception of a child that women contributed nothing? That women were nothing more than a container in which the child grew.

Did you know they thought that the Pacific Ocean was just on the other side of the Allegheny Mountains?

Now to be fair, they did know a lot about corruption and the abuses of the aristocracy over the general population which they could and usually did subjugate to poverty, starvation, random imprisonment and genocide.

The fear of an obtrusive and intrusive government into the private lives of a people was a pronounced reality that they were at odds with.

European governments transposed both crimes against the state and personal crimes, “sins”, of faith as being one and the same.

However, our founding fathers could see beyond 1776 into the future.

Yes, they could.

They weren’t focused on their navel.

They realized that societies change. They become more social. They learn more, know more in the future than we will ever know now.

That’s why they included in the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America a process by which the document can be changed. Yeah. Amended. That word amended means you can “update” the document to take into account any changes that the society in that future time will find itself in.

So our Constitution has been changed many times and not inclusive of the following.

It did away with the idea that owning a slave was an inherent right.

It did away with the idea that people could not drink alcohol.

It did away with the idea that only men could vote.

It did away with the idea that non-white races could not vote.

It did away with the idea that people 18 years of age could be drafted but couldn’t vote.

There is nothing special or holy about the 2nd Amendment.

You don’t have to believe me, there are many legal minds who you can find who will tell you exactly the same. If he was still with us you could ask the intellectual anchor for the originalist and textualist believers of the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. 

To change anything you need to have the will to do so.

It takes self-reflection to realize that what you believed in was a bad idea.

For some, they will cling to the idea, to the story, even when they can hear the screams and shouts of the dying.

Even the murder of children will not alter their stance and belief that they are standing with their rights given to them by their God, not any piece of paper in Washington can tell them different.

But you know…

There are bad ideas and good ideas.

And it just so happens the history of humankind leans towards supporting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.



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Without Our Permission


Change happens without our permission.

That’s a fact of this universe.

You can have an opinion about it but it doesn’t change the fact.

Can you stop the tide from rolling in?

Can you stop your child from growing?

Can you stop the sun from setting?

No, you can’t.

I can’t either.

Nobody can.

Change is the rudimentary nature of life. We are born, we live a life and then we die. Each step along that path we find the world changes around us as we change.

Some of the changes are welcome.

The look of your child as they master riding a bike. Watching your daughter’s face as she marries the person she loves. That new job you’ve worked so long and hard for.

Some changes are not welcome.

Your dog is ill and needs to be put down. There’s no work in your town anymore. The McRib will no longer be sold. 

The biggest unwanted change…

A death of a loved one.

Today, March 24th, 2018 in the streets of America and around the world, a collective shout demanding change was issued.

A choice, a demand that life be preserved versus the right to kill.

Why do we reserve the right to kill in this nation? Could it be the lagging cancer on our soul of racism? Fear of the other? Fear of the stranger?

A new voice was raised today over the old chorus of the past. Its beat, its melody unfamiliar to the ears of an older generation, yet, at its heart, it’s driving beat as familiar as that old gospel sung by other marchers for freedom from tyranny.

Change comes without our permission.

You can be part of the solution or you can step aside.

A better world free of fear of gun violence has always been in our hands to make real.

The eyes of a nation have been lifted up by the spirit of their children.

March for our lives.



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Don't Preach


I for some reason decided that I wanted to be an artist.

It wasn’t forced on me by anyone.

I thought I could do it, even though my lack of self-esteem constantly reminds me I’ve made a bad choice.

Being an artist especially a commercial artist, a person who works with other people to make their visions a reality, you find yourself and your work under constant comment.

You are constantly questioned as to the quality, the validity, the character, the truth of what you are doing.

This is not the reality of the majority of people in the world.

They are not questioned by their peers, by strangers, about the value of their work and conversely their value as a person.

Simply, most people associate what they do for living as who they are.

You’re probably already saying to yourself, “My job doesn’t define me.”

Here’s an example… 

Specifically, if you were a cashier at a grocery you may not think you feel an attachment to the job. However, if you were told one day by a customer, that your particular performance in checking them out “Sucked”, it’s a good bet you the cashier would become upset and angry.

You may not show it in your reply, but internally, your pride got blindsided, t-boned.

We humans, in general, do not like to be told when we are wrong.


How well did you react the last time you were told you were wrong?

Well, most of us really don’t handle criticism very well, do we?

Why is that?

I see a lot of us don’t like to go out of our comfort zones.

We actually don’t want to go out into the rain and get wet. Get cold.


We feel comfort, which is natural to our nature, to surround ourselves with things that we like, things that are familiar.

We like our own shoes, don’t we?

We would never think of putting on the shoes of a stranger.

We like our own music.

We like grooving to the beat of our favorite tune. We like to listen to those words that inspire us. They make us feel good.

Have you ever changed the channel and heard what’s going on that other station?

Have you ever asked yourself is my music really good? Or is it what I’ve become accustomed to so I’ve grown to ignore the rough spots.

Those places in the music that there is no harmony. Those places where the lyrics say things I recognize as being out of place with the times I’m living in today.

But it’s a song I like and all my friends like it too so what harm can it do to play it?

Self-examination is difficult. 

That’s why you go to a doctor to look you over. Much like doing your own dentistry, both holding the mirror and the drill and filling your own cavity is really an impossible thing to do.

Metaphorically, some of us are walking around acting as if we are okay but we haven’t wiped our own ass.

Full of confidence that there is nothing wrong with them and their belief, they are unaware that they are leaving a stink behind them.

If you cannot recognize fact over opinion.

If you cannot see people suffer.

If you cannot hear people cry.

You are too comfortable.

You may want to check yourself.



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I decided today to buy donuts.

Yesterday, I went with my daughter to go to the grocery store instead of by myself.

When I was a young man I wanted to be an astronomer. Then I had a change of mind and I became an artist instead.


My wife’s uncle Frank volunteered to be in the Navy during WWII. He could have volunteered for any of the services but he chose the navy.

While on a routine deployment upon the USS Kalinin Bay an escort carrier their convoy accidentally ran into the Yamato, the largest battleship in history built by the Japanese.

He manned a 50 caliber machine gun and spent the whole day shooting at the Kamikazes who saw their first use during that battle.


In 1955, on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, Miss Rosa Parks just got done with work. She couldn’t find a seat in the segregated portion of the bus, blacks had to sit on the back of the bus.

There was a seat in the white section in the front.

When asked by the bus driver to move back and stand Miss Parks said, “I don’t think I have to stand up.” The bus driver called the police and she was arrested.


Our choices define who we are.

Not what we say.

What we do.

Evangelical leaders have given a pass on the sexual predation of our current president.

Our current set of congressional leadership have ignored the murder of children, in favor of the profit they reap from their seats in Congress.

Our president tells his staff to lie to the public and his staff tells lies in return to the president.


We all have the choice to do right. We also have the choice to do wrong.

There is even the choice of doing nothing when confronted with a problem.

The burden of living a life is the choices we have made.

For good or bad those choices will permanently define who we are.

At any time a previous choice can be changed.

There is nothing preventing that change except each of our own personal demons.

Choices are many times foisted upon us. We don’t ask to make a decision it just happens.

It’s not about being a hero. 

It’s about doing what’s right when the opportunity falls upon any of us.

If you are a leader in government, a leader in public; life, liberty, and happiness should be the light under which choices are made. Is it not?

What about the rest of us?

What choices have you made that have been and are currently demonstrating to the world around you who you really are?

Do you take the trash out for your disabled neighbor?

Do you belittle the waiter about your meal and the service?

Do you wait patiently in line at the store?

Do you give the finger to the driver that cut you off?

Do you volunteer in your community?

Do you cheat on your taxes?

Do you vote?


Our choices define who we are.

Can we be better?



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Lift Them Up


Walking into my favorite coffee spot the other day and the hostess Josseline looked tired. 

“How are you today Josseline”, I asked?

She smiled, “No one ever asks how I’m doing. Thank you.”

Lift them up.

Some girls were out in front of the grocery store the other day selling Girl Scout cookies. They had their learned lines down asking each person as they went by to please purchase their cookies. Many did.

An old woman walked by. They asked her if she would buy some of their delicious cookies. She said she liked to but she didn’t have extra money. One of the girls handed her a box for free.

Lift them up.

This coming Saturday, March 24th, from 10 AM to 2 PM starting at Pershing Square, 582 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA, March For Our Lives is holding a rally and a march.

Everyone is welcome not just students and teachers affected by the rule of the gun in our land.

Do you hear it?

People, a nation, a time when voices filled with fear call out collectively for justice.

A sound heard through the long halls history foretells of a building wave. A wave built upon the broken and shattered lives cut short by the tyranny of some men over the many.

Lift them up.

Why can’t some people hear other people crying?

Why can’t some people see the suffering of other people?

Why do some people turn their backs when they can help stop injustice?

Fear of change clouds the eye.

Fear of change darkens the heart.

Fear of change binds the hands.

Fear of the stranger resists change.

Lift them up.

You can read the writing on the wall. You can see the summer change to fall and then to winter. You can see the tide roll in and out. You can witness the sunrise in the East and set in the West.

But can you see despair in others, not like yourself?

Can we as a people ask everyone to be responsible? Is that too much to ask for? Is that a bridge too far? A shore to distant? 

Are we collectively going to fall into a trap set by profiteers of death?

The profiteers who stoke the fears of the unknown. Who whisper horrible intent of races not your own. Who raise up Jesus yet tell us that even the man of peace would have a conceal carry under his robe.

That if everyone would carry a gun we would all be safe?

I tell you that’s a lie.

It is lie made by dark-hearted men to make a profit out of the fearful.

I can tell you there is never a time in your whole life will you ever be safe.

That is reality.

The story is if you live a good life, worship the right god, live the right neighborhood, drive the right car, marry the right person, go to the right school, get the good job, mind your own business, mow your lawn, keep your house painted, donate to charity, care for your family, that somehow through all these things you will be kept safe by an invisible spirit.

That’s a story.

It is not reality.

Bad things happen to everyone. 

You can’t stop it.

But you can make it difficult.

You can reach out and take a hand that reaches for help.

You can reach out and hold that person who is afraid.

You can lift them up.

Stand with us on March 24th everywhere in our nation.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Most of all, life.



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Poor of Spirit


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Did you become what you wanted to be?

When I was a kid I wanted to be a forest ranger. I loved the outdoors in the woods. The sounds of the trees whispering to each other in the breeze. The birds chattering about each other. Even the hum of the drunken insects as they bounced off the tree trunks.

Then one day while riding in the car on the verge of being car sick my father asks me, “Danny! Danny! What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I sprouted, “I want to be a forest ranger!”

My father replied, “What? Are you stupid? You can’t make any money doing that!”

It’s damn near impossible to go against the tide which is a parents expectations when you are a child.

They are an authority figure. They set the rules. You don’t question them because they are dictators. You go against their rules and you’re punished swiftly if you’re lucky. You’re tortured over and over again if you’re not.

You grow up with a set of rules that you believe are right ones. Why would my parents lie to me? They always tell the truth, right? They know everything, right?

Then when you get to school you bump into other travelers on life’s journey.

You find out that Ralph’s family doesn’t eat meat. What a weirdo.

Alice’s family doesn’t celebrate birthdays. They don’t celebrate birthdays? How dumb is that?

When your classmates find out that your family doesn’t buy groceries, they raise everything they need in a garden, they all laugh at you.

You have two choices, two paths to take. 

You either ignore what is happening in other families or you start down a path filled with questions.

Some idiot kid tells you on the playground that Santa Clause doesn’t exist. Then that year you find, by accident in your parents closet, that toy you want for Christmas. Questions?

You hear some parent at church say that the blacker a person is the more evil they are. Questions?

You listen to your neighbor brag about his hot wife. But she walks about with sunglasses on because she has a black eye. Questions?

Are rules set in stone for you?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I in the right?”

Do you ever ask yourself, “What is the truth?”

Are you afraid to find out?

I found out there wasn’t a Santa. I found out friendship is blind to color and only sees the heart. I found out that people hide behind a facade, an avatar, what they want the world to believe they are because the truth of their life would leave them crying in the street every day.

Can we change?

Can we change paths?

As long as any of us draws breath there is time to change paths.

For a long time, I can honestly say I have been poor in spirit.

No matter what I do or say I don’t seem to be able to make a difference. Back when I was a child I wanted to save the forest. That fell away.

Recently, I thought the day was ever closer that MLK talked about when children young and old black and white would stand together hand in hand. But a fog from the past rolled in the last election.

A cold darkness of the soul that doesn’t want that bright future for all.

I became poor of spirit.

An evil day brought about by idle hands and minds of careless, reckless, men and women once again took the lives of the innocent. The blood-soaked hands of profit through the tyranny of men over a people.

The people being you and I.

I became poor of spirit.

Not again. Please not again.

Like a sound long anticipated. Like a beat first felt than heard. Like a friend lost in time but found.

The innocent stood up and cried, “No more!”

Can we change?

Yes, we can.

The children of Parkland Florida don’t accept the world, the truth, given to them by the adults.

Children, the hope of any generation, will change their world.

You have a choice.

Either help or get out of the way.



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There are many obstacles in life’s journey are there not?

If you want to become a nurse you have to attend a school. You have to have the courage to somehow get the money to pay for your classes.

That guy you like at work. You think he’s cute but you know he’s a friend and will never ask you out. It’s up to you to find the courage to ask for that first date.

You might be at the zoo enjoying the day when you see a group of teenagers taunting and yelling at the zebras. It takes courage to confront them and ask that they respect the lives of the animals as well as the families that they are scaring.

Where does courage come from?

Where does it go?

Why does it leave?

Many times honestly we just don’t feel that it’s worth the effort to stand up for what we know is right.

The waiter shortchanged you. Let it go.

The guy opened his door on your car denting it. Let it go.

The kids left a mess in the bathroom. Let it go.

Is there anything in your life you just can’t let go?

If a person shot and killed your child would you let it go?

If a person shot and killed your whole family, mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, everyone but you, would you let it go?

Do you know that the United States of America is the only country outside of a war zone where people, families, children are routinely murdered in mass?

Why is that?

Why do you brush your teeth?

Why do you put on your safety belt?

Why don’t you allow your children to play on the freeway?

Did you know we can see into the future?

Humans can see into the future. It’s true. We can see into the future because of cause and effect.

Cause and effect mean when you do something, in response, something else happens.

You flip up the switch of a light and the light comes on. That’s cause and effect.

Try it out. Look for things where you can see this scientific fact take place.


It takes courage to examine the world around you and ask questions.

Other countries have violence just like here in the U.S. But what they don’t have is mass shootings mainly by white males killing innocent people.


You have to recognize, you have to take the time to see that they have found solutions that are working.

Did you know that on average the country of Japan has six gun deaths a year? Japan’s population is 127 million.

The U.S., our Christian nation, has on average 33,600 a year. The U.S. has a population of 323 million.

So if you’re a numbers person that would mean if our society was like Japan on average 18 people a year would die by gunfire.

Ask yourself why do they have such a low number of murders by guns?

Maybe they have a better society? Maybe they have a better religion? Maybe it's their diet?

Or maybe they had the courage to stand up for the rights of the innocent?

Please follow what I’m about to say closely.

Conservatives in this country on a unified stance want to make abortion practically impossible to occur. The protection of the innocent, the unborn right to life is paramount.

They want to eradicate abortion, yes, but on the journey there they want to make it practically impossible. They want to protect the life of the unborn.

What about us who have already been born?

Why can’t we all stand together to say we will make it damn near impossible to kill the living?

What we will need is courage.

Courage to say to the naysayers, those who advocate their right to kill whom they want, when they want, where they want forever, to say to them no more. 

No more.

No more grief. No more tears. No more anguish. No more torn bodies. No more destroyed lives.

Stand for the right of all life to live free of fear.

Don’t make it easy to kill.

Prevention takes courage.

Be strong.

Don’t make it easy to kill.

Don’t make it easy to kill.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Beaten Down



What do you stand for?

I’m asking?

What is it you will not tolerate? What is that thing which will stop you in your tracks and make you say, “No!”?

Is it the person who cuts in front of you at the traffic light? Don’t they know you were first in line?

Is it when you look at your bill at a restaurant and it’s added up incorrectly and you got charged twice for that appetizer you didn’t like?

Is it when your sports team doesn’t win and you swear you will never buy another ticket?

What do you say, ”No” to?

What do you tolerate?

Is it okay for your wife to work extra hours but it means there won’t be a meal on the table when you get home?

Is it okay the neighbor cuts their lawn also cuts across your property line?

Is it okay for that fag over there to get married?

I’m asking?

I’m asking for the beaten down.

There are lives all around each one of us who have suffered, who have been stuffed into a corner, who are ignored and forgotten.

The beaten down rarely speak for themselves. The beaten down have tried but they failed. The beaten down lost their voice to the roar of inhumanity. That roaring lion filled with pride, intolerance, greed, arrogance, dominance, misogyny.

Misogyny. What does that word mean?

Misogyny means a hatred, a contempt, a prejudice, a religious based male privilege over women.

All Western religions and most importantly in the United States concerning Christianity teach that women are second-class citizens. The religion itself teaches, instructs about the separation of the sexes, of people, that they are born into this world by their creator into a station.

We are all born into a station.

We are all born into this world, we are each placed into this world by God. 

Consequently, to change that position, to ask for more, to ask for a different line to stand in is to go against the will of God. God’s placement of each soul upon this world is in accordance to his will and that will cannot be challenged by mortal men.

In Joseph Campbell’s, The Masks of God, Mythology, he explains how some 7,500 years ago the world was ruled by women through a female-centric mother earth goddess. Women controlled the village. They had both inherently the power of giving life as well as death.

The correlation between the natural world and the inherent nature of females was clear and understood. Mother nature was literal, natural, easy to see, easy to understand, you could touch God. She’s right next to you.

Then men got jealous and formed a plan around the idea of a sky based God that only they could see. Only they could communicate with through male priests exclusively.

They demonized the natural earth mother. They called them witches. Women communed with dark evil spirits. They bled for seven days but did not die. They temped man. They corrupted man’s pure divine spirit given to them by their male invisible sky God.

Thus, men conducted a Coup d’etat against women taking their power and replacing them as rulers.

To make sure of securing their power they crafted holy writings dictated to them from their unseen sky Gods informing us all that women can’t be trusted, they are second-class citizens and like the rest of the earth are to be used by men at men’s pleasure. 

Oh, and it’s a sin for women to complain about their new second-class position punishable by beatings, cutting their hair, humiliation, genital mutilation, acid burning, emulation, scolding, pay discrimination, can’t vote, can’t speak against a man, rape, torture, and death.

Fast forward…

What do you stand for?

Do you ever ask yourself why I believe what I believe?

Do you think it’s wrong to ask questions?

Do you think it’s wrong if someone doesn’t believe that you are correct?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of justice?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of freedom?

Do you ever think you could be on the wrong side of history?

What do you stand for?

A man stood in the way of a crowd who wanted to murder a woman. The crowd demanded her life be taken. The man asked why? The response from the crowd was because she was a woman and defied the laws of marriage. The man standing in the way agreed that the laws of man were broken but he asked…

Where do you stand?

What makes you believe you are the final judge of this woman’s life?

This life is all she has and you want to take it away.

Where do you stand?

Each day if we are paying attention we learn from each other.

Our president and those that work with him all do a lot of talking.

Their talking defines who they are. Their actions define what they are.

There is an obvious war between the past holding onto an ideal they hold to be true versus the revelation brought about some 240 years past through our Declaration of Independence that all are created equal. That we all have rights. Most important of these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These two views of the world are not compatible. 

The older ideal that we are all slaves to an identity, a station, placed upon us by a God. The new ideal we are all equal and can pursue happiness through personal freedom and liberty.

Which includes brown people and women. 

That new document unlike the old was written for all, not just Western white European men.

What are we to do?

Those of us who can see that light of liberty for all must hold up that light to the door of freedom. We must light that way, that path for those seeking its blessed light.

We must stand alone, we must stand together.

We must agree that beating people because your authority as a male is challenged is wrong now and forever.

We must all stand against that darkness of the soul, stand against that old corruption of the spirit of humanity, lift each troubled heart to a better day.

Ask each other to be better, to do better.



Forces Film, Again Begin



Dutch, portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, leads a group through the Guatemala jungle in search of missing CIA operatives in the movie Predator.

Ultimately the story asks who is the predator?

Is it the alien from another world or is it Dutch the human?

Yes, it turns out that the alien who traversed trillions of miles to hunt man is the evolutionary loser. On this planet of the apes we are the top banana when it comes to predation.

Predators on this world come in many forms.

They are not limited to gender, position, age or any of the demographic categories  that you can name.

You may be a predator. The person next to you could be a predator. I could be a predator.

The main characteristic of a predator is that they blend in. They have mastered to some extent the ability to camouflage themselves in plain sight.

They also have mastered the art of the trap.

They each have honed the ability to manifest a funnel, a channel through which their victims migrate to the center of the web where the predator awaits to feed upon them.

Examples you ask?

A priest who oversees the alter boys who pass out cakes.

The policeman who waits for an undesirable to pass his car whom he then pulls over.

The woman that undermines other women at work who blames the accounting short falls on their lack of attention.

The studio executive who listens to a pitch from a new writer and then takes their intellectual property and produces a project without them.

The guy who serves you pizza who doesn’t wash his hands.

The father who demands respect even as he beats his children and prays as he puts them to bed.

The son who grooms divorced women with no self esteem by telling them lovely words. Words they long to hear so he can make them have sex with him.

Predators lure their victims with charisma and self confidence. 

They command attention in a room. They always have the best story. The best experience. They are the best.

They win.

But lately, I wonder if the long tide of evil has crested?

Has our society specifically here and now in these United States come to a watershed moment? Has our collective psyche reached a point in time where we can now see behavior that was once hidden?

Can we recognize the sociopath?

Can we see that person who knows the difference between right and wrong but chooses to do wrong because it benefits them?

Is this awakening that women are people too just a media fad?

Let us believe it is not.

There is still a road before us upon which life is asking us now all to stand for that which is right. That which is good. That which liberty, equality and justice for all rings out.

The light asks each one of us to stand.




Forces Film, Again Begin