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Donald Trump



Do you smell that?

Get a good whiff of it.

Do you know what that smell is?

It is the smell of the rotting corpse that is the American Civil war that we still drag behind us every day of our collective lives.

The South lost.

But some 153 years later you still wouldn’t know it.

We are still arguing over it. 

What was one of the main questions that killing 100,000's of each other was trying to answer?

Is this one nation or a series of states that only collectively agree with each other.

Or as it was expressed initially, federal rights versus state rights.

The South lost.

So did Germany. So did Japan. So did Mao, so did Castro, so did the KKK, so did a hell of a lot of tyrants and bad ideas.

However, in this country, we have been loath to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead.

Like helicopter parents afraid that their children will become angry with them and no longer be their friends we have yet to tell the racists and the bigots that they lost.

Why we can’t find that courage to tell our brothers and sisters that their dog is dead and is stinking up every conversation in this nation of ours ever since 1865, I don’t have a definitive answer.

One nation.

One nation.

All of us have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But some states and the individuals in those states have a right to slow-walk those rights because they’re not comfortable with you being equal to them?


No. The South lost.

They lost that argument, they lost that right.

The question was answered.

Somebody has to be the adult and tell the children their racist dog is dead.

Our American breed of racist and bigot keep trying to pretend like “Weekend at Bernie’s” that the ideals of segregation, of racism, of white supremacy over the world are alive and well.

Like a three-year-old with a wet soggy blanket in their mouth, they drag their stinking, dirty ideas with them and want us all to smell it.

We the adults have to stop pretending that these people are rational.

They are immature bullies.

Just like a petulant child, they know that they are wrong, but they don’t care.

They want their way or nothing.

They would rather burn down America and all it stands for, life and liberty and justice for all than to allow just one brown person the same rights as they have.

Children who never learned to share.

The South lost.

Criminals do not get to decide their fate.

We do not allow murderers, rapists, thief's, liars to determine their sentence, do we?

The South’s ideal of slavery, the romanticizing of tyranny, murder, and rape, as well as their right to defy the national government by not allowing non-white people the same rights as white people were struck down that day when the South surrendered at Appomattox.

The good people at the time had a sense of civility that the evil on the other side of the question of racism did not possess.

The good people were taken advantage of when they agreed to slow walk, get the bigot’s and the racists minds use to equality over time.

What followed was Jim Crow, segregation, separate but equal.

Like screaming brats, the racist and the bigots have called down holy thunder and revenge at every baby step of racial equality.


Isn’t 153 years damn long enough?

Pull off the band-aid, let the light in and dry up that open gangrenous wound in the American soul.

It stinks like hell.

Do you smell it?

Trump and his supporters don’t think so.

Like dogs rolling in their own waste, they’re laughing and enjoying themselves as they force us all to smell their fun at the expense of the nation's dignity.

What will it take to make us collectively tell them no, stop that right now!




Forces Film, Again Begin

He Speaks For Me



Can you recognize the difference between a hamburger on your grill and one from McDonald’s?

Do you acknowledge that some people like chocolate ice-cream and others like vanilla?

If you read, what makes you prefer one type of story over another?

We all have preferences.

I like wearing black. I like iced-tea. I like science fiction. I like the woods and the ocean at the same time in the same place.

You may like some of these things too.

You may not like these things at all.

We all have preferences.

What happens when your preference turns into a prejudice?

How does that happen?

Your preference for vanilla ice-cream becomes such a determinant factor in your everyday decisions that when presented with a choice other than vanilla you reject it.

You would rather suffer and have nothing than consuming anything but vanilla ice-cream.

In fact, you would be happy if the entire world would only consume vanilla ice-cream.

And what if they don’t want to?

You would be happy if the entire industry of ice-cream makers would burn to the ground and die of butt cancer than to see anyone enjoying themselves eating anything but vanilla ice-cream.

Sounds like a childish tantrum doesn’t it?

That’s what prejudice is.

That’s what bigotry is.

That’s what racism is.

That’s what supporters of Donald Trump know.

What do they know?

We are all corrupt because we want to give an equal voice to everyone.

We are all corrupt because we want people of color, and women, to share at the table of the brotherhood of man equally.

The Trump supporter doesn’t want that.

They don’t want equality for non-white races.

They don’t want women to be equal to a man.

Their preferences that have turned into prejudice have been nurtured and fed a steady diet of intolerance from the pulpit to the locker room.

From the boardroom to the corner gas station.

Family gatherings, restrooms, vacations, visits to relatives and friends, all have exchanged their preferences for prejudice.

Its part of the nature of humanity this distrust of the stranger.

Stories are told to fill in what one person, what one group doesn’t understand or want to know about another.

That other is not like us, becomes a comfort for the fearful.

In a recent article in the online version of The Atlantic, Peter Beinart talks about, Why Trump Supporters Believe He is Not Corrupt.

Trump is not corrupt because he’s taking on the real corruption that they see in the world that they believe in.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of making women equal to men.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of allowing non-white races equality.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of allowing gays to be married.

The Trump supporter sees the corruption of the presidency when Obama was president, and a black family was sleeping in the white house.

I must declare now that I have a lot of personal experience with the Trump supporter.

The amount of “drunk stories” they tell each other is supernaturally unbelievable.

The Trump supporter has a wild and vivid imagination when it comes to prejudice.

However, the one thing they all agree on is that Trump speaks for them.

He can do no wrong, the Mr. Trump, in their eyes.


Because he is teaching a lesson to all you perverts, who think that a woman is equal to man.

Women are things to be used don’t you know that?

The Trump supporter loves it when FOX News and the President rail against the “fake news”. 

The Liberal News Media spreads the corrupt idea that non-white races and women are equal to the white man. 

The Trump supporter sees extending freedom and equality to all as a perversion against the Founding Fathers ideal they were raised in and against their white God in heaven.

America was made only for white men don’t you know that?

Only white men signed the Constitution. No Blacks. No women.

And the King James Bible tells us that there's a place for everything and everything has its place.

Born a slave, die a slave.

Born a woman, die a woman.

Kill the homosexual.

It was women working and the black and brown that sent our jobs to foreign countries because they wanted equality. 

Equal pay.

A strong man.

Mr. Trump is a real man.

Our leaders in the past were weak.

 Mr. Trump is bringing back the white world that was taken away by those liberal assholes who gave it all away to corrupt, inhuman beasts.

He’s a real man that Mr. Trump is.

Oh, by the way, a Trump supporter told me recently that every black person in America gets $5,000 a month for free, in a government check, to pay for housing in neighborhoods where they don't’ belong. The NAACP buses black people into white communities in the middle of the night, after midnight, and lets them loose on the streets to walk down the roads intimidating the white folk. Blacks get health care for free. The Trump supporter said that if I had a broken leg and a black person had a broken leg, they would get taken care of first and for free. White people have to wait in emergency rooms while black people are taken care of first.




These things of the dark side of humanity are choices also.

We can hide and grind our teeth with resentment in darkness, or, we can turn together and step towards the light.

Stand with me please and let's join our voices together in peace and understanding.

Lift those that are in darkness to see the future has nothing we need to fear when we recognize we have choices.

The future, it’s where most of us will live.




Forces Film, Again Begin

Nothing Wrong


Nothing Wrong

You know a sociopath.

You may say to yourself, no, I don't know what you are talking about?

I don't know a sociopath.

Yes, you do.

The most up to date psychological statistics demonstrate that 1 out of every 25 people in the United States is a sociopath.

They are the reason why bad things happen to good people.

You're asking, "What the hell is a sociopath? Like those psycho killers? People, who shoot up the place in cold blood?"


No. Please follow this definition.

The difference between a person who is a sociopath and a person who is a psychopath is the psycho is cold to emotion, and the sociopath is hot.

Sociopaths emotions run hot.

Their emotions get the better of them, and they have to act out.

They have to gamble.

They have to have sex.

They have to beat the hell out of a guy.

They will achieve their orgasm no matter what that may actually be. The sociopath will lie, cheat, steal any way they can no matter the obstacle, no matter who or what they destroy.

Because after the sociopath gets what they cravenly want, they can tell you a story of why they had to and that it's not their fault but yours.

There's nothing wrong, right?

Why am I asking you to understand this definition of a sociopath?

I'm revealing part of my own experience with a sociopath and how it destroyed my life at the time.

I've spent the past few years rebuilding my life in the wake of the gaslighting, the lies that sociopaths are comfortable with.

Sociopaths are comfortable with lying.

They lie about everything, and even that is a lie. 

They mix truth with their own personal fiction all in the aim to convince you that they know more than you.

They cover their tracts, so no one finds out they are not human.

They are the definition of sheep in wolves clothing.

We are all stupid in the eyes of the sociopath.

Sociopaths can do whatever they want, when they want, to whomever they want and we will never ever be any wiser to their actions.

They know they are the smartest, the best people.

They win.

We lose.

How can you spot a sociopath?

They have what is known as superficial charisma.

They tell a lot of stories about themselves as well as their exploits.

They are your salesman.

They are your clergy.

They are your government leader.

They are your relative.

They are your friend.

Their experience is always more important than your experience.

Your experience is always false whereas their experience is still real.

What's the big deal? Who cares about sociopaths anyways? What's the problem?

They are the bone cancer on the soul of humanity.

The problem is they have no morality.

They don't care about right and wrong.

They know there is a difference between doing right and doing wrong but they don't care which they do.

They are just as happy to make a profit from selling drugs to cancer patients as well as selling drugs to opioid addicts.

They are just as happy to drop a donation into a charity bucket and then beat the crap out of their spouse.

They are happy to do business with your local chamber of commerce and then take kickbacks from the local organized crime associate.

They are willing to take rent money from you as well as the pimp on their property as long as they get some ass on the side.

The sociopath feeds the worse instincts of humanity.

Sociopaths attract sociopaths.

It's a fact.

Crime bosses are the definition of a sociopath.

They conduct business, the families business. It doesn't matter what the source of the income is as long as the revenue continues to flow. Owning a restaurant while also cooking meth is yet another example of this behavior.

Now if you don't think that there is a difference between taking money legitimately as well as from criminal activity, you too might just be a sociopath.

Sociopaths exploit the weak.

Since they exude charisma and can talk up a good game weak-willed people are attracted to them.

Sociopaths main victims are those they observe.

Those that cannot stand up for themselves.

Sociopaths exploit the emotionally vulnerable. They use the fearful. The angry.

They feed the desire of the soul of their victims all the while like a vampire they drain it.

Afterward, they throw their victims aside and blame them for their plight.

Ever hear of "tar and feathering"?

When a community realizes that a huckster, a cad, a predator of society has been exposed, the immediate remedy was to cover them in hot tar, dump feathers on them, and carry them out of town on a rail, a length of wood.

The "cad" was dumped on the trash pile.

The sociopath does not have a place in a decent society.

They are a very human form of symbiotic parasite that feeds off of the goodwill of humanity.

The sociopath cashes in on societies weakness whatever that weakness may be.

Currently, a portion of our society has bent their ear to the sociopath that resides in the White House.

They are fed daily their requirements of racism, misogyny, hatred, anger, economic abandonment.

And while our president feeds them he takes their money, our money, he also profits on hate.

All the while blaming everyone, never taking responsibility, only he can make things better, we're all stupid, he hires the best people, he's full of personal charisma you just have to know him one on one.

Last thing to say…

A society is measured by its compassion for the sick.

Let's get our president some mental health days off.



Forces Film, Again Begin



You are worth more than you know.

There will never be anyone exactly like you in the universe.

It's a fact.

Each one of us is the product of our ancestor's genes and the time and place in which we were raised.

This moment of now exists only now!

This moment will never exist again precisely as it is now.

You exist today.

Tomorrow is another day and at that time in the future, you too will be different from today.

You are worth more than you know.

Yesterday, I was at my favorite coffee place about to sit back and listen to the sounds of the city.

My coffee place is almost always empty at the time of day I frequent it in the late afternoon.

Today a 20 something couple was breaking up at a nearby table.

There was no way to disguise what was going on next to me.

I being much older, not so wise, but able to hear the words of a self-righteous male douche and able to distinguish he was purposely putting down the woman he was talking to unfairly not listening to her plea for equality.

I was on the verge of telling the righteous turd that he needed to stop.

I wanted to tell the woman you are worth more than you know.

We all each and every one of us do not have to suffer abuse to be loved.

Please, remove that thought from your head every man, woman, and child.

Your self-worth is not subservient to the domination and abuse of malignant people.

You exist. 

They exist. 

Relationships are about a meeting of minds and hearts.

You are not a possession.

Your value as the Wizard of Oz says, "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others."

If you find you are in love with a douche first turn and ask yourself why?

Speaking of a nozzle…

Donald Trump, our president, appears to have a faithful following?


I'm asking.


Is he doing things his followers like or is it more likely he's just saying things that his followers like to hear?

It appears to me, just like that young woman at the coffee house, that his followers are in a kind of abusive relationship that they are consciously enabling.

He says the things that at a base level gets them off.

He makes them feel good about themselves however much the Trump supporter knows morally, Trump is wrong.

There are many, many good reasons why a good portion of Americans feel they have been neglected.

Cue the entry of the Wolf in sheep's clothing, the cad, the carpetbagger.

This societal sinkhole, regression from and resistance to integration, equality,  is ripe for someone like Trump who can come along and tell them things they believe about the world and themselves.

They will willingly go along for the ride administered to by this known NY City real estate huckster to an imagined promised land.

A land where white men don't have to pretend not to be racist.

A land where white men don't have to care about his non-white neighbor.

A land where a woman obeys a man in the home or on the street.

A land where a white man is guaranteed a living wage even if he doesn't have an education.

Yeah, I can see the appeal.

It's just like that turd at the coffee house who wanted the ideal woman to serve him to step-an-fetch for him. 

It's the appeal of a fantasy (Candy Land) for self-centered, narcissistic douche males.

Oh, by the way, even though it's 2018, all the bad parts of the male ego are still with us.

They never went away.

They need to be told to scrub their ass.

And by and by...

The Equal Rights Amendment didn't pass even though many who know of it, the ERA, actually think it did.

I'm telling you it didn't, but it needs to.

Back to why you have to tell some men to scrub their ass...

Men need constant reminders to do the right thing.

They need to hear a voice outside of their own head telling them there is work to do.

Give them a job, and they'll do it. 

However, men without anything in their face telling them to get off the couch will happily delude themselves that there is nothing they have to do but drink and scratch themselves.

Just like men "never" throw away their underwear, they just fall apart. Men, real men as they call themselves still cling to an imagined past male-dominated dreamworld.

That dream world got a big booster shot the day Trump and associates decided he wanted to be president.

71 plus-year-old men have never been known to want to step boldly into a new future and lead a nation where everyone shares equally and has a place at the table of life.

Old men always sit about and complain about how things are how they use to be.

Listen to what old men, old dead thinking says to each other.

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to tell useless men, woman, and children  what to do and to jump when they told them to do it!"

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to call people names, colored, bitch, retard."

Old thoughts say, "We use to be able to grab some ass, and we know those kinds of women, the non-marrying kind, liked it."

Just remember, you are worth more than you know.

We don't have to take their abuse.

We can all, each and every one of us step into a future together as equals.

No more, no less, brothers and sisters holding each other, valuing each other's worth.

A brotherhood of man.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Eyes Open


The conscious of the western world is facing a challenge of its own making.

That challenge is to open its eyes to this new reality created by our own technology.

The past is forever gone.

As long as there are electrons in wires, circuits and the air we breathe that is transmitting information to each and every one of us.

This is the information age.

We are living in that future predicted back in the late 1950's.

The world of tomorrow is here.

However, the world of the past is also still with us.

The world of prejudice, bigotry, racism, misogyny, exploitation, propaganda, inequality, fear still stalks the streets of every town and burgh.

Have you known a child that wanted a horse?

Yes, follow me please on this.

Have you known a child who wanted a horse? 

They've told you how great it would be. They could feed the horse, they would take care of the horse, they most importantly want you to know they could ride the horse and also they would love it too for good measure.

Have you ever known anyone who got their child a horse? 

Unless they're making six figures or live on a farm, of which regarding both categories, they represent a minority of citizens.  5.4% of people with income make six figures annually.

Those that work and live on farms that make an income are represented by less than 1% of the population.

What I'm getting at is a horse in reality costs a lot of money to take care of.

The average cost is $4,000 a year.

Oh yeah, you have to buy one too so that you can have the expense of owning one.

What I'm driving at is following, there are the expectations and then the reality of owning a horse.

So too there are the expectations of what the information age will bring us and what the reality is.

It is great to be able to get information when every you want it.

You can settle a sporting bet or any other kind of argument in a few seconds just looking on your smartphone.

We access information about ourselves and our family and friends regularly now.

But what I want to say is, I'm here to open some eyes.

Do you know that criminals, evil people learn at a very early stage in their criminal life to observe people and their habits?

The robber watches your house to see your coming and goings, to best determine the time when you won't be at home. 

They want to take your things to feed their need. They don't want to confront you generally.

The car thief looks for the car that's not locked.

The pickpocket looks for the person who is casual about their personal space. The person who leaves their laptop behind while they go to the restroom in public.

The white-collar criminal looks for a business that is not respectful of accounting.

The corrupt lawyer looks for clients who want to chase ambulances.

The lousy mechanic loves people who know nothing about cars.

The ad on TV wants you to buy the thing you don't want with the money you don't have.

Criminals watch what people do, what they want, and like magicians with a little finesse and smoke and mirrors take advantage of the naive.

We had an election back in 2016 where a large slice of the American voting public were victims of Russian fraud aided by one candidate and his people.

They continue to commit a type of fraud on us all, and their political party sits silently in the wings.

For the Russians, the hacking of our election was easy.


Because the prejudice, bigotry, racism, misogyny, exploitation, propaganda, inequality and fear that still stalks the streets of every town and burgh in the United States is well known to the rest of the world.

For many reasons, we the people of the United States have been unwilling to clean up our own house so that bugs, racists, don't think they have a home here.

We have the information about the inherent rampant racism in our country, but we commit the sin of omission when we allow perpetrators to go free without any justice for their victims.

It is easy to get the racist in this country to blame all of their problems on people who don't look like them.

Their anger was fueled when after eight years they suddenly realized there was a black president.

That crazy racist uncle and aunt of yours who spun one conspiracy after another. 

Obama was handing out free money, free phones, free homes, free healthcare, free food, free clothes, free vacations to every non-white person but especially black people.

And where did he get all this money?

From the poor white man paying taxes.

And guess who kissed his ass and wants to be your president now?


So all the Russians had to do was make some meme's and put them on Facebook and target the ads to people who already had a profile that displayed their racism.

The listen to Rush and Hannity and FOX. 

They buy their clothes at Walmart.

They attend a Protestant church.

They are republican.

These memes about Hillary once in the racist misogynist hands was proof that what they believed to be true was real.

This minority went forth and convinced the undecided that all the dirt and corruption was real.

How was it real?

I saw it on Facebook!

Nothing on the internet can't be real!

Can it?

We as a society are at a crossroad.

We need to church up those that still will listen that technology cuts both ways good and evil.

To actually use Technology you have to know that evil people use it too.

They can feed the dark side of humanity and stomp on our better angels.

As society becomes more complex, the nation has to ask more participation of its people.

Register to vote.

Don't watch just one news source.

Go outside once and a while and leave your phone behind to see that the sun still rises.

Hope will make you live longer.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Story Time



What kind of story do you like?

What kind of story keeps your attention, keeps you entertained?

The kind of story that you like tells a lot about you as a person.

Stories that are not complicated, linear storylines, good versus evil, Lassie Come Home, The Andy Griffith Show, Murder She Wrote. You may see the world where there is an answer to every question.

Complex stories like The Matrix, 12 Monkeys, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, Mr. Robot. You may be a person who sees the grays of life. Everything has a shade of both good and evil. People, places, and things there is no place stable to stand.

Stories take us on a journey.

A journey that we imagine we might like.

2001: A Space Odyssey, Pirates of the Caribbean, Romancing The Stone, Lord of the Rings, all places, people and times that call for discovery. They pull on our sense of adventure.

Stories serve a purpose more than mere entertainment.

Most stories at their core are trying to tell us something the creator wants us to know.

It has been demonstrated long ago that people don't like to be told what to do.

It starts in our childhood.

Tell a child they can't have any candy. Why? Because it will spoil your dinner.

A story.

You can tell them it's not good for them, but that contradicts the sweetness they are experiencing.

The pleasure of consuming.

They don't want to be preached to they can see the holes in the story.

Adults can also see holes in stories.

Society in the past, now and in the future will always have its rough points. 

Storytellers use their imaginations to help the society they live in to do a little self-examination when they present a story to them.

Veiled within a story can be a lesson, a word of warning, that can help the reader better understand the problem the author wants to address.


How do you get people to look at that issue?

Back in the day, during the middle of the civil rights era when MLK was still alive, the TV show Star Trek broke ground on a number of their episodes.

In particular, on the episode, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, two aliens one black on the right white on the left, one white on the right and black on the left were trying to kill each other. Kirk and crew wanted to get them to see there was no reason to fight but failed.

What they demonstrated through the veil of science fiction was the absurdity of judging people by their appearance instead of their character.

Our current president wants us to pay attention to the story he is telling.

He wants us to believe his story is true that Putin is our friend.

Putin is not out to harm the West or America why would he?

Putin is strong.

Putin is tough.

Putin would never tell us a lie.

He will look us in the eye and tell us America is just like Russia.

Trump is telling us the truth.

Why would he lie?

Just like any good storyteller fact is always mixed with fiction.

The sign that you are an adult, able to reason for yourself, is when you can determine if you are being told a story or not.

Putin is a dictator and has rigged his own elections, killed, jailed his opposition.

Anyone in his country who says he lies finds themselves in prison or dead.

He was part of the KGB trained in the art of deception. He has a black belt in lying.

Lying is a type of storytelling.

The best storytellers can also be great liars.

Smooth, cool individuals who will get you to believe them and what they are selling.

The trick is, do you want to buy what they are selling.

Yes, you can believe Putin a known liar.

Yes, you can believe Trump a known liar.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

But just like that kid who knows that a cookie will not spoil their hunger, and as an adult, they can eat cookies all day and not spoil their dinner.

It's up to the individual, that means you and I, to find out if habitual, chronic, malignant, narcissistic sociopaths can tell the truth.

Or not.



Forces Film, Again Begin

Got Questions


Do we ask the right questions?

When you find $20 bill on the ground what do you ask yourself?

Did a teenager drop that bill out of their pocket?

Did some careless person on their phone, who wasn’t paying any attention, drop it?

Did it fall off a bank truck?

Did the Tooth Fairy lose their deposit?

Was someone on drugs and didn’t give a rats ass?

Events of many types occur daily in our lives, and we get by with what is called assumptions.

We assume the character of events from our own experience, from our own expectations.

We create a story, a narrative, that allows us to deal with a situation even though it may not be the truth.

Some of us seem not to be able to handle the truth as I shall demonstrate.

An author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the character of a private detective he named Sherlock Holmes, was based upon the new science of deduction that had found its way into the police force of London, England there in the mid to late 1800’s.

A deduction is the application of a kind of logic.

1 + 1 = 2

2 + 2 = 4

This kind of application of logic should be distinct. A progression of numbers added to itself equals a total.

Holmes asked the question, how to apply logic, deductive reasoning to solving a crime.

A type of scientific method was employed. 

Was the suspect guilty? If so the how, what, when, where and motivation was sought out.

The idea that conviction relied solely on a persons word is taken as a starting point. Evidence of a crime is gathered and is included with a persons testimony.

This became a powerful tool in determining the guilt or innocence of individuals charged with a crime.

Before this time, simply accusing a person of a crime was sufficient to get them convicted and sentenced.

A great example is given in the text written by Doyle and the investigations of Sherlock Holmes, that covered the case of a man found dead in a field. 

Around the body were many hoof prints. 

A question was asked by the local police, where did all of the hoofprints found around the body come from?

Implicit in the question is the opening left int he logic that the hoofprints were not created by an animal that is native to the local environment.

Holmes became testy with the local detective and admonished him.

It would be illogical to assume that a Zebra made the hoof prints, Holmes declared. 

That would be a leap in logic that was illogical.

Why was it illogical?

Because of the local of this particular crime, where a man's body was discovered, was committed in a field located in the middle of the countryside of England. Zebra, are not native to England. 

It was better logic to assume that a common horse made the hoof prints.

Ask the right question.

We have all seen the videos where a child stands covered head to toe with chocolate and sincerely answers the question put to them, “Did you eat any chocolate?” To which the child replies, “No.”

The child has no idea that the chocolate that they love is spread in a thick layer of guilt all over their face.

Adults have this same capacity to deny what’s on their face.

They don’t lose it.

In fact, it’s the hallmark of the politician, by the salesman, by the person whom many will say has a great demeanor, personality, a charismatic individual, could sell a refrigerator to a penguin at the South pole.

It’s called being able to talk out of both sides of your mouth at the same time.

Many of us are susceptible to these individuals.

Have anything in your house from QVC?

Got one of those non-stick frying pan things that will cook eggs like nothing else in history?

Do you have a talking fish on your wall?

Maybe you have one of those hats saying that America needs to be great again?

Ask the right question.

One of the great truths about life is you don’t have to believe anyone even me.

You can find out for yourself if something is true or not.

Explorers from Europe tried to convince people with money to fund their journeys to travel around the world.

That expression, around the world, was an oxymoron because the world was naturally flat.

It was flat because people didn’t travel any further daily than from their dwelling to a field where they tended crops. They didn’t think about the ocean. They didn’t think about the sun, the moon and the course of the stars. 

They didn’t think about where the birds went every fall. 

They didn’t think.

The world was a stranger they didn't want to get to know any better than from their own backyards.

They relied upon the chief storytellers to give them comfort from the unknown world beyond their sight. Beyond their experience. Beyond their knowledge.

The storytellers were able to create a mirage of monsters, of ghosts, of demons, of people not like you or me to scare the timid and keep the courageous cowed.

The storytellers were employed by the aristocrats. The rich. To keep people from asking the right questions. To keep them in power.

Is there a world beyond that I don’t know?

Is there a truth that is being kept from me?

Do people lie to me? 

Do I blindly accept that they lie because to know the truth would mean I was wrong?

Ask the right questions.

We have a president and his family and friends who tell us they are the best people ever.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says he doesn’t talk to Russians. He doesn’t have any deals with Russians. Who knows a Russian?

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says there are good Nazis.

Ask the right question.

We have a president who says our friends are evil and dumb, but our enemies are good and smart. 

Almost as smart as he is, he’s tripled the GNP, he polls better than Lincoln ever did, Brexit is good for England, immigration is bad for America,  Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Rodrigo Duterte, and Putin are great guys and our friends.

Ask the right question.



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Hope Makes You Live Longer


Hope makes you live longer and that’s a problem for racists.

It’s a problem for all racists and sociopaths and is best demonstrated by our current president Mr.Trump.

Don’t believe me?

He has so far worked systematically to eliminate all hope brought about by the last 75 years of civil and social rights during his occupancy at the top of the Administration branch.

In short, Trump and his supporters want to eliminate hope so that all non-white people die as soon as possible thus increasing their personal profit.

What do I mean by their personal profit?

Scrooge, a character created by Charles Dickens in his story A Christmas Carol, exemplifies a person who values personal profit over the welfare of friends as well as humanity as a whole.

He expressed that the poor should die as quickly as possible and thus decrease the surplus population, so that he, the rich, did not have to be burdened by their pleas for help.

Scrooge considered himself a great human being one that was kind and generous. Exemplified by the money he gave to the charities he believed in. Those charities being the local workhouses where the poor were forced into slavery to pay off their debts and taxes.

They were in their way a “work for welfare” policy of the day. You could either work off your taxes or you could be put to death. Your choice.

The overarching belief that Scrooge held was that the poor were undeserving of charity.

The poor were not as moral as he was.

The poor did not deserve charity because of their sin of being poor. They had squandered Gods gift to them of not becoming a business person. A person who owned their own company.

The poor were undeserving of hope.

They were useless beings, not even human, which have plagued the good rich people of the world since the beginning of time.

They needed to be disposed of like vermin so that the good rich people didn’t have to see their sin and squalor.

He and people who believed as he did wanted to keep those people out of his country far enough away that he couldn’t see or hear their tears, which was very annoying to one’s digestion.

Scrooge saw his own personal profit would be benefited if the poor didn’t exist, were dead. 

He wouldn’t have taxes stolen from him to pay for their sinful welfare.

Do you understand that people like Trump do not see any profit, either in terms of real money or in the sense of charity, in helping the poor?

I want you to remember that hope makes you live longer.

This attitude towards the poor is not exclusive to those with money.

No, sadly it is not.

No matter the demographic, where you live, your income, your race, your gender, it so happens that part of the human condition is to regard those that are not like you, “the other”, as being less than you.

It is a way to ease the conscious, to soften the sound of tears falling on deaf ears.

Those people are not like me.

Those people do not feel the cold like me.

Those people do not feel pain like me.

Those people are animals.

Those people are sinners.

Those people have no morals like me.

A person just like you and me sat and thought about these people he saw around him and wondered also why they couldn’t extend love beyond themselves.

He reflected about his own childhood, born into poverty his parents fleeing a corrupt government in fear of their lives.

He talked to his friends and anyone else who would listen about what love demands of us.

What love demands of us?

Love demands we give hope freely.

Love demands we give from our hearts what each of us can, no more and no less.

For you see those that are in fear, those that are poor, those that cry out for help, our answer should be full and immediate.

I come.

I come.

I come with hand outstretched my friend.

My kingdom is yours for our house is large. That house is the heart of those that can see humanity in the faces of all mankind. All are welcome.

Hope makes you live longer.

Go out today and give freely of hope.

Remind the racist that the heart of humanity reaches larger in love than the fist of hate.



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Invitation Declined


Have you ever been invited to an event that you really didn’t want to attend?

Like a birthday for a relative that you don’t really like?

Or a wedding with some co-worker that at the very least is an annoying person?

On Facebook I saw a friend got an invitation to the Whitehouse to have a dinner with now president Trump. 

He marked on the outside, “ RETURN TO SENDER”.

What does not wanting to go to a lame ass birthday party and going to the Whitehouse with Trump have in common?

Bad people, and you know who you are, don’t want you to think they are bad. They want you to think they are normal like you. You who don’t take advantage of people’s empathy. You who don’t steal other people’s identity. You who stand for the right idea, the right action without compromising your values.

Bad people don’t think that way.

Bad people take advantage of your empathy, your identity, your inherent goodness.

They take it unto themselves and wrap themselves with it to seem normal.

Today, it is called “normalization.”

See that racist over there?

If you ask him if he’s a racist he’s going to say no he isn’t. Why?

Why because he has a black guy working for him that’s why. “See,” he tells you, “ I can’t be a racist because I hire black people.”

It now seems a long time ago that I received an invitation to meet with George W. Bush for dinner. To discuss my business, being a writer and producer, with other business owners.

I declined.

At that point in the Bush presidency he had allowed 9/11 to happen. He had lied about WMD’s. He had gotten us into two illegal and unpaid for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which are still going on. And he let hundreds die in hurricane Katrina.

I wasn’t going to be the liberal window dressing for his profit agenda to demonstrate how reasonable he and his administration was.

Now we have in the Whitehouse an avowed white nationalist supremacist, who conducts espionage on a daily basis with a foreign adversary, profits on his name on all his properties as president, supports child molesters, supports discrimination against all people of color, supports misogyny and is an avowed sexual predator. 

His lesser ills, he favors trophy hunting, he is a sociopathic liar, denies science and thinks his daughter is a hot piece of ass he’d like to date.

In the context of lending your attendance to a gathering at which Trump presides, if you are a person of morality, it is a clear no! 

People like him, and we know who you are, wrap themselves in the flag. Wrap themselves in liberty. Wrap themselves in morality. When we all know they are base creatures.

They don a mask of propriety so you are not revulsed by the blackness of their hearts.

Never lend your good name to a bad person so they can pretend they are normal.

Last thought.

Have you ever heard of the expression, “Wolf in sheeps clothing.”



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No Black In My Eye


I come from a white world.

That white world where fear of the black dictates every aspect of life.

How late can I stay out?

What side of town can I travel through?

Who can I talk to?

Who is behind me in line at the store?

I can’t work with those people?

In the white world of Evangelical Christians, it doesn’t matter if they call themselves conservative or liberal; race, color dictates each and every decision, action, thought, feeling they have each and every day. Each and every second of the day.

They, the white evangelical Christian, lives in fear of the black.

That fear flows over them like a cold falling rain. 

In their minds, they hear a drum beat each and every day.

The black is taking our jobs.

The black is taking our women.

The black is corrupting our children.

The black is ruining the neighborhood.

The black has ruined music.

The black is loud.

The black has a gun.

The black is taking our wealth.

This is what is said by the white evangelical Christian when they are together. When the door is shut. Behind the curtain. In the boardroom. In the church. In the community center. In the kitchen. In the bedroom. In the restroom at the urinal. In line at the store.

It is passed along with the look, the nod, the gesture, the “huh” of the voice, the tapping of fingers, the clap of the shoe, the locking of the door, the buying of the gun, the voice raised in authority, the casting of votes.

Our current president is on a mission. He is systematically wiping out everything that the previous president put his pen to. Why? I just gave the reason why.

He’s fulfilling the promise of the bell of injustice he rang last year.

That bell of injustice he rang which called forth the dark angels of human rot that has plagued humanity from its inception.

He rang for votes from the dark side of humanity which is always with us. 

Charles Dickens in his Christmas Carol tells of the ghost of Christmas present, who pulls back his robe to reveal two children, his children, that he forever carries with him. 

They are Want, a girl, and Ignorance, a boy. 

Want, is the lesser of the two evils that humanity wrestles with every day. Want, can be mended, it can be healed and made whole through the simple act of kindness. 

Feed the poor.

The greater of the two evils is Ignorance.

Ignorance will resist assistance.

It is blind to reality. It listens only to its own social media, its own cable TV hosts. It fears what is over on the other side of the tracks. 

Darkness wins because it is single-minded. It is single-minded in purpose and reason.

The light asks itself, a failure in self-confidence, have I done the right thing?

Darkness never asks itself if it has done the right thing. It never second guesses itself. It always wins. Winning.

Consider, where you stand. Consider your perspective. Do you stand in a cold rain looking inward to your own comfort? Or do you stand upon a hill seeing the first rays of light.



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Absence of Shame


Do you have a dog?

Not a cat person? Cats don’t complete  in the this particular category of emotional response.

If you have a dog you know that if you catch them in the act or not of doing something wrong they will react with what appears to be shame.

They will hide their head. They will turn away. They will give a generally accepted sad look.

However, it must be noted that their response is not a human act of shame. They don’t have exactly a human response but a canine response to an acknowledged wrongful act.

Think of a situation in a pack when the alpha male catches a subordinate chewing their bone. There is a growl and the subordinate cowers, pulls back and follows an extinctive response of shame. They may rollover exposing their belly. They will turn away and not make eye contact. They will generally look sad.


So consider why the Republican Party doesn’t even reach the level of shame response of a dog.

Where is their shame?

I can still remember a time when Republicans used to run commercials on TV telling us how to clean up our act. A public policy built on shaming. 

Don’t use drugs. Don’t listen to that music. Don’t play that video game. Don’t have sex. Don’t take welfare. Don’t watch that movie. Don’t watch that TV show.  Don’t use those words. Don’t read that book. Don’t worship that god. Don’t wear those clothes. Don’t listen to that radio show. Don’t listen to that man. Don’t listen to that woman. Don’t go to that country. Don’t protest. Don’t complain. Trust us we know what’s best for you.

The Republicans represented the “moral majority”.

They loved to roll out how moral, how superior they were to the democrats. They would beat about the head any shoot it in the face any liberal ideal.

America, the light to the world upon the hill of morality and liberty for the chosen few.

Republicans were the only ones who could really love America. 

Republicans were the only ones who went to church and listened to Jesus.

Republicans were the only ones who had clean, decent homes and families. Kept their lawn cut.

What has happened to shame?

The Republican party now endorses both a president and a person wanting to be a US senator who are sexual predators.

What does that say about the morals of Republicans and the Republican party?

It says to woman and females of all ages they are objects to be used by Republicans.

It says that a woman is not as fully human as a man.

They are less than a man as their Christian bible tells them.

They do not enjoy the same human rights as a man their superior.

Right now shame has left the building.

At the bottom of this absence of shame I suspect a known historical human response to change.

The old gray guard of the Republican party, and for that matter social racist conservatives in general, watched in horror as Obama was elected.

Never in their lifetimes would they have thought that this white nation could elect a negro president. That thought was impossible let alone elected twice.

Racism in America is so deeply tied to religion, culture and patriotism. It cannot be separated or dismissed as a causal root reaction specifically to conservative motivation and action.

Fear of change makes people do bad things. 

Fear of change, this wave of the browning of America, will allow you to jettison shame in favor of electing an admitted sexual predator as president.

Fear of change, this wave of the growing of America, will allow you to ignore shame in favor of a pedophile running for a Senate seat in Alabama.

Knowing racist culture so well as I do, there is nothing wrong, in fact, because Moore is biblical in his interest in young teen white girls. However, if he was sexually active with a black teen some conservative/racists might find their shame of him.

So what can we do?

Time is on the side of right.

The tyranny of men over humanity cannot stand against the forward movement of time. We are fortunate in a way to bear witness to the last gasps of medieval thought and prejudice.

All of us who stand for liberty and justice for all, with the emphasis on ALL, will see that day when we truly can say we are all equal in this great nation.



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Which Witch

which witch

Do you watch the old 60’s and 70’s Hammer horror films from England?

A lot of them depict the life and times of people in the medieval time. 

That time when they didn’t know that women provided 50% of the genetic information to form a child. 

They didn’t know about germs. 

They didn’t know the earth was round. They didn’t know that there was a north pole let alone a south pole. 

They believed that God everyday created light. Yes, that thing in the sky we call the sun, God manifested his will and created light for his creation. 

That’s actually what got Galileo a time out by the Pope because Galileo claimed the sun was a celestial body. Another world that gave off life. With his telescope he couldn’t see God or his minions starting that great bonfire in the sky every day. So they locked him in his home until he recanted which means he said he was wrong and religion was right.

Women. What are they?

According to the Christian bible, all versions of it, women are a vessel. 

What does that mean?

It means they are an oven in which the man places his bread, his issue, his sperm to bake. Nine months later you have a child. 

You see, ever since women came on the scene she’s been nothing but trouble for men and religion. She tempted Adam that Eve did and got them thrown out of paradise.

Did you know that every lunar cycle, every 28 days, women bleed. It’s called the curse by the founding fathers of the Christian religion. It is the toll that Yahweh placed upon Eve for daring to think outside of the box. That glass ceiling placed over her by the Lord of Hosts himself.

Everything about the female of the human species has been demonized by the Christian religion. Everything.

So it comes to no surprise that here at the beginning of the 21st century we still have medieval thinking pervading our culture and body politic.

Take for example the great medieval thinkers who just today wondered aloud if the Washington Post reported on Donald Trump’s self admitted sexual predation. Now they report on a woman accusing  Roy Moore of sexual predation. The real scandal is the fake news being propagated by the WP.

It is just like when back in the good old times and the good old boys got together and wanted to get rid of a woman asking to many questions. They would accuse her of being a witch. 

To prove she was a witch they would tie her up and throw her into a pond. If she floated she was helped by Satan and a witch. If she drowned she was innocent. Either way they got rid of their perceived problem.

Carl Sagan and Joseph Campbell expounded upon how human society lags behind the cutting edge of scientific discovery. Vestiges of the past pervade society both in real physical manifestations  as well as in thought.

Why do we have a daily horoscope when we know we are not the center of the universe?

Why do we believe that the host physically changes into the body of Christ?

Why do we still believe that women are only a vessel to serve men?



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Evil Nostalgia

Evil Nostalgia - Why do we long for the past?

It’s fun to remember things that happened in our past. Childhood has both good and bad memories but we weed out those things that upset us.

I remember I wanted a two wheel bike. I kept asking my parents for a bike and they gave the usual excuse that it cost too much.

Then on my birthday, I’m guessing it was around eight or nine years old, they blind folded me. When the pulled off the kitchen towel it revealed a red two wheel bike. It had an electric horn and multicolor plastic streamers coming out of the hand grips. Fantastic.

Well, I took off on the bike wobbling along with the training wheels down the street.

I came upon my friend Karl Whitesman, who was autistic. I proudly told him I just got a new bike. He took one look and said, “It’s not new. It’s old.” Old? I looked down and what I thought was a red bike was actually rust. 

It was rusted solid including the chrome. My parents must have found it at the bottom of Lake Erie.

A lot of people have a nostalgia, a wish to return to a former time. In most cases that wish, that desire is for a time they will say was simpler. What they really mean to say is there were less choices. Less responsibility. Less awareness. Less acceptance. Less knowledge. Less cognition. 

Becoming an adult makes you aware of the reality of life.

If you become an adult.

If you become an adult you are aware you can make mistakes. You can make your life and others happy, sad, terrible, miserable.

It’s your choice.

People don’t like to make choices.

In fact, there are some who actually fear making choices. Fear of making the wrong choice. Fear of judgement. Fear of responsibility. Fear of awareness. Fear of acceptance. Fear of rejection. Fear of knowledge. Fear of cognition.

White House Chief of Staff is essentially the concierge of an administration. They keep the people in an administration up and running.

The other day General Kelly wished for a past when things were sacred.

He obviously was feeling the stress of his moment in time when he wished upon a star to return, that shown so dimly for so many except for white men.

He was trying to defend a man who had broken with the ideal of sanctity a long time ago. He was at odds with the facts both current and of the past he was nostalgic for.

That’s what happens when one wishes instead of doing.

When one is unwilling to accept things as they are. That the universe, the galaxy, the earth, life, the individual all change. 

You cannot hold time back from the inevitable change that will occur without your permission.

As it was said by a poet of the recent past, ”Either help or get out of the way when change comes your way.”

Nostalgia at it’s heart is evil. It wants what is the now to not only not change but to reverse and go back from whence it came.

It is divorcing your self from the reality of this universe that everything changes.

The nostalgia Kelly speaks of, repressed women and minorities to all be subservient, to the whims of the white male master of the house.

A simple time for simple minds.

A time when white men did not have to be bothered with worrying they had done something wrong, when in their position, they could never be found wrong.

Time has left some behind the times in which we live. It has left them clutching at a past that will not return. Especially when people of good faith and good hearts unite as we move forward towards the prize.



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No Doubt


Who do you doubt?

Who do you give the benefit of the doubt?

What does that mean, “Give the benefit of the doubt?”

Just yesterday I was in line at my grocery store and there appeared to be an adult male in front of me checking out also. However, he was texting and the clerk asked multiple times for him to pay as he fingered his device. He didn’t know if he needed a bag. He couldn’t work the card machine without the clerks help.

I made a mistake giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was an adult.

Doubt giving is linked to trust.

Who do you trust?

We say to ourselves, “I believe that person is like me. They think like me, they feel like me, they understand like me.” However, should we do that in every way? Should we proverbially “bend over backwards,” in all situations, in all circumstances?

Some businesses now have a motto on how to deal with customers. “Benefit of intent.” Assume that the customer has no ill intent when dealing with them and their concerns. 

Are we to turn a blind eye to intent?

When do we take action when we realize we are being used?

Is there a collective loss of memory that there are bad people in the world doing bad things because that’s their plan?

The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PH.D. examines the fact that 1 in 25 Americans secretly have no conscience and can do anything without feeling guilty.

Sociopaths can be your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, grandmother, grandfather, friend, nun, acquaintance, boss, manager, HR person, next-door-neighbor, priest, clerk, charity fundraiser, mail person, reverend, bus driver, celebrity, producer, executive, CEO, senator, congress person, POTUS.

Anyone in your life…

They are the reason why shit happens in the world. The good hearted people, the people with morality are taken advantage of by the sociopath because we collectively believe that everyone is like us. That everyone has morality just like ours.

They don’t!

The sociopath thrives on our collective ignorance of their existence. It’s not as if they don’t know the difference between good and bad. The simple truth is they don’t care. They don’t care who or what they use or destroy as long as they benefit.

Maybe it is time to think about the problems that surround us all and why or who is at the heart of why they don’t get any better.

Doubt and trust should only be reserved for those who are human.

Those without empathy are defined as monsters.

No doubt.




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To Humble Myself


Have you ever run into a bear in the woods? A mother bear with two cubs? And have you come nose to nose, that close?

I did.

She looked at me. I looked at her. The two cubs looked up at me with curiosity in their eyes. I didn’t yell. I didn’t talk. I didn’t gesture.

What did I do?

I humbled myself and quietly and as slowly as I could I backed up while still facing her until I got a good distance away. Once she saw I was removed from the path, the mother bear took off with the two cubs following close behind.

What do we do when we want others to know we are in the midst of trouble that we can’t handle by ourselves?

Raise a flag.

Call a friend.

Write a letter.

Send a text.

Yell for help…

Take a knee.

The religious every day have an opportunity to take a knee before their God and ask for help. It’s an outward sign of an inward conflict. I can’t deal with this problem by myself oh Lord. I ask for help. Please.

It goes all the way back to kingdoms and monarchs. You stood before the aristocracy and asked for mercy. You bowed. You took a knee. You humbled yourself in the hopes that this earthly mortal would summon the grace to grant your request.

1776 came along and that ended here. I believe it’s official. There is a constitution that enshrines basic rights to all citizens of this country, even members of the NFL.

We no longer have to ask a King for mercy in this democratic experiment. However, trouble doesn’t understand time. Or place. Or race. It pours itself out like a pack of lions after prey. The individual can’t stand against the odds. But together on one knee we are strong.

It’s hard to humble oneself. To admit you don’t know or don’t understand. That old saying, “To live in someone else’s shoes.” It is far easier to dismiss another’s feelings. To dismiss another’s life when it’s not like yours. But why is that?

I extol everyone to humble themselves and listen.

To look.

To hear the words.

To understand the problem.

Shut your eyes and hear the tears.

Feel the urgent need of now.




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Who That


“Who is in the kitchen cooking my Chinese dinner?”

“Is it a Mexican?”

“Where is that guy from?” 

“He looks like an Armenian. They are bad people.”

“Look at the lips on that one would you.”

“You know who is responsible for all the shit that’s going on?  They’re the reason we can’t have a good country.”

These are the words I heard from a man who is from the greatest generation. He and just about every member of that generation define everything, everyone, every event with race.

I’m standing beside a pool in Ocala, Florida with the residents of the retirement community. The chit chat includes why you can’t go into town at night, the Coons. Why you can’t go across the tracks, the Cubans. Why it’s only safe to get a haircut in a particular shop because they don’t cut niggers hair.

All of these people attend the local Baptist church. They pray to God at every meal. Cry and lift each other up as they die. Bring hot casseroles and pies to those left behind.

Yet behind the church is the Black church. Right there on the main road into Ocala.

The black is not welcomed into the white church in the black churches front yard.

Oh, they help the black church the white church does. They collect up the used Sunday school workbooks and give them to the black church. There’s nothing like a work book all ready filled out about Jesus to tell you how much he and the white parishioners love you.


You’re not going to change these people. Each one of them will cling to their prejudice with their last Medicare assisted breath. They’ve learned at the knee of our past racist American forefathers the meaning of, “Everything has its place and a place for everything.”

To allow anything out of place is a sin against Gods word.

“You going to hell boy if help them coloreds!” From the lips of the church deacon.

Now, we have the Baby Boomers, the children of the greatest generation. How are they doing on that racism, bigotry thing they surely fed from as children?

Our current president is one of them.

The GOP is dominated by them.

The House and the Senate leadership is well manned by them.

Do you see anything?

Can you hear anything?

Do you feel it?




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Every day we wake to questions that we have no answer to.

Some are simple while others are complex.


Why does my back hurt when I wake up in the morning?

Who used all of the toilet paper?

What’s happening across the street?

Where are my leftovers?

Who the hell is driving that car?

Why is it so hot out today?

What does that street person want me to do?

How come God doesn’t answer me?


What made that congressman smarter than me any ways?

What’s this spot on my shirt from?

Why does my knee hurt every time I climb the stairs?

Look at that asshole, doesn’t he know you can’t do that?

What are brown people complaining about? Aren't we all equal?

I don’t use drugs, why can she?

What does that black guy want me to do? Give him all my money?

Why is that woman proud? Doesn't she know she’s poor?

Who has the time to listen?

Why can’t we kick all the bad people, and you know who they are, out of our country?

Why does the president think that nazis and the klan are good people too?

Why doesn’t our legislature tell the president he’s wrong about white people losing their heritage?

Why would a president give a pardon to a known racist?




Sometimes, we don’t want the answer to our question because it will reveal a truth we are not comfortable about.

A truth we are not comfortable about our nation, our community, our selves.

A truth we do not want to examine because it means we will have to act. To do the good work. To stand against the darkness which wishes to extinguish the light we have fought for.



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The Racism of Evangelicals


Why do the Evangelicals support Donald Trump?

Some history.

I was born into the Quaker church.

Both my grandfather and grandmother were Reverends in the Quaker church. My mother called herself, “ A preacher’s brat.” 

My grandfather lived with us and even in retirement wrote a sermon every day.

I never heard my grandfather use racist dialog or tone.

However, religion does not conform to the will of the individual but to the power and influence its leadership can wield.

In the mid 80’s when membership was declining and it looked like the church was going to die, the Yearly Meeting decided to throw down their old values and accept a modern reality.

The Yearly Meeting is a gathering of all of the Quaker church across the U.S. to discuss and plan the agenda of the church. A gathering of both professional and lay members.

So, with the decline in church membership due to the social upheavals of the 60’s, how was the Friends Church, as they renamed themselves, how could they bring in more members?  

They believed they had to become involved in politics. To speak up and make their position known. Heretofore they had a prohibition against involvement with politics. What is Caesars, Caesars. What is Gods God, was dismissed in the face of funding, tithes and offerings drying up, due to empty pews.

A name change occurs once again.

The Friends Church, who formerly and still are the Quakers becomes known nationwide as the Evangelicals.

Let’s stop a moment.

Why did our founding fathers want a separation between religion and government? 

The separation between church and state.

A government founded upon the principal that all people are created equal. A government of the people, by the people, for the people has an obvious ideology, present and up front.

We are all equal.

Religion on the other hand makes marked separations between the saved and the sinner. You are either for us or against us. With God or against God.

There is a bit of window dressing to make the reality, “ the dogma”, more palatable to those not born again into religion by stating, “love the sinner hate the sin.” However, we’re dealing with humans who love to pigeon-hole those who are inferior to my superiority.

You either belong to my club or you don’t. If you don’t belong to my club you are an infidel and are worthy of death. If not at my hands then by my God who will make you suffer in hell for all eternity for not wanting membership in my club.

Let’s get real.

Religion segregates.

That segregation is taught from the pulpit and repeated in the pews.

The story of Noah and his sons is used to illustrate who is deserving and who is not.

When Noah grew his grapes after the great flood he drank of his new wine and passed out. His sons seeing his nakedness had sex with him while he was unconscious. For that God gave each son a curse. For the son Ham, he made his skin black as night. Ham and his descendants were to serve the white man for the rest of time as the white mans slave.

This story was told repeatedly from the pulpit there in Cleveland, Ohio in that little Quaker church I attended. It was repeatedly told to me by the Reverend as well as his wife, as why it was wrong for the negro to want more out of life than what God had granted.

Rules are rules you know. Can’t question God.

So this adopted myth, this cornerstone of racism is why Evangelicals support Donald Trump.

On April 4th, 1968. Martin Luther King Jr. is killed. 

I’m eight years old. Innocent of the world not understanding the turmoil. When I heard that someone had killed Martin Luther I was grieved. Someone had killed the person who founded our church. I was too naive to understand that Martin Luther King Jr. was not Martin Luthe,r the founder of the protestant movement and subsequent christian derivative.

At church that Sunday following the assassination, the adults around me all were happy. They were laughing and patting each other on the back. Gleeful. 

They were happy somebody killed that agitator. That nigger.

They were happy that someone had killed a friend of Jesus…

I didn’t understand why good men praised evil.

My parents didn’t understand why I was crying.

I wept…



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That’s a strange word isn’t it?

The old joke about assumptions goes like this… 

If you assume you know something you, have the potential of making an ass out of you and me.

In the world of Catholicism, this coming August 15, it is the annual religious holiday celebrating the belief that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus the Christ, was taken up into heaven. 

A point of procedure here: Many within that faith do not realize that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken bodily into heaven just like her son. There are no bones of Mary in a reliquary in Italy or any other principal monarchy in Europe.

Assuming what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, theology-based reasoning don’t you see.


Back in the later 1930s there were a group of leaders who were talking to this Hitler guy. This Hitler guy and his friends had won a big election and pushed out the old governing folks in their capital of Berlin, Germany.

The prime minister of England at the time, Neville Chamberlain, found himself faced with a problem. England like the rest of the world was recovering from the great depression. Unlike Hitler and his crew who grew their economy, built freeways, brought jobs back, blamed all their problems on immigrants. England was still in the dumps.

So when Hitler began acquiring other countries, Chamberlain didn’t want to get involved with all that silliness on the continent. He didn’t want to spend any of his political capital. He believed it was best to compromise. He appeased Hitler. 

He assumed Hitler was a nice guy and would keep his word. Of course anyone who would assassinate his opposition, roll tanks into his neighbors front yards like Hitler could be trusted, right?

Chamberlain assumed wrongly.

Back long ago at the beginning of 2017, the people of the US got a new executive leader, president Trump. A lot of people assumed he was going to bring back historically lost manufacturing jobs. Prevent drug abuse. Build a wall to keep white people safe. Get all the health care they need and not have to pay for it. Stop brown people from getting everything for free.

The president has assumed he can call the intelligence community, “…A bunch of Hitlers!”

Without retort.

He’s assumed he can call the free press, “…Fake news!”

Without retort.

Just the other day when president Trump was asked about the 750 plus State Department workers thrown out of the Moscow Embassy by Putin he said, “He appreciated the favor done him and the American people by reducing the US budget!”

Trump assumed we are not as intelligent as he and the quips of a snarky bully go over our heads.

Who really is the ass?



Forces Film, Again Begin